A/N: All of these stories that I will be writing will most likely be inspired by the songs I listen to. Don't be surprised when there will be a bunch of stories in a row by the same artist and the same album. Especially Taylor Swift haha I love her so much! Oh and Lights too and it's totally fab that she's Torontonian cause I am too!!

Anyways, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I Don't own Naruto

Song: You're Not Sorry by Taylor Swift
Word Count: 226

He was gone, leaving her alone in an echoing house. It wasn't even a home. A home was something that you loved to come back to, something you yearned for when you were gone on long length missions, missing that person that was there and fit the last piece to that puzzle you thought could never be complete. At least that's what she thought. But when did her thoughts ever count anyways? Sasuke never seemed to care.

Sakura sat at the kitchen table, candles flickering, and dinner slowly cooling. She got up, blew out the candles and walked up the stairs with soft steps, heading down the dark hallway towards the room they both shared. She sat on the bed, feeling it sink under her weight. Her thoughts were going a mile a minute not knowing what to do until she finally came to the decision she should have made a long time ago.

And when Sasuke came back, that echoing house he lived in with his wife seemed no different than when he left earlier that night. Only when he saw the carefully prepared meals cold on the kitchen table and no wife in their shared bed did he notice it was empty.

Or maybe it was already empty before and it just never occurred to him that everything was already hanging on a thread.