This is my attempt at the "wrong boy who lived, Harry's family is alive" trying to be as canon as possible.


NO super, evil or Slytherin Harry. NO crazy, demented, fame hungry parents. NO manipulative Dumbledore, NO excessively abusive Dursleys, NO caplocks, NO woe is me I must take revenge stuff. Don't be disappointed if you want some of the stuff mentioned above and don't find it.

This stems off from the Philosopher's stone chapter 4. Hagrid has more to reveal than what he does in the books. A chunk has been ripped from the books to kick start the story. I have tweaked some of the dialogues so you'll have to go over them closely to see the changes but don't worry they're not that important. And also don't worry about the books dialogues being used; things will become original in a few paragraphs.

The giant took a gulp of tea and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Call me Hagrid," he said, "everyone does. An' like I told yeh, I'm Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts — yeh'll know all about Hogwarts, o' course.

"Er — no," said Harry.

Hagrid looked shocked.

"Sorry," Harry said quickly.

"Sorry?" barked Hagrid, turning to stare at the Dursleys, who shrank back into the shadows. "It's them as should be sorry! I knew yeh weren't gettin' yer letters but I never thought yeh wouldn't even know abou' Hogwarts, fer cryin' out loud! Did yeh never wonder where yer parents learned it all?"

"All what?" asked Harry.

"ALL WHAT?" Hagrid thundered.

"I know somethings," he said. "I can, you know, do math and stuff."

But Hagrid simply waved his hand and said, "About ourworld, mean. Yourworld. Myworld. Yer parents' world."

"What world?"

Hagrid looked as if he was about to explode.

"DURSLEY!" he boomed.

Hagrid stared wildly at Harry. "But yeh must know about yer mom and dad," he said. "I mean, they're famous."

"What? My — my mom and dad weren't famous, were they?"

"Yeh don' know… yeh don' know…" Hagrid ran his fingers through his hair, fixing Harry with a bewildered stare.

"Yeh don' know what yeh are?" he said finally.

Uncle Vernon suddenly found his voice.

"Stop!" he commanded. "Stop right there, sir! I forbid you to tell the boy anything!"

A braver man than Vernon Dursley would have quailed under the furious look Hagrid now gave him; when Hagrid spoke, his every syllable trembled with rage.

"You never told him? Never told him what was in the letter Dumbledore left fer him? Dursley you've kept it from him all these years?"

"Kept whatfrom me?" said Harry eagerly.

"STOP! I FORBID YOU!" yelled Uncle Vernon in panic.

"Harry — yer a wizard."

There was silence inside the hut. Only the sea and the whistling wind could be heard.

"I'm a what?" gasped Harry.

"We swore when we took him in we'd put a stop to that rubbish," said Uncle Vernon, "swore we'd stamp it out of him! Wizard indeed!"

"You knew?" said Harry. "You knewI'm a — a wizard?"

"Knew!" shrieked Aunt Petunia suddenly. "Knew! Of course we knew! How could you not be, my dratted sister being what she was?

Oh, she got a letter just like that and disappeared off to that — that school— and came home every vacation with her pockets full of frog spawn, turning teacups into rats.

But for my mother and father, oh no, it was Lily this and Lily that, they were proud of having a witch in the family!"

She stopped to draw a deep breath and then went ranting on. It seemed she had been wanting to say all this for years.

"Then she met that Potter at school and they left and got married and had you, and of course I knew you'd be just the same, just as strange, just as — as —abnormal— and then, if you please, she went and nearly got herself blown up and we got landed with you!"

"Nearly blown herself up? You told me they died in a car crash"

"CAR CRASH!" roared Hagrid, jumping up so angrily that the Dursleys scuttled back to their corner. "How could a car crash kill Lily an' James Potter? It's an outrage! A scandal! Harry Potter not knowin' the story of his family when every kid in our world knows it!"

"But why? What happened?" Harry asked urgently.

The anger faded from Hagrid's face. He looked suddenly anxious.

"I never expected this," he said, in a low, worried voice. "I had no idea, when Dumbledore told me there might be trouble gettin' hold of yeh, how much yeh didn't know. Ah, Harry, I don' know if I'm the right person ter tell yeh — but someone's gotta — yeh can't go off ter Hogwarts not knowin'."

