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EPOV - The 'Eve' Of.


"Ah! Yes!"

My palm meet a handful of smooth succulent flesh. The slight stinging sensation in my fingers sent my body into an erotic overdrive. The sound of her slight yelp caused my erection to harden even more, filling up her already tight frame.

Thud. Thud.

The pounding in my head was rhythmical, helping me to forget where I was; helping me to cope with all the drama that had been taking front stage in my life. Blood coursed through my veins heavily. I could feel my heart beat in time with my head as it banged against its cavity. I gasped for a solitary breath.


I was greedy, I couldn't help but smack her beautifully rounded ass again, a slight feeling of pride tingling in my stomach when I saw the unmistakable red outline of my hand on her flesh.


Despite the pounding against my head, I felt good; my mind, my body - everything. I felt as if I didn't have a care in the world. With each thud I felt a little more tension release from my body. With every thrust of my hips, little amounts of stress freed themselves from my mind. Every pant, every lick, every nibble cleansed my soul a little more.


"Oh shit."

Oh shit indeed. I listened to her scream, the dirtiness of her words pooling out of her seemingly innocent mouth. My head was pounding so hard, I felt as if I had my own personal drum-line.

"Oh, God, you feel so . . . ungh . . . so fucking good."

I had to see her, had to watch her face, had to memorize her features as she reached her ecstasy. Grabbing her tiny waist I rolled her to her back, listening to her slight whimper at the momentary loss of pleasure.

She was exquisite. She was different than what I was used to. Her body was more petite, more real. More fucking perfect. I grabbed her wrists, pinning them above her head letting her beautiful chestnut hair tangle between my fingers before plunging into her again. The slightest moan escaped my lips. Fuck . . . perfection.

Her eyes were closed, her lips were parted, and her breath came in erratic gasps. Her breath was heaven; sweet honey mixed with a few remnants of the aged tequila she had been sipping. Sweat gathered on her skin, sliding our bodies beautifully together, dampening the sheets.

"Ungh . . . oh yes, yes!"

I felt her body arch below me. Her beautifully formed breasts pushed against my bare chest. I groaned in pleasure, taking a taut peak into my mouth and sucking greedily while thrusting my hips harder, trying to set the beat to a faster song.

"Mmmm, yes."

She crossed her legs around my waist, imprisoning me within her silky thighs. She tilted her hips, drawing my throbbing cock deeper into her, and met my rhythm with thrusts of her own. I felt her legs tighten around my hips, pulling me closer. Her breath rang heavy in my ear, sending an erotic sensation down my spine.

I removed my lips from her puckered nipple to kiss her swollen lips. I wanted to swallow her moans and feel the vibrations as she called out to me. Moan again I begged internally, just please fucking moan.

"Ungh. Right there." She was putty beneath my skillful hands.

Her breath came in pants as her muscles started to quiver. She clamped down harder on my cock. She was close.

"I'm going to . . . I'm gonna . . ." You are most certainly not. I am not fucking finished with you.

I was all too certain that the moment she came, I would lose myself along with her. I wasn't in the slightest bit ready to release myself from her. I needed her warmth, needed to feel the comfort of her pulsating walls against me.

I was one greedy, selfish bastard.

Abruptly, my hand released the small, delicate wrist that it had been holding above her head. I brought my palm to her mouth and clasped it over her soft, pink lips. She pouted against me and struggled slightly.

"I'm not done with you yet," I mouthed huskily into her ear.

Her eyes opened suddenly; surprised. Her beautiful chocolate irises gazed into mine pleading for release. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips were swollen. Evidence of the bite marks from earlier in the night marred the alabaster skin of her neck.

She looked innocent, beautiful, and amazing. I felt her body shudder below me. I moved my hand from her perfect mouth, letting my fingertips revel in the feel of her succulent skin. A slight whimper escaped her parted lips. Her deep brown eyes penetrated through mine. She was begging; begging me for more.

Of course she's begging for you.

I groaned, while grabbing her hips and reversed our position yet again; I needed to be deeper within her, I craved more than what I already had. The damp sheets felt sticky against my skin, as my back met the bed. She sat over me with her knees straddling my hips, her torso shaking slightly. She was innocent and naive and at the moment she was mine. She was glorious to behold. Her hair was tousled, the hot scorching Miami heat matting it down to her head. Her eyes were hooded and her perfectly sized breasts raised and lowered with each labored breath.

I reached a hand to her chin and traced a line to the back of her head. Roughly grabbing a handful of hair, I pulled her face towards mine, smashing her lips onto my own. I inhaled her scent; tasted her skin. Exquisite. I needed more. I finally needed my release.

