AN: This is kinda pointless, but it has a good beat.
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His name is Boba Fett

He's smart and deadly,
often called unfriendly.
People see him and they cower,
what he holds is power.
An ominous figure,
his fame grows bigger.
He has a moral code,
his ship is his abode.
He fell into the Sarlacc pit,
the dust he thought he'd bit.
He climbed back out,
about that he doesn't pout.
He may be ruthless,
he's still relentless.
T shaped visor,
blastech blaster.
Killed Jodo Kast,
he's standing last.
Without his skill he'd be a goner,
he really does have honer.
He doesn't speak a lot,
his prey he's always caught.
He has a rule of Justice,
he has no fear of death.
A loyal man,
to win he always can.
A hunter he is still,
he doesn't mind to kill.
Never does he bet,
his name is Boba Fett.