Harry gulped as Hagrid gestured at him to sit down.

"Harry.. yer parents are alive."

Harry heard Dudley give out a huge gasp, a reaction that completely represented how he felt. Harry was too stunned to react at all.

"This is all some great big joke isn't it?' Harry whispered.

"No, No, Harry.." Hagrid stammered unsure of how to proceed next, "yeh have ter understand why yeh are here."

"this wizard, about twenty years ago now, started lookin' fer followers. Got 'em, too — some were afraid, some just wanted a bit o' his power, 'cause he was gettin' himself power, all right. Dark days, Harry. Didn't know who ter trust, didn't dare get friendly with strange wizards or witches… terrible things happened. He was takin' over. 'Course, some stood up to him — an' he killed 'em. Horribly. One o' the only safe places left was Hogwarts. Reckon Dumbledore's the only one You-Know-Who was afraid of. Didn't dare try takin' the school, not jus' then, anyway.

"Now, yer mum an' dad were as good a witch an' wizard as I ever knew. Head boy an' girl at Hogwarts in their day! Suppose the myst'ry is why You-Know-Who never tried to get 'em on his side before… probably knew they were too close ter Dumbledore ter want anythin' ter do with the Dark Side.

"Maybe he thought he could persuade 'em… maybe he just wanted 'em outta the way. All anyone knows is, he turned up in the village where you was all living, on Halloween ten years ago. You was just a year old. He came ter yer house an' — an' —"

Harry leaned in closer as Hagrid blubbered, "He tried to kill yeh and yeh brother -- James an' Lily were away on order business," Hagrid beamed at this part, 'But yeh and yeh brother survived. He couldn't do it."

Harry's mind reeled trying to take all the facts in. Hs mouth could only pronounce one word. "Brother-"

Hagrid face lit up even more. "Yeh have a family, Harry. A brother an' a sister.. Yeh'll love em."

Harry still couldn't believe what he was hearing. A brother and sister.. It had always been his dream to wake up one day and find that he had a family. A family, who would love him; take care of him; give him presents on Christmases and birthdays, and take him far away from the horrid Dursleys. It was all there in front of him but his dream was turning out to be a nightmare. All these years of wishing on the biggest, brightest stars in the night sky had paid off but to what use. A family, who didn't care if the Dursleys hated him and locked him inside the cupboard under the stairs, was worse than not having one.

"Now, you listen here, boy," Uncle Vernon snarled, "I accept there's something strange about you, probably nothing a good beating wouldn't have cured — and as for all this about your parents, well, they are weirdoes, no denying it. They left you over here when you were a baby, crazy the lot of them, preferring one child over another. We kept you, we fed you, we gave you shelter, that's more than what your lot did for you."

Harry looked back at his uncle morosely knowing full well how right he was.

His uncle continued his bitter speech ignoring the growl Hagrid gave, "Your lot left you here saying we were supposed to keep you till you reached adulthood. We signed a contract and all. That means you're staying under our roof and we don't want any abnormal pish posh happening over here, boy. No crackpot old fool is going to change that."

Hagrid seized his umbrella and whirled over his head.

"NEVER -" he thundered, "- INSULT - ALBUS - DUMBLEDORE - IN - FRONT - OF - ME!"

Before he could do anything, Harry stood up and tried to shield the Dursleys.

"No, Hagrid"

Hagrid brought down his umbrella looking confused.

"I don't want you to hurt my family'"

Hagrid spoke up immediately, "But Harry, they ain't yeh family,"

"No, Hagrid, the Dursleys are the only family I've got."

"But, but what about your mum an' dad an' Daniel an' Rosie an' what 'bout Hogwarts." Hagrid spluttered.

"I'm not going to Hogwarts."

Hagrid exhaled a huge amount of air, utterly shocked by this declaration.

"But, but--"

"Please, Hagrid," Harry pleaded, unable to look at him.

Hagrid hunched over, as Uncle Vernon snickered, and walked out the hole in the wall.

Harry sighed as he looked over at his grey uniform. It still had the peculiar odor the dye had left behind. His aunt had given him his two sets of the home dyed uniform and told him they were all he was getting for the school year; any pleas to get some more would be totally ignored.

