It's my first ever Transformers fanfic!! Yay! *does happy dance* And it's a slash fic!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy… I'm a huge fan of Starscream/Optimus and I firmly believe that there aren't enough stories out there about these two. So I made it my personal goal in life to increase the smutty population of SS/OP fics.

This most definitely came out longer than I'd expected. Like, seriously, it's over 6,000 words. What…? How…? I swear, I didn't mean for it to be that long. *iz a little ashamed* But I hope your attention span is longer than mine and you can finish it.

Warnings: YES! Sticky smutty goodness, so if that's not your thing, I strongly suggest that you take your wandering eyes somewhere else. Like, no joke, it gets a little… explicit *blushes furiously*

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Astrosecond: 0.498 Earth seconds

Nanoklik: 1.2 Earth seconds

Klik: 1.2 Earth minutes, or 72 nanokliks

Oh Primus, what happened?

Starscream awoke in a haze of pain, his processor barely even to be able to compose coherent thoughts. His optics on-lined, but they were off in an astrosecond. The bright light from Earth's sun was too much for him to bear, causing his CPU to ache even more. His entire body hurt. He couldn't even pinpoint any specific areas. Everything was damaged in some way or another. He ran an internal diagnostics. There was severe damage to his thrusters and wings, several important, but not vital, fuel lines had been severed, his communications systems were down, not to mention any other dents, scratches, and gashes he had received in his sudden and unexpected descent from the sky.

Well, it was better than he thought. It meant that he only felt worse than he actually was. There were only two problems—though they were two pretty big problems—he couldn't fly and he couldn't call anyone to come collect him. So he had no idea how he was supposed to get back to the base. But there was one thing that Starscream knew for a fact.

He was screwed.

He couldn't very well walk back to the base. For one thing, he didn't have enough energy to make the trip across the country. And for another, even if he did attempt to walk back, those humans were bound to notice the large, damaged, murderous Seeker shuffling through their cities and then they would sic the Autobots on him. And it wasn't like the Air Commander was holding out for any of his comrades to come to his rescue. They had already left him behind and he was way too far from their base for anyone to want to make the trip back. Even if he did hold onto that idle fantasy that someone might come back and lend him a helping servo, the likelihood that they'd have enough medical knowledge to fix his flight equipment for the trip back to the Nemesis was highly unlikely.

Starscream knew that his injuries weren't life threatening—though outrageously inconvenient—but if left untreated, that would most definitely change. He was in a rural area where the humans hardly ever ventured, with no way to contact anyone and Primus knew that Megatron would not send someone to get him. He'd probably be glad to be rid of his occasionally treacherous lieutenant.

Starscream cycled an intake dismally. He never thought he'd go this way. He thought—or hoped, at the very least—that he would fall in a hail of glory and laser fire in the final climactic battle of the War, taking out as many pathetic Autobots as he could while the Decepticons rose victorious… not alone and abandoned after another of Megatron's failed schemes, on this horrible, primitive, Primus-forsaken planet. Not, of course, that he wanted to die, but if he could've chosen, this certainly wouldn't have been his first choice… or second… or third…

Primus, they hadn't even gotten that puny human scientist's master weapon, whatever the slag it was. Maybe if they had actually succeeded then this painfully slow death wouldn't be as humiliating, but the fact that it was because of another one of their many failed attempts to best the Autobots made it sting that much more.

Primus, this hurt! On-lining his optics to their lowest setting, Starscream could see that he was surrounded by an unsettling amount of his own Energon. His energy reserves were almost entirely depleted and were dropping at an alarming rate. It was already down to thirty-five percent. Once it got to ten, he'd fall into emergency stasis lock and if he didn't receive any immediate medical attention after that, he would stay that way until he off-lined permanently.