"Fuck me," I whispered in her hair, groaning as I felt her shift her knees, sinking down on my length.

My eyes lulled back into my head as she now set our rhythm. She was in full control. I watched as she maneuvered her body in a goddess-like fashion. Her breasts bounced up and down playfully, begging me to touch them. A subtle sheen of sweat had gathered in the pool of her neck, daring me to lick it away. Her hair was flailing wildly about her shoulders, beckoning me grab it. Her eyes fluttered and her lips pursed in a perfect pout. She leaned back, sliding deeper onto me, grasping my thighs behind her with her hands.

Oh shit, she was so damn good.

My fingers dug into her hips, burying my shaft to its hilt. Her eyes flew open; her lips now splayed in a perfect 'o'. Her rhythm was beautiful, methodical and pleasing, but I needed more. I was crossing into savage territory quickly.

I started pounding into her wildly, refusing to fall behind the furious pace she was now trying to set. My groans of pleasure turned to grunts of exertion. Her gasps turned into screams of pleasure. They met mine creating our own chorus. Together we were reaching our heaven; tantalizing our breaking points.

It started in my toes -- that slight twinge -- sinking its way through my calf, into my knees and tickling my thighs. I felt her hands leave my thighs, reaching up to tease and taunt her own fleshy nipples.

"I want to see your face when you come", she whispered, her first audible words since she had found herself in my bed.



Her words sent me into a flight of ecstasy. My body was a tense chord, waiting to snap.

Oh God, here I come.


BPOV - The 'Morning' Of.

Thud. Thud.

The pounding in my head was deafening. My head was swimming in it's own sea, lost in a drunken abyss. Every muscle in my body ached. Fifty-pound weights were taped to my eyelids, gluing them in place.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

My mouth felt as if I had consumed a pound of sand for a midnight snack. Swallowing wasn't feasible. My stomach flipped within itself, becoming its own personal circus acrobat trying to master the trapeze.


Oh god was I hungover?


The stern voice jolted me from my thoughts. I sat up in bed quickly, my head trying to catch up. The linen sheets stuck to my skin as nauseous waves assaulted my body.

I opened my eyes to a seemingly impatient man, his stance rigid. A towel was tied around his lower torso. Water droplets clung to his smooth chest; his muscles flexed in his stomach. The curtains were still drawn closed, however the faint rays of sun shined brilliantly off his auburn colored hair. His face was smooth. He looked young, his eyes mirrored that of a child, however his strong features made him look worn. Yet, he was still the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on. He held his right arm out, extending a crystal glass filled with bubbling water in my direction.

God he's beautiful.

He rolled his eyes as if reading my thoughts, cleared his throat and pushed the glass closer my direction. "Water or not?"

My fingers trembled as I took the glass from him. He eyed me carefully as I brought the glass to my lips, feeling immediate relief as the cool water ran down my scratchy throat. "Thanks," I murmured.

"Don't mention it," he grumbled.

I eyed the room. Everything looked over-priced and much more than I could ever afford on my measly barely-there budget. The walls were painted a light sage green trimmed with cream, not a color most men would choose. The hardwood floors gleamed brightly even in the dim light. The bed was marvelous, a sturdy sleigh bed carved out of dark cherry wood, it took up a quarter of the room. Feather pillows surrounded me in every direction. The cream linen sheets were soft, matching the trim on the walls and the comforter was obviously made of high priced down. Even through the closed windows I could feel the warm sticky Miami heat and the sound of waves crashing into the shore.

I eyed him as he walked around the room effortlessly, his towel riding lower on his hips with each pass. I tried to speak; to ask him his name, or how I ended up in his bed, but my mouth was trapped shut. I wanted to ask him if we had engaged in any 'personal' activities the night before, but the dulling ache in my lower region solidified the deal. I didn't have to ask, I knew what I had done. I gently placed the cup between my legs in the sheets, and toppled my head to my hands groaning. Dammit Bella. You've never had a one night stand in your life, and you wait until now? The eve of your divorce?

"Try not to spill any water, those are Charlotte Bespoke," he spoke sternly eying me from the edge of the bed.

"Charlotte who?" I asked, wrapping my hand around water glass and placing it on a bedside table, taking notice of a fresh bouquet of flowers arranged perfectly in a delicate glass, crystal vase.

He gave an irritated sigh. "Charlotte Thomas Bespoke."

I rolled my shoulders, perching my eyebrows quizzically.

"The sheets," he pointed towards me dully. "They cost a fortune. I don't have the time to deliver them to the cleaners, and the maid doesn't arrive until later this week."

I nodded, still not completely comprehending the big fuss about sheets. Wow, such a dick.

