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It was Wednesday night, and I had just finished my shift at the hospital. I was finally heading home to a quiet house to relax. Tanya had left with her sisters earlier in the day to go shopping for her wedding dress. She was planning on being back Sunday morning for my parent's brunch at their house. The wedding was still 6 months away, but she was adamant about finding her dress this weekend. I wasn't completely sure why I decided to finally ask Tanya to marry me. Maybe because we have shared the last 5 years of our life's together, or maybe because I felt obligated to my family, since the Cullen's and the Denali's have been family friends for decades. I think the most important reason was that I just turned 30 years old, and I figured true love is never going to happen to me. It's not that I don't love Tanya, after being with someone for 5 years, you just love them. It's just that I don't have passion with her. I mean she is a beautiful woman, and of course I'm attracted to her. I am a man with needs. It's just that I don't hold primal, animalistic, lust for her.

I had just headed into the door when my cell phone buzzed in my pocket; I glanced at the screen, Tanya,

"Hello", I spoke.

"Hi, baby. We just got into Los Angeles, and I wanted to tell you how much I already miss you", she crooned at me.

"Tanya, it's only been 12 hours since I last saw you. Have fun this weekend, and try not to think too much about me. This is supposed to be your weekend to enjoy with your sisters."

"OK, OK grumpy. Go to bed you sound exhausted. I love you, and see you on Sunday."

"I love you too, Bye."

"Bye baby."

After finishing talking with Tanya, I was finally able to strip, and get a nice hot shower. I know I've been moody with her lately, it's just this wedding has gotten me stressed out. Hopefully after everything is done, my life will get back to being boring. That is so pitiful that I'm actually yearning for my boring life. I know I'm pathetic. While I was brooding in my boring life my phone buzzed again. I swear if that's Tanya again. Nope it's Emmett.

"Hello Emmett. Who do I owe this pleasure to?"

"Oh, hey man. I'm glad you answer. Listen we're going out tonight. Rose told me that Tanya left for the weekend with her sisters, so we need a guy's night out. What do you say?"

"I don't know Emmett. I'm tired from work, and plus your guy's night out usually end up at a strip club."

"No man no strip club this time. There is a new club that just opened up downtown. Eclipse is the name. So I'll pick you up in 15 minutes. Be ready, and don't try to give me that bullshit that you're tired. Jesus, Edward you just turned 30 not 65."

After that age comment the line went dead, so I decided to get dress. Emmett would drag me out the house if I decided to try and stay in. I grabbed a hunter green button down shirt with black jeans to wear. I ran my hands through my hair, but there was nothing that I can do about my hair. It has a mind of its own. I had just finished putting on my black doc martins, when Emmett arrived, with Jasper in tow.

"What's up brother?" Emmett bellowed out.

"Nothing much man. Hey Jasper, the little pixie let you loose tonight?" I asked Jasper.

"Yeah, her and Rose are having a girls night out", Jasper answered me.

"Alright, enough chit chat. Let's get the show on the road. I'm in desperate need of a beer", Emmett spoke.

We had just walked into the club, and this place was packed. Considering it was a Wednesday night at 9:00. I guess everyone wants to check out the newest club in the downtown Seattle area. We headed straight to the bar to order our drinks, and then found a table in the corner of the club. I had just settled down in my seat, when Emmett began his interrogation.

"So Eddie, you're still going through with this wedding?"

"Yes Emmett, I've already committed myself to this."

"Actually you haven't committed yourself until you say the vows. I just saying, dude, you shouldn't do this unless your 110% sure that this is what you want."

"Emmett's right man, if you're not sure you should cancel the plans. Or at least postpone it.", Jasper decided to put his opinion in.

"Listen guys, I understand your concern about this situation. You guys along with Alice and Rose seem to be the only ones who even see a slight hesitation I have with this arrangement. It's just that I've gone over all possibilities, and it just seems the right next step to make."

"Alright man if you think it's the right thing to do will be here to support you", Emmett final words were on the subject.

