!A Requested SongFic by Kelly of the Evenstar!

Already Over -- Red

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Axel ran down the beaten path with the sunlight fading behind him. He needed to get away from his feelings. From Roxas. From the entire Organization. he needed to be alone.

The redhead stopped when he saw a hooded figure running towards him. A strong breeze swept across the open field, blowing down the black hood. Blonde hair, celestial blue eyes and tears streaming down the face of the person he care for to much to be around.

He couldn't face Roxas, not like this.

Flames surrounded Axel like a forest fire. He looked up to meet the Roxas' blue eyes. He could feel the hurt and anguish in his heart. Yes, his heart.

Once again, the wind blew the hair from the face of the fair haired boy. Roxas screaming into the lashing flames to let him get closer. To let him explain. To let him be next to him...

He lowered his voice into a more concerning tone. His words came out slower; full of hurt.

"Axel, please." He locked eyes with him for a moment. "Axel, look at me! I'm begging you, please just...look at me.."

The intense flames burned down to hot cinders, flickering their light in the twilit night. Axel just stood there staring down. "We have nothing left Roxas. You hear me? Nothing! If you cared, you wouldn't have left!" He turned his head away, closing his eyes to keep the tears back.

Roxas took cautioning steps towards Axel, letting him cool off. He placed a frigid hand on the pyro's cheek, the warmth from the fire had given his skin sent shocks all through his body.

"Why Roxas? Why do you torture me with your mind games?" He hesitated. "I-I..." His struggle for words was put to an end by Roxas' lips smashing against his. The blonde's hand running through bright red locks of hair, pulling him down to him.

Axel kissed him back, picking him up by the small of his back and wrapping his legs around his waist. Slowly but surely making the moment last.

And with each passing second, so many thoughts raced through their minds. If anything was going to happen, they would always be together.


Roxas slowly opened his eyes. Was that a dream? Then he looked beside him. Axel was buried deep under the covers breathing heavily.

He inched his way closer to the redhead, entwining his fingers in his.

He knew more mornings like this would come.

Only until the end.


Skylar: Nawwh, that was cute. I had help from Roxas. iloveyouRoxas -glomps said blondie-

Marluxia: WAIT.....I thought you loved me!!!!!!

Skylar: Your affinity sucks, ROXASxSKYLAR FTW!

Marluxia: -nose bleed-

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