Chapter Four

As I tried to go throught classes like it was a normal day, I heard rumors about Lelouch, Shirley, and I already. It all started with Rivalz. He apparently tried to pick a fight with Lelouch in front of Millie. After Millie asked him about it, she went to comfort Shirley. Then people overheard, and Rivalz probably blabbed some more. Nobody was giving me any crap, which was good, because I was also a victim in this, but people were giving me weird looks, and whispering to each other as they did. I guess it was to be expected, after word got around that I was in a secret relationship with a brooding Britannian boy.

We were never even planning on telling anyone about our relationship while we were still in school, and now everyone was going to find out like this.

I sighed as I closed my book to the sound of the school bell. Just as I turned out the door, I heard someone call my name, in an irritated way. I mentally rolled my eyes. Millie Ashford.

"Suzaku!" she called again. I turned around just as she grabbed my wrist, pulling me to a nearby table. "How do you feel, hurting Shirley like that?" she questioned me with piercing eyes.

I put my hands up in innocence. "Hey, I didn't know until two days ago! I swear, I never knew Lelouch was dating her!" I defended myself.

"But, how could you not know when you all share this campus?" she asked.

I shrugged. "I don't know... I'm a victim here, too! I didn't find out until recently, and I told Lelouch, 'you have to choose: me or her', but he was way too late, and she found out."

Millie put a finger to her chin. "Hm... Well... Come to think of it... they have been keeping rather hush-hush... They won't even hold hands in public! I thought Loulou was just a stiff afraid of true romance. But, Suzaku... since when do you like him at all?"

I gave a heartbroken sigh. "... Since forever..." I confessed. The secret was out, there was no point in pretending. She smiled. "Don't be too hard on him for this," I said. "He made a huge, idiotic mistake, but he's not a bad person..."

"... Alright..." she said with a soft voice. "But I'm still gonna kick his ass!" She stood up and then ran off. I watched her go, and then went to my next class.


After the last bell, I still hadn't heard from Lelouch. But when I walked out into the courtyard, I ran into him. I asked him if he had fixed things yet. "I'm doing that right now," he replied.

Making sure Shirley was near, he got up onto a table and got everyone's attention with an ear-splitting whistle. "Listen up!" he shouted. "Some of you have probably heard about the fiasco between me, Shirley, and Suzaku. I am sorry for hurting you both," he said as he looked between me and her. "It was a cruel mistake that I never should have made, and I'm an idiot for acting without thinking. Shirley, I wanted to make you happy, not disappoint you... but now I know that that decision hurt you way worse in the end. I didn't want to hurt either of you. Shirley, you are a great girl, never doubt that. But the truth is... I am in love with Suzaku Kururugi." There were a few gasps and 'aww's from the crowd at those last words. "I have been for years..." he continued. "Now you all know, and he is the only one I will be with from now on, that is, if he can forgive me..."

Some people believed him, while others scowled and left. But I believed him with all my heart.

Shirley didn't look too down; actually, she looked much better after Lelouch's apology than she had earlier that day. Satisfied with his speech, he got down from the table and spoke a few more words of sincerest apologies to her. I smiled, proud of his public preformance.

I glanced at the ground for one moment before a silky hand guided my face away to meet loving, lilac eyes. "Can you? Forgive me?" he wondered. I smiled at him.

"Lelouch Lamperouge... I love you," I told him. "... And having your love means everything to me. And now I know it's real." My face heated up slightly as I confessed to him.

He smiled back and pulled me into a tight hug. "I love you, too... truly, for real... And I know I always will."

"... Then I forgive you," I said as I embraced him back, not caring what people thought of us. I released the hug. "Can I be your only partner now?" I asked with glossy eyes.

"Of course," he replied. "It should have been that way from the beginning." He leaned in and kissed me hard and longingly, before caressing my hot cheek. "Our lives might change now..." he said, "but I'll stand by you, no matter what. I promise."

I knew I could trust him now. His words brought forth so many intense emotions from inside me, which manifested into a single tear. He wiped it away and embraced me again.

"Knowing I hurt you... was the worst pain I have ever felt..." he whispered. "Suzaku Kururugi, from now on, I will live to make you happy." And I knew he meant it. Whatever challenges we would face in the future, we would now conquer together. Just me and him. No one else. No more lies.*

I dream that our love will last forever.
Hold me tight, in your arms.
I know we have this strength to stay together.
Walk with me, hand in hand.
I promise to be there forever, forever...

The End.

Lyrics: "Forever" by Dee Dee.