We had been at the club for a little over an hour, just talking about our week at work, the football game that was on TV, and the new Halo game that was being release in the next two weeks. I had just settled in my seat when I spotted her on the dance floor. She was gorgeous. She had long, wavy brown hair that hung to the middle of her back. Her eyes were closed, but she had the cutest button nose, with the sexiest plump lips I have ever seen, along with her beautiful heart shaped face. My eyes traveled down her long neck, to her slender collarbones, to her plump breast, that were currently housed in a tight blue shirt. Her waist was small, but her hips were curvy in her short, tight black shorts. She had just turned her back facing me, and her ass was smokin hot under those tight shorts. My eyes continue traveled down her long slender legs, to her black fuck me shoes. She was swaying to the beat of the music in the most erotic way, and I was instantly hard. I haven't even realized that I was staring so long, until Emmett pulled me out of my ogling.

"Whatcha staring at Eddie boy?" Emmett questioned me.

"Huh. I was just….um….. watching the people dance", I managed to stutter out.

"Did Edward just stutter, because I don't ever recall Edward stuttering before", Emmett was mocking me.

I didn't have time to reply to him about my stuttering, before I realized that the brown hair goddess was leaving the dance floor. I jumped up out of the booth, before I could even realize what I was doing. I started striding towards her, like a predator hunting his prey. She had just reached the bar to order a drink when I approach my goddess. My goddess. Where the hell did that come from?

"Hello. Let me get you something to drink." I said in my sexiest voice. It was then that I realized that I didn't even ask her if she wanted me to. I was just getting ready to rephrase my sentence when she interrupted me with the most beautiful bell like voice.

"I'll have water", she said.

I called the bartender over and order her water and another beer for me. The bartender had just handed our order to us, when I turned toward her to introduce myself.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen", I held out my hand.

"Hello, I'm Bella Swan", she took my large hand in her dainty feminine hand, and the moment are skin touched my body was tingling.

"So Bella that is a beautiful name for a beautiful woman", I said in a husky voice to her.

"Thank you", she responded with a blush.

My god do women still blush. I have to say I don't remember seeing that since middle school, but that was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. I wonder how far that blush travels down.

"So tell me what brings you here tonight? I'm assuming you're alone, because no one has come to pummel me yet for talking to you", I asked her.

I needed to know if she was available, because it she wasn't that is one dumb fucker to leave her alone like this. If she was my girl she wouldn't be out of my grasp looking the way she looks. Wait why should I even need to know if she is available? You have a fiancé', you idiot.

"No. I'm not alone. I'm here with some friends from school. There here somewhere. We're celebrating our graduation."

"Oh well congratulations. What was your major?"

Ok, so she's younger than me by a couple of years. I'm guessing 22 or 23 years old. That's not too bad. But her next sentence about made me fall of my stool.

"Oh no, I didn't just graduate college. I just graduated high school", she responds quietly while looking down.

High school! High school! That can't be right. Damn they didn't make girls like that when I was in high school. That's got to put her around 18 or 19 years old. Maybe she got held back a couple of years, and that push her to being close to 20. I'm just going to have to ask her.

"Bella how old are you?" I demanded.

"I'm 18 years old" she said.

"Shit, you do realize that I'm 30 fucking years old. This is just not cool." I was ranting to her.

"You do realize that were just having a conversation, right. Who gives a fuck if I'm 18 and your 30? I wasn't planning on marrying you Edward. And if I do remember correctly, you're the one that approach Me.", she all but yells at me.

Holy shit that was HOT. I just met this girl, and she isn't afraid to speak her mind. Tanya just always agrees with me. I like this change, and I could definitely get use to it. But I should apologize, because she does have a point.

"I'm sorry, Bella. Your right. I was out of line speaking to your like that. Could you forgive me, and possibly keep this conversation going?" I crooned at her.

She just sitting there glaring at me and it reminds me of an angry kitten who thinks they're a tiger.

"I suppose I could. Your are gorgeous when your ranting", she tells me.

"So, you think I'm gorgeous?" I smirk at her.

"Oh please Edward. Like you don't know that you're gorgeous. Every girl in this club is ogling you." She rolls her eyes at me.

"Well as long as you're ogling me, I'm a happy man", I tell her.

Once again the blush spread across her beautiful cheeks, and I couldn't resist myself from reaching out and brushing my fingers along it. My God she was beautiful. My heart hurt to know that something as beautiful as her existed. I don't know how long I sat there running my fingers over her cheek, before Bella broke the silence.

"So Edward, what do you do for a living?"

"Um...what?" I was completely lost in her beauty that I didn't hear what she asked me.

She started to giggle before she spoke again. "I asked you, what do for a living?"

"I'm a doctor at Northwestern Hospital. I work in the Pediatric Unit."

"Oh wow that's amazing. I'm very fond of kids. I hope to have several when I get older."

