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Chapter 7: Spike

"She looks to tell me when it's over cause I would never leave you high and dry...

You bring me down, bring me down, bring me down and not again...

I think you got me where you want me"

You Got Me - Crash Kings



Clink. Clink. Clink.


I lifted my head to see my husband sitting across the kitchen table from me, his attention on nothing but the morning paper. He had just dragged himself from the warmth of the bed only ten minutes prior; his white cotton shirt still wrinkled from his slumber. His messy locks jetted out in every direction; the early morning sunshine highlighting his auburn tints. A hot, steaming cup of tea sat in front of him; the silver spoon he held banging noisily against the porcelain cup with every stir.

"Is it completely fucking necessary to stir your god damned tea every two seconds?" I belted from across the table, watching as a sarcastic smirk spread across Edward's face. The same face that once in my life, many years ago, I would have craved to stare at. However, now, his perfected features only irritated me.

"Necessary, no. However, I happen to enjoy the noise. You aren't one to hold early morning conversations and the silence is quite deafening, not to mention a bit tense," Edward spat back, his words tainted with a heavy dose of bitter.

He continued to stir his tea loudly for a few more seconds before he peered through his lashes, catching my annoyed gaze. The warmth in his eyes, that I had always managed to lose myself in, was now replaced by a depth of ice. A chilled sea so cold, it even managed to emit a spark of fear from me on occasion.

I huffed, crossing my arms against my chest as I leaned back, my blonde locks falling over the back of the chair. Edward continued to stare, his lips pursed as if words were ready to spill from his lips. Through his icy pools I could clearly see his unpronounced resentment. It was as if he was waiting for me to retaliate against his statement so he could have the pleasure of bickering with me once again.

This is what we had become. Sparring partners. Two individuals trying so desperately to one up the other. We struggled with everything in our relationship. Romance, honesty, compassion ...sex. However we played one hell of a game together, each of us on the opposing team. Neither of us willing to give in.

However, this morning I didn't feel like transforming myself into combat mode, he could walk away with a short lived glory. I had more important things on my mind than Edward. Fashion Week was quickly approaching in New York and I had still yet to sign on to a designer. I had received a handful of invitations to walk the runway, none that seemed to peak my interest as of yet. I was holding out for some of the bigger names as I knew they always asked later in the season. A trip to New York was in the near future and that meant prepping for the trip: a rejuvenating facial peel, complete with a follow up of Botox; the usual for me. Add extensions in my hair, manicure and pedicure, a few sessions to the tan salon and last but not least a trip to the dentist for a round of teeth whitening and I'd be set.

"So...," I began. "Will you be accompanying me on my trip to New York?" I already knew the answer, but I was willing enough to throw the question out in the open.

Grimacing, Edward set his cup on the table and pretended to make himself busy by absorbing himself in his copy of the Miami Times, flipping through the pages until he came across the sports section. His eyebrows arched in interest as his pupils scanned the page.

"Edward?" I repeated persistently.

"Tanya, you know I hate traveling up north." He sighed loudly behind the wall of inked paper.

"Suit yourself." I tried my best to plaster a fake pout of hurt across my face, only to be irritated as he paid me no attention, only continued to be amused at a certain page in the paper.

A photo on the front page of the sports section suddenly piqued my interest, just as much as the article seemed to be sparking Edward's. A photographer, who was obviously very close to the court had managed to capture a photo of Jasper, Emmett and Mike at the last Heat game. Mike who held a microphone in his hand, along with Jasper and Emmett seemed to be jumping out of their seats in pure joy; this particular shot had obviously been taken after the Heat had managed to score. The photo seemed innocent enough, however it lacked one element. Edward.

"I'm sorry, Edward," I apologized sweetly, a smirk spreading widely across my face.

Edward finally glanced from the paper, his eyebrows arching in question as they peered over the paper. "Sorry?"

"Yes, sorry. I've been so busy planning for New York that I forgot to ask you how your big guys night out went? You know, last week at the game?"

For a brief moment, Edward's eyes flicked back to the paper before returning to mine once again. "It was fine."

