(Epilogue II: Amy, Cosmo, & Shade)

The blue hedgehog groaned as he started to stir from his slumber. As Sonic slowly woke up, he looked around to figure out his current surroundings. He was relived when he saw that he was in Amy's bedroom. He looked over to see his pink girlfriend sleeping so peacefully next to him in the bed.

He smiled, but then put his hand towards his forehead as it seemed to be throbbing. While he was glad to wake up with Amy in her room, he had no recollection on what happened last night.

He silently got himself up off the bed, careful in not disturbing Amy's slumber, and shook his head for a bit, trying to remember what had happened. What he does remember was he, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cosmo, and Shade had finished punishing and humiliating Rouge. And then...

Before his mind was able to collaborate what transpired afterwards, he heard a faint buzzing noise. He looked around and saw his cell phone on Amy's dresser which was set on vibrate. He quickly grabbed the phone and moved into the living room so he could have his conversation without disrupting the sleeping pink hedgehog.

" 'yawn' Hello..." Sonic said, still feeling a bit tired.

"Sonic, are you all right." Spoke the voice of Tails on the other line, "Where are you?"

"Uh... Tails..." He said as he was still trying to shake himself awake, "I'm over at Amy's house." As soon as he was a bit more awake, he decided to ask his pal something. "Hey Tails, do you remember... anything that happened last night?"

"That's exactly why I called." The two-tailed fox said, "I've got all the answers to what happened. Just get over to my house quickly. Knuckles will be here as well. Don't tell Amy anything, okay."

"Uh... okay..." Sonic said, slightly confused with his friend's instructions.

He hung up the phone and quietly left Amy's house. Soon after, he started to run in his usual fast speed down the street. As he did, his mind flashed of images of himself being under Amy's thrall and worshipping her feet. Sonic shook his head as he tried to make sense of what happened. He hoped Tails had some kind of explanation as he began to speed up.


A few minutes later, Sonic was seen zooming through the mountains of the Mystic Ruins until he came in front of Tails' house. As soon as he stopped, he turned around to see Knuckles gliding in and dropping next to him.

"Hey, Knux. So, I heard Tails called you over, too, huh?" The hedgehog said.

"Yeah." Knuckles said, "My head is still ringing a bit. I barely remember anything from last night. Although I did have one crazy dream..."

"You know, my memory is a little bit hazy on last night as well." Sonic explained, "But, I think I'm startin' to remember some things, but... I just don't know yet..."

"Hopefully Tails will know what happened..." The echidna said, as they both headed towards the front door.

Sonic rang the doorbell, causing the fox to promptly open the door.

"Ah, Sonic. Knuckles." He said, "Glad you guys could make it."

"So, uh... what's up, bro?" Sonic said, still shaking his head a little.

"Well, just come on inside and I'll tell you." Tails said.

A few minutes later as Sonic and Knuckles were sitting on the couch, Tails sat on the chair across from them.

"So, Tails..." Sonic said, "Do you know what happened last night?"

"Yeah..." Knuckles added, "All I remember was givin' that bat the punishment she deserved, and... well... it's a little bit fuzzy after that... But I did have some kind of weird dream last night..."

"Let me take a wild guess on what it is..." Tails said, "Did it have anything to do with Shade turning you into her sex slave?"

"Huh?!" Knuckles said in shock.

"Nailed it, right?" Tails asked sarcastically.

Sonic had a look of shock as well. "Uh, Tails... This morning... while I was comin' over here, I saw myself as Amy's slave as well... but I thought I was just imagin' things..." He explained.

"Well, apparently..." Tails said, "Our girlfriends used my device on us for their own personal fun. My guess is that they saw my schematics while I was burning that DVD, which would explain why we're slowly remembering what happened while under hypnosis. I mean, I don't know about you, but I didn't think what they made us do was all that bad, right?"

"Well..." The red echidna said as he thought about it for a few seconds, "I guess not... I mean, it wasn't as if Shade forced me to do things too humiliating..."

"And Amy did help me overcome my shyness..." The blue hedgehog said.

"Plus, this odd experience has boosted up Cosmo's confidence in our... personal endeavors." The orange two-tailed fox added, "However, I did not appreciate being taken by surprise like that. So... I thought I'd have a little bit of fun of my own..."

Sonic and Knuckles were confused by his comment as Tails had a sly smile on his face. He then turned his head towards the hallway between the living room and kitchen.

"Oh, Cosmo..." He called out, "You can come in now and offer some warm drinks for our friends."

As soon as he finished saying it, Sonic and Knuckles were stunned to see Cosmo walk into the room holding a tray with 3 cups of coffee. It was mostly due to the fact that the plant girl was wearing nothing but a thin, skimpy, French maid dress-like apron and had a blank look on her face.

"Yes, Master." She said in a monotone voice, "Sonic, Knuckles, would you care for some coffee?"

"Uh... thanks..." Knuckles said, as he slowly took the cup from the tray.

"Um... it's okay... I'm good..." Sonic said, slightly unsure with what was happening.

"It's okay, Cosmo. You can put the tray down and wait for me in the kitchen." Tails instructed.

"As you wish, my Master." Cosmo said, as she placed the metal tray down on the table in between them and walked back to the kitchen, giving the guys a real good look of her exposed firm ass, as it jiggled a bit with each step she took.

