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"So, Rory, how is the job search going?" Richard asked during their Friday night dinner.

"Pretty good," she answered between bites of lamb. "I'll be in Boston for the last half of next week. I have interviews with the Globe and the Christian Science Monitor and a few smaller papers in the metro area. I'm waiting to hear back from some of the other papers and my editor is actually having me write a blog about looking for work in this economy. It doesn't pay much, but the series on the economy set me up pretty well."

"Where will you be staying in Boston?" Emily asked.

"I'm gonna save some money and stay with Paris and Doyle in Cambridge."

"Are you going to see your father at all?"

Rory and Lorelai shared a significant glance before Rory answered, "Uh, yeah, it would be rude to be in Boston and not go see Dad."

"Does Christopher even know you're getting married?" Emily directed this at her daughter.

"Uh, yeah, Mom, he knows," Lorelai answered, shaking her head slightly. "He sent us a blender."

"You didn't already have one?"

"No, Mom, it was a joke. He—oh, nevermind," Lorelai muttered.

"Does he know about your pregnancy?"

"No, Mom, we don't really talk that much, and why do you care what Christopher does and doesn't know about my life?"

"What happens in your life effects Rory and that is Christopher's concern."

"Grandma, I'm twenty-four. It doesn't matter as much as it did when I was sixteen."

"Well, I've been limited in the things I can discuss tonight."

"Emily, that is not what I said," Richard told her.

"Most people seem to think if I say anything at all that I'm interfering."

"That's because you usually are."


"What are you not interfering in?" Rory asked.

"What is Jess going to do if you have to move for your job?" Emily asked suddenly. "I certainly hope he isn't going to drop everything and follow you around like a puppy. No woman really wants a man that weak-willed."

Rory blinked in surprise. "I, uh, we haven't really discussed the particulars because I don't have a job yet."

"Well, are you going to break up?"


"No, Grandma, we're not going to break up if I have to move across the country or to Kartoum. We've done the breaking up thing. We're over it."

Lorelai smiled at her own words coming out of her daughter's mouth.

"Are you saying you're going to stay with Jess forever?"

"Emily," Richard warned through gritted teeth.

"I don't know, Grandma," Rory replied, clearly exasperated. "But as far as you and everyone else are concerned, yes, we are going to be together forever!"

Rory's face went suddenly blank at the enormity of her own words. Lorelai smiled at her sympathetically while Richard and Emily focused on the food in front of them.

They continued in silence until Richard said, "So, Lorelai, where did you say you were going on your honeymoon?"

"I said I was going to spend forever with Jess," Rory said, staring blankly at the road in front of them.

"Well, yeah, sort of," Lorelai replied. "You did, however, say you couldn't see the future."

"But, still, that's crazy talk. We've only been together a month."

"That's debatable."

"What's debatable about it, Mom? It was three seconds before the beginning of the year, which was exactly a month ago."

"But you guys have all that history."

"We were different people then," Rory argued. "I was sheltered and spoiled and he was hurt and angry."

"Rory, yes, you guys have changed, but, essentially, you're still the same," Lorelai replied. "You're still the smart and determined young woman with endless knowledge of Russian literature. He's still cocky and sarcastic and basically pretty shy. You know each other and you get each other and that's what most people spend the first month of a relationship doing, but you guys didn't have to do that. And you already told me you see Jess as a person you could see spending your life with. Admitting you want to be with him forever is not that big a leap. You probably shouldn't have jumped in front of the grandparents, but hindsight is always 20/20."

Rory thought about it in silence for a moment and said, "I'm in love with him."

"And Barack Obama is the president of the United States. Old news, sweets."

"No, I love him, that's the old news. I think a part of me always did, but I was never in love with him."

"Hon, I'm officially without GPS over here."

Rory turned in her seat to look at her mom and explained, "I was in love with Dean and Logan, and you can say 'I love you' when you're in love and not be lying, but the reason you say it is because the circumstances of the relationship are conducive to love, not because you just love them because they get you and want to be with you and would move the world for you. That's what has been wrong with all my relationships: I've either just loved the person, or been in love with them. And now I have both with Jess and it's…freaking awesome! Did any of that make sense?"

"Eh, most of it. I especially understood the freaking awesome part," Lorelai replied, grinning.

"Well, I'm trying to watch my language around the little ears."

"Do they have ears yet?" Lorelai asked, gently rubbing her stomach.

"I don't know. We'll ask Paris tomorrow," Rory said as her phone went off. Her eyes widened when she saw the message on the screen. "Or we could ask her in ten minutes. She's at the Dragonfly."

"Oh, dear," Lorelai said as her phone started ringing. "Hi, Michel. Yes, Michel, I know. I know she's an abomination to your homeland. I'll be there in a few minutes. You can hold out until then. Stop being such a baby. Fine! I will send you reinforcements."

Lorelai clicked her phone shut and tossed it back into her purse and looked at her daughter. "Tell your boyfriend to distract Paris."

"That was your plan for reinforcements?"

"Just call him!"

"You want me to what?"

"Just distract her for a few minutes until we get there."

"Rory, I don't even know her all that well."

"You managed to get into a heated argument the first time you met her and you kept up with her. That's quite an accomplishment, my friend."

"So you want me to get into an argument with one of your best friends?"

"If you're arguing with her, she won't be torturing the staff."

"And how am I supposed to get into this argument?"

"Just walk by, she'll call you Kerouac or Bukowski or something like that, and then you can figure it out from there."

"Rory, I—"

"You'll do it if you love me," she cooed.

"Oh, yeah, Rory, nice time to play that card."


"Fine," he relented. "Tell your mother to step on it."

"I will. Oh, and don't be surprised if Paris doesn't think we're together."