Oh yes, this was most definitely not the way to go. Slowly, painfully, with no hope of being rescued by your allies. Well, there was always the chance that those soft-Sparked idiot Autobots would pick up on his energy signal and come to his aid. But Starscream wasn't entirely sure which was worse: dying or being indebted to the Autobrats for saving his life. Because not only would they fix him, but they'd most likely take him prisoner and that would be so humiliating because either Megatron would see fit to bail him out… or he wouldn't. After all, Starscream had been stupid enough to get shot down by that Pit-spawned Lamborghini twin—the yellow one, he thinks—and then he was too weak to make it back alive, and then he gets captured by the Autobots… Primus, this day could not get any worse.

So, of course, it does.

Way off in the distance, Starscream heard a familiar sounding engine. The fact that it's familiar does not bode well. It means it's an Autobot. But what's worse is that Starscream knows which Autobots it is. The sappiest, soft-Sparked, most pathetic cretin of them all: their leader. Starscream immediately notices that he is alone… unless the invisible one—Mirage?—is with him and using that accursed signal dampener. But there would be no reason for him to come, so it is most likely that Prime is unaccompanied.

Starscream grumbled to himself about his luck… which was nonexistent apparently. The Autobot leader would be upon him in only a few kliks and he knew that there was no way he could defend himself. So he decided to wait. There was nothing he could do and he knew that things would only be worse for him if he attempted anything.

Starscream couldn't help wondering if Prime knew he was out here or was simply going for a recreational drive… way the Pit out here, away from their base. It would have made sense for him to bring back-up if he did indeed suspect that there was an injured Decepticon left after the battle or at least that medic of theirs. Suddenly, Starscream was irritated that Prime hadn't brought that fragging medic. He was infinitely better than Hook and would have the Decepticon second in command up and in their brig in no time.

Slagging stupid Prime, couldn't have brought the only mech that I really need to see right now, he grumbled to himself through the stupor of pain coating his CPU. He forced himself to sit up and glower at the shimmering form of Prime's altmode. What the slag is he even doing out here?

Finally, Prime was within scanning range. He sent out a brief scan—that Starscream blocked immediately—and the Seeker heard the tell-tale signs of him accelerating. Apparently, he didn't know that there was anyone out here. He was within fifty feet of Starscream when he transformed. He stood uncertainly, staring at the Seeker in silence for longer than either felt was comfortable.

Starscream broke the excruciating silence first, naturally. "What the slag are you doing out here?" he snapped, echoing his earlier thoughts.

Prime only stared for what seemed like an eternity before answering in his perpetually patient deep, rumbling voice. "I've been fighting Megatron since before you were even Sparked, Starscream. I know his tendency to leave his soldiers behind. I always return after the battle, just in case."

Starscream harrumphed impatiently, crossing his arms over his slightly cracked cockpit. He glared at a cliff face off to his right, trying to appear as indifferent as possible. He'd be damned if he'd let Prime know just how relieved he was that someone had come back for him. Even if it was the leader of his enemies. "Well? What are you waiting for? Take me prisoner. I don't have all day."

"Are you planning on being somewhere?" Prime asked ironically.

Starscream allowed himself to smirk. "Not particularly, but as you can see, I'm not exactly in pristine condition and would prefer to keep myself on-line for as long as possible. At least if you take me back to your base, you have that medic of yours who can put me back in working order."

"Ratchet will be pleased to hear that you think so highly of him—"

"I'm sure."

"—but I wasn't planning on taking you back to the base."

Starscream's head snapped up so fast that the servos in his neck ground in protest and his CPU span a little. "What? Why not?" he demanded.

Prime sighed, his optics betraying some of his pity. "Because I know how Megatron is." He said nothing more, allowing Starscream to interpret that as he wished.

Starscream's face was a perfect display of utter gratitude… for half an astrosecond. Then it was quickly covered by a mask of outrage. "I do not need your sympathies, Autobot!" He stopped himself, knowing that, as loathe as he was to admit it, he needed the Autobot's help. "But, very well, if you would willingly give up the opportunity to take such a high-ranking enemy prisoner in favor of doing what you consider to be the 'right thing', I suppose that I cannot stop you. However, I sincerely doubt that you possess the medical knowledge necessary to repair my propulsion systems enough for me to fly back to my own base."

