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A month passed and Jayne quickly fit into the usual routine. Motel, food, research, hunt, sleep, travel, motel... it never ceased, but she loved every second of it. She still thought about seeing her dad every day, and every day she fought the urge to tell her brothers, but after a couple of weeks, the urge subsided until she stopped thinking about it altogether and focused more on her hunting and research.

They were currently in Lawrence, Kansas because Sam had a vision that involved their old house. When Dean had told her they would be going, she was very reluctant at first, especially as she had only ever seen the house in one photograph. Plus, she wasn't sure that she really wanted to be in the house that her mother was killed in. She could tell that her brothers both felt the same way as she did, but she knew that they were going, end of story, so she eventually gathered all of her determination and scraps of courage she had and finally agreed to go with them. Plus, she didn't want to be left at Bobby's again, not after only just getting back.

Her reaction when she saw the house was to fall silent and turn her gaze away from it. It looked so...normal. She couldn't believe that a place that looked so normal could have been the sight of such a tragic death just nineteen years ago. It was unfathomable. Sam noticed the silence and turned to face Jayne, giving her a sad yet comforting smile when she caught his gaze. She tried to send one back to him, but found herself unable to, instead letting a tear slide down her chin. Immediately, Sam's smile fell as he too fought to control the conflicting emotions battling inside of him. Both siblings were fully aware that the person taking this the hardest was Dean, one look at his hands gripping the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles were white and the raging sorrow swimming in his eyes were definite give-aways. Not caring about his reaction, Jayne pushed herself forwards and put her arms round her oldest brothers neck. She felt him tense up but after a few seconds her relaxed again and she heard him take in a shakey breath as his hands loosened their grip on the wheel. Sam got out of the car to give them some privacy, and Jayne made a mental note to thank him for it later. A few more seconds passed, and the shaky breaths from Dean were becoming harder for him to control, and the next thing Jayne knew, something wet dropped onto her hand. She looked at her hand in shock, and as soon as she realised what it was, her body kicked into auto pilot. She flung herself onto Sam's empty seat before moving so that she was pretty much straddling Dean. He looked at her in shock, his eyes still containing the majority of his unshed tears. Jayne said nothing, just threw her arms round him and buried her head into his shoulder, offering him silent comfort as he wrapped his arms round her waist and allowed himself to let go of his feelings this once as he too rested his head on her small shoulder as he let his tears finally fall.

Eventually, Dean pulled away and Jayne let go of him. She pulled back slightly, and he saw that she too had been crying. He quickly wiped the tears off her face and she did the same for him, causing him to smile at her. She grinned back before looking out of the window and seeing Sam facing the house with his shoulders hunched, and if she was seeing correctly, they were shaking slightly too. Dean also saw and while Jayne went to comfort her other brother, Dean made his way out of sight to ring their dad and beg him to come. He may have been twenty six, but at that moment, he needed his dad, and he knew the other two needed him too, even Sam.

When he returned to his siblings, Dean saw Sam and Jayne standing next to the Impala, their arms wrapped round each other and Sam with his head resting on top of Jayne's. Dean hid the smile that wanted to appear and moved over to them both.

"Ok, so dad is as responsive as normal, so it looks like we're alone for this one"

The two younger Winchesters nodded their heads before moving towards the house. Dean knocked, and though every part of him was screaming to turn and walk away, he pushed himself to knock, and when the young woman with a small boy in her arms answered, he felt torn. He knew it wasn't going to be his parents answering but part of him secretly wished that it would be his mother that answered. Sam explained to the woman that they used to live there and when she said she had found a box of their things, Dean noticed Jayne's eyes light up. The woman let them in and she disappeared into the basement to collect the box. She gave it to Sam and he thanked her, but Jayne noticed that something was majorly wrong with her older brother. Once they were back out at the Impala, she waved a hand in front of his face and he gave her a confused look.

"What's wrong Sam? And don't say nothing because I know you'd be lying"

Sam sighed, knowing that he was defeated. He explained that he had been having strange feelings, but before they could go into further detail, Dean came up to them.

"I just spoke to one of the neighbours that knew mom and dad. Apparently dad hired a psychic to investigate the house after mom died."

"So we look up psychics in the phone book and see if any of them was the one?" Jayne asked.

Dean nodded. Jayne sighed.

Two hours later, Jayne started reading through the list of names in the seventh phone book they had found. She was tired, hungry and more importantly frustrated, but she wanted to know the truth just as much as her brothers did, it was an obsession for all three of them, so she kept going, refusing to give up no matter what. When she read out the name Missouri and Dean told her to stop, it took all her self control not to cheer in a mixture of triumph and relief. Instead, she took the greatest pleasure in slamming the book shut and pushing it as far away from her as she could, earning a chuckle from Sam and a grin from Dean followed by a promise of cafe food for lunch. Once they had finished, they went to the address for Missouri. When the woman came into the room, Jayne immediately felt like she could be trusted. All the nerves she felt numbed and as they all sat and listened to what Missouri had to tell them, her fear and nerves began to dissolve one by one.