As the hedgehog and the echidna were left speechless after that encounter, Tails decided to explain what happened.

"I'll admit it... like you guys, I had no clue what had happened when I woke up this morning." He said, "But, when I woke up and saw my hypnotic gadget on the desk behind Cosmo, it had started to come back to me. As I said before, I didn't mind. Heck, I'd actually enjoyed it. But, catching all of us off guard was something I didn't like very much. So, as she woke up, I comforted her for a while. Letting her know that I know what happened last night and I was cool with it. Then, she didn't expect what I did next... as her current appearance demonstrates..."

Knuckles took a quick sip of the cup of coffee. "Well, that's... pretty interesting, Tails..." He said, understanding it a little.

"And this leads me to the other reason I've asked you here, today..." Tails continued, "This morning, I've created 2 copies of my prototype device... just in case you guys want to have a little playful payback on Amy and Shade..."

"If Shade thinks she's going to get one over on me, she's got another thing coming..." Knuckles said with a devious grin on his face.

"Well, Sonic. What about you?" Tails asked.

Sonic had his arms crossed the entire time, thinking about this proposition. He then simply responded with a light-hearted chuckle.

"Why not..." He said, "Sounds like fun. So, what's the plan, buddy?"

"Okay, here's what we're gonna do..." Tails said as he began to whisper his plan.


Back at Amy's house, the pink hedgehog was starting to wake up from her slumber. As soon as her eyes were open and were starting to focus, she ended up seeing the sleeping body of her blue boyfriend next to her. She sighed and smiled as she remembered the hypnotic night they shared yesterday.

A few minutes after she woke up, the phone started to ring in the living room. She slowly got up off of the bed, so as not to disturb Sonic's sleep. Still nude, she stretched her body to fully wake herself up, and grabbed her pink robe that was near the bed and put on a pair of light red fuzzy slippers. She then made her way to the living room and promptly picked up the phone.

"Good morning. Amy Rose speaking. Who's this?" She said.

"Good morning, Amy." Spoke the voice of Cosmo on the other end of the phone, her sweet tone surprisingly returning, "Everything okay?"

"Yeah, fine..." Amy said, as she yawned, "Just... waking up now."

"Listen, do you think you could come over to the house, real quick?" The plant girl asked.

"Why? What's wrong?" The pink hedgehog asked.

"Well... it has something to do with what happened last night..." Cosmo answered vaguely, "Just please come over. I'll explain it to you when you get here."

"Well... okay... I'll see you soon. Bye." Amy said, as she hung up the phone.

That message had her slightly worried as she made her way back to her room and went into her closet, grabbing her wardrobe and heading into the bathroom to change.

As the door to the bathroom closed, Sonic's eye popped open as he knew Amy was getting dressed now. He slowly got up and placed a couple of pillows under the blanket on his side of the bed, figuring Amy would be too concerned with Cosmo's mysterious message to check. Soon, the blue hedgehog left her house and began to head, full speed, back to Tails' house.


Meanwhile, back at the fox's house, Cosmo, still dressed in her skimpy attire, hung up the phone, and turned her attention towards Tails who was standing behind her.

"Amy is on her way over, Master." She said, back in her monotone state.

"Excellent." Tails said, "Now give Shade a call and give her the same message to get her here as well. And once you finish, I want you to change back into your regular clothes. Understand?"

"At once, my Master." She said, as she began to dial the numbers on the phone once again.


15 minutes later, Amy, now dressed in her red headband, white gloves, gold wristbands, a pink and white shirt-like mini skirt, dark pink pants, and red sneakers, had arrived outside of Tails' house, hoping Cosmo was okay.

As soon as she was a few yards away, a bright flash emerged as Shade, now dressed in her black headband, black bracelet, black leather jacket, violet undershirt, blue jeans, and black shoes, appeared next to her through the use of her transportation belt.

"Shade? What are you doing here?" Amy asked.

"I got a call from Cosmo saying to meet her at their house." The terracotta echidna answered.

"That's funny... I got the same call as well..." The pink hedgehog said.

"Do you think something has happened to her?" Shade asked.

"I'm not sure..." Amy said, "She did say it had something to do with last night." Then a crazy idea came to her head. "You don't think..." She said, "...that our fun last night... ended up with her getting... 'knocked up'... do you?"

Shade shook her head in shock when she heard Amy's thought. "What?!" She asked in disbelief.

"Amy! Shade!" Cosmo's voice was heard towards the back of the house.

The two saw Cosmo, dressed in her green and white pedal-like dress and green sandals, waving at them to meet her around back.

Seeing her current appearance quickly disproved Amy's crazy theory.

Amy and Shade went towards the back of the house to see the garage door opened. They soon went inside the garage, which was dimly lit, even with the morning light outside. They were barely able to see anything ahead in the large garage/basement/lab.

"Cosmo? Where are you?" Amy called out.

"I'm over here." Cosmo replied.

Her figure was hardly visible to make out in their field of vision.

"Why is it so dark in here?" Shade asked.

"Sorry, I'll turn on the light." Cosmo said.

