"Room Service." Olivia said as she opened Toby's door. "I heard that you needed some ice. Your wish is my command." Olivia smiled and Toby returned the smile. She swore that there was a glint of a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. She raised the head of Toby's bed until he was sitting upright. "Is that more comfortable for you, sir?"

"Yes, thanks." Toby said. "I will have to compliment the hospital on their doctor's hospitality."

This time she was sure she saw it. It was faint, but it was still there -- that spark that drew her to him and sometimes infuriated her.


She could tell by the way he said her name that he had noticed the change in her demeanor. "Do you know how worried everyone has been?" She asked angrily.

"Everyone?" Toby asked.

"Me, Ray, Oz." Olivia sat down in the chair next to Toby's bed placing the ice bucket on a small table nearby. She positioned herself so that she was facing Toby. "Oz has refused to leave this room since you got here. Ray has been here just about as long."

Olivia hesitated, she didn't want to sound melodramatic, like the weepy girlfriend out of an old black and white movie. "Toby, I know you want to help people. I don't want you to stop doing that. But, please, please for me . . . try to think of yourself some, too. You're not invulnerable." [D1] Now that she'd said the words she felt her eyes well up. She looked down, blinking rapidly, hoping it would pass before he noticed.

Toby lifted a shaky hand and wiped away the one stubborn tear that had fallen down Olivia's face. "I promise I will be more careful. You can't get rid of me this easily."

Olivia gave Toby a small smile. "Thank you." Olivia rose from her chair. She took a quick breath to get her emotions back in check. "I've got to get to my rounds. I'm not the only person who wants to talk to you. I just got first dibbs."

Toby grabbed Olivia's hand, giving it a quick squeeze of reassurance.


Charlie found herself standing outside of Toby's hospital room again. It had been a long day, at the end of a long week, she should be on her way home. The one bright spot was that she had learned from the ICU nurses, with only a little prodding, that Toby had come out of his coma and appeared to be out of danger. That should have been enough. But instead of propping her stocking feet up on the coffee table in her own living room she was standing outside his door. And, with her hand on the handle, experiencing the same indecision she'd had the last time she was here. This was stupid, she told herself, he's probably asleep, Ill just peek in for a minute. She pushed through, turning to ease the latch gently into place. She took a step toward the bed and jerked to a stop. The man was propped up against the raised head section, those amazing blue eyes looking directly at her.

She stepped forward into the room. "I just thought you might want to know about the lady that you rescued." She paused. Why did she feel so nervous? "She's going to be fine. The detectives searched her apartment and she appears to be telling the truth about this being her first time to try and cook meth. She has no previous criminal history, so the judge should go easy on her. Seems like she was just down on her luck and made some bad choices with her life."

"I'm glad she's going to be okay."

Silence stretched between them. "Well, I am going to go, so that you can get some rest." Charlie said as she turned to leave the room.

"Thanks for coming to see me." Toby said. "Both times."

She turned back momentarily. "How did you …?"

"Ray told me." Toby said. "He said that you two had a nice talk."

"Yeah, "Charlie said. "He seems like a nice guy." She gave him a small smile. "I'm glad you're feeling better Toby."


The next day…

Toby sat up in his hospital bed, while Olivia sat at the foot just taking a moment to look at him.

"What?" Toby finally asked. "You've been just staring at me."

Olivia blushed. "Sorry, I'm just really glad you're okay."

"I'm fine Liv, really." [D1] Toby leaned forward with one of his signature smiles, his intense gaze made her limbs weak and warmed a spot somewhere between her heart and somewhere lower.

"I know, I know." Olivia said.

"Are you sure there isn't something you want to ask me?" Toby asked.

"Well, there was one thing." Olivia said, while she shifted her position on the bed. "When Iris was doing her whatever she does…."

"So, you do believe she can heal people?" Toby asked, interrupting her with a cocked half smile.

Olivia put her finger up in protest. "I didn't say that. You just keep telling me to have an open mind, and I'm trying to do that."

"And you can't figure out how she did it?"

"Medically, no." Olivia answered. "But, that's not the point."

"After Iris did her healing thing," Olivia stopped to see if she was going to be interrupted again. Toby remained quiet so she continued. "She said while she was helping you, the waves were really buffeting her. What was she talking about?

Toby opened his mouth to try and come up with a dodge the question, when the door opened revealing Oz and Ray.

"So, are you going home today, sleepyhead?" Oz asked.

Toby smiled at his friend's perfect timing. "Just waiting on a release from the doctor."

Olivia stood up. "He seems fine to me. I'll go and finish up the release paperwork and let you guys talk.

Ray looked over at Toby. "I have a cabin in the woods. I think it would be best for you to take a few days."

"To be alone with my own thoughts." Toby finished. "You know that's not going to happen."

"Ryder said that you get the next few days off." Oz said, jumping into the conversation.

"And maybe mess up any of his equipment?" Toby asked with a bit of a smile.

"That too." Oz nodded.

"So, is he trusting you with the ambulance alone?"

"No." Oz said, rocking back on his heels slightly. "He's given me the next few days off as well. Something about not trusting me alone with his 'babies'. So, if you want some company…" The sentence trailed off.

"That'd be great, Oz" Toby said.

Oz smiled brightly. "I've just got one question for you."

"What's that?"

"Have you ever been out in the woods?"

Oz's face took on a look of fake hurt. "What? Us Turks are excellent outdoorsmen. We can handle anything."

"That's a 'no' isn't it?" Toby asked.

"Well, does the zoo count?" Oz countered.

"No, the zoo doesn't count."


Toby stopped next to Oz's car. "Thanks, Oz."

"For what?"

"Olivia said you didn't leave the hospital the whole time. Thanks."

"Oh, don't mention it," Oz said, waving off the comment as he got into the vehicle.

Toby, followed suit getting seated before saying, "It was not your fault."

"Are you doing your ..." Oz's eye widened as he got a far off look.

"No, Oz. I'm not. I don't have to. I know you." Toby shook his head, as he eased his seat belt harness into place. "So, what are all the paper bags and containers in the back.

"Oh, when I told my mom that we were going to be spending a few days in the woods. She said she would send along some food to keep me from starving since there are no convenience stores nearby. There are no convenience stores nearby, are there?" Oz said as he buckled in.

A large grin broke out on Toby's face. "No, no convenience stores."

"So, how far out in the woods are we going?" Oz cranked up the car.

"Don't know. We'll have to follow the directions Ray gave us."

"So, do you think we will see a bear?"

"I don't know, maybe."