"Fine?" I mused. "Fine enough that you didn't sit with your 'supposed' friends?" I asked, my index finger pointing to the photo.

Edward turned the paper, taking a glance at the photo himself. "You know how I hate crowds Tanya. I chose to sit in the suite. The floor was filled with paparazzi and I didn't see it fit that I be photographed with my client alongside Jasper."

I sighed internally. Edward was much too quick on his feet. His brain processed at a much faster rate than most. His answer seemed honest and true, however I knew Edward well enough to know his statement was painted with lies. "My father's suite?" I spat back. "You know he despises you Edward. I'm sure he'd hate to know you have been lounging in his precious suite."

Edward smiled, yet again shielding his face with the paper. "Oh Tanya, I'm sure he'd hate me for a lot more than just lounging," he spoke, his statement cryptic. I didn't know how to respond; instead I chose to sit in silent.

"Big plans today?" Edward broke the silence, his gaze still not falling from the paper. "I have a volleyball game on the beach today; you're more than welcome to accompany me."

I rolled my eyes. Sparring partners. I asked him a question I know he would deny. He retaliated with an offer he knew I would never accept.

"No," I mumbled nonchalantly, pretending to avert my attention to my already perfectly groomed nails. "I have better things to do than to socialize myself with you and your little peons."

He chuckled being his paper. "Peons? Like I haven't heard that before. Is that the only word other than Botox that you seem to know in your vocabulary my sweet wife?"

I sweetly giggled, my voice ringing through the kitchen. However my insides, as frigid as I may have seemed, had been pierced.

"Besides," he continued, not letting up. "I don't think volleyball is your sport."

"And why is that?" I grinned as Edward stood from the table, taking the last few sips of his tea and refolding the paper into a perfect pile on the edge.

"Volleyballs tend to like fake blondes with overly large cartooned breasts and injected lips. I'd really hate for that money making face of yours to get a nice little dent in it before fashion week. It would be a pity."

Edward chuckled, not even passing me a stare as he left the room, leaving me alone with an empty porcelain cup, a crinkled newspaper and a photo of the editor of the sports article Edward seemed to be so interested in. Bella Newton.


The pleasant warmth of the mid-morning Miami sun felt fabulous against my skin as I relaxed in my chair alongside a few other patrons at a quaint seaside bistro. The early morning joggers had since come and gone and the once busy jogging path was now replaced by a few sand volleyball courts. I waited for Alice, who as usual was running severely late. However, this morning I didn't much mind, I passed the time sipping on tequila sunrises and nibbling on a few bits of smoked salmon.

The past week had been unusually quiet. Too quiet. Cynthia seemed to convert into somewhat of a recluse since Jacob's mini bitching out session. She spent her days busily pecking away at her keyboard rather than camping out at my desk filling me in on all of Miami's current gossip. I missed her daily chats even if it was just talking about who recently got another larger set of breasts implants over the weekend. Oddly, Jacob seemed to be just as quiet. However, I suspected he had a severe case of 'I was turned down-itis'. He, just like Cynthia hoarded himself in his office spending hours on end without so much of a break. Each time he would pass my desk, his eyes would divert to the floor as if something on the polished tiles had sparked his interest. If the truth be told, he was intentionally avoiding me much to my dismay. Jacob and I had never been like this. To my recollection we had never went a period of time without talking to each other. To know his silence was caused by my decline heated me up.

To my even greater surprise, I hadn't heard so much of a peep from Alice the entire week. I had to take it upon myself to call her after work on Friday just to set up our brunch. Upon Alice picking up the line, I was bombarded with a whole pile of juicy news. If I was lacking gossip from Cynthia, Alice did her best to fill me in. I heard all about her current relationship with Jasper, some information I could have rather had done without.

After my close encounter at the Heat game I was surprised not to hear from her, much less anyone else. I was almost positive Edward and I couldn't have made the cleanest get away. To be honest, we were getting sloppy. Having a rendezvous in a private suite was horrendous enough. Getting pummeled against the glass of a private suite was just downright despicable. I deserved to get caught. We deserved to get caught. To be exposed for all that we were.