Prime took a few steps forward. "I have a bit of medical knowledge. Ratchet taught me a bit about See- flyer's propulsion systems."

Starscream caught the slip. "And just why would you want to know about a Seeker's propulsion system? It hardly seems to me like something one would ask idly about… especially when you have no Seekers in your ranks."

The response was merely a distracted shrug. Prime took a few more steps forward, attempting to appear as non-threatening as possible. Starscream eyed him warily, but did not flinch. Taking this as an invitation, Prime closed the remaining distance, making sure to stay out of arm's length, for either of them, and knelt before his "patient."

"I'll need to seal off these open fuel lines before I can do anything about your flight systems," he muttered, more to himself, as he surveyed the damage. Starscream fidgeted slightly under the scrupulous gaze of the leader of his enemies. The Autobot chuckled softly at Starscream's discomfort.

The Seeker scowled, thinking that Prime was laughing at his situation, but forced himself not to spit out scathing insults for fear that the older mech would change his mind.

After nearly five kliks of studying, Prime pulled a welder out of his subspace. "I haven't got a medical berth on me, but do you think that you could lie back? It would make things easier."

Starscream frowned, reluctant to allow himself to be in such a vulnerable position, but knowing that there was no other way. Grudgingly, he laid down onto the rocky surface, hissing slightly in pain as his back scraped across the ground.

This earned him a slightly worried look. "Are you alright?" Prime asked anxiously.

"Yes, I'm fine," Starscream snapped. Though, deep down, he was oddly comforted that the other seemed to care about his situation. He immediately dismissed these feelings as something conjured up due to his pain… but he knew it wasn't entirely true.

Prime cycle an intake, slightly irritated by Starscream's response, but really, what did he expect? That Starscream would grovel at his feet in gratitude for his kind deed? That he would honestly admit how thankful he was that someone had come back for him? Especially when that mech was his leader's worst rival?

Prime looked down at the Seeker, inspecting more of the injuries. However, he found his optics wandering across the lithe body before him: the sharp curve of those elegant wings, kissed by the air and sun; the smooth orange glass the swelled enticingly from the red chassis; those long white legs, folded at the ankle, with splashes of bright blue; the supple curve of his waist to his hips. And all of it splayed out before him. It was enough to make any Transformer's core temperature rise.

Starscream either didn't notice the optics studying more than just his injuries or he chose to ignore them. But then again, when would Starscream ever hold his glossa instead of telling someone off for being less than professional?

Optimus got to work shortly after his "examination." He worked on the severed fuel lines first, as that was of the highest priority. He resigned himself to simply looking and not touching. Or, at least, not touching more than was necessary. Starscream had been in the medbay more often than probably any Transformer in the history of Cybertron and would recognize immediately if Prime was trying to "cop a feel."

Prime had always admired the Seeker design. It was mostly due to the fact that he was a "ground-pounder," as they often called him, and was mesmerized by how the flyers were able to gracefully take to the air and own it. Naturally, he was of a much heavier build, designed for close combat and to take more severe punishment. Seekers, on the other hand, were built for speed; every curve designed for maximum aerodynamics, their armor used lighter alloys to reduce the amount of weight they would need to carry, causing them to be smaller than most mechs, and consequently made them more aesthetically pleasing to the optic. He had noticed, long ago, that Starscream was slighter than his Seeker brethren. While all of them were attractive, Starscream held some quality that made his beauty superior to the others. Prime had never quite figured it out. They were all formed from the same mould, but Starscream possessed something beyond mere physical beauty.

Prime worked silently as he sealed the various wounds that were scattered across his body, forcing himself to focus on the work at hand and to not stare at the way the sun glinted off Starscream's scratched but shining armor. Or the way he shifted slightly when Prime welded a particularly painful gash. Or how his optics dimmed and he bit his bottom lip to avoid crying out in pain.

