Wooooo, I'm back! This time we follow Jayne, Sam and Dean's sister. Starting back at series one, near the beginning. I hope you enjoy, and those of you who read Green Eyes, I hope you enjoy this just as much. I'm hoping it will be a better quality as I've gotten used to writing the characters and understand them more now. Enjoy!!!!

Four thirty A.M. Kamiah, Idaho. Sam was wide awake, Dean had his head shoved into a pillow, his breathing deep and even, yet Sam knew for a fact that even though his brother was in a deep sleep, the slightest noise that was out of place would have him wide awake, brandishing the dagger and small throwing knives he kept securely hidden underneath his pillow. Sam shook his head in amusement at the thought. He lost count the number of times he'd walked into the room and had to dodge a flying knife heading his way. When he was younger it used to scare the life out of him, but now, he just casually side stepped before raising an eyebrow at Dean, who would be sitting up in the bed, his eyes clouded with sleep and his hand rubbing the back of his neck in sheepishness as he realised that yet again he had acted before thinking and accidentally tried to end his brother's life.

Take now, for example. Sam had warned Dean time and time again that Jayne was coming, but Dean being Dean had probably forgotten and when she arrived in about half an hour's time, no doubt she too would have to dodge the knife.

Just as he expected. The door clicked as the lock was opened, and just as the door opened and a very tall nineteen year old girl walked in, a knife was thrown. The girl screamed and quickly dropped to the floor, narrowly avoiding the weapon. Dean sat up at the scream, and his eyes widened as he realised who he had just tried to kill. She glared up at him with her soft hazel eyes, eyes identical to Sam's.

"Damnit Dean you sonofabitch!"

"Watch your language young lady" He said as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

"I'm sorry, but you just tried to kill me, and I just had to dodge a KNIFE that you THREW at my HEAD, so the last thing I'm going to be thinking about is my language!"

Sam started laughing, and the pair stopped bickering to throw him identical looks of annoyance. The laugh died and he sank back into his pillows, trying to hide the grin on his face. Jayne eventually rolled her eyes before grinning and standing up again now that she had recovered from the attack. She brushed her light brown hair back off her face before standing and walking over to Sam.

"So, where's my hug, big bro?"

Sam chuckled and gave her a quick hug. She looked over to Dean and saw that he was about to sneak out of the room, but she managed to catch him before he could escape and gave him a big hug.

"Don't think you can get away buddy. I've not seen you guys for six months so there's no way you're not getting a hug."

Dean hugged her back briefly, albeit slightly reluctantly as it fit into his no chick flick moments rule, before sliding back into bed, and less than a minute later, he had gone back to his deep slumber. Jayne watched him with a look of shock. She'd forgotten just how quickly her brother could fall asleep. She threw her bag next to Sam's and didn't even bother to change, instead she opted to just lie next to her brother and fall asleep, just as quickly as Dean had minutes earlier. Sam softly rolled his eyes at how similar the eldest and youngest sibling were, and shook his head before settling back down so that he was back to back with Jayne. He felt more complete again now that the family was almost completely back together.

The next morning, Sam as usual was the first one to wake after having yet another nightmare about Jess. He quickly got out of bed and moved over to the shower. When he walked back into the room, he saw that Jayne was no longer on the bed, but standing in front of him with a cup of steaming coffee in her hand that she handed to him. He nodded his thanks and the pair sat on the sofa in silence, until Jayne couldn't stay quiet any longer.

"So, how long have you been having these nightmares?" she asked.

"What nightmares?"

Jayne just raised an eyebrow and continued to stare at him until he finally felt creeped out and told her before she could really creep him out further by what he secretly called the 'Dean-stare'.

"Since Jess died."

"Liar. I can see in your eyes that you're lying. So, try again. How long have you had the nightmares?"

Sam hated that about Jayne. Dean would brag that he could read people, and to an extent, he actually could, but nowhere near as well as Jayne. One look, and she could probably tell everyone your darkest secret. It amazed and fascinated him, yet times like this, he just found it annoying.

"Look, I've had them for a while. Can we just drop the subject now?"

Jayne sighed and stood up before moving to the shower room. Just as she was about to close the door, she said one last thing to him.

"I'm not Dean, Sam, you don't have to hide things from me, you know."

Sam waited for the door to click before he returned to his coffee. As he listened to the shower start and the sound of Dean's breathing, he thought about what his younger sister said. He knew he didn't have to hide things from her but he just didn't feel ready to tell everyone everything yet.

Not yet.