However, as usual, I couldn't stop thinking about him. Couldn't stop hearing my name escape from his lips. Watch as the color of his eyes softened as he entered me. Feel myself tingle as his fingertips traced unknown patterns against my skin. Listen as his moans grew deeper, more desperate each time I straddled him.

"Bella, hi! Sorry I'm late, traffic was a bitch. What the hell is up with that? It's Sunday for God's sake!" Alice's piney voice broke into my thoughts.

She greeted me with a quick kiss to the cheek, followed by a gentle hug. If I had any uneasy feelings prior to our brunch they quickly were shoveled out the door. Alice had a way of making people feel at ease.

"So... how's 'The Judge'?" I asked, smiling even though I didn't quite like the idea of them as a pair.

Alice flushed immediately. "Oh, Bella," she sighed. "He just makes my heart flutter. Every time I see him, I just fall so much deeper." She nearly squeaked in excitement.

I could see the admiration in her eyes and I immediately fell jealous. I missed that. Missed having that giddy, fluttery, butterfly feeling in your stomach when you saw somebody. Granted Edward sure did make me feel fluttery, however my butterflies were a perfect concoction of fear, anger and hatred. Feelings that were so strong they often over powered the bit of lust that lingered.

I smiled uneasily back at her. "Alice, do you think...," I paused for moment, knowing my next statement might be over the friendly boundary line. "Alice, do you think your relationship with Jasper could compromise the case?" Immediately my eyes dropped to the soft, cotton table cloth. I was much too embarrassed to look Alice in the eyes.

As if sensing my concerns, Alice gently placed her hand atop of mine. "Bella, sweetie. It's Miami. We all fuck each other. Lawyers fuck judges. Lawyers fuck their clients, and yes lawyers fuck other lawyers."

I let out a slight giggle, as Alice removed her hand and joined in my laughter. "Bella, it's simple. All the courts are concerned about is that they filter you through as quickly as possible. They marry you, then divorce you, then hopefully marry you again. It's one big grand money scheme. Money is everything down here. It fuels a fire and can easily spread the ashes to disguise even the most crooked of crooks. Maybe in smaller towns they're concerned about a compromise, but not here. It's petty to them. If the city of Miami was concerned about illicit behaviors compromising a case, well then fuck... they wouldn't be making any money and all of lawyers would be out of a job.''

I watched as her crimson red lips came in contact with the glass of her drink, her eyes closing as she took a large sip. "Besides..." She smacked her lips. "...I have no worries when it comes to Cullen. I have something to give Jasper that he never could."

Even though the sound of his name sent a very familiar, uncomfortable tingle searing through my spine, I urged her to press on as I popped another salmon roll into my mouth, washing it down with a sip of my cocktail. "What's that?"

Alice leaned back in her seat, crossing her legs, straightening her napkin over her lap. "The power of the pussy. Something Edward will never be able to give Jasper."

I came close to spraying the table next to us with my tequila cocktail, the liquid burning my nose as I held it in. A few females around us quietly covered their giggles and I sunk a little further down in my seat.

"Is that so Alice?" I coughed, patting my lips with my napkin.

"Of course. You don't see Jasper calling Edward in the middle of the night for a romp between the sheets do you?" she smiled yet again. "I highly doubt it and if he is, we have bigger problems then a case compromise."

I beamed at her once more, before grabbing a menu from the middle of the table. Alice followed suit as she munched on a few of the salmon appetizers I had ordered. A few silent moments had passed between us when I heard a slight profanity escape her lips.

"What?" I looked up, my eyebrows falling into concern.

"Speak of the devil." She pointed towards the beach, her perfectly manicured nail pointing over my head.

I didn't have to turn around in my seat to know what or whom she had spotted. I could feel him. The slight bit of strain invading the air. With hesitation I peeked over my right shoulder, the bright sun nearly blinding me as I scanned the beach.

