Crazy Fun with Mind Control

by AngelCam7

A Sonic the Hedgehog M-Rated Fan Fiction

Summary: Rouge has some fun with Tails' new invention...

Author's Note: First off, I do not own any rights to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. That's SEGA's department, literally. Second, this story is in no connections with my past stories or my popular MySpace comic series, The MISAdventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. (MySpace . com/AngelCam7) And finally, this story is rated M for, well... you get the idea...

Sonic - 19

Amy - 17

Tails - 17

Cosmo - Unknown, but uh... let's say 17

Knuckles - 20

Shade - Unknown, but uh... let's say 19

Rouge - 21

(Chapter 1: Amy)

It was an average cloudy day in the mountainous terrain of the Mystic Ruins. A single housing area was seen close to the peaks. The home of Miles "Tails" Prowler and his alien plant girlfriend, Cosmo.

Right now, Tails was in his surprisingly roomy basement laboratory tinkering around with a new invention. He's been known to create new unique items to use in battles against the evil Dr. Eggman, but this time was different.

The orange two-tailed fox was hoping that this upcoming invention would help move humanity one step closer to a peaceful future. As he was putting the finishing touches of the inside of the device with a soldering iron, he heard beeping coming from a small watch-like device near him. He put down the soldering iron as he picked up his wrist communicator and answered it.

"Hello, Tails here. What's going on?" Tails said.

"Tails, where are ya?" Said the voice of the Sonic the Hedgehog.

"Sonic? Hey. I'm over at my lab. What's wrong?" Tails said.

"It's Eggman again. He's causin' a ruckus over at Station Square. Me and Knuckles are doin' the best to hold him off, but we need some extra help." The blue hedgehog said.

"No problem. I'll be there in no time." Tails said as he hung up his communicator watch, inputted a back piece part on his device to keep the wires from being exposed, placed a small blanket over the device and ran off towards his blue plane, the Tornado.

As he jumped in the cockpit of his plane, he pressed a button on his plane, which caused the garage door to open up, giving him plenty of room to fly the Tornado out of the basement lab. He initiated the start-up sequence for the plane as the propeller began to spin. In a few seconds, the blue Tornado began to move a Tails flew off towards the city to help out his friends.

However, unbeknownst to the orange fox, someone was spying on him during his work. That someone was revealed as she swooped down from the rooftop of the house. The white furred bat, Rouge, chuckled as she slipped in Tails' lab before the garage door closed.

Dressed in white gloves, white boots, and a dark purple body suit that showed off her scintillating sexy body, but left plenty of room up towards the top to show off her well-rounded breasts, she went over to the workbench where Tails was working.

If you were to ask what she was doing, she'd say something like she was sent by G.U.N. to oversee what Tails' project is and to make sure it wouldn't be a threat to the country, but in reality, she wants to see what it is he made and if it would do anything to benefit her "jewel collection."

"Hmm... now then, let's see just what is it you've been working on..." Rouge said to herself, as she approached the blanket covered device.

She swiped the blanket away and her anticipated look instantly turned into one of confusion and disappointment. The device looked to be some kind of wand with a satellite dish-like part at one end of it. A few buttons were placed at the base of this device, but noticeably, a large red button was above the others. As Rouge picked it up, she had absolutely no clue of what it is or what it was capable of.

"What the heck is this thing?" She said as she looked at it from all sides, "Hmm... maybe he keeps some sort of schematics here somewhere..."

She began to look around the large laboratory for any sign of blueprints for this unknown device.


Meanwhile, the green alien plant girl, Cosmo was flipping through channels upstairs in the living room trying to see what was on T.V. when she heard the front doorbell ring. She got up from the couch and adjusted her green and white pedal-like dress she wore, and went to answer the door.

When she opened the door, she saw her friend, Amy Rose, standing at the doorway. Dressed in a red short skirt, white gloves, red boots and a red headband, the pink hedgehog walked inside.

"Hi, Cosmo. How are you?" She said.

"Fine. Just a little bored." Cosmo answered as she closed the door, "How about you."

"I'm good." Amy said, "Had yet another wonderful night out with big blue."

"Sonic took you out on another date?" Cosmo said in shock, "That's, what... 3... 4 in one week."

