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Emmett POV

It's been 6 months since we left Forks. Anger and sadness have been my only companions during that time. Anger for Edward's decision for forcing us to leave, and sadness for Bella, I wasn't given a chance to give her a proper farewell. A clean Break, that's what Edward described it. Even though the bastard got his chance to say his goodbyes. We, on the other hand had to run like cowards. And then Edward proved to be the bigger coward and left us, when he made sure that we were well faraway from Forks. As soon as we made it to Alaska, he turned around and said he wanted to be alone and got in his car and drove away. From that moment on, I knew he was NO brother of mine, I completely disowned him.

For the time we have spent here in Alaska, I have stayed locked up in my room. I didn't want to share a room with Rose, so she didn't argue when I told her we should get separate rooms. Rose and I barely spoke, but I knew she was giving me some space to move on with my feelings. She knew how much I loved and treasured Bella as my sister, and I could see that she shared the same feelings, only mine were more intense.

When I wasn't curled up in the corner of the room, or sprawled over the bed sobbing, I hunted when I thought I have been starving for quite enough. I did not want to worry Esme and Carlisle; they already had enough on their minds. Alice tried talking to me a few times when I left my room to hunt, but when she saw I had no response, she gave up. But I could tell that her depression did a number on her, Bella was everything she wanted in a sister, and now she was ripped from her. Jasper occasionally joined me on a few hunting trips, but we barely spoke. I think he just wanted a break from the overwhelming negative feelings in the house, and thought that he would rather deal with my feelings alone than the entire family.

Jasper and Alice's relationship was never the same ever since we left Forks. They have, over the past half year drifted apart, until one day they agreed to get a divorce. It was a mutual agreement, and they are now friends, I guess. From time to time, Jasper had a very pained look on his face, but it only lasted a few seconds before it disappeared and became emotionless. He only showed it when we went hunting, but I didn't even care to ask him the reason behind it. My problems were big enough already. I miss Bella so much, and my heart ached for her, and then anger immediately filled me.

One day, one very bad day, Rose came into my room when I was going through my emotions. I did not notice her coming in as I had my back facing the door while I sat on the edge of the bed, and then she made the mistake of placing her hand on my shoulder as I was being filled with anger.

"Emmett baby, enough is enough. You have been isolating yourself for too long. This is getting out of hand; I thought giving you some space would let you give over her. But you are taking too damn long, and I hate this. I want my Emmett back!" she said in a worried, almost whining tone.

And the way she referred to Bella as her, like she means nothing only proved that Rose barely cared about her. And that's when I snapped.

I turned my neck very slowly to look at her from over my shoulder, and I could tell she saw the rage expressed on my face. She got scared and pulled her hand off my shoulder, a wise choice. But my rage was still building more and more, and then I stood up and walked around the bed to face her. I looked down at her, and I could feel she was shrinking from fear. But my rage kept on building and then I finally exploded in her face.

"HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!! Do you have any emotions in that lifeless body of yours?! Do you have any idea what I am going through right now? I have lost a family member, and you are acting like my dog died or something. This is not something I will easily get over, Rosalie Hale." I spat out, and she flinched when she heard the venom in my voice when I used her full name. "Bella may have meant nothing to you, but she was everything to me. And I would rather DIE than forget her!" I added, making my voice be heard around the entire house.

I noticed that Alice, Esme and Carlisle were standing at my doorway, apparently they were too frightened to step inside and interfere knowing it might do no good. I ignored them, and continued to glare at Rosalie.

"But … but ... Em darling, I was just worried about you .." she said, looking hurt and embarrassed. I didn't let her finish.

"Worried? You? Hah! All you ever cared about is yourself. Your vain, selfish attitude disgusts me. I can't believe I ever thought I loved you. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY FACE!" I snarled at her, and she covered her face and ran out of my room. I could hear her door slam shut, as she sobbed loudly.