For a brief moment I saw a glimpse of Bella standing in a kitchen barefoot and pregnant with my child. I don't know where that vision came from, because honestly I never once thought of Tanya that way. I shook my head to relieve myself from that image to ask Bella my next question.

"So Bella, what do you plan to do now since you just graduated?"

"I'm leaving in two weeks to attend Dartmouth College. I'm going to major in Literature, in hopes to be a college professor."

"Wow Dartmouth. That is a hard school to get into, and the workload is even harder. Do you understand what you're getting yourself into?"

"What are you trying to say Edward that I'm not smart enough to handle the workload? Or that I'm too young to handle the responsibilities of a prestigious college? For your information I received a full scholarship to attend school there with my perfect GPA, and my many extracullicular activities that I managed to squeeze into my already busy life caring for my dying grandmother." She spat at me.

Oh shit, I have managed to get Bella pissed off at me once again. This girl was feisty, and I just kept saying the wrong things. I didn't mean to insinuate that she wasn't bright, but Dartmouth is a hard school. I should know I attended my undergraduate years there. Hold up did she just say that she received a full scholarship? Fuck, I couldn't even pull that off. So not only is she the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, she is most likely the most intelligent woman I have ever come across. OK I need to fix this, because that glare she is giving me is getting me extremely hard. I put on my most persuasive voice and purred out to her my apology.

"Bella, I'm once again sorry for my words tonight. Of course I don't think you're not smart enough or too young to attend Dartmouth. It's just that I attended there for my undergraduate studies, and it's a tough school. But the fact that you have a full scholarship to attend, lets me know how intelligent you truly our. I couldn't even pull that off myself in high school, and I had no other responsibilities, besides football and baseball to worry about. And I also sorry about your grandmother."

"It's alright Edward. I'm sorry for yelling at you. It's just that I take my future very seriously, and for someone to question my dedication, it just strikes a nerve with me. But let's let it go, ok?"

"OK baby." Now I'm calling her baby. Christ what is this girl doing to me?

She blushed at that, and once again I was curious as to how far that blush travels down. We were just staring at one another, and I knew that what I felt for Bella, she was feeling the same exact thing. She finally broke the silence with a question.

"Would you like to dance?" she asked me.

"I would love to dance", I answer her with the biggest smile on my face. She rewarded me with a huge smile of her own, before she took my hand to lead me to the dance floor.

Now this should have been the time that I ended this wonderful encounter with my goddess, but once she pressed her back up against my chest all of my practical thoughts left me brain. My hands found their way to her womanly hips, and we begin to sway to the beat of the song. I couldn't help my growing erection that I was having at the moment, because let's face it, it hasn't gone completely away since the moment I laid my eyes on Bella. She notices the bulge that is currently pushing into her ass, and she decides to ground against it. I let out a growl in her ear, and I knew at that moment that I had to claim her as mine tonight. I knew it would only be a onetime thing, but the thought of never having my cock in Bella's warm pussy was unthinkable. We continue to bump and grind with one another on the dance floor, while Bella's hands ran up behind my neck into my hair at the nape of my neck. She was pulling on it roughly, and it just made my painful erection even more painful. I had to get her off this dance floor, and out of this club, before I lost all self control. I was on the verge of bending her over, and fucking her senseless right here in front of everyone, until she was screaming my name. I decided I needed to take some action.

"Bella lets go sit down for a minute. I need to talk to you." I crooned in her ear.

"Alright" she replied breathlessly.

We found our way back to our table, and I sat down pulling Bella into my lap. My hands automatically found their way to her smooth firm thigh, where I began to draw lazy circles on it. Her skin was so smooth, and I could hardly repress the moan that wanted to escape my mouth with wondering how the rest of her body would feel. I couldn't resist moving her hair to the side to kiss a trail of hot open mouth kisses down her neck. She began to squirm on my lap, and that just edge me on further. My hand began to travel further up her thigh, begging to be at the apex of her sex, while my mouth continued to explore her neck. She tasted exquisite, and her smell of freesias and lavender was mouthwatering. Bella let a soft moan that shot straight to my hard cock, and I knew I needed to get her out of this club.

"Bella love, would you like to get out of here with me?" I asked her. I guess I could take her to a hotel, because there was no way I could take her back to my house. She would clearly be able to tell that a woman lived there, especially with all the pictures that Tanya had hung up of us. We couldn't possibly go back to her house either. Christ, she was only 18, and I'm sure her parents wouldn't be too keen on her bringing home a 30 year old man.

