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This feeling never ended. Five years had gone. Five years during which Draco and Ginny did their best to build the perfect relationship. Saying it had been difficult would be an understatement. Even if Ginny had believed everything Draco had confessed to her, she couldn't help feeling insecure. She always remained on her guard. As the proverb said: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Trusting a Malfoy once had been hard,so doing it a second time was almost unthinkable. But Ginny was in love and she had tried her best.

They took things slowly,just as they had agreed on and Ginny had to admit Draco had been exemplary, even if she had frustrated him emotionally... and sexually. Curiously enough, it was the first that had bothered him the most. Indeed, Ginny hadn't wanted to make it official, she knew the Trio would be unbearable and she did not want Draco to be in trouble because of that.

"Ginevra, I handled them during seven years, I'm not scared. Besides, they may soften when they learn about us. I really don't care about them." Draco told her.

"I do care." She had replied. "I don't want them to interfere into my private life and this will be easier when if they're not in Hogwarts glaring at us constantly. Just wait until summer and for my last year, maybe you will meet me during Hogsmeade weekends. Trust me, you don't want them on your back."

Draco had finally agreed to this secret relationship and they had kept meeting in deserted classrooms or in the Room of Requirement. Of course, as Ginny had insisted on the "still no sex" part, they kissed or talked most of the time. They discovered each other: what they liked, what they disliked, their stories, their secrets...

By the end of June, they knew each other by heart; as much as it scared Ginny that a Malfoy knew so much intimate things about her, it also made her heart swell to have someone who knew her so well that he could tell how many sugars she put in her cup of tea or what was the name of her teddy bear when she was eight. As for Draco, he had entrusted Ginny with his deepest secrets: his constant fear of losing his mother; how, growing old, he disagreed with the Dark Lord's theories and how he did everything he could to hide it, how he wished for all of this to come to an end so that he and his mother could be safe and sound. All of his confessions meant that he trusted her and this had moved her a lot; and it also made her feel really guilty, as she told Luna.

"I can't help it, you know",she told her friend. "It is as if I'm waiting for him to reveal he made fun of me once again. I think I'm becoming paranoid."

"I think it is perfectly normal to feel this way" Luna reassured her. "Nonetheless, you chose to give him a second chance, do it correctly or stop the thing already. There's no use in torturing yourself."

"I love him. I want to be able to do it."

"You will be... it just takes time."

Luna had been a great help, as well as Blaise. They were great friends and had helped them hide everything from the others. Thinking back, Ginny had to recognize that she would eternally be grateful for everything Luna did. If her friend hadn't followed Blaise's plan, Draco and she would probably be history.

Before leaving Hogwarts for the summer, she had spent the night with Draco. It was time for her to stop this frustrating game and get lost in desire once more. Truth to be told, she might have been the most frustrated of the two and she had sensed she couldn't wait until September. She had not regretted her choice. The sensations were unbelievable, their bodies were meant to be and Ginny had felt home in Draco's arms.

When they parted, she had promised him she would talk to her parents about them so that they could arrange a meeting between the two families before Ginny started her last year at Hogwarts.

But, away from Draco, Ginny's doubts had grown stronger and July went without her saying anything. She and Draco wrote to each other and whenever he asked her if she had done it, she would simply reply it was not a good time to do so. Draco had understood but she could feel his patience slipping away. He became so impatient that he had paid her a visit one night ,on the eve of her departure to Hogwarts.

She was fast asleep when she heard something tap against the window. Irritated, she opened the curtains and was more than surprised to discover Draco Malfoy on his broomstick, waiting for her to let him come in.

Once she had opened the window, he swiftly came into the room and landed on the floor. When their eyes met, she saw that his face was tense and closed. She gulped nervously.

"What brings you here, Draco?"
"When?", was his only reply,

"When what?"

"When are you going to tell your parents about us?" He nearly yelled the sentence. It was the first time Ginny saw him in this state.

"Draco, I told you I needed some time. Maybe we could..."

"You had all summer!" His cheeks had turned rosy with anger by then. "I don't understand. They can't be worse than my own parents! I know there's something you don't tell me."

" I'm just scared." She whispered. "Scared of us."

Draco's state went from anger to confusion. "Why?" Ginny just looked at him desperately. She could not find the courage to answer him. Something seemed to click on Draco's mind as his eyes express understanding then hurting. " You don't trust me, do you ?" Ginny remained silent. " Just say it, Ginevra."

