I want to apologize for not updating, "On a Whim", "My One Mistake", and "Out of this World". Life has really kicked me in the butt these past few months. First, celebrating the holidays with my family and then finding out my oldest daughter is sick. She was diagnosed with a rare condition called VUR which means her ureter from her kidney is about 5 times too big. We go Monday to a pediatric kidney specialist to determine if she has any kidney damage and what are options are. I promise you I've tried to sit down and write but I'm having a terrible time focusing on the story when so much else is on my mind. Once I find out my options for her I will sit down to finish these stories. I already have a few chapters outlined so I just need to fill in the blanks. Thanks everyone so much for your support of my stories. I'm a first time writer and it means a lot to me that I can deliver something worth reading.