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"What are you doing," Sookie inquired. Claude had boxes piled around him as he read a sheet of instructions.

"Assembling new book cases," he told her. "Since the last ones met an untimely death," he laughed.

"I'll do it," she said entering the room.

"Claudine asked me," he said rising. "You are supposed to be resting," he smiled.

"I've rested for two weeks," Sookie laughed. "I need to do something," she explained holding her hand for the sheet.

"If you insist," he stepped over the boxes and kissed her cheek. "Call me if you need help," Sookie smiled and sat in his place. Her eyes looked over the instructions before she set to work.

As Sookie assembled the first one she finally looked around the room at the damage she had caused. Some had been cleaned up already. The desk however had been pushed aside, its drawers and fixtures completely ruined. Even the curtains had suffered Sookie's wrath.

"Are you going out today?" Claudine asked. Sookie turned and shook her head as she rose. Lifting the bookcase with her magic she leaned it against the wall.

"I don't know I'm ready yet," Sookie admitted. Claudine nodded and sat down opening the next box.

It took the pair 4 hours to get the study back to normality. A new floor was needed and a desk but at least it looked decent. They had separated the books into several piles to restack.

"I still don't know what came over me," Sookie mumbled. Claudine paused with some books and looked at her cousin.

"We should have waited longer," she finally said. "Losing Niall, putting you into position and then Claudette. It was all too much," Sookie blushed and continued with her own pile.

"I should have a meeting with Claudette or something," she announced rising from the floor.

"Did Eric not tell you?" Claudine said turning towards her.

"Tell me what?" Sookie laughed.

"He dealt with Claudette after you broke down," she answered. "I thought you knew." Sookie shook her head and laughed.

"Why would he do that?" she asked.

"I have an idea," Claudine told her. "He cares about you Sookie. You didn't see how scared he was about you. In his mind he was probably doing you a favour," Sookie smiled and nodded her head.

"You are probably right," she admitted. "I think I will go out tonight," she declared.

"Oh good," Claudine clapped bouncing towards her. "Where should we go? I know maybe for some late dinner or even an early supper? We could bring Claude and go dancing," she smiled.

"A late dinner and some dancing sound lovely," Sookie told her. Claudine practically skipped from the room to tell her brother.

Sookie dressed in a dark blue dress and allowed Claudine to mess with her hair. By the time Claude arrived at half 8 both women were ready.

"Beautiful as always," he commented leading them down to the town car.

They went to their favourite restaurant down town and Sookie smiled at the familiarity of the place. Niall had brought her here when she had been younger. Even though she had probably been too young she had always enjoyed the food.

"Hello," a young woman said walking towards them. "I'm afraid we have no tables ready at the moment. It'll be about 45 minutes wait," she smiled. Sookie smiled back and instantly read her mind.

"Well Mel," she said. "I'm pretty sure half of upstairs is empty and it is only a party of 3. Be a peach and see what you can do," the woman stared before she lifted menus and showed them upstairs.

"Bitch," Claude whispered in her ear. Sookie giggled slightly and sat at the table before Mel practically ran off. Claudine grasped her hand and the three went silent as they looked the food over.

"Salmon," they all said at once.

"Maybe a bottle of wine?" Claude asked.

"White goes better with fish," Sookie told him.

"Oh," Claudine gasped. "They have Sauvignon Blanc," she smiled.

Three empty plates and an empty bottle of wine later the three of them sat back to talk. As Sookie browsed the dessert menu Claude went to the bathroom and Claudine tracked a waiter down.

"Here you go," he said bringing another bottle over.

"Also," Sookie said. "I'll have the pear and chocolate rolls, a slice of glazed apricot tart and a coffee cream charlotte," he nodded and walked away.

"Did you get enough?" Claudine teased. Sookie rolled her eyes and poured them a glass of wine each.

"I got enough for us all to share," she smiled.

