AN~ This is my first (and last) Enchanted Forest Chronicles fic. It's not exactly set to the series, but to Book of Enchantments. There'll be one chapter per story in there. I kind of figured nobody would mind, since it IS technically the last story for the characters, and everyone seems to be shoving all the Patricia C. Wrede stories here. Plus this category's gotten a little stale, I figured it could use some new blood.

Disclaimer: Really? Do we really need this?

Rikiki and the Wizard Epilogue

The wizard was sick of chestnuts. Everywhere he went, chestnuts, chestnuts, chestnuts! It was ridiculous!

Of course, he supposed he did deserve it, sort of. That was the penalty for lying to the gods, or at least the chipmunk god. And the whole thing about giving Ryvenna to the gods might have been a littel cruel. After all, he hadn't asked her.

She'd just gotten married, Ryvenna. He missed her. The house seemed so empty without his wonderful daughter, or any of his former customers.

All in all, his life wasn't very good.

Oh well. At least no one would ever forget him.