Summary: Edward and the rest of the gang were their high school's bullies. Bella was the geeky kid they picked on. What happens when they meet up years later, and Edward starts to get a thing for Bella, when all she can think about is how to get revenge? How are they going to look at each other?


*1983- Sophomore Year*

* I was walking towards the lunch room, pressing myself against the wall; trying not to get noticed by them. If one of them saw me, I'd be made fun of for sure. Turning into the lunch room, I hurried to my table. Even though I was trying so hard not to be seen, as soon as I sat down, I looked over at them and he was staring at me, making me flinch from the glare he was giving me. I automatically turned around, getting back to my sandwich and book. Even though I was reading about Romeo and Juliet's deadly love, I could still hear the footsteps come up behind me. I didn't need to turn around to know it'd be them, along with him.Him, with the bronze hair, and the face that I could stare at for hours. I knew if I turned around, he would be staring at me with those beautiful green eyes, filled with hatred and anger. I never knew what I did to them; I guess just living was enough. They turned to me, and she, the one with the body any girl would kill for and the white-blond hair, turned to me. She grabbed my milk, and smirking at me, she poured the entire carton on the front of my shirt. Too shocked to feel anything, I watched as she gave a flick of her hair, and walked back to their table. I turned to watch them go after her. I could hear everyone's snickers as I ran out of the room, hurrying to the girls' room with tears streaming down my face. I knew one day they would pay for the hurt they had put on me. *

I awoke from my nightmare; with tears streaming down my face just like they had all those years ago. I wasn't sure where I was, still positive I was in that girls' bathroom, crying for all those horrible years they put me through. I had swore revenge, and that was what I was going to get. That is also the reason why I wasn't as terrified as I should've been about going back to Forks, Washington.

You see, I currently reside in a cozy apartment in Phoenix since my mother and Phil had moved to Africa, the losers. But I was going back to Forks to take care of Charlie, my dad. He had a slight car accident, and when I say slight, I mean his left leg is paralyzed from the thigh down. So, I'm going up to help make life less of a hell for him. That' just how nice I am.

Thank god I had told Angela, my best friend and roommate. She had wanted a change of scenery, and Forks seemed like the place she wanted to be. As if. Once we get there she's going to want to climb right back on that plane and head back to sunny, dry Phoenix. Forks is the wettest, coldest, and greenest place I have ever been, and I preferred sunny and dry, even though I cannot for my life get a tan.

I guess I've stalled quite enough. I kind of need to tell you who they and he are for the story, so you can understand. Well, let's get this over with. Them are Emmet McCarty, Rosalie Hale, Jasper Whitlock, Alice Brandon, and he is the worst of them all, Edward Masen. Edward, Jasper, and Emmet were all man-sluts. And Rosalie and Alice were just sluts. But Edward was the worst of the lot. Emmet, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice all were pretty over with the slut thing, seeing as they already had the person of their dreams. Emmet and Rosalie were perfect for each other: her brains for his brawn. Jasper and Alice were made for each other: his calm for her hyperness. But Edward had no one, which is I guess is why it was okay he made out with a different girl everyday.

Jasper, Alice, and Emmet weren't that bad, they were actually pretty nice. Jasper and Alice just played along to fit into their group, and Emmet felt really bad about what they did to me. I wasn't sure, but I was pretty positive because you could see the embarrassment and upsetness every time they left me with a milk puddle in my lap.

Rosalie and Edward couldn't give a shit though. They were the only ones who ever did anything to me, and I had no idea why. The only reason I could come up with why Rosalie hated me was because she was jealous. But why of me? I was just a Plain Jane. Long, brown hair, porcelain white skin, and brown eyes. She had blond hair, blue eyes, and all her curves showed. Great.

But I never came up with a reason why Edward would hate me. Maybe it was because he had liked me, but that could never be true. With his forest green eyes, magnificent bronze hair, and that crooked smile that could get any girl to like him, why would he like me? I was just a Plain Jane, as I had said above. But maybe it was because I was just an all around nuisance to his life. I mean, I did have to sit next to him in Home Economics and Biology, but that was it. Was his social life really that low that sitting next to a "freak" for two periods was that bad? I mean, seriously, if the kid had found time to really talk to me, it probably wouldn't have been that bad.

But again, why did I care? That was years ago, and I could care less now. My hair had grown out, and I had cut it to a short bob. My curves had finally come in around college, two years after I had left that town. And my porcelain skin was a lot more useful than a nuisance now. I didn't care anymore about a tan, just my friends and my wonderful job. I was a biology major in college, go figure, so now I work as a biology teacher at a community college near my apartment.

Course, now I would have to sell the apartment, quit my job, and find new friends. I hated being the new kid. It always sucked. I bet I'll either run into them or Jessica Stanley and her old freak cheerleader group my first day back. That would suck. Fun for me.