Primus, Optimus had never noticed how resilient Starscream was. This process had to be painful and yet he hadn't uttered a sound. Optimus assumed that this was nothing new to the Seeker. He knew that the Air Commander usually took the brunt of Megatron's anger. It was obvious on the battlefield when the Decepticon Supreme Commander would snap at his lieutenant about something completely out of his control or even threaten him with his fusion cannon, and it seemed safe to assume that things were worse back at their base, away from prying optics. Optimus liked to think that he held no vulnerable feelings for any of his enemies, but he couldn't help feeling sorry for Starscream. Normally, he tried to avoid shooting him in favor of his wingmates, but the same could not be said for his other soldiers.

Finally, after nearly four cycles, Optimus had finished his work on Starscream. He'd pieced together the Seeker's thrusters and, after much persuading, managed to re-wire the connection to his wings on his back. It wasn't pretty, but it would hold. He told the same to the Seeker who only nodded, still fighting off the agony his body was in.

"Here," Prime said, pulling an Energon cube from his subspace and holding it out.

Starscream half sat up, taking the cube and drinking it like a starving Sparkling. He didn't even bother to scan it for contamination. He finished in only a few nanokliks, his body craving more of the fuel. Prime offered him another… then, once it too was gone, another… and another. After the fourth cube, Starscream's reserves were full and he had enough energy to make it back to the Nemesis. And another trip back to here, if he wanted. Which he didn't, but it was nice to know that he could.

They sat in silence for a while, the sun setting off in the west as it was prone to do, painting the sky brilliant shades of orange and pink.

Starscream was at a loss. He felt like he should do or say… something! After all, Prime had just saved his life and, what's more, was going to let him go free. He hated owing his life to anyone, especially Optimus Prime.

"So what do you want?" the Seeker asked abruptly.

Prime looked at him curiously. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you didn't do this for free. You must want something. What is it?"

Prime sighed. "I didn't do this because I expected something in return."

"Yes, yes, I know, you did it because you're a soft-Sparked idiot and pitied me," Starscream waved off the response with irritation. "But even so, I'm still offering to give you anything you want. Battle plans, access codes, weapon information, the location of the Space Bridge… a brief summary of all the Decepticons' love lives." He smirked deviously at the last one.

"I told you, you don't have to," Prime assured quietly.

Starscream scowled. "I slagging know I don't have to!" he snarled. "But I'm trying to be nice for once!"

"But… why?"

"Because that slagger Megatron left me behind to die and I'm frelling pissed!" He took the last word from something that Skywarp had once said, a word the humans used. It seemed oddly appropriate. He continued, a little softer, "And… as much as I hate to admit it, I'm… I'm grateful that you came back and… even I won't take full advantage of it and just leave you here in the dust without… properly thanking you. Even though I could," he added quickly, so as not to sound like a weak cheesy Autobot. "So, what'll it be?"

He looked expectantly at Prime, every piece of confidential information brimming on the surface of his CPU, waiting for whatever it was that Prime would ask for. He did not expect, however, for blue optics to slide longingly down the length of his body, drinking in every little detail, staring lustfully at his form. Starscream tensed and was suddenly at a loss again. He'd seen other mechs look at him that way before, but one: he'd never indulged their perverted desires, and two: he never would have expected to see it from the noble Optimus Prime, bearer of the Matrix.

However, it was because of that last part that Prime said, "I suppose the location of the Space Bridge would serve our cause best." He looked away to stare dejectedly at the cliff to his left.

Starscream cocked his head slightly in confusion. Prime's vocalizer assured him that that was what he wanted while his optics suggested otherwise. "Pri- … Optimus, I told you that you could have anything."

The Autobot leader looked at him, optics betraying nothing. "I know. However, I need to think of what's best for the cause."

Starscream sat up, studying the older mechs optics carefully. "What about what's best for you?" he asked quietly, his voice holding a rare, but genuine, note of concern.

