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Techno's camp exterior


Beka had planted the second bomb and had made it out side again with out to many problems. She did have to wait inside a door frame for about ten minutes while two men who seemed to be on guard duty stood near her hiding spot and loudly discussed some sort of card game they had just played. But eventually they had moved on and Beka was out side the fence again in seconds. She had been annoyed at the delay and hoped fervently that Harper had fired the flare signal yet.

She headed back to where she had left Emillon. The grass looked trampled down so this must be where I left her thought Beka but there was no sign of her. Beka looked towards the village but all was quiet there.

"Where is she?" She whispered aloud. Then she noticed something out of the corner of her eye, a piece of cloth. Beka picked it up and examined it. It was a piece of Emillon skirt and there was a blood speckled on it.

"Aww, crap." She swore using one of Harper's favorite.

She wadded further into the grass and she saw her. Emillon laid quietly, the blood surrounding her soaking into the dry ground. Beka closed her eyes, quickly mourning for her unusual friend. It didn't last long though as the night sky erupted while gauss rifle fire and Beka ran.


Outside the Maru.


Harper once again lay in the dirt. "This is not happening, no,no,no,no." The thoughts ran through his mind. 'Beka is not dead, I am not alone.' I need to find her, I need to…. He looked up to where Albin still stood with the Techno's as they searched for him and he was over whelmed with anger. He unclipped his Gauss gun his hands shaking with rage. Took aim and opened fire. He was happy to see Albin scream as he took a hit from Harper in the shoulder and fell to the ground. Harper kept firing three more techno's fell to the ground before he heard a noise behind him. Harper turned but as he turned he received a solid kick to his ribs. His body recoiled across the dirt. Gasping, arms wrapped around his sides he looked up.

"Look what I found." Snarled the Techno that stood over him.

"Awww crap" swore Harper. Then, over the Techno's shoulder, he saw it, the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.


Beka ran towards the Maru hoping that Albin and Harper had managed to secure it. She ran with a squad of fifteen Techno's on her tail firing all the way. Ever so often she returned fire, then with her sides acheing from the exertion she ran on. She ducked and swerved keeping her eye on the horizon where the Maru was, where her home was, then she saw it, the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Hope surged through her empowering her and she ran faster.


On the Andromeda


"I have them on scanner Captain."

"Great Rommie protect them as best as you can, Trance get med deck ready, Tyr, Rev with me to the slip fighters."


The Techno with his gun trained on Harper followed his gaze towards the sky as the Andromeda Ascendant came in to view. Amazement and awe covered the man's face.

"I know she's a beaut isn't she?" Harper smiled giddy with relief.

The man turned towards Harper charging up his weapon. Harper knew that look it was desperation. The man took aim. Harper closed his eyes but the end never came.

"Boy, on your feet!" Harper opened his eyes. Tyr stood gun trained on the startled Techno. "Get to the ship now we're leaving."

"Good to see you to Tyr." Harper smiled. Tyr saw Harper's leg then and hit the techno across the head with his rifle. Harper wasn't sure but Tyr looked angry and that anger wasn't directed towards him.

"I'm ok big guy, just help me up ok?" Harper whispered

Tyr helped him up and with his arm across his shoulder they made their way back to the slip fighter.


Beka's feet flew across the ground. She ran over the last small hill. On the other side stood two figures dressed in black armor. One stood gun raised one looked to be carrying a bo staff. She smiled rolling on her shoulder and turning back the way she came with Dylan and Rev flanking her. They didn't need to return fire though. Rommie took care of that and the night light up and the sky rained fire.


Half hours later on board the Andromeda.


Beka entered med deck on Dylan's command even though she had demanded to be their when they recovered the Maru, Dylan would hear of it and said she wouldn't see it at all unless she went to med deck. After a few glares she gave up and headed to Med deck. She should check on Harper anyway.

Harper lay on a med bed and trance ran a scanner over his knee. Harper looked up and met her eyes as she entered. He flew off the bed and had his arm wrapped around her waist before she even could say hello.

She tipped over and they both landed in a heap on the floor.

"Beka your alive!" Harper gasped joyfully.

"You didn't know?" She laughed

"I was to afraid to ask."

Dylan walked in looking at his very dirty very tired crewmembers that lay on the floor. His eyebrow rose.

Beka picked her self up and tried to straighten her clothes.

"What exactly happened on that planet Beka?"

Beka laughed. "It's a long story……….about the kindness of strangers"