After a bottle of wine and three more empty plates Sookie found herself ordering another bottle. When the bill came over Sookie downed her last glass and giggled. Both twins reached for it but Sookie slapped their hands as she handed her card over. By the time the white town car pulled up outside the alcohol had hit all three. Sookie feeling generous tipped Mel $50 and stumbled out of the restaurant.

"Your carriage awaits," Claude told her. "The driver wants to know where next?" Claude asked.

"Why not Fangtasia?" Claudine suggested.

"Mainly because I don't want you both being eaten," Sookie giggled. Claudine reached into her bag removing a bottle of perfume. Spraying herself and Claude she smirked at Sookie.

"Fangtasia it is," Sookie announced.

At 11pm at night the bar was already filling up nicely. As Sookie stepped from the car the fresh night air made her wobble slightly. Claude was giving the driver instructions as Claudine shook her head slightly.

"Wine goes straight to my head," she commented.

"Especially a whole bottle," Sookie added.

"Do we queue?" Claude whispered.

"No," Sookie decided. "I'm Eric's girlfriend," she told them. "I am also a fairy princess, I don't wait in queues," she declared. The three walked with as much pride as they could manage to the front. However when Claude noticed how unstable both women were he linked them. Giggling they skipped and hopped towards the front door before standing straight. The server a young dark haired woman raised an eyebrow as Sookie stumbled slightly.

"Is she drunk?" she asked Claudine.

"Maybe," Claudine sang. "She is also Sookie Brigant," she pointed out.

"Sookie and guests are on the list," she said reading off some paper. "Have a frightful night," she sighed. Sookie nodded and composed herself as she walked into the bar.

Her eyes instantly went to the bar she used to love working at. Some poor bartender was rushing off her feet as a vampire very smoothly served at the other end. It was then that she turned her head towards the stage. Both Eric and Pam had locked their eyes onto her and she smiled and nodded towards them.

"Lover," Eric said appearing beside her. "What a surprise," she kissed her mouth and she sighed against him. "You have been drinking," he commented.

"Wine," Sookie explained.

"Is it wise?" Eric asked. As Sookie opened her mouth to answer she realised he was looking at the twins.

"She's a grown woman Eric," Claude answered. "She can do what the hell she wants," Eric nodded and looked down at her smiling again.

"Come sit with me," he told them.

"Yes," Pam said. "Enthral the vermin with some magic," she teased. Sookie reached towards the vampire pulling her close for a kiss before she giggled and skipped off towards the booth. "I liked her drunk," Pam commented. "Can we keep her that way?" she asked following Sookie.

"Wine?" Claude asked. Claudine laughed before Eric walked around and grabbed a bottle from the fridge and some glasses. Sookie shuffled over as they all slid into the booth. Her hand slid straight into Eric's palm a smile on her face.

"Let's play the mind reading game," Pam announced. "I used to love that game when you worked here," Sookie laughed and shrugged.

"Pick a victim," Sookie pretended not to notice Claudine rolling her eyes. Instead focusing on trying to make the room stop spinning.

"Her," Pam finally said pointing to a blonde girl. Sookie closed her eyes and allowed her mind to open up.

"She's wondering why her boyfriend brought her here. She doesn't particularly like vampires but she's slightly attracted to the one behind the bar," she told them.

"Boring," Pam muttered. "Him," she said next.

"He wants to know where Eric went," Sookie giggled.

"Oooo," Pam laughed. The game went on until most of the wine was gone.

"Lover," Eric whispered.

"Yes lover?" she slurred.

"You are drunk," he told her.

"Am not," she pouted.

"Are too," he smiled.

"Claudine am I drunk?" she asked turning.

"Lover," Eric laughed. "Claudine retired to bed almost an hour ago. Claude is over there flirting with death," Sookie giggled.

"I know," she told him.

"Know what?" he asked.

"About Claudette," she said bluntly. "Dance with me." Eric stared at her and shook his head as she rose and fell back down. "Ow," she commented rubbing her back.

"I will take you home before you embarrass or hurt yourself," he snapped.

"I am fine," Sookie snapped. Although Sookie meant to say "I am fine" what actually came out of her mouth was "Is dine." Ignoring Pam's snickers Eric lifted her caveman style over his shoulder and carried her out.