Optimus started at the unexpected tone of voice. He locked optics with the other, blue wide with surprise and crimson narrowed slightly in perplexity. "Starscream, it would be unwise…"

He huffed impatiently, retuning to his earlier brashness. "Frag it, Optimus! It's not like it would mean anything. Just indulge yourself this once. No one has to know. Primus knows I'm not going to tell anyone."

He still looked uncertain.

"Fine," Starscream snapped. "Since you're all high and mighty and don't want to ask, I'll offer you this once and all you need to do is say 'yes' or 'no.' After that, the offer is void and I won't make it again." He cycled an intake, suddenly a little unsure himself. "Optimus, do you want to interface with me?"

The Matrix bearer was a little surprised with how blunt the question was. He fought within himself, trying to think of the right course of action. He knew, of course, what the right thing to do was: decline Starscream's offer and settle for the Space Bridge coordinates. But… when was the last time he'd been a little selfish? He hadn't interfaced since before they left Cybertron and it was starting to grate on him. However, then there was the moral dilemma that Starscream was offering himself as a show of gratitude and that just didn't sit well with him. It didn't seem fair to allow the Seeker to give Optimus his body.

On the other hand, he was doing it willingly…

And no one had to know…

And it would just be this once…

And he had been thinking about it only a little while before…

Finally, Optimus muttered an almost inaudible, "yes."

He glanced up to gauge Starscream's reaction. The Seeker's expression was unreadable. He nodded once to let him know that he'd heard, but then fell completely still. Neither were quite sure what to do next. Optimus because he was feeling a little awkward about the whole thing and Starscream because he'd never done this before and didn't know what the first step was.

"So…" Starscream trailed off, suddenly feeling very nervous. But he had offered and Optimus had accepted. It seemed only appropriate that he make the first move.

He moved closer to the larger mech and, still rather timidly, straddled his hips. He looked into Optimus' optics, wondering if this was the right thing to do. His stare was met with shocked blue optics, as though Prime was surprised that Starscream was being serious when he made his offer.

Starscream tried to cover his inexperience by lightly running his hands down Optimus' armor. However, cobalt hands trembled slightly as they grazed over Prime's windshield, sliding cautiously lower to his grill. There was a roar as Prime's engine rumbled in approval. Then, quite suddenly, Starscream found himself being crushed against Optimus' body as two strong arms wrapped around his waist. There was a brief shriek as the glass on Starscream's cockpit scraped against Prime's windshield. He let out a small gasp of surprise at the sudden embrace.

Primus, what a wonderful sound! Optimus thought. I wonder what else I can make him do.

All of Optimus' reservations disappeared the astrosecond Starscream's digits found their way to his grill. Prime laid Starscream on the ground a little rougher than was entirely necessary, earning yet another gasp. Optimus' engines roared again, the sensation sending surprisingly pleasurable vibrations through Starscream's frame. He moaned softly, body arching upward to feel more of those wonderful vibrations. Prime was more than happy to oblige. His engine rumbled again and again, each one in turn delivering a soft approval from gunmetal lips. Prime's hands moved roughly over his cockpit, eliciting wanton gasps and moans.

"Optimus," he breathed.

The Autobot leader was surprised once again by Starscream's tone of voice. Normally it was high and shrill and made one want to stab their audio receptors with a laser scalpel. Now, though, it was soft and sensual and… beautiful. Yes, by Primus, when Starscream said his name like that it was downright gorgeous! And the way he writhed under Optimus' touch, his slender body arching gracefully off the ground and creating such delicious friction, his optics flickering between bright red and deep burgundy. This wonderful, sensual creature beneath him was nothing like the Starscream he'd seen countless times on the battlefield. This one was… gorgeous. And Prime knew, right then, that this would not just be a one-night stand.

But he didn't stop. He couldn't stop. He needed this. Starscream needed him. Needed to feel the heat radiating off each other's bodies, their fingers sliding roughly over red armor, scarlet hips bucking instinctively against white. Optimus laughed quietly at the unspoken desire Starscream was conveying to him.

