Crazy Patient, Jealous Nurse

Chapter One

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Dr. Derek Stiles was doing his usual stroll through the park on his way to Caduceus. He thought about the pile of paperwork that would be waiting for him when he got there; he sighed. Angie had brought it to him the night before, telling him he'd better not slack off.

But he didn't slack off. He didn't think so, anyway. He had lots of patients to take care of, after all. He was a surgeon.

A low, pained grunt interrupted Derek's thoughts. He looked around and saw the woman standing beside him was clutching her stomach. "Ma'am…?" Before he could say anything else, she started to fall. Derek lurched forward and caught her.

Clearly, she had fainted due to pain in her stomach. She was sweating; he pushed her brown bangs off of her forehead and pressed his hand against it.

Hmm…a high fever… he thought.

Suddenly, the woman's eyes snapped open, and she sat up.

"Oh…did I faint?" she asked.

"Uh…yes, ma'am, you fainted," Derek replied. The crowd that had gathered around them, appearing to have been holding their breath, all sighed in relief.

"I'm sorry…I get spontaneous stomach aches all the time…when they get as bad as that…well, you can see what happens," she told him, laughing.

"My name is Derek Stiles; I'm a doctor at Caduceus. And as a doctor, I sat that isn't normal. How long have these pains been going on?" he questioned.

"Well…about a month now, I suppose."

"Have you seen a doctor about it?" Derek asked, concerned.

"I am now!" The woman laughed. "I'm Jessica Turnett. Thank you, Dr. Stiles, you saved my life!"

"Well, I didn't really save your life, I only caught you from falling…" Derek said, cocking an eyebrow.

"But did you see what I would have landed on?" She pointed to bench that sat on the concrete path. "I would've smacked my head off the edge and died from internal bleeding if you hadn't been there to save me!" she exclaimed. "My hero!" Jessica wrapped her arms around Derek's neck, and then pulled away. "Well, I have to go now! Hopefully I'll see you again, Dr. Stiles!"

She waved and ran off, leaving Derek completely bewildered.

As he started walking again, he realized he should have taken her to the hospital with him to get her checked out. He suspected her appendix might be enflamed. But there was no sign of her.

He remembered, vaguely, seeing her every now and again on his morning walk to work. He would look for her tomorrow, and take her into Caduceus for a check up.

"Jessica Turnett…long, curly brown hair…light blue eyes…fair skin…nice figure…" he mumbled her description to himself.

"What has long, curly brown hair, light blue eyes, fair skin and a nice figure?"

Derek whipped around the see his nurse, Angie Thompson, glaring at him.

"Angie!" he exclaimed. "Well, there was this woman I met this morning, and she passed out from a pain in her stomach, but I caught her before she fell. She ran off before I could tell her to see a doctor, so I was making sure I remembered what she looked like so I could look for her tomorrow…" he explained quickly.

"Right." Angie opened the door and stepped in, and Derek had to quickly grab it so it didn't close on him. "Have you done any of that paperwork yet?"

"No…I was gonna do some of it today, though. In between operations and stuff…and when I go home tonight," Derek said.

"Yes, that's right," Angie replied. "You will do it today. And don't slack off!"

"I won't, I won't!" Derek assured her, rather frightened.

On his lunch break, Dr. Stiles sat at his desk with some pizza from the cafeteria and a pile of paperwork in front of him. He sighed as he signed his name continually, and cursed loudly when he got a grease stain on one of the sheets. Deciding he didn't want death by Angie, he hid the paper in the middle of the stack, where the stain wouldn't be noticed. Until she looked. But by then, he would have been running.

"Dr. Stiles!" Angie yelled as she rushed into his room. "There's an unconscious woman here on a stretcher that meets the description you were muttering to yourself this morning! And she must have hit her head, because it's bleeding!"

"What?" Derek jumped out of his chair and they ran down the hall to Emergency.

Sure enough, there was Jessica, a blood soaked bandage around her head, and sweating bullets as she clutched her stomach in pain.

"Derek!" Dr. Tyler Chase ran over to him. "We just did an emergency ultra sound on her-her appendix is chronically enflamed. You'll need to take it out."

"Just like I thought," Derek muttered. "Assign her a room, hook her up to an intravenous and give her some painkillers. Tell me when she wakes up; I have a surgery scheduled in…five minutes."

"Right, man, you got it!" Tyler grinned and gave Derek a thumbs-up before repeating his orders to the nurses.

Derek and Angie raced back to the OR to prepare for the surgery they were scheduled to perform.

As soon as Derek was told that Jessica had woken up, he went down to her room.

When she saw him, her eyes lit up. "Dr. Stiles!"

"Hi, Jessica," he greeted her, not sure what to expect. "Uhm…please don't jump out of your bed to hug me."

Jessica giggled. "Don't worry, I won't. So, can you please explain to me what's going on?"

"Right." Derek sat in the chair next to the bed. "Well, you have a chronically enflamed appendix, and we have to remove it."

"Oh, I see…"

"But don't worry, everything should go just fine, and after a few weeks' recovery, you'll be back to your regular activities," he assured her.

She beamed at the doctor. "Oh, I'm not worried at all, Dr. Stiles! Because my saviour's performing my operation, which means that nothing can wrong! And I've heard that you've got the Healing Touch! See! My saviour even has magical powers!"

Is this chick for real? Derek sighed inwardly. He noticed Jessica's face was red.

"Jessica…? What's wrong?" he asked. Had her fever come back?

"D…D…Derek!" she exclaimed. What? Not Dr. Stiles? Whatever… "I love you!"

She threw her arms around him, nestling her face into his chest.

"B…wh…huh? But…I just met you this morning!" Derek choked.

"Well, we've only talked for the first time this morning!" Jessica said. "I see you every morning…and now I know it! I love you, Derek!"

Whoa, whoa, creepy chick alert…! Help me! he screamed in his mind. He tried to push her off, but he couldn't.


Derek turned to see Angie standing in the doorway, glaring at him.

"Forgive me. I didn't realize I would be walking in on something," she said coldly before turning to walk away again.

"Angie-! Wait!" Derek called after her. Jessica had finally let go of him, and he ran out into the hallway after Angie. "That girl is-"

"Your lover? I see," Angie cut him off curtly, walking steadily faster than him.

"No! I just met her this morning, and now she's clinging onto me!" Derek tried to explain.

"But you see each other every morning. Either you know her or you move way too fast."

"Come on, Angie! She's crazy! She thinks I'm a saviour or something!"

Suddenly, Derek wondered why he had to explain all of this to the nurse. Why he felt the need to. Why she was so mad for walking in on a hug.

Angie turned to face him, scowling. "Well? Continue, Saviour."

Derek just blinked. "Are you…jealous?" he asked.

Angie flushed a bright pink. "What? No! What is there to be jealous of? Why would I be jealous? It's not like I…love you, or something…" she trailed off, her face turning a darker crimson. Derek stared at her.

"Uhm…I have to go get Miss Turnett's surgery consent forms…bye!" Angie quickly dashed off, leaving Derek, dumbfounded.

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