A switch was flipped. Only instead of illumination, it caused the garage door to close behind the female hedgehog and echidna, causing the area to be covered in darkness with the only light coming from the window. This caused the two to jump back a bit in surprise.

"Whoops, sorry." Cosmo said, "My mistake. Hang on..."

Soon, another switch was flipped, now bringing light to the basement. The lab looked to have been cleaned up well. The machinery fixed after being broken by the confrontation from last night as well as new tables replacing the broken ones. Amy and Shade looked around the lab until they found Cosmo with her back towards them.

"There... that's better..." She said.

Amy had an uneasy look on her face while Shade had a confused look on hers as they both slowly approached the plant girl.

"All right, what's going on here?" The terracotta echidna asked, "Why did you call us over here, Cosmo?"

"Yeah..." The pink hedgehog added, "You said this had something to do with last night. So, what's up?"

"It's simple..." The green alien said, as she slowly began to turn around to face her friends. As she did, her eyelids were closed. Soon after, she opened them, revealing her blank-eyed stare. "Our Masters wish to have fun with us..." Cosmo said in her trancelike state.

As soon as she finished her statement, a light blue ray blast was fired from above, enveloping Shade as her pink pupils blanked out and she immediately went down on one knee. "I am Shade, of the Nocturnus tribe." She said in the same trancelike state as Cosmo, "I am now under your control. What purposes shall I fulfill for you?"

Amy looked in fear as she was too distracted with Cosmo's attitude to notice what happened until she looked over to Shade. "What the hell?!" She said in shock, as she looked around the lab, "Where did that come from?!"

The pink hedgehog looked up to see Knuckles dropping down from the ceiling of the lab, landing several feet behind Cosmo, holding the mind controlling device, only the wand-like base of it was colored red.

"Wha?! Knuckles?!" Amy said, surprised.

Soon after, Tails hovered down by his helicopter-like twin tails right next to his hypnotized girlfriend, holding the original hypnotic gadget, the wand-like base being a yellow color.

"Tails?!" Amy said, fear and frustration mixing in her voice, "All right, just what in the hell is going on--"

Before she had a chance to finish, a blue tornado breezed through the lab, causing Amy to be taken back a bit. As soon as she opened her eyes to get a good look, the tornado stopped, revealing Sonic in front of her and planting a good kiss on her lips. He soon released the kiss to see the stunned look on her face.

"...here?..." Amy said softly as she stared at her boyfriend who just smiled.

Sonic then jumped back a bit to show he had a mind control device as well, the wand-like base sporting a blue color. He then pressed the red button, causing the light blue ray to envelop Amy. However, a split second before the ray hit her, she ended up having a smile on her face. Her green eyes were glazed over in an instant as the hypnotic effect befell her once again.

Sonic had gotten closer to his now mesmerized girlfriend while Knuckles went next to his entranced kneeling girlfriend.

"So... What should we do with them, first?" Knuckles asked mischievously.

"Well..." Sonic said, cleverly smiling, "After seeing what you had Cosmo wear, Tails... I've just come up with a great idea..."


A few minutes later, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles were seated in chairs that were arranged in triangular way with Knuckles looking towards the wall, Tails looking at the steel garage door, and Sonic having his viewing direction towards the stairs.

Soon, the door from upstairs opened and footsteps were heard coming down the stairs. At the same time, the garage door opened. As the door was sliding open, a bright flash appeared in the empty space Knuckles was staring at.

Shade appeared before Knuckles, while Cosmo stood by the entrance way of the garage/basement as the door opened all the way revealing herself in front of Tails, and Amy made her way down the stairs in Sonic's field of vision.

The guys were pleased with the way their girlfriends were dressed. Instead of their usual attires, each of them was wearing sexy harem belly-dancing outfits. With gold bracelets on their wrists and ankles, and silky see-through fabric which was connected from the rings to a special two-piece bikini which showed off their bodies quite nicely and a silver belt, with the exception of Shade, who was still wearing her transportation belt. Each of their outfits were a different color; Amy wearing hot pink, Cosmo in dark green, and Shade in black.

Each female performed a sexy pose in front of their respective boyfriends; Amy swinging her right leg around the last step banister while gripping the top, Cosmo turning her body around and placing her hands behind her head as she slowly started to gyrate her ass around, and Shade slowly bending over while sliding her fingers down her legs and then back up again as her hands traveled up her waist and caressed her breasts through her bikini top. As they did their pose, they slowly looked up, or in Cosmo's case, turned her head around, giving off a seductive look.

"Does this please you, my Master?" They asked simultaneously.

The guys nodded at the same time, then made a beckoning motion with their hands to have their entranced girlfriends come closer towards them.

As per their earlier instructions, the girls started to move, seductively slowly, towards their respective Masters. As soon as they were close enough, they started to perform a sexy, scintillating lap dance for their seated smiling lovers.

A few seconds later, their actions escalated from a mental stimulation to physical connection. Amy was the first one to execute this as she sat herself down on Sonic's legs and brushed her bare hands across his chest which caused him to sigh with pleasure. Then she lightly stroked her right hand across his smiling muzzle while caressing his spiky hair with her left hand. Soon after, she lightly gave him quick kisses across his face.