"In time," he murmured huskily. However, just to appease him slightly, he ran a hand down to Starscream's pelvic armor. The panel behind which was the Seeker's valve was dripping with lubricant already. That was fast, Optimus thought idly, but he couldn't even try to understand the reasoning behind it when Starscream practically shrieked his name, arching violently up against him, fingers twitching uncontrollably. Starscream's codpiece was scorching hot as Optimus continued to run his fingers over the dripping metal.

Starscream could no longer control his motor functions. His hands clung desperately to Optimus' arms as sensations he'd never even thought possible assaulted his body. But there was one part of him that he desperately wished to be touched.

"Optimus… wings…" he gasped incoherently.

However, the Matrix bearer understood and, one hand still lavishing attention on Starscream's pelvic armor, the other drifted to one of those elegant wings. He'd often wondered how they would feel and was delighted to finally get his chance. He was met with warm, smooth metal, the edges almost razor-sharp which allowed Starscream to slice easily through the air. He ran his hand across the expanse, thrilled by the mewls of approval he received from the Seeker. Optimus stroked from where the wing connected to Starscream's back and out to the tip. Starscream practically thrashed against him when he touched the pointed tip of his wing. Optimus, intrigued, lightly pinched it, earning him a pleasured cry and violent squirm.

"Optimus!" Starscream cried.

Optimus could feel his spike, hidden behind a panel on his pelvic armor, beginning to ache with need. It pushed uncomfortably against the latch, urging him to be released and embedded into the dripping valve of the Seeker beneath him. But not yet. He hadn't finished tormenting Starscream quite yet.

"You like that?" he purred seductively. He pinched the tip again, a little harder.

In response, Starscream thrust his entire body upward, screeching, "Ah, yes! More! Please!!"

Optimus' engines roared again in desire, his spike pushing painfully against its panel. He could feel warm lubricant dripping down his other hand and, oh, how he wanted to take the Seeker. But, still, he would hold off.

Prime ran his entire hand over the wing, his fingers leaving light scratches in their wake, teasing the sensitive wires and creating an odd mixture of pain and pleasure. And Starscream wanted more. He twisted his body as best as he could, pushing his wing sharply into Optimus' wandering hand. Optimus took to teasing the tip once again, pulling and pinching roughly at it.

"More! Optimus, please!" Starscream rocked his hips upward into Prime's other hand and he couldn't hold himself back anymore. He threw open Starscream's codpiece harshly and slid a finger inside the wet valve. Starscream's optics widened, his entire body going rigid and his vocalizer almost shorted out. He couldn't believe how good it felt to have Optimus' finger inside him.

Prime was shocked at how tight Starscream's port felt. It was almost like it had never even been touched before. Oh, but his reaction was entirely worth it. Prime chuckled softly, sliding his finger in and out slowly. Starscream released a low, keening moan, optics off-lined completely.

"More," he whispered.

Well, he wanted more. Prime opened his own codpiece with unrestrained vigor, his spike drawing out, fully erect. Starscream on-lined his optics a fraction, just enough to look down and see Optimus' length. His mouth opened in surprise, a small "o" shape. He'd never seen another mech's spike before. Or his own, for that matter. It was… bigger than he thought. And… it was going to be inside him… But he wanted it, oh Primus did he want it.

Optimus watched Starscream's reaction as he unsheathed himself and it was most definitely not what he'd expected. Almost like he'd never seen one before. However, he didn't dwell on it for too long and, with a sharp swing of his hips, he penetrated Starscream's valve.

And the Seeker screamed.

He screamed in total bliss. His optics off-lined again, his grip on Optimus' arms tightening enough to leave dents, and he spread his legs further. When Optimus drew back and thrust his hips again, he got a choked cry in response.

By Primus, it was a tight fit. But it felt amazing! Never had anyone felt so good to Optimus. He plunged deeper and deeper into Starscream, penetrating the sensitive wires until he felt the pleasure node deep within Starscream's dripping valve. The Seeker shrieked again as Optimus rammed his spike against it, hard. It hurt… but it felt so wonderful at the same time. He was in a sea of ecstasy, the lust forcing him to tighten his grip on Optimus' arms. He was sure he was saying something, but he couldn't tell if he was muttering or screaming. The latter seemed more likely.

