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Note: Nunnally is healthy in this story.


By: Emile Amadare

Chapter One

Lelouch hung over me on his hands and knees, shirtless. The room was dimly lit by candlelight, and smelled of roses and lovely incense—the perfect setting for a scene in a romance. Only, instead of a long-haired gentleman and his female lover, the two engaging in gentle physical affection atop the bed were love-struck teenage boys: a rich, handsome, brooding Britannian and his Japanese childhood friend.

As the beautiful boy hung over me, I imagined dark, majestic wings sprouting from his back, contrasting against his light skin. His stunning, warm smile and lilac eyes penetrated me, before he leaned down to kiss me. Inhaling his fresh breath, I caressed his face with my hands as he gently swept his soft lips against mine. His body then collapsed on top of me as he continued to kiss me softly, somewhat drowsily. He smiled at me once more, and then he rolled off of me to sleep by my side. I blew out the candles, revealing moonlight through the half-curtained window. Lelouch had already begun drifting to sleep as he laid facing away from me. I turned to face his back, and gazed at his motionless figure. His beautiful, straight, dark hair lay flat on his head, complementing his light colored skin. I rested one arm over him, and nestled my face in his warm neck.

Lelouch and I had first confessed feelings for each other when we were younger kids, around age eight. Even then, we kept it secret. Then after I entered the military, he and I rarely got to see each other… Reacquainted, we don't hang out together at school for political reasons, but we are very much together. We were reminded of our strong feelings as soon as we could spend more time with each other, and after awhile we finally made our moves. Our relationship, on every level, is kept a secret, but at home we are free to be friends and lovers.

I woke in the morning to find that Lelouch was not in the bed next to me were he should have been. I sat up and looked around the room; he wasn't there. The spot next to me felt rather cold, suggesting he had gotten up awhile before. I sighed. I got out of bed and wandered around the big house, searching for him. Around the corner came not Lelouch, but his little sister Nunally's fragile but healthy body. She blushed, seeing me in nothing but my boxers.

"Um… Excuse my… outfit… Have you seen Lelouch this morning?" I asked her.

"Hm… I saw him go out the door…" she replied with her frail voice.

"… Thanks." I sighed again. I was in Lelouch's house, yet he always seemed to be the one leaving while I stayed behind.



"You and my brother… are more than friends, aren't you?"

"… Is it that obvious?"

She smiled and nodded before leaving the room.

I exited the front door to search for Lelouch outside, hoping that he hadn't actually left. Around the huge house, to the left side, I found him lying under a tree in the grass, fully dressed in jeans and a black long-sleeved shirt. He looked at me as I walked closer, smiling.

"… What?" I asked.

"You're in your underwear." He looked at me warmly.

"At this point, you should be used to it," I smiled back. He motioned me to come sit near him and as I did, he pulled me to the ground and sat on top of me.

"You let your guard down too easily for having all that training," he said. I just thought to myself that it would be natural to be loose around someone trusted. Then I pushed him off of me, somewhat harshly, and then took over his position. He gently pulled my face down closer to his and kissed me. His tongue wrestled mine for a while, and then he gave me a soft single kiss on the lips before letting me go. Instead I, expecting more, kissed him again. We had both always secretly dreamed of being together like this…

"… Nunnally knows about us." I told him, looking down at his stunning face.

"I knew she'd figure it out. She's a smart girl…"


"I hope she's not jealous," he smiled.

I smiled back. "I should probably go get dressed now…"

Lelouch followed me inside and upstairs to his bedroom. He stood back against the wall with a calm, yet uncertain look on his face. Then, before I could pick up my clothes, he seized my wrist, and then he pulled me back against the wall he had just been leaning on, pinning me to it with his body. He gently kissed my neck once before gluing his mouth to mine. He kissed me fervently… Then in the middle of his lust, his leg found its way between my thighs, grinding against me hard as I felt his stiffness. I could feel my body heat up and my face turn red as I realized what was happening. Lelouch was seducing me… And I was finally going to get to 'sleep' with him. As much as I wanted it, I was nervous and unsure.

He pulled me onto the bed, his mouth never leaving my body except when he removed his shirt. As I reclined, he hovered over me like the night before, only with more sexual intentions. Kissing my chest, his hand ran up my thigh, and then up over my boxers, pulling them down a little bit, but not all the way.

I felt amazing, as I breathed heavily, under him. But in all that heat, I decided that I didn't want it to happen yet. He hadn't yet told me he loved me…

He began to unbutton his pants. I grabbed his wrists and stopped him. "Lelouch…." I looked at him apologetically, "… Not yet…"

He intertwined his fingers with mine, smiling gently. He leaned down to kiss me, in understanding. Then he laid down next to me and put away his lust. "… I'm sorry, Suzaku," he said quietly as he played with my hair and brushed my cheek.

"It's alright," I smiled. It would happen someday soon. He was mine...*

I'm all alone in bed
I can't sleep- I'm feeling blue.
I try to close my eyes,
But all I'm thinking of is you,
Baby, only you..