Cosmo quickly followed as she turned around; having her back turned to Tails again, and slowly leaned herself down across his body as the back of her head was nuzzled up against his furry chest. She then lowered her hands until they were right by each of his tails on both sides, as he had them parted as he was seated on the chair. The plant girl took a hold of both of his tails and slowly, without hurting the fox, brought them up and began to rub each of his fuzzy tail against her body, almost wrapping herself within his tails. She soon released his tails and turned herself around to meet up with his aroused face. Cosmo then went and kissed Tails deep as both of their tongues met up inside their mouths.

At the same time, Shade first went down to knees and slowly climbed up Knuckles' body until she met up with him, face to face. As her body was seated with her legs spread on top of the red echidna's waist, the terracotta echidna first caressed his head by lightly running her right hand and fingers through his dreadlocks. Then she suddenly began to pull on them a little, causing Knuckles to groan in pain and pleasure. Shade then began to move head towards his left earlobe and started to take it in her mouth and lightly suckle at the top of it. A few seconds later though, she took it rough again as she bit on it, causing him to suck in the air through his teeth and breath out heavily in lust. Afterwards, the terracotta echidna released his ear and made her way to the red echidna's neck where she immediately began to put her lips over a spot and suckle at it.

A few minutes after Team Sonic was being pleased by their girlfriends, Tails had Cosmo release her kiss.

"How about... we continue this... back in our room?" Tails whispered softly towards her.

"Whatever you wish... my Master..." Cosmo said, heavy in lust.

The two-tailed fox saw their friends being distracted by their girls' actions, they never even noticed him as he picked her up, still with his mind controlling device in hand, and began to fly up the stairs, out of the basement, continuing to fly up another flight of stairs and up to their bedroom.

As Knuckles had Shade slowly released her hold on his neck, he quickly glanced over to his right and noticed the empty chair next to him, realizing what Tails and Cosmo were about to do.

"Mmm... you know, Shade..." He whispered, as he grabbed a hold of his mind control gadget and as Shade was still seated on his lap, "I think Tails has the right idea... How about you take us to a... different location of the house? I'd like for us to continue in a more... private setting."

"As you command, my Master..." Shade said, seductively.

In an instant, both the red and terracotta echidnas disappeared through the use of her transportation belt. They soon reappeared on the couch in the living room, still embracing each other.

That just left Sonic and Amy, completely unaware that they were the only ones left in the lab. That is, until Amy leaned her body more against Sonic's, causing his to lean back in his chair. Although, he leaned into it so much, they both ended up falling over their chair, landing on the floor, almost causing the other two empty chairs to fall on them in the process.

The blue hedgehog quickly looked around to see that his friends had gone and left with their girlfriends to the different areas of the house. He smiled as he saw this as a chance for him and his pink lover to have some private fun of their own.

He looked down towards Amy to see if she was all right from their bumpy fall.

"Amy, you're not hurt, are ya?" He asked.

"I am fine, my Master." She responded.

"Mmm... good." He said, "Ya know... it looks like we've got the basement all to ourselves. How about we just take advantage and enjoy ourselves more?"

"I am at your command, Master..." Amy replied, "I shall fulfill whatever it is you wish for me to do..."

With that, Amy began to embrace Sonic once again as they laid on the floor. As they connected their lips in a kiss, having their tongues intertwine with one another again, Sonic wrapped his arms around his hypnotized girlfriend, as he slid his hands across her furry pink back.

After a few minutes of their loving embrace, the blue hedgehog had Amy break the kiss as he regained his breathing patterns.

"I think we'll be comfortable if we moved out of the way of these chairs..." He said, "However, I'm sure you'll be more comfortable if you took your outfit off..."

"Yes, Master..." The pink hedgehog said as she first got up off of Sonic and began to move away from the chairs back towards the stairway. Then, as Sonic began to get up on his feet, she started to remove her silver belt. Next, she unclipped the gold rings off of her wrists and her ankles. Then, she unsnapped the bikini top and flung it off to the side, revealing her breasts and her erect nipples. Finally, she turned around, with her back facing Sonic, and began to lower her bikini bottoms as she seductively shook her ass and tail in the process.

As soon as the last fabric reached her bare feet, she kicked it off, having it join her top on the floor. She then slowly turned around as she showed her naked body to her controller; her vagina getting wet as she was eager to sexually please her Master.

As Sonic approached his nude lover, his erection was quickly showing through his midsection. As he cradled her cheek in his hand, so completely turned on by her blank expressionless stare, he smiled as the images of what Amy had done when she put him under her hypnotic control played over inside his head. Soon, his smile turned into a sneaky grin. He remembered that Amy would be okay with anything they do now. As long as they were together, he had nothing to be worried or shy about.

"Amy, I want to try something different." He said, "Answer me honestly; would you be offended if I'd suggest something... slightly unusual?"

"No, my Master." Amy answered immediately, "I was serious when I made my statement last night." Sonic was pleasantly surprised when part of her memories remained unaltered in her hypnotic state. "As long as we are together, that is all that matters to me." She continued.

The blue hedgehog mentally sighed with relief as he heard this. This made him more than ready with what he had in mind.

"All right. Now, I want you to lie down on the floor and raise your pretty feet up for me." He instructed.