He spoke again, gruffly. "You can take a shower if you'd like, but be quick about it. I've got a rather long and important day at work. I can't afford to be late on your account."

I scowled behind his back. "No thanks."

"Suit yourself," he mouthed as he opened the doors to a rather exquisite armoire in the corner of the room. He pulled out a perfectly pressed suit; light pin-stripe, complete with a matching tie. He continued to rummage, finding black socks, and a crisp, clean button down shirt. Suddenly I felt foolish, sitting in his bed without a bit of clothes. I didn't need to make this morning anymore uncomfortable than it already was, so I dragged my feet from under the covers dangling them over the edge of the bed. My first foot hadn't had the chance to feel the coolness of the hardwood floor when I saw the towel slink away from his torso, his freshly washed flesh on full view.

Obviously my gasp had been quite audible, as a cocky grin was displayed on his face as he turned my direction. His gaze didn't break as he nonchalantly draped the suit over the side of a chair next to the bed. My heart started to beat uncontrollably as he padded his way across the floor and his beautiful stature didn't waiver. He looked that of a lion and I had suddenly become his morning meal. His fingertips reached the end of the bed, taking hold of the sheets I was wrapped in. He pulled them away in a fluid motion, leaving my naked body exposed to the coolness of the room.

"Mmmm fucking hot, Babe. Does watching me dress get you wet?" he whispered huskily into my neck as he nipped at my flesh.

"No," I whispered back, trying to pull away. I had made an error last night, I didn't need to make another.

His warm hands grabbed at my hips, firmly holding them to the soft mattress. He leaned forward, pressing himself against me, my body feeling every inch of his. His skin was still damp, warm and musky. My mind was reeling, telling me to leave, but his fingertips digging into my skin sent a unmistakable sensation down my spine. I pulled against him again; giving a good effort before a whimper escaped my lips.

He pulled away from his assault on my neck, his eyes bore into mine. "What, you fuck me last night and now you play shy this morning? That's fine baby, I am into role-playing."

Baby? Where in the hell did this guy get off?

"I thought you couldn't be late?" I mocked. Every last ounce of energy I had formed in my palms. I placed them against his chest to give one last heave when I felt his lips brush against my own. My will dissipated, lost in a state of reverie. Despite his seemingly pompous, cold nature, his lips were warm and soft; welcoming even. His kiss was passionate, not greedy. I could taste the slightest bit of mint . . .of English breakfast tea and honey. I couldn't resist him anymore. He took full notice as my body succumbed to his, letting his arms that once held my hips graze across my vulnerable flesh. His mouth left mine, and trailed lower. He moaned into my skin, rubbing himself slightly against my leg as he continued planting chaste, open mouth kisses along my breasts. His dick twitched against me and another soft whimper escaped my lips.

"A little quickie won't hurt. Besides you're too fucking hot to waste."

I should have been upset; pissed at his nasty words. Instead a fire was set ablaze. It had been years since Mike had pleasured me. For the past year I had barred sex between us completely, becoming for all intents and purposes, celibate. Besides, I could barely remember last night. As long as I was here, he could at least give me a little souvenir.

Feeling a sudden flood of bravery, my hands grasped at his hair, knotting itself between my fingers and I pushed his head downwards. I felt him smile into my stomach as his tongue flicked against my skin. The lower he trailed, the tighter my hands wove themselves into his silky strands. His groans became louder with each passing second, causing my core to set ablaze.

Fuck it.

"Touch me," I nearly begged at his mercy. "Please . . . just touch me."

He smiled into my stomach again, not even bringing his eyes to look at me. "Mmmm, that's what I thought."

Dammit, he was an arrogant, cocky asshole!

My negative thoughts were short lived when I felt his warm tongue reach out to lick my sensitive flesh. My hips bucked from the bed, colliding with his face. I had expected him to lightly tease me with his hands, saving all the pleasure for himself, not this. He let out a low guttural moan before grabbing my hips and pushing me to the bed. "Excited much?" he mocked as his tongue continued to send me into oblivion. Under his firm hold, I was stationary on the bed. My hands wove tighter yet into his hair to the point I thought he would call out in pain. However, the more I twisted his soft locks in my tiny fingers, the more I was pleasured. My whimpers turned into soft moans, my moans into loud cries. The more I bucked and twisted away from his grasp, the more pleased he seemed to be with himself.

I closed my eyes tightly feeling the fire that was burning in my core, slowly making its way into the soft pit of my stomach. The nauseous feeling was now replaced by unabated bliss. I was close.

