I know it's kind of mean to end this story with a cliffhanger, but since I consider to write a sequel I needed something to build on... but still... some answers are hidden in here. Thank you to everyone for reading reviewing! It was fun to share this with you. And a thousand kisses to my betas Molly and Datsue who helped me to make something good of this!

TCOT Returning Relative – Chapter 20

September 1969

The first signs of autumn had arrived over night. Trees lost their foliage and the air carried an underlying cold that led people to freeze even in the afternoon's sun. Not that it mattered to the woman behind the fence. She had spent a long time in a place where she hadn't seen any sun. The low temperature was hardly the problem.

Pauline tightened the collar of her coat as she stepped back behind the large wooden fence next to her. Only every now and then she peeked around the corner, because she knew she had to be careful. She couldn't afford to be seen. What she did was dangerous, but after all those years it was worth the risk.

The school yard was almost empty now. Only a few mothers and their children were still standing around, the children running and screaming, the women chit-chatting with each other. But Pauline only cared for one woman and one child in the yard. She had been focussing on them for almost half an hour now, had observed their interaction. It was almost too easy.

From the corner of her eye, she also noticed a car stopping by the wayside. She stepped back, hid behind the bushes. From there Pauline watched the dark-haired beauty as she took her little girl's hand and approached the car. A tall, dark-haired man climbed out of the vehicle and when she finally recognised him the girl waved frantically at him. She tore her hand out of one that belonged to the woman who appeared to be her mother. Laughingly the man caught the girl and whirled her around. Then he greeted the woman with a tender touch on the cheek followed by a long kiss. Then the little family climbed into the car and left.

Satisfied with herself, Pauline came out of her hiding place, lit a cigarette and smiled sweetly to herself. After all this was a promising start.

~The End?~