"I can't Edward" she replied breathlessly.

She can't? Oh no, that was not acceptable. I needed her right now.

"Why not, baby? I want you so bad, and I can tell you want me too. I can feel the dampness in these little short shorts you're wearing. Let me take you to a hotel to give you pleasure baby." I replied in a husky voice.

"Oh God, Edward. I do want you, but I just can't go with you. It's … complicated."

"Well explain it to me then." I whispered in her ear while gently taking her lobe in my teeth.

"OK, first you have to stop that if you want me to be able to speak a coherent sentence. No kissing. Got it." She demanded.

"Alright, I got it. It's just so natural to have my mouth on some part of your body, but I promise I'll be good, for now anyways."

"Alright, let me start from the beginning. I told you I had to care for my dying grandmother, right?"

I nodded my head at her, encouraging for her to continue, because I had no idea where this conversation was heading and I was extremely curious.

"Well the reason why I was living with my Grams to begin with is because my parents died in a car accident when I was 8 years old. I loved my parents very much, and they loved me very much in return. But I wasn't the only person my parents loved deeply; they were passionately in love with one another. Sure they fought like every normal couple, but their love for one another was undeniable. You could feel it surrounding them whenever you were in the same room as them. For a long time I was angry that both of my parents got taken away from me at the same time, but it wasn't until around the time that I was 13 years old, that I realized that if only one of my parents had died physically, my remaining parent would have died emotionally. So with that realization I was able to accept both of my parent's death. Now my Grams were a wonderful grandmother, and she also believed in true love. The kind of love that you throw caution to the wind, you just follow you heart, and you don't listen to a thing your brain is trying to tell you. Again for a long time I couldn't really understand what my Grams was talking about until my 11th grade year. Two of my close friends got their first boyfriends, and they went on and on about how much they loved their boyfriends. But I know what true love looks like, so what I saw between them, was nothing but teenage infatuation. I told them to be careful, but they didn't listen, and they ended having sex with those guys. A week later both couples split up. I wasn't surprised at all, and I hope they had learned their lesson. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, and a week later they both had another boyfriend. The cycle continued once again, and even to this day they are the same way. As we speak they're somewhere is this club with a guy that they are convinced they love, but in hindsight it's just infatuation." She took a deep breath.

"Ok so you're probably wondering what this story has to do with the reason why I can't leave with you." She raised her eyebrows at me.

"I have an idea what you're getting at, but please continue with the story." I told her.

"So my 11th grade year I made a vow to myself that I would remain pure until my wedding night. It had nothing to do with the social aspect of what's right or wrong. It's what matter to me. I had a fantasy that on my wedding day I would be dressed in a simple white gown, and underneath my wedding dress, I would be clad in the most scandalous white lingerie. My husband would be very aware of what I had under my dress, and he would look forward to unwrapping his present that night. Myself being the present. He would be completely aware that I had never been touched by another man, and I would never be touched by another man as long as he was around. I would want him to claim my body as his and his alone, and never for him to have doubt that my needs was and would only be satisfied by him. I would want him to know that my body and love for him was nothing but pure." She finished her story with a whisper.

I sat there for a few minutes just letting her words run through my brain, and I realized that was the kind of love that I was missing with Tanya. That was the kind of love that I felt for this girl sitting in front of me that I only met a few hours ago. I never believed in love at first sight, but after seeing and talking to Bella, I realized that I was head over heels in love with her. What 16 year old girl thinks about something like that? That just proved to me that even though Bella was only 18 years old, she was wise beyond her years. It also made me realized that I had to be the man in that fantasy with her. There was no question about it, I wanted and needed to be with her. The only question is would she want me in that way. My heart is telling me that she does, because why else would she tell me that story. Either way I knew what I had to do. I was going to take her advice and through caution to the wind. I was listening to my heart, even though my brain was screaming at me that I had other things the take care of first. Those things didn't matter to me anymore. The only thing that would ever matter to me anymore was this 18 year old woman sitting right in front of me.

I still continued to stare at her for a few minutes trying to will her the see the love my heart now possesses for her. I had finally come to my senses, and realized that I hadn't responded to her story.

"Bella that was the most erotic, sensual, loving thing I have ever heard, and that is the reason for my next question. Bella, will you marry me?" I asked her.

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