Aunt Petunia was always complaining about how he had a knack for messing his clothes up. She did have a point there because Harry couldn't really keep his clothes tidy or even ironed. His perpetual tormentors, Dudley and Piers, loved 'Harry Hunting'. It involved a lot of running, chasing, getting kicked on the tummy (only for Harry of course) and hiding in small corners. Between all of that, clean clothes were the last thing on his mind. The only days Harry would get away unmarked was when the gardener forgot to close his shed during recess. The little bit of space was the most perfect haven; although the smell of fertilizer on him did make Aunt Petunia feel like retching.

Today was September the first and both Smeltingsand Stonewall High were opening up. Aunt Petunia had turned into a source of an embarrassing amount of tears seeing her grownup little Dudleykinsgoing out all on his own without his mummy. They had had a little party last night for all of Dudley's friends as a little going away present. Harry had never been so glad to have his little closet. Though, Dudley's gang had tried to lure him out with promises of cakes and pastries, Harry knew better. Dudley had spent the whole day promising him that by end of the party Harry would be much acquainted with the bottom of the toilet.

Uncle Vernon was busy loading Dudley's five suitcases into the car and putting off Dudley's requests for one more so that he could store some of the leftover cakes from the party.

"Now, now, son, Smeltings is a fine, fine school with a proud history and a great, big feast on the opening day. Wouldn't want to be too full for Mrs. Sandhurst's special turkey and bacon now would you." Uncle Vernon seemed to have zoned out thinking about the 'great, big, feast.'

Harry snickered at the look on his uncle's face. Dudley turned and glared at him but Harry ignored him as he tried to budge in his own tiny, battered suitcase next to Dudley's shiny, voluptuous, new ones. Uncle Vernon hemmed at his stupidity and told him to put it upfront on the seat. After realizing that it was either him or the suitcase, with Dudley taking over more space than an eleven year old boy should, Harry was forced sit on the suitcase.

"Dad, Dad, when are we getting to Smeltings?" Dudley whined impatiently after they had been on the road for ten minutes. Aunt Petunia smiled at her boy indulgently while Uncle Vernon fixed his rear view mirror yet again, glaring at Harry, daring him to do anything funny. Harry just shifted on his suitcase uncomfortably.

"We've got to drop him off first- it'll only take a few more minutes," Uncle Vernon tried to pacify Dudley who looked ready to throw a tantrum. He hit Harry on shin just to prove how angry he was. Harry wanted to retaliate but Uncle Vernon beady eyes were still fixed on him.

AS Uncle Vernon turned on a round about a huge, grey building started to come into view. It was an ominous looking structure with a large creaking, wrought iron gate. It was covered in ivy and the gargoyles on it looked very menacing indeed.

Harry gulped as Dudley whispered to him about ghosts and evil professors. A little group of cars was parked nearby which brought back some of the reality to Harry. At least he wouldn't be alone here.

"Now, get out, boy, stop waddling about."

Harry got out of the car with his bum feeling a little sore and pulled out his suitcase. As soon as he shut the door his uncle revved up his car.

"Have a good term," said Uncle Vernon shouted at him Harry turned and saw the Dursleys drive away. All three of them were laughing.

Harry felt his courage failing as he looked at the imposing building once again.

"Harry — yer a wizard."

Harry shook his head as the conversation from the shack began to echo in his head again.

"Yeh have a family, Harry. A brother an' a sister.. Yeh'll love em."

Harry would love them alright but he knew they wouldn't love him back. For ten years they had neglected him, forgotten that he had even existed; they were no worse than the Dursleys.

He had often thought what his mum and dad would look like. Did he have his mum's hair and his father's eyes; or his mother's nose and his father's knees?

Now, he didn't even want to know. He could be the spitting image of his parents but it wouldn't matter. All he saw were shadowy images in his mind all laughing maliciously at poor, poor, Harry.

"Um, excuse me," Harry looked up at the voice speaking to him. It was a man with dark hair that was very causally tousled and sharp grey eyes, "Don't you want to join the other students."

"Um, sorry, sir-" Harry stuttered, nearly tripping over his suitcase, as he pulled it along hastily.

The man smiled back. He had a very reassuring smile that instantly made Harry feel at ease.