It didn't take me long to spot him. He was quickly approaching the bistro, a volleyball in one hand, his other draped around the waist of a young, beautiful, curvaceous woman who boasted a barely there, red string bikini, the most flattering sun kissed skin and luscious waves of dark hair. If Miami had a poster child, she would be it. Tanya, Edward's wife wouldn't stand a chance. She wasn't even in the same league as this woman.

It took me a moment to drag my eyes from her as she nearly skipped across the beach, Edward looking very content with his arm draped casually around her curves. Two other women followed closely behind them and giddily chatted it up with each other. They were both beautiful in their own right, one tall and rather skinny, the other shorter and curvier however neither compared to the woman at Edward's side.

Despite the beautiful collection of women Edward had seemed to gather, no woman could disguise the inhuman allure his body just seemed to naturally seeping. His hair messily stuck out in every direction; his tanned skin looked radiant against the white swim trunks he boasted. His muscles looked unnaturally sculpted as he continued to walk towards the volleyball nets directly in front of our quiet bistro. I took notice as several women and even a few men watched him as he playfully laughed with his female companions, the only time I had heard a real laugh escape his lips since I had first met him. He looked comfortable with them, his mannerisms spirited and coy.

"See... now that's what Miami should be worried about. Assholes who are married and flaunt their despicable behavior for all of us to see. It's as if he doesn't even care," Alice piped up, my attention quickly diverting back to her as the harshness of her statement fully absorbed.

Mike had flaunted his women, had made a fool of me and it wasn't a major concern of his. It was as if the more women he slept with, the more this corrupt town gave him recognition and a status quo.

As if reading my thoughts Alice's face suddenly was painted with despair. "Bella," Alice cried, once again placing her hand over mine. "I'm so sorry; I didn't mean it that way. I .. God, sometimes I really don't think before I speak. I am so very sorry. Shit, I feel so stupid."

"It's okay, Alice," I whispered to her, the words nearly caught in my throat. Even though I knew Alice would never intentionally hurt me, the words still stung. It had been months since I had found out of Mike's sinful endeavors and still yet the wounds managed to stay very fresh, only ever really healing on the surface.

"It's alright," I repeated again. "I obviously am just attracted to that type. Men who claim to treat me like a goddess and behind my back are lying with everything that has two legs. I'm just a sucker for them I guess."

Alice continued to grasp at my hand for a slight moment her facial features softening, her eyes flickering with pity and sadness. She opened her mouth as if to speak, however before she could her eyelids flashed over my head, her expression suddenly becoming very cold.

"Out having a Sunday stroll after church?" Alice chimed in her sing song voice.

I turned to see Edward behind me, the three women he had been walking besides now further back on the beach, playfully bumping the volleyball over the net.

Edward chuckled, as I swallowed noisily. "Yes, Ms. Brandon, and funny I didn't see you there. Pity you missed it, it was such a lovely sermon. Must be much too busy fucking Judge Whitlock." He chuckled to himself. "Are you that pathetic and scared? Terrified you might actually lose so much so that you have to give up a little ass? Ms. Brandon, I would have thought more of you. I'm sure your parents would love to know all that money they spent on schooling for you is going to good use. Now tell me, what grade did you get in the 'Dick Sucking 101' class? From what Jasper tells me you're barely passing."

I didn't have to turn to feel the scorching heat coming from Alice. To be honest I was very much surprised she didn't hurl her petite body over the table, tackling Edward into the sand. Instead Alice handled the situation much better than I would have ever thought.

"Mr. Cullen, I don't think what I do or what I don't do outside of the courtroom, my parents, schooling nor any of my actions be discussed in front of my client. I would hope you have the slightest bit of intelligence to understand that."

Edward paused for a moment, his lips slightly parting as if he wanted to say something. He shot a quick glance my direction, and then closed his lips as if his statement was suddenly caught in his throat.

"Agreed," Edward murmured. His eyes flashed once again towards mine before he turned his back towards us, only to walk a few feet from the bistro. Choosing a spot near one of the volleyball nets, Edward sat in the sand adjusting his shoes. Even though his back was turned and his attention seemed to be on the three trophies he had brought, I still felt he was in hearing distance.

