My Sister Anthdora and I was walking in the forest by our home when 5 beautiful people apeared in front of us. There was 2 females and 3 males. 1 of the females had aubran hair down her back, she was about 5"6. The other female had midnight black hair to her shoulders, and was about 5"8. The males, you could tell was brothers. Two had shoulder length black hair as the other had snow white shoulder length hair. They was about 6"2,

They all had pale skin and red eyes. I knew right away they was vampires.

"Dora stay behind me." I said as I pulled her behind me, never taking my eyes off the vampires in front of us.

The eldest one with black hair stepped towards us. I glared at him as the earth shook because of my emotions.

"Stay back." I warned.

He cocked his head in confusion before taking another step towards us. The earth shook more and I felt my hand glow with fire.

"Look at that Aro! She has power while human. Think of what she could do as a vampire." The middle brother with black hair said softly but I could hear it.

The eldesr or Aro as his brother called him smiled at me like I just gave him the best gift in the world. I could feel Anthdora shaking with fear behind me.

"Leave us be vampires." I hissed at Aro.

He just smirked and move to fast for me to see. Next thing I knew I was burning and my sister screamed. I knew what was happening so I wouldn't show any of them my pain.

Aro's Pov.

Caius had found someone he wished to be his mate. Caius, Sulpicia, Didyme, Marcus and I went to turn her. We was running through the forest when Caius spotted her. We stopped in front of the girl Anthdora and another girl. You could tell they was sisters as the looked alot alike, with the same pale skin, brown eyes, and chocolate brown curly hair. But the other girl seemed a few years older then Anthdora and her hair was the colour of dark chocolate with tint of red in it. Her brown eyes, showed wisdom above her years. Both girls were as beautiful as a vampire.

"Dora stay behind me." She said with a musical voice what could be mistaken as a vampires voice, as she moved Anthdora behind her not taking her eyes off us.

I took a step forward to the girls, knowing I would have to get the other girl away from her sister. But as I did the earth started to shake as the girl glared at me.

"Stay back!" She warned.

I cocked my head in confusion before taking another step. The earth shook more and the girl's hand glowed with fire.

"Look at that Aro! She has power while human. Think what she could do as a vampire." Marcus said at vampire speed and level.

I smiled at the girl, while Anthdora was shaking with fear behind her sister.

"Leave us be vampire." She hissed.

Ah, so she knew what we were, yet showed no fear, and her powers. I smirked thinking how she would make a great guard before I moved at vampire speed to her side and bit her. Anthdora screamed in fear just before Caius bit her from behind. I grabbed the girl's bare arm before she hit the ground and found I couldn't read her mind. She also looked like she was asleep, while Anthdora screamed in pain. I touched Anthdora's arm and got her sister's name. Isabella but she liked to be called Bella more. Fitting as she was beautiful. I carried her as we ran home.

The guard surround us as when we entered the castle. Demetri took Isabella from me.

"Take her to a room near Caius' room." I stated.

He nodded and followed Caius to his wing.

I sighed and went to the throne room. Marcus came in after me and sat in his throne.

"You know brother, the other girl, Anthdora's sister is Caius' soul mate." Marcus said smiling a small smile.

"Really?" I asked.

At Marcus' nod, I knew we would witness something intesting. I wonder what Isabella bond was stronger, the one to stay loyal to her sister or to be with her soul mate.

Isabella's Pov.

I could hear my heart beating and my sister's screams, I could feel the burning and the softness of the bed I was on. Then my heart stopped beating and the pain was gone. I opened my eyes and saw everything, I saw a male vampire sitting beside my bed. He had pale skin and dark blond hair, and red eyes though I didn't look at him right in the eye. He was beautiful like all vampires seemed to be. I was brought out of my thoughts by my little sister's scream.

I jumped off the bed and ran to her. I ripped the door off and ran into the room. The was the youngest brother with snow white hair holding her hand. I growled and threw him away from her and sat next to her on the bed. I wanted them to stay away from us. With that thought a light blue dome surrounded Anthdora and I.

I growled again at the two shocked vampires and glared at them before I pulled Anthdora into my lap and held her while rocking, like when we was little and she got hurt. Soon her screams turned to whimpers.

"Shh, Anthdora the pain will be over soon." I whispered in her hair.

I looked up when I heard more vampires enter the room. They all looked shock apart from Aro who looked like a little boy on christmas. A child like girl with blond hair and of course blood red eyes, stepped forward about to touch the shield. I had a feeling if she did something bad would happen to her. I did not want this young girl to be harmed as she reminded me of how Anthdora was like when she was young.

"I wouldn't touch it if I was you." I said.

"Why not?" She asked with a frown.

I shrugged, and she pushed a big man into the shield. He looked like he was in alot of pain before he was threw back to the wall.

Aro laughed and clapped.

"Brillant." He cried.

I hissed at him before looking back at Anthdora, who's heart had stopped beating. She jumped out of my arms and crounched on the bed facing me and also the other vampires.

"Anthdora." I said in a calm voice.

She looked at me and calmed down before she came back to me and let me hold her.

"My throat hurts, make it go away." She whined at me holding her throat.

"I can't Anthdora, we have to drink blood now. We're vampires, so I think we should go hunting." I said thinking that humans were not the only thing that had blood to drink.

"I don't want to hurt a human." Anthdora said shocked.

"You won't." I vowed looking her in the eyes and seeing her life flash before my eyes quickly.

Anthdora nodded slowly and I helped her up. The dome went away but the vampires stayed back.

"We are going hunting, Aro. We will be back when we are done." I stated before I took my sister's hand and led her to the window facing the forest. I opened the window and picked Anthdora up knowing she wouldn't want to jump before I jumped from the window. I landed on the balls of my feet before I placed Anthdora down and we both ran into the forest together.