Hey All! It's Don (who else- unless Darth Vader was using my computer for some reason, ha, ha).

Anyhoo, this story is probably a bit different from the other stories I've done so far (probably because it focuses on an AU of all the characters from YJK and some others and not quite on the same level of angst and dark themes as my other work).

This story will also be a bit lighter hearted and its focus will be on the characters as they grow up from a younger age (than the original YJK) and offers a new view on how the characters could have met each other had things been different (you'll see what I mean when I post the first chapter- probably this weekend, so keep checking this story or add it to your story alert).

I think I'll not have this story be any more intense than a T rating (I always rate up to be safe, but just so everyone knows, it will most likely not get anywhere near as mature as my Namesake series).

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy "Remember"- which I guarantee will be up (at least the first chapter- please note I am running two other stories too- so if you review you'll see me posting faster because if I know someone's waiting, I definitely respond faster and push past any writer's block I have).

Have a great rest of the week, Everyone!

-Don ^_^

PS- If someone can bring at least five steady readers to at least one of my stories and get them to review it, that person will get virtual cookies from me and I might consider telling you my last name (which is more than most people will ever know on this site). =)