"So...," Alice started, offering up a smile as if nothing had happened. "So Cynthia tells me that you let down a very handsome, very sexy, very available Mr. Black."

"Cynthia," I murmured, rolling my eyes.

"Oh come on, Bella, you didn't expect her not to tell me did you? So, what's the catch? He's gorgeous and like I said very available. Cynthia tells me The Times gossip section is actually going to list him as one of Miami's most eligible bachelors. Their own chief editor; bachelor extraordinaire. So, you better get on it girl. Once that paper goes to press Jacob will have girls flocking to him left and right."

"Jacob's not like that," I mumbled, not being able to help myself from taking a slight peak at Edward who seemed to mysteriously be having quite the shoe dilemma as he tied then proceeded to untie his strings several times. "Besides, I'm just not ready. I'm not even divorced yet, Alice."

Alice sighed deeply. "Bella, I think you and I both know that no matter what the court says, you and Mike have been finished for a very long time. You don't need any judge, lawyer or court appointed paper to prove that."

Another point for Alice. Hurtful, but yet a point.

"Bella, Jake would be good for you. He's sweet, despite his little tirades. He worries about you and your well being. Hell, he even helped you find an apartment just so you had a place to stay in Miami. I think the two of you are so well suited for each other. I mean you can't be that oblivious to not notice the starry, swept away look he gets in his eyes when looks at you. The man turns to mush at your feet and is just starving for your attention."

Alice was right. Since the first day I had met Jacob Black, his eyes seemed to always focus on me. Yet again she was right about him being a decent catch. He was intelligent, had an amazing job and was well respected in the community, was admired and loved by most anybody who had the pleasure of meeting him. Not to mention his playful charm was addicting and in a way was a major weakness for me. But still yet, I couldn't bring myself to start anything with him.

I glanced quickly at Edward again, only to see him turn his head just as quickly. Internally I scolded myself, suddenly disgusted.

I could fuck Edward day in and day out and it didn't bother me in the slightest. I knew it was wrong, yet still. I was like a magnet. When I was around him either I hated him or I begged for him to fuck me harder. It was a no-win situation. Our relationship was a disastrous time bomb just waiting for the proper moment to explode. It wasn't some measly bomb that would harm only us, this bomb would deteriorate everything. Us, those around us, not to mention the entire town.

In the other corner was Jacob Black. One of the sweetest, most sincere individuals I had ever met in my entire life. He could give me everything Mike never could and yet, I ran from him. I couldn't persuade myself to agree to date him.

The man I would never be close to in my entire being was the one who I was running to, putting my life at risk just for a simple tryst.

"I'm afraid, Alice. I can't get hurt again. I loved Mike, I really loved him and I gave him everything that I knew how to give." I nearly started to weep, well aware that Edward was close enough to hear our entire conversation. "I can't do it again, Alice, can't open my heart. I'm just not ready."

Alice shook her head. "I understand, Bella, I do. I've been in your shoes before. Have been so heartbroken that I didn't think I could go on. But, I did and I think Jake is a good start for you."

I started to protest yet again when Alice's phone began to ring. I watched as her face instantly lit up and it didn't take me long to realize who it was. "Go." I smiled, waving her on. The talk about Jacob was only bringing up harsh old memories and equally harsh new ones. Jasper suddenly became my escape.

"Are you sure," she squeaked, her fists balling in excitement around her phone.

"Positive. I've got this." I nodded at the table.

Alice let out a slight squeal before propelling from her seat, giving me a slight wave before she started weaving her way through the tables and chairs. "Call Jacob." I heard her yell before she turned the corner, completely disappearing.

I laughed before realizing I was once again by myself and now vulnerable to Edward. However when I turned to see him, he was gone.


I couldn't explain why I was so livid to hear his name. Jacob Black. The name simply disgusted me. Not only to hear it from Ms. Brandon's mouth, but watch it pour with ease from her lips. The same lips that were wrapped around my cock not nearly a week earlier.