"You didn't tell her?"

"No, I texted, I called, and I finally got her to respond to an email, but I'm pretty sure she thought I was kidding."

"Great," Jess deadpanned.

"I will make it up to you, I swear."

"You'd better," he told her before snapping his phone closed.

He started past the dining room until he heard a shocked, "Oh, my God! You're actually here?!"

He turned around and actually managed a thin smile. "Hey, Paris."

"What are you doing here?" she asked again.

"Uh, my uncle is getting married tomorrow, and I'm the best man, so it would be rude not to show up for the wedding," Jess explained sarcastically.

"Does Rory know you're coming? This is her mother's wedding, and if you make this awkward or uncomfortable for her, I swear—"

"Hi, I'm Jess," he said, shaking the hand of the young man sitting with Paris as he joined them.

"Doyle," the young man replied, slightly nervous.

"This is Jess Mariano, Rory's ex-boyfriend and Luke's nephew," Paris said, eyeing Jess warily. He just smirked and didn't bother correcting her.

"Jess Mariano? Didn't you write a book?"

Jess nodded and Paris groaned.

"It wasn't nearly as amazing as Rory seems to think. It had your ridiculous machismo all over it."

"I've read The Bell Jar, Ms. Friedan," Jess informed her calmly.

"That obviously didn't save you from being an idiot," Paris grumbled, completely ignoring the young man shaking so bad he nearly poured iced tea all over the table. "What are you really doing here, Kerouac?"

"Being a little paranoid there, Paris," Jess told her.

"Kerouac? So, you like the Beats?" Doyle asked Jess.

"Yep," Jess answered shortly.

"Typical male," Paris muttered. "You all think the beats are so great because they sluffed off their responsibilities and plowed it wherever they could find it and occasionally wrote something down."

"They changed literature forever, starting with what could and couldn't be published in this country."

"You think that because you work at a publishing house the size of a thumbnail, you actually know something about what makes good literature?" Paris asked as a server hastily delivered a basket of bread before retreating to the kitchen.

"What publishing house do you work at?" Doyle asked.

"Truncheon Books in Philadelphia," Jess answered shortly.

"Yes, a truncheon because they want to beat you over the head with their masculine idiocy."

"Give it a rest, Gloria," Jess told her, rolling his eyes.

"You have an ulterior motive. They always have an ulterior motive," she said, narrowing her gaze toward him.

"Is she this suspicious of you?" Jess asked Doyle.

"Not really. We have a trusting relationship…mostly," he added quietly.

"Um…would you like to order?" the waiter asked timidly. "The kitchen will be closing in thirty minutes."

"Are we not paying to stay here? Do you think we're not going to pay for the food?"

"Just bring them the dinner special," Jess told the waiter who quickly dashed back to the kitchen.

Paris glared at him. "I don't need you to order for me."

"If I let you order, that guy would be here until midnight, and he's been here all day."

"Like you've been here all day?" Paris asked incredulously.

"Basically, yeah."

"Lorelai is not letting you stay here," Paris said authoritatively. "She hates you. Everyone knows this."

Jess smirked and shook his head. "You're not Marilyn vos Savant. You don't know everything."

"Paris! You're here!"

Jess pressed his lips together to keep from releasing a deep sigh of relief at the sound of Rory's cheerful voice.

"Rory." Paris replied, standing up. "We didn't ask him to sit here, he just sat down and wouldn't leave. If he's making you uncomfortable, I'm sure the French guy can throw him out."

Rory just smiled and hugged Paris. She then leaned over and kissed Jess softly on the lips. "Thanks for keeping them company," she told him.

"You owe me, Gilmore," he whispered in her ear.

Paris' eyes bounced from Rory to Jess and back again. "You were serious?!" she screeched.

"Hey, Doyle," Rory said politely before taking Paris' arm and leading her out of the dining room.

"Hey, Rory," he replied, his forehead furrowed in confusion. "So…I guess you're Rory's ex-ex-boyfriend?"

Jess smiled and said, "Yeah, you could say that."

"How could you not tell me this? I'm your best friend!"

"I did tell you, Paris," Rory said once they were in the library.

"Oh, yeah, 'By the way, Jess and I got back together at New Year's' at the end of an email counts as telling me. Your sense of humor eludes me sometimes, Gilmore," Paris said sarcastically.

"You weren't returning my calls."

"I'm busy. Medical school isn't a cake walk, you know."

"It took you thirty seconds to write 'Yeah, whatever' in an email. You could have spent that time asking me for details."

Paris grumbled and folded her arms across her chest. "Are you sure about this? I mean you got back together with Dean after you'd been broken up a while and that ended, well…badly."

"I'm sure about this, Paris."

"You're not going to recite the pro/con list?"

"Didn't make one."

"You, Rory Gilmore, got back together with Giovanni Verga in there without making a pro/con list?"

"Don't mock the pro/con list, and sometimes Paris, you just don't need one."

"Wow. This is serious."

"Yeah," Rory replied, nodding. "Very serious."

"You still staying with us next week?"

"If you still want me."

"Don't be overly humble, Gilmore, it's annoying, and, if Jess wants to see you on the weekend, he can stay with us too."

"Thanks, Paris."

"Yeah, don't get all mushy on me, Gilmore."

"This is not a youth hostel!" Michel announced angrily from the doorway.

"Uh, okay," Rory replied cautiously.

"They are everywhere!"


"Your people."

"My people?"

"Yes, your little photographer friend and a man so skinny he should be homeless."

"Oh, it must be Amelia and Chris," Rory said, "and they are Mom's guests, Michel. Which reminds me, Paris, what week of pregnancy do fetuses grow ears?"

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