"Yes, my Master." Amy said, as she complied with her Master's command. She laid down on the floor as she looked up at Sonic. She then raised her legs stiffly and left her feet up in the air. Sonic chuckled as it seemed those workouts Amy would do on a regular basis would be used for this moment.

Sonic then bent down and gently kissed her soles and licked both of her feet. Afterwards, he stood back up straight and carefully positioned his stiff penis near her feet.

"Now then Amy..." He said, "I want you... to stroke my dick... with your feet."

"As you wish, Master." Amy said as she began to follow her orders. The pink hedgehog rotated her legs around so that the soles of her feet were able to get in between his cock. She then began to gently brush her pink feet across his member, causing the blue hedgehog to moan as he leaned against the rail of the stairway to keep his balance.

A few minutes after she was petting his penis with her feet, she then lowered them and wiggled her toes on top of it. Sonic shuddered in pleasure as she continued to drum her toes on his rigid cock, while both of her big toes were gently rubbing up at the tip.

"Oh, God! Yes, Amy!" He practically screamed, "That's good... just wait for a... wait a minute." He was almost out of breath from his girlfriend's handy -- or rather -- foot work. "Let me ask you... Are you familiar... with what a footjob is?" He asked.

"Yes, Master." Amy responded, "Full sexual stimulation on a penis with the use of the feet."

"Precisely..." He said, now wrapping his arms around the railing, as he prepared for what was coming up next, "Now then, I want you to go all out and give me one of those."

"I hear and I obey, my Master..." She said, as she brought her feet back up and clamped them down, trapping his penis in between her soles.

Soon after, Amy began to move her feet back and forth, causing them to stimulate his cock as Sonic moaned and groaned in indescribable, unimaginable pleasure. As she continued, he instinctively moved his hips, causing more pleasure to surge through his body. This continued for a few more minutes as his grunting noises echoed throughout the lab.

"Oh! Yes! Amy!" The blue hedgehog moaned as he was close on reaching his orgasmic peak, "Keep! Going! Faster!"

"At once, my Master..." The pink hedgehog said, as the movement of her feet increased.

As her feet continued to slide across his dick, with her heels dangerously close to connecting with his testicles every time she slid them back, Sonic could no longer hold back, as he threw his head back and moaned Amy's name one last time before his sperm began to shoot out; landing first on Amy's stomach, chest and breasts, then gave out a couple of final squirts landing across her face and muzzle. As his orgasm soon stopped, a few traces of his juices were lingering on the soles of her feet.

Amy stopped moving her feet and brought them back down as Sonic began to recover from her performance. She then started to lick around her face, lapping up as much of his semen as she could.

As soon as he regained his senses, he looked down at his girlfriend with a love-drunk smile across his face. He then grabbed a paper towel roll on top of a nearby desk and began to gently clean his juices off of her body. He was about to go for her feet until another fun thought crossed his mind.

"Okay, Amy..." Sonic said, "Now I want you to take your feet and start licking my juices off of them."

"Yes, Master." Amy said, as she began to sit up on the floor.

With very little difficulty, she took her left leg and brought her foot up to her face and immediately began licking the fluids off of it. Sonic was extremely aroused at this display.

'I guess that yoga workout has been useful for her as well...' He thought, 'Who knew exercise could be used like this...'

As soon as she was done, Amy then did the exact same thing to her right foot, as she lapped up every inch, getting his juices off of her foot.

"Ya know..." The blue hedgehog said as she finished, "If you still want more... you could use that mouth of yours to clean my cock."

The pink hedgehog gave no response as she immediately got to her knees and wrapped her lips around his penis and proceeded to suck, lick, and swallow every juice that remained on his member.

Sonic moaned again as he almost felt himself letting loose again as Amy was sucking at his dick like a straw. "Okay, okay! That's enough! Please, Stop!" Sonic cried out after a few more seconds.

His member was throbbing like crazy, but as he looked down at Amy; still kneeling with her mouth opened, panting with lust, he wanted more and he knew, somewhere deep inside her, so did she.

"Amy..." Sonic said, "I want you to lie back down on the ground. It's your turn, now. I want you to feel the same amount of pleasure I'm feelin' right now."

"As you wish... my Master..." Amy said, as she soon laid her body back down on the floor.

Sonic soon laid his body down on top of Amy's, his erect member just inches away from her cunt, while he placed his hand in the back of her head and ran it across her hair, as he looked at the entranced, aroused look on her face.

"I want you to know this, Amy." He said, "Throughout the time I've placed you under hypnosis, I don't see you as my slave. I see you as the same girl I fell in love with. I love you, Amy."

"I love you, too, Master." She responded.

With that he leaned his face in to kiss her while inserting his penis into her vagina, both of them moaning in each other's mouths in the process. As he continued to thrust into his hypnotized lover, Sonic felt great pleasures through him. Not just because he was with his girlfriend, nor the fact that she was completely susceptible in her hypnotic state. It was because, no matter what happened after this endeavor, their love for each other would remain. Hell, it might even be stronger than ever. As their physical connection continued, Sonic figured Tails and Knuckles were thinking the same thing about Cosmo and Shade.


How right the blue hedgehog was, as a few minutes earlier, immediately as they went into his room, Tails and Cosmo continued their passionate encirclement with each other. As Cosmo, completely naked when Tails removed her harem costume, nuzzled up against his chest, another sneaky idea came across the two-tailed fox's mind.