"I know." Amy sighs dreamily, "The runs he takes me on are so spectacular, it doesn't even matter what destination we hit. I'm just so glad we're finally together like this..."

"I guess, but don't you think you two might be overdoing it just a bit?" The plant girl asked, "I mean, I'm glad you two are finally together, but spending nearly all of your time together, wouldn't that cause some kind of uncomfortability?"

"This from someone who lives with her boyfriend..." The pink hedgehog commented with a sly look on her face.

"Huh? Well... I mean, with Tails and me, it's... well, it's just I don't have a... Uh... that is..." Cosmo tried to say with a blush on her face, but ultimately gave up, "Guess you've got me there..."

"Besides," Amy explains, "Sonic likes to go out on the run all the time and I like to have some moments by myself at my house. But knowing that we each have feelings for one another and we're always on each others mind, we're not really that far off from each other, are we."

Cosmo giggled. Amy sure had a very unique look on how relationships work, even though her and Sonic's were shorter than Cosmo and Tails' relationship.

"Um, so what brings you down here?" Cosmo asks.

"I just wanted to see what Tails was up to. I heard he's been messing around with something special in his lab." Amy answered.

"Oh, yes. He's down there right now. I'm not real certain on what it is he's working on, but I'm sure he's almost done with it." Cosmo said.

"Thanks, Cos." Amy said, as she began to make her way down to the stairway that led to Tails' lab.


At that exact moment, Rouge was still searching for any kind of information as to what this strange device that was in her hands is. Then, she heard a door close as footsteps began to make their way down the steps.

"Tails. Are you down here?" Amy said.

Rouge grew concerned. She had to find a hiding spot fast to avoid detection from the pink hedgehog. But it was too late as Amy made her way halfway down the stairs.

"Cosmo let me in. So, I heard you're working on something and..." Amy began until she gotten off the stairs and saw the bat with the strange device in her hand and seeing the area of the lab around her scattered with papers. "What the... Rouge?! What the hell are you... How'd you get in... Where's Tails?! And what is that in your hands?!"

Rouge was trapped. If it was one on one, she could take on the pink hedgehog by herself. But if she ran upstairs and warned Cosmo, two on one were odds Rouge was not looking forward to facing. Amy was close to making her way back upstairs to get her friend to help. So, in a desperate act, Rouge pointed the device at Amy and pressed the big red button, unsure of what the results might be.

A white ray blast headed towards her and in a split second, the blast enveloped Amy, stopping her in her tracks. Rouge looked on with concern as Amy remained motionless and her green eyes looked to be glazed over. She went closer to her as Amy was still standing near the steps.

"Amy... are you all right?" Rouge asked.

There was no response.

"Amy... can you hear me?"

"Yes..." Amy responded in a monotone.

Rouge was confused as what had happened at first until she looked at the device again.

"Ah... so that's what this thing does, huh? A mind control device." She says with a sneaky grin, "I think this thing might come in handy for me after all..."

She looked back at the mesmerized pink hedgehog and walked around her, wanting to make sure she was completely incapable of anything else. Amy was smart, but not as sneaky as Rouge. However the white bat wanted to make sure that she wasn't faking this and wanted to see how long the mind control effects last. Looking into Amy's blank stare, Rouge got an idea on what she could do. Something that, if Amy was in her right frame of mind, she would never even think about doing.

Rouge placed the mind control device back on the table and slowly took her gloves off, as she stared at Amy. "Amy, I want you to listen to me carefully and follow all my instructions. No questions asked." Rouge said.

"Yes..." Amy said.

"Okay, Amy. What I want you to do is to take off your dress." Rouge said, as she removed both of her gloves and tossed them on the floor of the lab.

"Okay..." Amy said in the same dull tone as she just moved her hand towards the zipper on the back of her dress and unzipped it.

When the zipper had reached the bottom of her dress, she then proceeded to remove her outfit and let her red skirt fall on the floor near her. She stood in front of Rouge with her bare peach colored breasts out for her to see. They weren't as large as Rouge's own pair, but they did come around in the top 5 list.

As Amy was still standing there, rigid stance as was before, now topless and in her white panties, Rouge inched a little closer to the pink hedgehog and ran her exposed hand gently across her breasts.