Starscream felt heat surging through his circuits, his mind totally blank to anything other than the spike that was deeply embedded within him. His electrical field sparked erratically around him, mingling with Optimus' and heightening the building heat.

Optimus plowed into the smaller mech, driving him into the ground. He briefly wondered how Starscream felt about all of this, but he couldn't have stopped even if he wanted to. Sparks of electricity crackled between them creating pleasant tingles across their armor, the sound of their strangled cries of pleasure mixing with the shriek of metal against metal, their cooling fans barely able to expel the excess heat.

It hit Starscream first. His first overload. His entire body convulsed, turbines whining as he lost control, his vocalizer shrieking out the name of his lover, pleasure drowning him in an ocean of ecstasy. He arched up against Optimus who, after seeing the display of the smaller mech writhing beneath him, overloaded almost immediately after. Starscream's valve clamped down on Optimus' spike and he fell unconscious as the aftershocks hit him.

Optimus felt the Seeker go limp underneath him and, after a quick scan, realized that his overload had been powerful enough to knock him off-line. The Autobot leader felt an odd sense of pride at that. However, he would have to wait until Starscream awoke before he left. He wouldn't leave the Seeker alone while he was unconscious.

Optimus rolled off the Seeker, a bit disoriented himself from their interfacing. It had been a long time since he'd had an experience that powerful. Actually, as he thought about it, he didn't think he'd ever felt an experience so fulfilling. Starscream had been such a good little lover. Responding to every touch eagerly, wanting more. But there was something about the way that he'd reacted that put Optimus off a little. It was almost like he'd never done this before. But with the way that Starscream looked and acted, there was no way that he could be a virgin.

Could he?

Optimus' musings were interrupted by a soft groan from the mech lying next to him. Starscream's optics flickered on, dimming to a deep crimson as they settled on his partner. A tiny smile worked its way onto his faceplates and, though exhausted, he looked decidedly satisfied. Optimus couldn't believe how beautiful Starscream looked in that moment. Perhaps it was the expression of genuine happiness on his face, a look so rare and contrasting sharply with the usual smirk or sneer that normally graced his face. Or perhaps it was the glow that he seemed to have from the aftershocks of their love-making.

Or the innocence that was just barely visible in his optics.

Oh Primus, this was his first time.

Optimus suddenly felt exceedingly guilty. He had just taken the Seeker's chastity, for what? Because Starscream was trying to thank him for something that any decent mech would have done? Optimus had assumed that Starscream had done this many times before and had treated him accordingly. Had he known that Starscream had never experienced this before, he would have declined the offer immediately, or at least been a little gentler.

Starscream sat up slowly, wincing slightly. They sat in silence for a while, neither having the processor power to put together a coherent sentence.

Optimus broke the quiet first this time. "Starscream… this may be a very personal question and you may feel free not to answer, but… was this your first time?"

Starscream's wings twitched a little in irritation at the question. The first thing that jumped into his vocalizer was, "None of your business," but he forced himself to "bite his tongue," as Skywarp often told him. Well, it really wasn't any of Prime's business, though. He was such a sentimental old fool that he'd think this experience meant more than just a casual interfacing if he knew that it was Starscream's first. And it didn't mean anything! At all! Not a slagging thing!

But, he supposed that Optimus did have the right to know. For some reason. He had been staring unfocusedly at the cliff as all of this went through his processor and had been silent for so long that Optimus thought he wouldn't answer. Eventually, he came to his decision and muttered, feeling inexplicably embarrassed, "Yes, it was."

"Why…?" The words died in Prime's vocalizer.

"I never wanted to," he shrugged uncomfortably. "There was never anyone who caught my interest and I never saw it as a recreational sport, so I just never indulged."

"But you let me…?"

Starscream snorted quietly, a hint of a sneer on his faceplates. "Don't flatter yourself, Prime. You saved my life and even in my twisted sense of morality I believed I owed you at least that much."

