It went to hell after my sister died. My mother was hysterical and Chuck was in jail. That still didn't stop me from pulling the trigger on myself. The only reason why I'm alive is because my mom walked in as I was pulling the trigger, and I missed. She was hysterical as she called 911; I was losing consciousness from the blood loss soon after.

My mother's cry's got softer as I fell unconscious. I could faintly hear her saying this before I completely blanked out. " Ana why? Why would you do this to me! I already lost your sister, and Chuck!"

Ugh, how could she bring up Chuck? The man who was my mother's boyfriend and the man who sexually abused my sister and me countless times. The man who killed my sister because she decided she had enough and that if he didn't she would tell. I was too afraid to say anything to anyone; yet I wasn't afraid to pull the trigger.