Emmett's POV.1935 Appalachia.

I walked towards my friends, with my hunting rifle over my shoulder.

"EMMETT!" I heard someone shout.

I turned to see my twin sister running towards me with tears running down her face. I dropped my rifle to the ground and opened my arms just as Bella jumped into them. I hugged her to me as she sobbed.

"What's wrong Bell?" I asked.

I was confused. What had made my sister like this? She was never like this. She was strong. She never cried. Not even when Dad died. She was strong when Mom could not be. She looked after the house and Mom as well as me when Mom couldn't.

"You can't go. Emmy you mustn't go. Please Emmett don't go." She sobbed.

"Why?" I asked as I pulled her away from my chest to see her face.

"Your going to die Emmett. A bear is going to attack you. I can't lose you Emmett. Please don't go. The bear is going to kill you, please for me don't go." Bella begged.

The thing about my sister was that she knew things. She could sometimes see things but knew others. But I had to go. This bear was attacking people. It had to be killed.

"I have to go Bell." I said.

"Em your not coming back if you do. Please Em." She begged

"I promise I will be back, Bells." I promised as I let her go and grabbed my rifle.

"No! Please?" Bella said as she grabbed my arm.

I hated to see her like this. This wasn't how my Bell was like. I knew she believed I wouldn't come back but I promised her I would and I never have broken my promises to her.

I pulled her hands off my arm and ran to the truck where my friends were waiting. I jumped in the back and the truck started and pulled away.

"EMMETT! PLEASE! COME BACK! EMMETT!" I heard Bella scream.

But I couldn't. I had to protect her and Mom, she had always tried to protect me and now I was going to protect her. And I would be back.

Emmett please! I need you brother. I heard Bella's voice in my mind through our twin link but I did not reply. I needed to do this and she will see that when I come back.

Bella's POV.1935 Appalachia.

I watched the truck which was taking my brother to his death fade. I walked back into our house, feeling numb. My brother was going to die and I could do nothing. I walked up stairs and went to his room. I laid on his bed and cried.

Why couldn't Emmett stay here? Why couldn't he let, the other men kill the bear? Why did he have to die because of it?

I could always feel how Emmett was feeling, sometimes I could hear some of his thoughts. I knew Emmett could hear the thought I wanted him to hear. I knew he heard me beg in his mind. I stopped crying and listened to my brother's thoughts.

Where is this bear? I have to get back to Bell to show her, I was fine and alive....What was that noise? I could feel his panic. THE BEAR! I then could feel his pain. I screamed. I'm going to die. I should of listened. I'm sorry Bells. I love you. Another wave of pain hit me. Is that an angel? Then there was to much pain for me to get his thoughts, then nothing. I screamed.

"BELLA?" I heard my Mother shout.

"What happened?" She asked as she hugged me to her chest.

"Emmett's dead." I cried.

Mom knew about our link and knew if I said he was dead then he was. I didn't think this was going to happen. When I said that she screamed and let go of me. I looked at her panic setting in to me. It looked like she was going into shock. I called 911 and held her while waiting for the ambulance.

2 hours later both my mother and brother was dead. I went home and packed a bag before burrowing a car and driving to Texas. I don't know why Texas was the place that popped into my mind but I didn't care. When I got there I got out the car and walked. I walked with out a place in mind to stop. When it started to rain, I still didn't stop. Why would I stop? If I stopped then I would feel the pain of the loss of my mother and brother. So I kept walking not wanting to stop.

Finally the cold and exhaustion got me and I fell to the ground. I could feel the rain hit my frozen body but I didn't care.

I lost count on how long I was out here. I just let the pain take over me. I was brought back from my pain when I felt a hand grab me.

"Are you okay? Can you hear me?" I heard a deep voice ask.

I had lost feeling to my lips so I couldn't answer. It shocked me when his hand felt normal.

"Peter what are you doing?" I heard a musical female voice ask.

"Charlotte I've found a girl." I heard the man Peter say.

"Peter she's going to die. You have to change her." I heard Charlottle say.

Peter did not reply but I felt his month on my neck before I felt his teeth. The pain was so much but I wouldn't scream. Emmett always said I was strong. I was going to show him, I could be strong. I wouldn't scream, I wouldn't show pain. I didn't know why he was doing this to me but I didn't care. If he wanted to break me, he will have another thing coming. I would not break.

I would stay strong just like Emmett always said I was.