"I told you, you didn't owe me."

"And I told you, yes I did!" Starscream snapped, his head twisting around to look at the Prime, optics flaring dangerously despite his exhaustion. "As much as it probably boggles that tiny little processor of yours, I do hold a sense of right and wrong and, to me, saving my life is something that should be fragging rewarded! Whether it my first time or not hardly seems like the issue. It was bound to happen sooner or later and I'd rather it was… Never mind." Looking mortified by his almost-slip up, he looked away again, suddenly very uncomfortable again.

After a few long nanokliks of awkward silence, Optimus murmured, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you."

"I'm not offended… well, I am a little that you found it so hard to believe that I was a virgin." He smirked impetuously at Optimus. "I mean, really, do I act like such a little whore?"

Optimus flinched slightly. "No, no, nothing like that… I just… I thought, because of how you look… that…" He trailed off uncomfortably, fighting the uncharacteristic urge to fidget.

And Starscream laughed. It wasn't harsh or bitter or condescending as it usually was, but a light Spark-felt chuckle that made his entire face light up and his being radiate pure mirth. "Please, Optimus," he snickered. "It's okay. I understand. I mean, just because I've never indulged doesn't mean that I haven't had offers. I don't need you to tell me that I'm at least mildly attractive. And it doesn't take a genius to see when someone's surprised that I don't hop into the berth with them as soon as the shutter their optics at me." He frowned slightly. "But… I would have hoped that at least you wouldn't have jumped to conclusions…" He shook his head and continued. "I know how I look; I know how others look at me. So I try to keep things subtle. Subtle for me, anyway." This earned him a soft laugh from Optimus. "But I try not to flaunt things. I really do. It's just… you know, with my attitude, it seems like I'm constantly putting myself out there." He shrugged again, seeming a little confused. "I'm not. The others just interpret it that way."

Again, Optimus felt horribly guilty. "I apologize, Starscream. I shouldn't have assumed otherwise."

Starscream looked up at him oddly. He wasn't used to being apologized to. "'S okay," he muttered, picking childishly at a rock lying next to him. After a little while, he said, "I suppose I should head back. Wouldn't want Megatron replacing me. Primus knows Skywarp would run the Seekers into the ground if he was Air Commander and Soundwave is such a 'yes-mech'. Megatron doesn't need anymore ego-stroking." He looked up at Optimus, his optics bright red, hiding some emotion that the Autobot leader couldn't quite identify. "Thank you, Optimus," he said, "for everything."

Optimus only nodded slightly. Starscream stood up, ran a quick diagnostics to make sure his thrusters were in working order, then, with a final glance at Optimus, he jumped into the air, thrusters flaring to life, turbines whirring loudly, and took off toward the Nemesis. He didn't transform, preferring the way the cool desert air felt across his already over-sensitized body.

Optimus watched as the Seeker slowly disappeared in the night sky, an odd warmth in his Spark that hadn't been there before. He had learned more about Starscream tonight than any other mech ever had… and… he happened to like what he'd learned.

He should feel guilty. Guilty for having taken Starscream's virginity, for allowing himself to interface with a Decepticon, for not taking him prisoner, for betraying his Cause… but he couldn't bring himself to care. Right now, at this moment, with that wonderful, beautiful Seeker flying off in the distance, the starlight dancing across his wings, his face the purest delight, his body glowing with sensual satisfaction… that was what mattered. For once, Starscream was purely, genuinely happy. How long it would last depended on how long he avoided Megatron, naturally. But he had experience authentic joy for once in his life… and Optimus had provided it for him. Hopefully, they would meet again like this. Causes and factions be damned because to see that smile on Starscream's smooth, grey lips would be worth every nanoklik of the accusations and hate he would suffer if any of his soldiers found out.

Yes, seeing Starscream happy would be worth it. With every pulse of his Spark, Optimus knew that he would betray his faction again for even an astrosecond of Starscream's radiant delight.

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