"Don't worry, young lad, all will be well," With this cryptic sentence the man nodded at him and swiftly made way through the crowd of fumbling, cheerless students.

Harry just shrugged his shoulders at the retreating back of the man. He was so accustomed to odd unexplained things happening to him that random, mysterious teachers meant nothing alarming.

Inside he was met with a fierce looking Irish lady who held up a roll call list. Each student would go up to her, get their names ticked and then receive their dormitory information. Harry had received 07SB as his class id. Harry shuffled along with other scared looking students towards the given direction of the dormitories.

"And dinner will be served at Seven- Any later and no meal for you laddies." The lady shrieked after them.

His dorm was clean, a little drab, but clean. Harry mourned the loss of his privacy as he stared at the other boys who were busy unpacking. Their beds were metal, rickety, little structures. They were covered in white, clinical sheets that made the dorms look like a hospital ward rather than a dorm. A huge fireplace was the focal feature of this long room but sadly no fire seemed to have blazed in it for a very long time.

Harry sat down still feeling a little lost, unsure whether his luck with making friends had improved with the change in schools. All his previous well wishers had been forced away by Dudley but since Dudley wasn't here things could only change for the better.

With a smile at this positive thought Harry surveyed the room. His eyes landed on a boy who was busy trying to put up a football poster behind his bed. It was colourful and to Harry eye's utterly wonderful in this grim, dark room. The boy caught his eye and smiled back.

Leaving his poster half hung he held out his hand to Harry.

"Hullo, the name's Jeremy."

Harry took his hand, "Harry."

Dinner was a quietly chaotic affair. No one was willing to make much noise under the stern eyes of the headmistress Mrs. Puddlefut. She was plump woman with a sharp line for a mouth. Even a single squeak brought her tack sharp eyes upon them. All the students including the staff were sitting on one long table. As headmistress she was sitting at the head of the table. The position also had the best vantage point which enabled her to keep a strict eye on the students.

Even with her frosty presence the students were clearly not willing to let got of their fun. Harry's eye nearly got poked with a flying drumstick as the headmistress leaned in to talk to someone on her right. The stern Irish woman he had met earlier hemmed to express her disapproval but the meal in front of her soon got her complete and utter devotion.

As the meal was nearing a close the headmistress got up, clearing her throat. As you all know Ms. Grady, form teacher for the first form, has recently resigned from her post in search of more green pastures. It took only but a short search to find a suitable replacement for the first form teacher and a geometry master. I would like to introduce to you Mr. Sirius Black."

The whole table broke out in polite claping. The few mischievous ones decided to clap out of sync but a cross look soon straightened them out.

The man whom Harry had met at the school entrance turned out to be the new teacher. He gave a wide smile and tight bow. The headmistress also bestowed upon the school her first real smile in years which looked a bit like a grimace but beggars can't be choosers.

Harry too clapped as soon as he finished his last bit of pudding. It was then that Harry realized that the man was looking at him with a strange look in his eye. As soon as he sat down Jeremy nudged him also confused by what he had seen. Harry just shrugged as he was prone to do in situations like this.

His bed might be tad bit cooler then he would have liked but a lot more comfortable than his cupboard. He snuggled into the medicinal smelling sheets thinking about his day. With the exception of the strange teacher all had been well; normal, as the Durselys would call it.

The teacher had been a bit weird but not as weird some of the other stuff he's done. Talking to snakes; disappearing people on the streets, growing his hair back, that was weird, not strange teachers.

But then why was this affecting him more than the others. Maybe because the mystery of why for all the other occurrences had been neatly solved in his head.

"Harry — yer a wizard."

Harry shook his head in frustration. His random thoughts were beginning to annoy him. He wasn't a wizard. He couldn't do anything even remotely magically.

"Knew! Of course we knew! How could you not be, my dratted sister being what she was?

Harry put a fist in his pillow. If he couldn't trust Aunt Petunia then who else could he trust? She was predictable, annoying and certainly didn't lie. Not about this that was so- abnormal. She could certainly lie about the secret ingredient in her pie to Ms. Prudie, the neighbour, and she could certainly lie to everyone about what a wild child he was but about this, never.

I am not a wizard. My family is dead. It was killed in a car crash.

Soon Harry nodded off into an uneasy sleep full of cackling mad men and green, penetrating light.

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