I couldn't stand to sit by the fence much longer. Standing up abruptly, I started to walk across the beach, my heels kicking up sand behind me. I passed Rosalie, Angela and Jessica; all boasted confused expressions on their faces.

"Edward!" I heard Angela yell from behind me as I continued to stalk passed the nets. "The game, Edward! The game!"

I chose to ignore her. Heat flushed through my veins as I stormed down the beach. I wasn't sure where I was going, I had just needed to get very far away in the quickest possible manner. My chest constricted and the familiar burn settled into my muscles as I continued to walk, pushing myself harder with each stride, nearly bursting into a run.

I felt invigorated. Straining, pushing, burning, however, I quickly came to a halt. It suddenly dawned on me that I was running away from the situation. Edward Cullen doesn't run away. Especially from some nobody, fresh meat lawyer, and especially not from her.

I shook my head to try to rid my mind of thoughts of her. Her.

I found myself heading back toward the restaurant. Surely her little friend had disappeared by now to do God knows what with Jasper. I was hardly surprised at Alice's behavior. I couldn't disagree with her. Everybody fucks everybody here, whether it's in a courtroom or the bedroom.

I casually strode back over to the bistro, yet again ignoring my girls who eagerly seemed to be waiting for me at the nets. Instead I watched Bella, her head bouncing from side to side, constantly glancing around, and perusing the scene. Since Alice had left moments before, I could only assume she was looking for one thing. Me. Grinning internally, I knew I had another victory over her. She couldn't deny me. As always, I would get what I wanted.

Her eye caught mine as I made my way toward her. In a rush, she gathered her things and clumsily clattered against the table, drawing attention to herself in her haste to make a getaway. I softly chuckled to myself. She couldn't run from me.

For every stride I took, she took three. As if she could sense my presence, she darted towards the restrooms.

"Mrs. Newton," I called out. She momentarily froze before breaking out into a run and disappearing behind the women's door, the large oak swinging in her disappearance.

I sighed, taking a quick breath before leaning into the door, pushing it open. I must say, I've been in an array of places in my lifetime, however, I don't think that I've made my presence known in a women's bathroom.

Upon my entrance I spotted an older woman, dressed in what appeared to be a man's suit standing at the marbled counter. Next to her was a basket with an assortment of ladies items, and a small crystal bowl that held only a few quarters. She gave me an odd look and it took me a moment to realize she must be a bathroom attendant. Hell, I only thought you found these in a men's restroom at the adult clubs.

Her expression was that of surprise as she raked her eyes over my nearly naked body. I was young enough to be her grandson, but figured if she let me stay, she could look all she wanted. I flashed a smile at her, my finger coming to her lips to shush her before she could speak. Thankful this pair of trunks had one pocket on the inside of the lining, I drew my fingers within my waistband, the old women's eyes lighting up, mimicking the size of golf balls. I grinned at her again and managed to fish out a few large bills.

"A few second of privacy please?" I whispered as closely to her ear as I could muster myself. The blush spread across her face as she agreed. She turned quickly on her heels, the door nearly hitting her as she turned around once again to eye molest my body.

I turned to the row of bathroom stalls, each painted over in a matte black finish with elegant silver scrawled patterns on each door. From my angle I could see her feet; she had her body pressed against the wall in the furthest stall from me. Smiling, I leaned against the counter, my eyes focused purely on her door.

"Did you honestly think you could run from me Mrs. Newton? Don't you understand I get what I want from who I want it from? I thought you would have learned that by now."


"We can stay in here all afternoon if you like. You'll need to come out eventually. I have a few more dollars on me and I'm sure that old bag would let me stay in here all day if I'd only ask."

A few muffled words echoed through the walls of the room.

"Come now. Stop hiding, Mrs. Newton. Be a big girl and come out. I know you want to," I teased, laughing.

A bang clattered off the walls as she stepped out of the stall, the door hitting the tile with force. She turned to face me, her eyes narrowed and the anger mingled with lust rolled off her in waves. I braced myself for the confrontation. My cock twitched. Mine.

"Oh, now you want to talk Mr. Cullen? Who do you think you are? You think you can do this every time you're around me. This time, it's not happening. I don't want this. I don't want you."