He moaned into my flesh, causing my eyes to burst open in pleasure. I propped myself on my elbows, needing to see him, deciding my orgasm would be much more intense if I could catch a glimpse of his gorgeous face. He moaned again when he realized my actions, and let go of my hip, sliding a hand up my stomach. His hand found my breast, tugging at it slightly before giving the taut nipple a rather hard pinch. My body shivered below him, and I felt him stifle a laugh. His hand continued upwards, giving my neck a quick tug before placing his finger into my mouth. My lips reacted immediately sucking and nipping at his fingertip, my own grin forming when his lust filled moans echoed in the room.

God, I am so close.

My body suddenly felt light like it did when I always came -- weightless. My head lulled to the side, bouncing off my shoulders.

I opened my eyes to see four large pictures gleaming at me from the wall. They were hung above the massive headboard in a square shaped pattern. All four pictures had the same two people in them. The man who was currently between my legs, looking perfect, but not smiling in the least. To his side sat a beautiful blond woman, smiling ear to ear. She was dressed impeccably, her hair was perfect, and the largest diamond ring I had ever seen sat proudly on her finger.

...Diamond ring?

Sage green walls. Feminine. Fresh bouquet of flowers next to the bed. Feminine.

My hands let go of the gorgeous man's hair, fluttering to my mound where his finger still slipped between my lips. I grabbed his hand, and felt. One, two, three, four fingers over. My fingertips grazed against something smooth.

Oh shit.

I pushed his head away, my almost orgasm taking a backseat in my mind. I hurled myself from the bed, causing him to topple down to the floor in a crash.

"What the fuck?!" he yelled as I rummaged through the room for my clothes, trying to hide my now reddening face. I felt like such a fool bedding with a married man. Granted, I too was married, but my divorce proceeding was today. 'Technically' that didn't count.

"Pictures . . . sage green . . . flowers!" I stammered not able to get my words out clear.

"What?" he asked as he pulled himself from the floor, grabbing his towel and rubbing his back in the process. "What in fucks sake are you jabbering about?"

"Ring . . . finger . . . she . . . you . . . you're married!" I burst pulling my dress over my exposed body.

His eyes trailed from me to the silver plated ring. He grabbed at it, twisting it on his finger as he pulled himself from the floor. He stood, only to look at me again, his eyes clouded. For a moment they seemed soft, as if begging for forgiveness, pleading for some type of mercy. Then, they turned cold, the softness dissipated. His stance went rigid. He followed my gaze to the pictures above the headboard and chuckled.

"So you let me fuck you under these last night, but now you're too good for it?" His Cheshire cat grin covered his face again.

I wasn't playing his game anymore, this time his coy abilities wouldn't work on me. "Yes!" I screamed, as I marched passed him towards the door, shoving away his hands as they reached for my waist.

He continued to yell as he chased me through his massive house. "Come on baby, I thought you knew. You were looking right at those last night when I had you bent over!"

I ran down several corridors, horrified at the thought I might be lost before I came to a door that overlooked the beach. Luckily my purse and shoes were thrown on the floor from the previous nights' excursion; whatever the hell we did.

"Oh go . . . go . . .go fuck yourself!" I yelled, struggling to get the words out. I grabbed my purse and ran towards the door, tripping as I tried to pull my stiletto on. Fucking stupid Cynthia's shoes.

He let out a loud boisterous laugh as I flung open the heavy door. "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out kid!" I heard him snicker as the door latched behind me.

Tears stung my eyes as I ran through a massive patio, taking full note the sun was already up and that I was going to be late for my pending appointment. I nearly tripped down the stairs to the beach, the sand already hot on my feet. Digging in my purse I found my cell phone, frantically pushing in familiar numbers.

"Happy divorce day, Bella!" the excited voice rang over the phone. "Are you ready?"

The words were held hostage in my throat, sending out a loud sob instead.

"Bella? Bella what's wrong? Are you okay? Bella?" Alice's concerned, frightened voice rang through on the receiver.

"Yeah, I'm ready Alice, I'm ready," I cried into the mouthpiece too embarrassed to tell her what I had just done.

Authors' Notes:

AnonyCullen: Do you have the suntan lotion?
AnonySwan: Hello we're in MI-A-MI!
AnonyCullen: Hm, i think we need to invest in a cabana boy. I can't see myself leaving anytime soon.
AnonySwan: Aay papi! Oh we're staying put. We gotta make sure those two sort through their differences.
AnonyCullen: Yes, they may seem irreconcilable now, but i think they can work it out, don't you?
AnonySwan: I guess we'll have to find out, won't we?
AnonyCullen: Let's toast ::raises drink:: To new beginnings, to new tans, to the heat!
AnonySwan: to Miami!

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