"Oh, Cosmo... I'd like you to something for me." He said.

"What is your wish, Master?" The hypnotized plant girl asked, as she gazed lustfully at his face.

"I want you to stand by the window and have some of your plant vines come in through the window." The orange fox instructed as he released the embrace between them.

"At once, my Master." She said, as she approached the opened window in their room and began to raise her hands up.

Outside, 4 vines began to sprout up from the ground and, as soon as they were high enough, made their way through the open window.

"Is this good, Master?" She asked, as she had them lying on the windowsill.

"Yes. Now, I want you to have those vines tie your arms and your legs in a standing spread pose, facing me." Tails said.

"As you wish, Master." Cosmo said, as she turned towards her boyfriend.

The green alien first stood with her arms and legs extended and spread out, then began moving her fingers, which caused the plant vines to move around and tie themselves around her wrists and ankles. The plant vines soon stiffened as they kept her in place.

"Perfect." Tails said, "Now, forget that you have control over those vines and try and get yourself free."

"Yes, Master." She said, as she futilely struggled to move her body to get herself free from her own vines, moving her hips in the process and causing her breasts to bounce as well.

Her continued struggles got the fox aroused as he began to approach his mesmerized girlfriend with his stiff dick sticking out of his furry midsection.

With a sly grin on his face, Tails slowly leaned his head towards her breasts and lightly flicked his tongue on the tip of her left erect nipple for a few seconds. Cosmo continued to squirm as she tried so desperately to bring herself closer to him.

The two-tailed fox backed away a bit to see flustered lust on her face as the plant girl moaned and writhed her body around, wanting to feel more of his touch.

However, he continued to tease the hypnotized alien as he went closer to her and administered the same tongue tickling technique to her right nipple.

Cosmo was panting frantically as her moaning increased, almost as a form of begging for her lover to continue further with his advancements.

Once again, after a few seconds, Tails stepped back from her as she tried to regain her breath. Once she did, all she could do was stare at the fox in an aroused state wanting more of his touch.

"Oh... Master... Please!..." She said, "Do not... tease me like this!... I need to feel your touch more! Please, Bring Me To My Orgasmic State, Master!"

All Tails did was stand there with a sneaky smile on his face. He soon leaned closer towards Cosmo once more, bringing his face closer to hers, staring straight at her entranced, blissful expression on her face.

"Why?" Tails whispered, his hot breath gently meeting up with her lips, "Just tell me... one good reason... why I should continue."

When that question was asked, a flurry of responses was going through her head. How this felt so good to her. How she wanted so much to reach that exotic grandeur of bliss to course through her every being. But as she looked back in his eyes, even under her hypnotic lustful condition, her answer, her true reason, was uttered immediately.

"Because... Master..." She slowly responded, "I... love you..."

Tails hummed happily as he leaned his head in and kissed Cosmo on her lips, sticking his tongue in instantly as he entwined it with her tongue, all while they both moaned in each other's mouths.

Soon after, he broke up the kiss and ran his right hand across her flat stomach. "Good answer..." He said softly, "Now for your prize..."

He then slid his hand even lower to palm her lower waist and gently stroked her vagina with his index and middle fingers, causing his girlfriend to moan as the speed of his fingers increased.

The two-tailed fox continued for minutes as he leaned in closer towards Cosmo and gave brief kisses on her cheek and used his left hand to slowly caress her back.

"Yes, Master! Yes! Make Me Cum, Master! Oh!" The hypnotized plant girl moaned as she squirmed some more, "Ah! Master! I! Love! YOU!!!"

With that, as well as one sustained moan, Cosmo soon erupted in an incredibly explosive orgasm as her juices were soon released, splashing on his gloved fingers and dripping down on the carpeted floor. Tails made a mental note to clean the carpet later on in the day.

"Oh..." Cosmo sighed as she looked back up at Tails face, "Thank... you... Master..."

The fox brought his right hand back up and swiftly licked the cum juices off his fingers, completely transfixed on the smell and taste of his girlfriend's orgasm.

"Mmm..." He said as he finished cleaning his hand and looked back at the alien, "It's not over yet. You are now free to release yourself from those vines of yours."

"Yes... Master..." She said as she tried to catch her breath. She soon moved her fingers a bit to release the loops that were constricting her arms and legs and the plant vines return beneath the ground outside. As soon as she was freed from her own vines, Cosmo slowly began to collapse, only to have Tails catch her.

"Do not worry, my love." He said as she looked back up at his face again, "I will always be here for you. Always here to keep you in safe loving arms." He soon picked her up and brought her closer in a loving hug. "Mine..." He finished as he kissed her once more.

"Ahh..." Cosmo sighed as the kiss was released, "I know... Master... I am so lucky... to be with you..."

Tails smiled, knowing this hypnotic hold did not alter her memories of him. "I feel the same way, Cosmo." He said, "Now, allow me the chance..." He soon guided her to their large bed and had her lay down on it. "...to express my love further." Before long, he joined her as he climbed on the bed and placed his body on top of her.

"I am ready, Master..." She said as she began to wrap her arms around the fox's body.