"Ahh... I could see why that hedgehog finally fell for you." She said, still with that sly grin on her face. "Well... there's nothing wrong with having a little fun with your experiments..." She then proceeded to remove her white boots as Amy's blank expression continued.

The bat didn't really care how she goes; straight, lesbian, bi-sexual. As long as she was the center of somebody's, or rather, everybody's attention, that's all that mattered to her.

"You do look real hot, hon. How about you take everything off and get relaxed... like me." She said seductively.

"Yes, Rouge..." The pink hedgehog said, as part of her recognized the voice that was giving her those commands.

"Uh... just one more thing..." The bat intervened, before Amy could get started following her orders, "I want you to call me 'Mistress', got it?"

"Yes... Mistress..." Amy said, as she continued to do what she was told.

First she started with her white gloves and gold armbands, then she took off her own boots, and finally moved to removing her white panties. The way she removed her articles of clothing was almost like she didn't even know Rouge was standing at least 3 feet away from her. As if she was getting ready to take a bath or something.

While Amy was removing her clothes, Rouge went ahead as began to take off her body suit. First, by unclipping the giant heart shaped top, opening up her suit more so she could easily slip out of her costume without any hassle. To no surprise, she wasn't wearing anything underneath, as her tan body became exposed. Her large breasts bounced with relief, her shaven pussy slightly moist with anticipation, her nice shapely ass and tail, her strong luscious legs. As her wings expanded from her back, Rouge's nude body was ready for the attention that Amy was going to give her, whether she realizes it or not.

As the pink hedgehog finished removing her white panties, her own smooth vagina becoming exposed for her controller to see, she was about to take her red headband off her head until Rouge stopped her.

"Uh, uh, uh..." Rouge said, as Amy, still glassy eyed, looked at her, "Let's leave that on. You look a lot cuter with it on anyway."

"Yes, Mistress..." Amy said, as she stood back in place.

Rouge began to get closer to Amy and began to wrap her arms around the motionless pink hedgehog, rubbing her hands across her furry pink back, lowering her right hand, so it could rub up against Amy's cute pink butt and tail. Amy still stood there with that vacant stare as Rouge was fondling her. That is, until Rouge leaned her head towards her stunned expression.

"Amy..." Rouge whispered lustfully, "I want you... to kiss me... as if I was the one you truly love..."

"The one... I truly... love..." Amy repeated as the order began to sink in, "Yes... Mis... tress..." She said, heavy with lust.

Amy then moved her arms around Rouge's body and began to lean her own body into the bat's as she closed her eyes and planted her lips against Rouge's.

The combination of Amy's breasts pressing up against her own and the extraordinary kiss being delivered, Rouge nearly passed out from the pleasures that were surging through her body. As the pink hedgehog maneuvered her tongue inside the bat's mouth, Rouge couldn't help but return the favor by letting her own tongue mix it up with Amy's.

As Amy was cupping Rouge's ass and tail with her right hand and stroking her back and wings with her left hand, Rouge couldn't help but think back to her last command to Amy. Amy was treating her the same exact way she would when she gets together with her cobalt boyfriend. The pink hedgehog continued to embrace the bat and leaned into her so much, she pushed her down on the floor, all while they remained in their deep lip lock.

The need for oxygen was too much as Rouge broke the kiss to catch her breath. However, Amy, in her dream-like state, wanted to continue. However, the bat had something else in mind.

"Okay, okay... hold on. Keep that feeling inside you, Amy." Rouge said, while Amy tried to kiss her again, liking her face in the process, "I want you to give me that special kiss treatment..." She held up her finger in front of Amy's dazed and aroused face and then pointed it down towards her vaginal entrance. Amy's eyes followed. "...on these lips. Now!" She finished.

"Oh... yes, Mistress." Amy moaned, as she was eager to please. She then moved her body to position her head in between Rouge's legs and she immediately began to kiss her pussy.

As soon as Amy's lips touched Rouge's pussy, she slid her tongue in as well, swirling it up, down, all around her cunt. Her surprisingly new skill caused Rouge to moan with delight as she wrapped her legs around the hedgehog's head, making Amy continue to give the bat even more pleasure.