The rest of the family was standing, and watching our quarrel. And then Esme and Carlisle followed Rosalie, to comfort her, but not before giving me compassionate looks. Alice stayed and looked into my anger filled eyes; her face was blank of any expression. Before her eyes glazed over, I could tell she was having a vision. When she refocused her eyes back on mine, she gave me a small smile before she spoke.

"Follow your heart, Em. I know you will do the right thing. And don't worry about Rose, she will get over it." She said, and smirked a little about her comment on Rosalie. I felt the pain wash out of me, and I was left with confusion from her words.

"What?" that was all I could manage to enunciate. And my voice came in an almost whisper.

"That's up to you to understand. You and Jasper." She told me, and then gave me a grin before closing my bedroom door, and leaving. I haven't seen her grin in a long while, whatever she saw in her vision must have changed her mood.

I stood there for what felt like hours, and my confusion didn't subside. Follow my heart? I pondered that, I tried feeling what my unbeaten heart wanted the most. And the only thing I saw was Bella's face. I needed to go back and see her; I will not go back to being normal until we were reunited. And then I understood Alice's vision, she saw me go back. Me and Jasper?

I couldn't understand why Jasper would accompany me. I didn't think he missed Bella that much, he certainly kept his distance. But then my mind remembered back to the times we went hunting, when he would show his pained expression for a bit, thinking I wasn't paying attention. That's when I realized that Jasper did miss Bella. He was hiding his pain from us all. I felt relief knowing that someone beside me and Alice missed Bella greatly.

When I came back from my little epiphany, I realized that everyone was leaving for hunting. I bet Alice was giving me my chance to make a run for it if someone decided to stop me, I am sure she would explain my absence to them when they came back and found me gone. When I was sure there was no movement in the house, I quickly packed all my belongings at vampire speed. I felt excitement fill me as I knew that I would be hours away from seeing Bella, and for once I felt joy being brought back to my spirit, and it felt so damn good!

Before leaving my room, I remembered something that I needed to do before I was on my way. I turned around at the doorway and went back inside; I reached for the bedside drawer and pulled out the divorce papers. I signed my part on the dotted line, and left the papers on the bed. My love for Rosalie had faded ever since we left, and sooner or later this had to be done. Then I left and closed the door behind me, and went down the stairs.

As I was walking towards the door, I hear light foot steps behind me. Shit, not all of them left. But whoever was behind me stopped a few feet away, and remained silent. Whoever it was was not going to stop me. I turned around to face this person, expecting it to be Rosalie or Carlisle, or even Esme. But to my surprise, it was Jasper. With a suitcase by his side, he stood and looked at me and gave me a small smile. I looked back at him in utter shock, I knew Alice told me the possibility that Jasper might come with me, but I began doubting her about it.

"Jasper?" I said, cocking my head to the side.

"I'm coming with you, Emmett. And you can't stop me, I have made up my mind." He told me with a determined look on his face.

"Why, Jasper? I don't understand." I said, as my brows pushed together.

Jasper cleared his throat before speaking, as if preparing a presentation or something. His posture was very businesslike. "I know it might sound absurd, especially coming from me. But I miss Bella greatly. Emmett, I know you might doubt my feelings, but I have slowly felt an attachment to her. She is really dear to me. And since me and Alice have drifted apart, I feel like my connection with Bella deepen." His expression softened at the last statement he made. And I saw the pain I once saw during our hunting trips. He meant his words.

He then looked down and continued. "Please Emmett don't question my choice. Just let me come with you." He lifted his head and looked back to my.

My mouth hung open for seconds, but I quickly shut it close. I nodded to him, and he nodded back and smiled a little. And he threw to me waves of joy. To which I smiled back at him.

"Come on, Jazz. Let's leave before they come back." I told him, and turned around walking to my car. I could feel him following me.

We got inside the car; I immediately brought the engine to life and revved the car at full speed. Heading down the road, I felt my hand clenching the steering wheel in excitement, and I could feel it showing on my face. I looked at Jasper, and he was mirroring my emotions.

Soon, we would be seeing my Bella, and my dead heart leaped at that. Bella …

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