" Don't be like that, Draco." She was suddenly feeling very annoyed. "Try to understand..."

"I do understand. I know I messed things up but I apologized, I proved that I was in love with you. I love you, Ginevra. I am here, I am not going anywhere. There is nothing else I can do or say. "

"I know, I know...I'm trying to fight this. I want to fight my doubts, believe me. I love you too, so very much."

Draco sighed and took her hands in his. "Love is not enough here apparently. We are both aware that trust is everything in a relationship. This won't work unless you believe me."

He kissed her knuckles. " I'm gonna leave you alone for a while...I'm not breaking up with you." He added quickly, seeing panic rose in her eyes. "I'm giving you some time. No letter, no secret meeting in Hogsmeade, nothing until Christmas Holidays. What do you say?"

She knew he was right. There was no better way to test their feelings. But still..."I don't now Draco. It is said, absence makes the heart grow fonder."

"If it's not true for us, you will know that you love and trust me. Besides, I should be the one to be scared: you're gonna live in a castle,surrounded by boys who are all drooling over you."

She couldn't stop the smile on her face. "What about you?"

"Me?" He replied innocently. " I will be at home with my dear mother. And when you start thinking otherwise, it means you don't trust me at all, that I'm not the one."

Ginny closed her eyes and let out an 'alright' in a whisper. "We are going to try this distant relationship until the Christmas Holidays.

Their little agreement had been sealed with one long last kiss and Ginny had lived the longest four months of her life. Torture. These months without Draco had been torture. Thank Merlin she had other things to think about most of the time, or she would have gone crazy. The thought of him with other girls had not even crossed her mind. The doubts were not there anymore. There was just need; the need to see him, hear him, touch him,hold him,kiss him...

Of course, her doubts had not disappeared that easily, The first weeks had been hell for her head, wondering what Draco was doing, who he was with, if he was thinking about her...but everything was erased by this need of him. That's the moment she realized she trusted him, that she had no reason to doubt his feelings. He really was in love with her.

A week before the Holidays, she had sent a letter to Draco, asking him to meet her in Hogsmeade to give him her answer. Surprisingly enough, no word was spoken when they met near the Shrieking Shack. They just stood there. Then he smiled, and she smiled. They just knew.

Once back at home, she had revealed the truth to her parents. Both had been shocked and had looked at her, stunned and completely speechless. Her mother had been the first one to break the awkward silence.

"Are you happy, dear?"

"Very much."

Her mother smiled and embraced her. "This is the only important thing."

"Thank you, mom." Up to the worst part now. "You know, Draco and I would want our parents to meet. I was thinking, maybe we could invite Mrs Malfoy and Draco before Christmas."

Molly seemed taken aback for a while, as if she was picturing the two wealthy Malfoy's surrounded by her huge family in her modest house. Then she nodded, "All right, Ginny. Send Draco a letter to tell him he and his mother are waited for supper on...let's see, I will need time to...yes, on Wednesday, 6:00 PM."

Ginny hugged her mother fiercely. "Thank you so much Mom, I love you."

She had run to her bedroom to write to Draco, then borrowed Pig from Ron to send the letter. At dinner that day, she had told the news to her family, Harry and Hermione. Ron's reaction had been the worst, but Ginny hadn't blamed him, considering the way Draco had treated him. Ron had kept yelling until their mother had threatened to starve him; Harry and Hermione had seemed worried but did not voice their thoughts. As for the others, they had reacted the same way her mother had and had approved as long as their sister was happy.

Ginny had been anxious about her father's lack of reaction though. He had remained silent since the moment he had got the news and Ginny had this strong feeling that he was avoiding her.

The morning of the infamous dinner, she had caught him alone in the kitchen, reading the Daily Prophet. She had cautiously approached him and taken a sit next to him.

"Dad?" Her father rose his head. "Yes, Ginny?"

"I know I probably deceived you about this thing with Draco..."

"What are you talking about?" He cut her off. "You did not deceive me at all."

"Then why did you remain so silent these days?"

Arthur Weasley put the newspaper down on the table. "Can't a father be a little bit sad when his only daughter brings a man in his house?" He smiled sadly. "I just suddenly feel old and very nostalgic, Ginny. I'm also a little bit scared that you chose to give your heart to Draco Malfoy." Ginny tried to reply but her father cut only attempt, raising his hands. "You made clear that you love him so I won't interfere in any way. If you trust him, so do I."