Her juices were just about ready to go when another twisted idea came to the bat's mind as she released her leg grip on Amy's head. "Hang on..." She breathed as she teasingly moved her pussy away from Amy's mouth who was now crawling towards it, trying to get the sweet taste of her juices in her mouth again, "Before you finish the job, Amy. I want you to answer a quick question for me."

"Yes... 'pant' Mistress..." Amy said, almost out breath herself.

"A year ago..." Rouge said, "You had the audacity to call me a tramp."

Amy, in her current status, had a confused look on her face, not exactly knowing what she was talking about, but it was true. Before Sonic and Amy became a couple, Rouge tried to flirt with Sonic, which ended up resulting in Amy publicly humiliating her and calling her a tramp.

"Now, answer me this:" Rouge continued, "Who's the tramp, now?"

Amy still had a confused look on her face, not knowing how to respond to that question. That is, until Rouge silently said to her, "You are..."

"I... am?" Amy asked, once again, in a monotone state.

Rouge simply smiled giving Amy a signal that her answer had pleased her Mistress.

"Yes..." The pink hedgehog said, now in a dream like tone, "It's me. I'm a tramp."

"Yes... You are..." The bat said, now moving her crotch closer to the mesmerized pink hedgehog, "But... you're my tramp, aren't you..."

"Yes... Yes..." Amy said, as her face inched closer to Rouge's pussy once again, "I'm your tramp, Mistress."

"Well... what are you waiting for...?" Rouge seductively said, "Finish the job."

"Yes... my Mistress..." Amy said, as her lips met once again to satisfy her Mistress' pussy.

After humiliating her and stripping her of her dignity, Rouge was more than ready to let loose on Amy's waiting and wanting face. As she moaned with satisfaction, she released a wave of cum which Amy happily licked up. She kept licking and slurping until she couldn't get any more coming out of Rouge's vagina.

The bat nearly fainted from that incredible orgasm, as she sat up and tried to clear her head a little before looking back at the pink hedgehog who was clearly still under the influence of Tails' mind control device as she was nuzzling up on her leg, signs of her pussy juices on her face.

Clearly the hypnosis effect was made to have a long lasting status as Rouge saw that Amy still wanted to please her some more. Rouge looked up at the table where the device sat. She thought that the inventor fox obviously must have put some sort of reverse mechanism to revert the mind controlled subject back to their normal selves. However, as she looked back down at obedient mesmerized hedgehog by her feet, she was in no hurry to stop this any time soon.

"Oh, Amy..." Rouge said, mischievously, clearly having something in store for the hedgehog, "Stand up for me, please..."

"Yes, Mistress." Amy responded, as she stood up at attention.

Rouge, now standing in front of Amy, wrapped her right leg around her body as she embraced her once more.

"Amy, I want to thank you for giving me such pleasure." Rouge said, leaning on Amy's shoulders, "Would you like to receive your reward for following my commands..."

"Yes... Mistress... Please..." Amy breathed out, the scent of Rouge's cum decorated on her breath as she was practically nose to nose with her controller.

"Good..." Rouge said, "Now, just relax... and enjoy everything I give to you..."

Rouge then leaned in and kissed Amy while she massaged her right breast with her left hand. She then began to rub her leg up and down the hedgehog's body, causing the bat's pussy to be rubbed up against her leg.

As Rouge slipped her tongue in Amy's mouth, the pink hedgehog couldn't help but moan in her mouth as these feelings, while placed upon her subconscious by the bat, resulted in having the best moment she's ever experienced.

She soon released her lip lock and leg humping as Rouge bent her head down and began to suckle on Amy's left breast while still massaging her right one.

"Oh!... Yes!... Mis!... Tress!..." Amy said, her mind being filled with nothing but pleasure, "Please!... Give... Me... More..."

Rouge was more than willing to fulfill her slave's request as she began to rub Amy's pussy with her right hand. When the bat gave her the index/middle finger massage to her clit, the hedgehog moaned even louder with lust filled passion.

Author's Note: Well, how's that for a fancy way of sayin': I'M BACK!!

Seriously, though... Amy getting brainwashed by Rouge. What else could happen with this new unique story...

Well... As soon as I got the next chapter done, I'll get it to ya in an instant.

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