Tails gave no response as he leaned his body down towards her, causing his rigid penis to enter smoothly in Cosmo's moist pussy, as he connected his lips with hers one more time, making it prolonged as they had their tongues entwined once more. As he began to thrust his hips forward, making his member go deeper in her in the process, all his mind could focus on was the pleasing sensation he and his girlfriend were experiencing. It didn't matter to Tails who was being controlled or who was the one calling the shots, just as long as he and Cosmo were in each other's arms was all he wanted to know. They soon moaned in their mouths again as the fox continued to hump his alien lover.


Earlier, in the living room, Knuckles and Shade were just as busy expressing their love towards each other as well as the terracotta echidna, now naked after her harem costume was removed, was on top of the red echidna on the couch, alternating between kissing his neck and suckling on it while running her left hand across his dreadlocks and cradling his sack with her right hand.

Knuckles was breathing heavily as Shade continued. Soon, he had an idea for what they could do next: something that Knuckles had never done with Rouge in the past but had some thoughts of. But now that bat was none of his concern, he wanted to do this with someone he had true, real feelings for.

"Okay, Shade." He said as he was trying to catch his breath, "That's very good. But now, I want you to do something else for me."

"Very well, Master." Shade said as she ceased her motions, got up off him and the couch, and stood up in front of him, "What is your wish? I am at your command."

Knuckles got up from the couch as well and went over to an area not so cluttered with furniture and laid his back down on the floor, his dick sticking straight up from Shade's earlier fondling.

Soon after he placed his hands behind his head and pushed it up as he saw Shade in front of him, staring at him adoringly, waiting for his next order.

"Now then..." He started to say, "I want you to lie on your stomach in front of my penis."

"At once, my Master." Shade said as she first kneeled down, and then leaned her body down forward, now lying on her stomach, with her face and her chest near his member.

"Now, I want you to place my penis in between your breasts." Knuckles continued as a sly smirk formed on his face, "Once you've done that, begin to slide them up and down my cock. And feel free to put your mouth on there as well."

"Mmm... As you wish, Master." Shade said in a seductive tone as she fitted his stiff dick right in her cleavage.

The red echidna moaned slightly as soon as his penis touched the skin of her boobs. The terracotta echidna soon took her hands and pressed her breasts together as she kissed the tip of his cock. This caused Knuckles to shudder in pleasure, waiting for what was coming next from his mesmerized lover.

With no wasted motion, Shade moved her upper frame up and down as her breasts caused sexual stimulation to his penis. She first started off in a slow motion before she started to pick up the pace.

Knuckles continued to moan as he continued to watch the sexual spectacle before him: Shade squeezing her breasts together, almost making her nipples touch one another, tightening the hold on his dick while she bent her head down and lightly kissed his tip and gently licked it. Soon after, she took each boob in her hands and shifted them up and down alternatively, rubbing up against his stiff shaft, as the terracotta echidna soon took the head of his penis in her mouth and gave it the same lovingly licking technique she gave to his tail last night.

"Oh! Yes! Shade!" Knuckles practically howled out, "Keep going! Keep Titty Fucking Me! Ah! This Feels So... Good! Oh, God! I Love You So Much, Shade!"

Shade released her oral grasp on the red echidna's member to stare at his aroused expression on his face. "I am compelled to do whatever you wish, my Master. Just as long as we have each other; that is all that matters to me." Shade said, "I love you, Master."

As lust-intoxicated as Knuckles was, he knew where that statement was coming from. It wasn't being said over pre-planned instructions or any triggering hypnotic motion. It was being said from within Shade; her heart. It didn't matter whether they were in battle with a sinister foe or entangled in a loving embrace, as they were right now. As long as Shade was with him, the one she truly loves, she wouldn't want to be anywhere else. As she began to envelop his penis in her mouth once more, Knuckles thought the same thing about her.

He continued to moan in pleasurable delight as Shade began to grind her breasts against his cock, increasing it in size and satisfaction slightly more, until he was at his climatic point. As he moaned her name one last time, Shade felt his sperm started to travel through his dick against her breasts and shot right into her mouth as she went and swallowed every last drop as if it was the most delicious liquid ever known.

As soon as the last drop of his semen went in her stomach, Shade slipped his dick out from between her boobs and got up on her knees, seeing the red echidna breathe heavily in lust.

As soon as Knuckles regained his energy, he looked across to see his mesmerized lover lying on the floor across from him with her legs spread, showing her wet pussy, ready for more loving from him.

"Oh, Master..." The terracotta echidna called out, "I know you still got energy for one more..."

"Oh, you know me so well..." Knuckles said as he crawled his way over to her.

His head first met up with her vagina as he slowly licked up her juices, savoring her moist taste. Knuckles then continued to crawl up Shade's body all while licking it in the process; traveling his moist tongue on across her belly, causing her to giggle slightly. Then delivering a kiss to both her nipples as he went past her breasts. Finally, meeting up with her face and immediately went ahead and kissed her.

As he inserted his tongue inside her mouth, he went and penetrated her pussy with still erect member, causing to moans to emerge from both of them. As his hands were placed around her waist, he continued to move his hips up and down, emitting surges of pleasure through her body.


At the exact same time, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles were continuously driving their dicks into their respective girlfriends' pussies. These displays went on for several minutes.