"I do trust him. It was not that easy but right now, I don't doubt him and I know he's in love with me too."

Her father smiled. "That's the only important thing. Promise me one thing, though."

"I'm listening."

"If he ever hurts you, I will be allowed to give him a piece of my mind."

Ginny chuckled. "I can't, Dad. I already promised that to the twins."

"Those two...I will be second then."

"I'm afraid you won't be the last one to make him pay."

"I trust your brothers on that. Malfoy or not, he will get what it takes to make Ginny Weasley suffer."

Ginny embraced her father ."I love you, Dad."

"I love you too", he whispered in her ear.

The Malfoys had arrived later that day. Narcissa had been very sweet, incessantly complimenting her mother on her cooking skills. Ginny had also noticed that the gray gown Narcissa had chosen to wear was elegant but discreet enough not to embarrass Molly. Things had been perfect that night, apart from the glares that Ron and Draco had keep throwing each other.

"Daydreaming Ginevra?" Ginny smiled and leaned towards Draco to peck his lips. "How was work?"

Draco shrugged his shoulders. "The usual; fighting the Dark Arts with Potter...boring and annoying."

Ginny laughed. Draco and Harry had been partners for two years now. They got along quite well considering the troubled past they shared, but they weren't the best of friends either. Still, the Ministry chose to keep the pair together because they they appeared to be the best.

Draco looked at her, slightly amused. "So tell me, was I the one you were dreaming of?"

She rolled her eyes. "Well...yes and no; I was replaying the first dinner between our two families on my head."

Draco grimaced. "Bad memory here."

"Oh come on, it was not that bad." Ginny protested. "Nobody was killed". She added to prove her point.

Draco chuckled and embraced her. "True. Hopefully, things got better afterward."

Draco was right. As time went by, things got better between the two families . The fact that Draco had joined the Order of the Phoenix did a lot. Her family and friends got to see how good and trustworthy Draco could be.

After Voldemort's defeat, things eased up a little bit more and real laughter could be heard during those famous dinners. As for Lucius, he was still in Azkaban and would probably stay in here for a long time. There was a price to pay for all those awful murders...

Ginny was relieved that her stepfather would probably never cross her path, and this was for the best considering he completely disapproved the relationship of his son with the Weasley girl. Draco had been hurt by his reaction of course, but he had stood up to him with no fear. He loved her and would stay with her no matter what.

After the end of the war, which took place a year after Ginny had left school, Draco and she decided to search for a place to live. The had found a really nice house not far away from Malfoy Manor. The couple had wanted a little place for themselves but Ginny knew Draco couldn't let his mother all alone too much in this huge cold place. Something she could easily understand.

"You are daydreaming again..." Draco gently whispered in her ear. Ginny shivered, his hot breath giving her goosebumps. His lips caressed her jaw, her neck; her tenderly kissed her skin.

Ginny let out a shattered breath.. "Draco, we have a diner to attend, you know we can't miss it."

"True." he was now sucking her neck and Gunny suddenly felt it would be hard to think about anything else besides those amazing sensations. "But we can be a little bit late."

It was very tempting. She whimpered. "No, we can't. This night is for us, remember? All my brothers came...and Luna, Hermione, Harry..."

Draco let go of her and sighed, sounding frustrated. "All right, all right, but you owe me big time...three days without you is pretty hard, you know."

Ginny smiled. "I know, lover boy. It was hard for me too but that's your job's fault. Now go and get dressed or we are going to be awfully late."Draco kissed her cheek.. "Okay, madam."

When they apparated inside Narcissa's dinning room thirty minutes later, everybody was already there, eagerly waiting for them. Narcissa was the first to greet them. "There you are, my two lovebirds. What took you so long?" She hugged them both.

"I bet Draco had to freshen up, I'm sure you know how precious your son can be, Mrs Malfoy." George said mockingly while the other twin smirked at Draco. Mrs Weasley frowned but Narcissa smiled and Draco mock-glared at them. Surprisingly, he and the twins were getting along now.

"You're just jealous." He replied, quite smugly. Ginny rolled her eyes and made her way to her parents. Once all the greetings were done, everybody took a seat around the table. It was sumptuous as usual, and Ginny knew Narcissa had made everything all by herself. Being in contact with Molly Weasley had changed her, and she had discovered a passion for cooking and decoration. There were still a few house elves in the house, but mostly for service and housework.

Suddenly, Ginny felt Draco squeeze her hand and she remembered why they had asked this dinner in the first place. She turned and smiled at him. Then Draco cleared his throat and stood up, bringing along Ginny with him.