I inched slightly forward, slowly creeping away from the counter, keeping my eyes locked on hers. I shook my head, "Oh Mrs. Newton, your words are useless to me when they are lies."

Her eyes widened before narrowing again. She was out for blood. The adrenaline pumping through my body went straight through to my cock and now I suddenly was starting to throb. Inching myself forward with each step, I pressed her back against the stalls and stood before her.

Her skin smelled of Miami. The scorching sun, the delicate smell of the sand and the ripe fruity smell of sunscreen. Suddenly, I was straining.

I watched her throat bob with each swallow she took. Obviously trying to formulate her way out of this. I stared, waiting, watching. I wanted to break her.

Then, she laughed.

"You're right, Edward."

I groaned at the sound of my name rolling off her tongue. She licked her lips greedily and pushed off the stall. Clawing at my chest, she pulled me towards her, turning me around and shoving me with force against the same stall she had been only seconds ago. Another groan passed my lips as I let her momentarily take control.

Her hands raked my body, tracing every outline, making their decent, before skimming my cloth covered dick, palming me.

"Mmm, why would I want to deny myself this? Of course this is what I want. You are what I want."

Her lips hovered near mine. Her scent radiating off her now with force, hitting me wave after wave. I cried out silently, "Bella..."

A quick intake of her breath was all I needed to regain control. Grasping the back of her neck, I opened my mouth to hers and snaked my tongue inside. Greedily taking what was mine; what I thought I deserved. Her words could tell me she didn't want this, but her body always said otherwise.

Pressing her against me, I felt every inch of her. Lust had taken over and I wanted to swallow every part of her.

Her nails scraped across my scalp and tugged on my hair eliciting another groan. Thoughts of what happened in the suite at the game flooded my mind. I needed it again.

I pushed off the wall only to be slammed back into it. I was stunned. Her hot little mouth was everywhere. Lips, neck, skin. Every piece of me was now hers.

Shifting my hips towards her, she took a step back. "Ah, ah, Mr. Cullen."

I smirked at her knowing exactly what she was doing. I let her have her little fun for now, knowing that in the end I would still get what I wanted. Her.

"Oh now, now, Mrs. Newton, that's hardly fair."

Sharp eyes met mine as her nails dug harder against me. "Mr. Cullen, do you even want to discuss what is fair with me?"

Her hands traveled down my body until they reached the waistband of my shorts. That's right, she couldn't tell me she didn't want it. Crave it.

"What do we have here?"

Her hand firmly grasped me and moved up and down, stroking me. Her gasps and my pants increased with every pass she gave me. I reached down and tugged at my waistband, desperate to free my cock from behind its cloth confines. Realizing what I was doing, she slowly descended, resting on her heels and peering up at me. Licking her lips, she inched her way slowly up towards my cock's leaky head.

Closing my eyes, I threw my head back in anticipation. I knew she wanted it. Knew she wanted me. She could never deny me. I had her. Will always have her. Will continue to have her anyway I see fit.


Her sweet voice rang through the emptiness of the hollow bathroom walls.

What the fuck?

My eyes snapped open only to see Bella pull away from me, her cell phone to her ear and a devious smile plastered upon her face. I had been much too busy awaiting Bella's mouth I hadn't heard her rummage through her bag to retrieve her cell phone.

"So... I've been thinking, Jake, about the other day, that date you asked me about?"

I watched her pick up her bag, standing up to smooth out her clothes and walk away from me. I wanted to grab the phone from her, throw the damn useless piece of plastic on the ground and shatter it and Jacob Black into a million pieces. Inside I stood in silence, my shorts still lying around my feet.

Bella stopped to turn as her hand came to rest upon the door. She eyes made contact with mine before saying, "I think I'd like to reconsider. A date with you sounds perfect. Tomorrow night after work? Dinner sounds lovely."

Giggling loudly, she pushed against the door, her body disappearing into the bistro.

With that she left me standing in the women's restroom, alone, fuming, with my dick still hard and straining for her.


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