He just left me. In the forest. I don't know why but I followed him. I walked through the forest half blind. I tripped and fell to the ground. I stayed there for what seemed like forever.

"Why hello Bella. Where's little Eddie?" I heard the voice of Victoria.

"He's gone." I whispered.

"Aw he was going to miss the show." I heard her mock.

Then I felt myself being lifted in the air and felt it rush by as she ran with me in her arms. When we got to the baseball field, she began to beat me. I didn't scream or showed my pain. I just let her get it out of her. I knew she was hurt because of James being gone. I knew she had to let them out.

"WHY AREN'T YOU SCREAMING?" She shouted at me.

"Just carry on." I replied keeping the pain from my voice.

It was easy. To keep the pain out. I was numb already. Yes, I could feel the pain but it did not rule me like it would of if I hadn't been numb.

Victoria screamed out of anger and threw me in to a tree. With that blow I was out.

When I came back around, my head was rested on Victoria's lap and she was running her finger through my hair. I could feel the pain from my broken body but at that moment I didn't care. I wanted to know why Victoria was being so nice to me now.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't of taken this out on you. It's just I loved James so much and for so long, I wanted someone else to feel my pain to. I thought I should use you as he was hunting you when he was killed. The wolves are coming, and you wont be able to heal from this. I'm going to turn you and I want you to live your life and be strong. Do not let what Edward did to you, break you." Victoria said looking at me with her dark red eyes.

"I won't let it." I whispered.

She smiled before looking up. Out of the forest came 9 huge wolves and Sam Uley.

"Look after her." She said staring at Sam.

"I will." He vowed.

"Victoria the newborns are coming!" I heard Laurent hiss.

"We will deal with them." Victoria said before she kissed my forehead and bit in to my neck.

The fire took over me but I did not scream. I kept my eyes open. I wanted to make sure they wont be alright. I wanted to make sure Victoria lived. I knew what she did was wrong but I didn't want her to die because of this.

I watched Sam turn into a black wolf and then the newborns and the fights. I watched as the sandy coloured one met the eyes of a black haired female. He stopped and stared at her. She looked back at him. Someone growling snapped him out of it. He moved her on to his back and ran over to us. He placed her down next to me and you could see in his eyes that he was telling her to stay and do not attack. She nodded her head. He barked before running off into the fight. Sam came flying over to us. The female jumped at the way and Sam fell on top of me. His blood dripped in to my bite mark and the fire grew hotter.

It was like slow moving lava. I had to close my eyes and let the darkness take me to stop my self screaming.

Sam's Pov.

I watched Victoria brush Bella's now black hair out of her face. It had been 6 weeks since the change began. She had changed so much. She now had a light tan that no other vampire has. Her hair was black and staight. She had curves in all the right places, and black tribe tatoo's on her shoulders and down to her wrists. She looked beautiful. Her scent was like fresh rain in the forest, and green apples. Her scent had a sweetness to it no-one could place.

We was no longer in the clearing anymore. The pack had built a house next to mine for Bella. Victoria and Laurent was staying with her. So was Bree and Irina. Irina was Laurents mate and Bree was Seth's mate. It was shocking when he imprinted on her. Irina has helped them get on to the animal diet. Now their eyes were a gold colour.

I knew after the battle I couldn't kill Victoria, she was truly sorry for how she acted with her pain. You could also see how much love she had for Bella. Because of what happened we were both like parents to Bella and both had a need to protect her in us.

With the last beat of her heart, Bella opened her dark brown eyes.