As Sonic looked in Amy's eyes, Tails looked in Cosmo's eyes, and Knuckles looked in Shade's eyes, the guys enjoyed the hypnotic look on their faces, but they figured this moment would be even more enjoyable if they were back to normal.

Sonic made a grab for his mind control device that he put on top of a chair. Tails grabbed his which was on the nightstand next to the bed. Knuckles grabbed his which was on the coffee table.

The guys pushed the button sequence on their gadgets while they continued to hump their lovers. They slowed down their love making as they pointed the device at their girls and pushed the red button. As each girl was enveloped by the light green ray blast, their pupils began to reform in their eyes.

As Amy gathered her wits together, she shook her head trying to figure out what happened until she looked up in Sonic's smiling face. It took her a while, but everything was coming back to her.

"Huh? Oh!" She said as she saw the position she was in with her blue lover, "Uh... I guess I kinda deserved that..."

"Don't worry about it, Amy." The blue hedgehog said, "I ain't mad. It was kind of fun. Besides, I... I want to thank you."

"Any time, my love." The pink hedgehog said, now smiling as well, "Now, how about you finish what you started, 'Master?' "

"As you command, 'Mistress'..." Sonic said, as he continued to move his hips, causing both hedgehogs to moan once more.

At the same time, Cosmo was cleaning the cobwebs from her head as she saw Tails' face in front of her. Just like Amy, her memories were coming back as well.

"Tails! Oh... I'm... I'm sorry about what I did." She said, almost regretting her decision to join in on Amy's plan to begin with.

"No. Don't apologize, Cosmo." The smiling two-tailed fox said, "It was rather unexpected. But, anytime I'm with you like this is all that matters to me."

"Thank you, Tails." The plant girl said, grinning also, "Now, how about you... No... I want you to finish. Keep fucking me until we both cum!"

"Nothing would please me more... than to do what you say..." Tails said, as he continued to thrust himself against his green lover.

At that same moment, Shade was clearing her head as she looked up to see her red echidna lover on top of her with a smirk on his face. Just like the others, she figured out what had happened before and during her hypnosis. She responded with a smirk of her own.

"So... we're even?" He playfully asked.

"Yeah... we're even." Shade said as she snickered, "So, you're sayin' you don't mind me suckin' your tail?"

"Only as long as you don't mind titty fuckin' me on some occasions?" Knuckles retorted.

"Hmm... How about we seal this agreement... with a kiss?" The terracotta echidna playfully asked.

"Can we seal it with more than just a kiss?" The red echidna playfully asked as well.

"Come here..." Shade said as she brought Knuckles head in for a kiss as he went ahead and continued to plunge his penis into her pussy.

It didn't take long for all the guys and girls in the house to moan in bliss as they all orgasmed in a simultaneous effect. In a few minutes, the guys ended up embracing their respective lovers as they eased into a few minutes of kissing and cuddling.


A few hours later, the girls were redressed in their own attires as the guys' furs were settled as well. Everyone was gathered in the lab, as they made an important decision.

"You realize we have to do this, right Tails?" Sonic said.

"Yeah, I understand." Tails responded.

"You're gonna be okay? I mean, you said it took you days to make the first one in the first place." Knuckles said.

"I know, but Sonic's right. We were lucky Rouge was the one who first took advantage of this gadget." Tails said, "If we don't do this, who knows what this thing could be used for in the wrong hands."

"I'm proud of you, Tails." Cosmo said.

"Thanks." The orange two-tailed fox said, "Now, let's deal with these things once and for all."

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles each had hammers in their hands and started to swing them down at the mind controlling devices on the table several times, causing each of them to shatter into little pieces in seconds.

"And that's the end of that..." The blue hedgehog said.

"Thank goodness..." Amy added.

"Well, I don't know about you, but after all that's happened so far today, I haven't had any breakfast." Shade said.

"Yeah, now that you mentioned it, I'm feelin' hungry myself." The red echidna said.

"No problem, I'll make breakfast for everybody. Anyone in the mood for pancakes?" The green plant girl offered.

"Pancakes?! Yum!" Sonic enthusiastically said as everyone began making their way back upstairs.

"Wait up, Cosmo. I'll help you out." The pink hedgehog said.

"Thank you, Amy." Cosmo said.

Sonic looked back down the stairs, seeing that Tails was still standing by the table, looking at the three destroyed devices before him.

"Tails, you comin' up?" Sonic asked.

"Yeah. I'll be up in a moment. I'm just gonna throw all this out first." Tails said.

"Okay." Sonic said as he left the basement/lab.

Tails grabbed a nearby garbage can and proceeded to throw out all the pieces. He looked back to see that everyone had left his lab. With a sneaky smile on his face, he went over to a drawer and opened it, revealing one more hypnotic gadget with a brown colored base.

He then ran towards the back of the lab and went to a hidden wall safe that was below the stairs. After punching in the combination numbers on the digital keypad, the small door opened up, revealing a bunch of Tails' old inventions. The two-tailed fox proceeded to put the device in his safe.

"I'll just keep this here for safe keeping..." Tails said to himself, "I'm not one to let a good invention go to waste..."

He then closed the safe door shut and soon made his way upstairs with his girlfriend and his friends.

The End

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