"Before we begin, Ginny and I would like to make an announcement."

Ginny was tensed. They were all looking at the couple, half-smiling, half-anxious, wondering what was about to come. Only her father was giving them a kind and reassuring smile. Draco squeezed her hand once more, she returned the gesture and took a deep breath.

Here we go. "Draco asked me to marry him..."

"And she gave me the honor of saying yes." Draco finished.

At first, there was a thick silence and Ginny wondered if announcing the news to everybody at the same time was such a good idea. Maybe they should have told them separately. But both mothers looked at each other then smiled and went to their respective child to hug them.

"I'm so happy for you, sweetheart." said a teary Molly Weasley.

"Thank you, mom." Ginny whispered, tightly hugging her mother. She notice from the corner of her eye that Draco and his mother were pretty much doing the same. Soon enough, everybody got up to congratulate them.

She hard the twins gently threatening Draco about what would happen if he hurt their sister, Harry awkwardly hugged her, Luna smiled at her and Hermione was squeezing with enthusiasm, things were going pretty well again between them. As for Ron, well he was Ron. He smiled but looked at her warily and said, "You're not pregnant, are you?".

Both Hermione and Molly looked at him scandalized, exclaiming a "Ronald" reproachfully but Draco just laughed and replied, "We're getting married because we love each other. Your sister is not pregnant...yet." He winked at his fiancée who blushed despite herself. Ginny's father was the last one to come to them, his calm and surprising face alerted his wife.

"You knew about this, Arthur?" She asked suspiciously.

"Yes, I did." He nodded. "Like a true gentleman, Draco came to me first and asked for Ginny's hand."

Both mothers awed in unison and Ginny heard the twins snicker behind their back. Draco did not have time to replay though, Narcissa and Molly becoming suddenly very excited and starting talking about all the things to do for the wedding.

When they apparated back home, Ginny and Draco were relieved to escape the two ladies' crazy plans.

"We have to do something so they won't be able to apparate here." Ginny laughed at Draco's comment but he seemed a little bit in panic. "Six months Ginevra; for the next six months, they will apparate here, pretending they have found a great idea."

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Don't be such a drama queen, this will never happen and you know it. They are just overexcited; you're an only child, I'm the only daughter amongst a bunch of boys. They just want this wedding to be unique and unforgettable." She kissed his lips. "Relax."

Draco relaxed a little at her words but he was still so uncomfortable that she couldn't resist the urge to tease him a little bit more.

"Draco, I got an idea but I don't know if you'll agree."

"Ask away."

"I think we should stop having sex until our wedding night."

Draco's eyes widened at her words, then he gulped. "Err...I don't know. But if that's what you really want..."

Ginny had to bite her tongue not to laugh. "Being the true gentleman and all, I thought you wold want to respect every tradition. But it's okay, I understand if it's too hard for you."

His expression changed, just as she had planned. "Hard for me?" He sneered. "Please...I doubt you will be able to resist with a man like me beside you every night."

It was Ginny's time to sneer. "You were the one desperately trying to jump me earlier."

"And you were moaning helplessly, Ginevra. You will never be able to live six months without having sex with me. You'll die of frustration."

She raised an eyebrow. "You wanna bet?"

"Are you sure about this? Because you will lose, there's..." He stopped and looked at her suspiciously. "You are making fun of me, aren't you?"

Ginny burst out laughing. "Since the beginning Mr Malfoy..." She shrieked as he grabbed her and slipped an arm behind her knees to carry her.

"Where are you taking me, Draco?"

"To our bedroom, my dear fiancée. Now that I know this 'no sex before marriage' was rubbish". He walked to their bedroom and kicked the door open. He tenderly deposited her on the bed before lying down next to her.

Ginny stroked his cheek. He turned his head and kissed her palm before saying smugly, "You could have never resisted this."

She smiled. "You are too cocky for you own good." She threw her right leg over his hip, bringing herself closer. "I could change my mind, you know. I mean, I could decide this sexless thing before marriage is a great idea."

"Not after that, believe me." He leaned over her and kissed her neck tenderly while one his hand slowly went up her leg. Ginny's breath hitched in her throat and her hand joined Draco's on her thigh. "Don't be so sure of yourself." Draco's answer was a squeeze on her flesh and a deep chuckle. His mouth nibbled on her lobe and he huskily whispered in her ear. "You wanna bet?"