While Missouri and the other two went to the house again, Jayne stayed behind, mainly due to the fact that she still had the odd day where she grew tired quickly thanks to the attack three months earlier. Though three months had passed, she still found herself constantly seeing her best friend lying on the floor in front of her, and every now and then, her head or arm would suddenly throb with pain, as if they needed to remind her. Unfortunately, this also made her tired occasionally, and today was just one of those unfortunate days for her. After a small nap to recharge her batteries, she stretched and caught sight of the box that Sam had placed on the floor next to the sofa. Half of her wanted to look at the contents inside but the other half told her to wait for her brothers before looking. In the end her curiosity won and she sat on the floor and cleared a space around her before opening the box. A small cloud of dust blew in her face, and once she stopped coughing, she braced herself and looked in at the contents. The first thing she saw was a photograph of her dad, mum and brothers. They were standing in front of the house, John holding Dean and a very heavily pregnant Mary holding Sam. On the back of the photo was a note.

December 31st 1985. John, Sam, Dean Myself and our little bump welcoming the New Year!

As Jayne realised that the writing was her mothers', fresh tears fell as she was bombarded with fresh, raw emotions. For the first time in her life, she could see her mothers' writing, and it just added more character to what she already knew. Jayne also noticed that her mom's writing was almost identical to her own and Deans and she couldn't help but smile. She put the photo down and picked the next one up, which showed her mom looking very exhausted as she cradled a baby in her arms. When Jayne turned the photo over, she instantly recognised her dad's writing.

January 24th 1979. Mary with our two hour old son Dean

Warmth flowed through her and she set that photo aside too. She spent the next few minutes looking through the photos of her brothers as babies, something she'd never seen before. She suddenly came across a photo of Mary holding a young baby who was wearing a pale pink dress. Jayne's breath hitched and she fought back the tears as she saw for the first time in her life a photo of her mother holding her. Mary had her arms around the baby and was cradling her against her chest. The baby was fast asleep and Mary too had her eyes closed, a soft smile on her face. Jayne found herself completely absorbed in the photo, and didn't even notice that she was crying, nor did she hear that the others had returned.

Something touched Jayne's shoulder and she squeaked in surprise as she span round to see who it was. Missouri gave her a warm smile.

"Sorry child, but I thought you might like something to eat? I told your brothers to wait in the kitchen for you because I could see what you were doing and guessed you wouldn't want them to see you like this."

"Thanks Missouri, I really appreciate it. Oh, and I'm sorry for moving your rug."

"It's no problem; just make sure you put it back again, ok?"

"Will do."

Jayne quickly wiped her tears away and placed the photos back in the box before returning it to the spot Sam left it in. She walked into the kitchen and both brothers immediately saw that she had been crying, but before either of them could move towards her, Missouri had ordered them to clean up while she cooked dinner. Jayne smiled at the looks on their faces, and she sent them both winks to let them know she would be ok.

Dinner was quiet; Jayne was lost in her thoughts as she remembered the photos in the box, Sam had a frown on his face as he tried to shift the feeling of worry in his mind, Missouri had left to give them some space, and Dean was driving himself crazy with worry over his two unusually silent siblings. Jayne was the first to finish and as soon as she put her cutlery down, she ran out to the living room and picked up the box before disappearing outside and sitting in the Impala so she could carry on looking through them. She put her I-pod headphones in and listened to her AC/DC music as she shifted through the photos. Many made her smile, such as Sam's first proper smile, Dean with a big bump on his head and other assorted photos of her mum and dad together, smiling and laughing. Something wet dropped onto a photo of her parents on their wedding day, and she reached up to brush her tears away. A hand suddenly grabbed her shoulder and she screamed as she moved back. She pulled her headphones out of her ears and turned to see Dean picking up the photo that she had just dropped, studying it carefully. He smiled softly, but Jayne could see the hurt and sorrow in his eyes, and leant against him. He put an arm round her and they stayed like that for about an hour. Den looked down at Jayne, and when he saw she had actually fallen asleep against him, he smiled again and picked her up, taking her into the house and letting her have his bed. He went back downstairs and called for Sam, whose head suddenly appeared from the kitchen.

"What's up?" He asked his older brother.

"It's just being back here, you know? I don't like it. We've sorted it out so let's just go already."

"I know how you feel Dean, hell, we all feel the same way, but we just can't leave yet. I dunno, something's telling me that this isn't over."

"I suppose so. Hey, how's your neck?"

"It's a bit sore, but I'll live. Hey, so what was up with Jayne earlier?"

"I think she went through the box and saw the photos of us all as babies."

Sam said nothing, but Dean knew he understood.

The following evening, Jayne went with her brothers to the house. She heard the front door slam behind her and hurried with Dean to smash down the door. As soon as she saw the flame engulfed thing approaching her older brother, she ran forward, ready to die protecting him. The flames subsided and she let out a loud gasp, echoed by her brothers. Mary smiled at them and first looked to Dean.



She smiled warmly at him before turning to Jayne.

"My baby girl's all grown up. You're so beautiful"

Jayne swallowed the lump in her throat but was unable to stop the tears from falling. She barely heard what her mother said to Sam, but when she turned and started shouting at the spirit in the house, Jayne suddenly realised what she was about to do, and could only watch in horror as her mother vanished from sight once again. Sam was released from the wall and immediately put his arms round Jayne. She turned and buried her head in his chest, and he held her tighter, offering her comfort.

As they left Kansas later the following morning, Jayne didn't look up at their old house as they drove past. She physically couldn't face looking up at the house, especially after witnessing her mother's spirit leaving it. She knew that to look up now, she would feel an emptiness that she never wanted to feel. Instead, she kept her head down, and as they turned down the street, she leant forward and buried her head in Sam's shoulder. He silently rubbed her arm, and when they were completely out of view, he told her it was clear. She kissed both him and Dean on the side of their heads before sitting back in her seat and opening her book, burying herself in it and letting the world fade out as she absorbed the words.