This is my first fiction, and I like to call it a Twilight fan fiction of sorts.
Because it is different in certain ways.

Though I don't know whether my writing skills do it any justice,
I believe that Twilight lovers will enjoy the tale told here.
I couldn't help it anyway - this story was in me and wanted out...

Yes, I'm that kind of girl :-)

Beta'd by my talented friend uhyesplease.
I love you!!!




I usually hated the train station after nightfall, but I didn't care tonight.
Kicking that new trainee's ass was definitely worth getting home late for, even on a Friday...

That little bitch sported the body of a supermodel, but her brain had to be the size of a pea. Unfortunately, the latter escaped the vast (and male) majority of my co-workers' perceptions, due to the undeniable fact that she was blonde, curvy and under twenty-five - a combination which seemed to lower the average male's brain capacity likewise.

I had spent the last two weeks in Barbie hell!

When I ordered her to stay late and finish her damn job after office hours today, I experienced an inner rodeo of relief and triumph, and relished the idea of wrecking her evening plans. I still felt peppy when I saw the 9:15 Regional approached the track.

While the train slowed down, its breaks performing their usual deafening Heavy Metal tune, I carefully scanned the passing wagons. If I was going to take a nap during the boring one-hour ride, and I was pretty sure I was, picking the right compartment was crucial.

First wagon: no passengers at all - not good.
Second wagon: empty except for a single filthy creep - no way!
No3 looked quite promising: an elderly couple, three giggling teenage girls with loads of shopping bags and one good-looking, if unshaved, young...

Oh! Hi, Kiddo...!

My feet had already started walking before I fully realized what I was going to do.

No nap for me tonight.
Not after I'd had that blonde amoeba for supper, with the sweet taste of satisfaction still lingering.
Not with the incarnate hero of my wet dreams handed to me on a plate in wagon No3...

When the doors slid open, I felt wide awake and ready for anything.


Oh yes, that was mean - I know.

Just a prologue? Just this... teaser??

I'm sorry.
There's more to come soon.