Sookie woke up the next day feeling the inside of her head splitting open. Sitting up she realised that lying down was her best option. It was hours later that she even managed to turn her bedside lamp on. When she did she noticed a note.

"Lover, I shall pick you up at half 8. Dress casual but sensible. E" as she read over his words the night before slowly returned to her. Hanging her head in her hands she remembered practically falling into Fangtasia. Playing the mind game with Pam and torturing some people.

"Oh dear," Claude commented as she walked into the kitchen.

"Shush," she mumbled falling onto a stool. "I need pastries and coffee," she told him.

"Served," Claudine sang.

"I hate you both," she muttered ripping into a chocolate croissant. The twins both laughed as they regaled her with stories from the night. She laughed at the image of Claude flirting with a vampire.

"Then there was the dancing," Claude laughed.

"Dancing?" Sookie asked.

"Can you not remember the dancing?" he asked.

"I thought Eric kept me seated all night," she admitted.

"He tried," he told her. "He picked you up to leave but you popped straight back. Then you proceeded to climb onto the table and dance. That bit he enjoyed," Sookie turned bright red.

"Princesses aren't supposed to get drunk and dance on tables. Especially in vampire bars," she sighed.

"Ours does," Claude told her with a smile.

"Hum," was all she managed. Taking her coffee and cakes she crawled back into her room. Only when the clock flashed 7pm at her did she move again. After a quick bath she found herself stood staring into her wardrobe.

"Going out?" Claudine asked.

"Eric's taking me out," she told her.

"The blue dress," Claudine said instantly.

"He said it's casual," she sighed.

"You don't sound happy," Sookie shrugged as she began flipping through the rails of clothing. She smiled as she removed her old Alice costume and held it up to her body.

"Oh god," Claudine laughed. "You still have that," she exclaimed walking towards the wardrobe.

"Of course," Sookie smiled. "Claude had it specially made," she hung it back up as she looked for some jeans. "Do I own jeans?" she asked.

"Shorts maybe?" Claudine answered. The older fairy had buried herself in a pile of boxes a smile on her face.

"What have you found now?" she asked pulling some shorts on.

"Your first royal dress," Claudine whispered. "Niall made me buy it for you. It was the night you went to Eric's bar for the first time," Sookie stood before she crouched down and helped Claudine rummage.

"My old Fangs top," Sookie laughed lifting it and smelling it. "It still smells like premarital sex," she teased.

"Also known as the faint scent of betrayal," Claudine teased back. Sookie slapped her arm playfully and continued. "What's this?" Claudine asked. She held in her hands a man's black top.

"It was Eric's," Sookie explained. "He gave me it after I slept at his after the first time," Claudine nodded.

"The first," she said wriggling her eyebrows. "Or the first," she asked.

"The first," Sookie laughed. "When I was 8, what do you take me for," she threw a tiny plastic tiara at her cousin before she rose.

"Well you've never actually told me," Claudine commented. "I don't know how old you were," Sookie sighed as she grabbed a top.

"18," she answered. She watched as Claudine visibly relaxed and a smile spread across her face. "He was very gentle and only bit me a few times," Claudine's eyes went wide and she opened her mouth like a fish. "The second bit was a joke," Sookie whispered.

"Hum," Claudine muttered. "Not that top," she said looking up. "Try the cream lace one," Sookie nodded.

At exactly half 8 a car beeped outside. Sookie grabbed a navy cardigan before she kissed Claudine's cheek and left the house. Eric was leaning against the car waiting for her. For once he was wearing normal dark blue jeans and just a simple black top. In her confusion at his clothing he swooped in and kissed her.

"You are sober," he said.

"Ha ha," Sookie growled climbing into his corvette. He was still smiling as he set off driving. Sitting back against the chair she shot him a look out of the corner of her eye.

"You said something last night," he started.

"Oh lord," she blushed. "Eric I-"

"About Claudette," he interrupted.

"Oh," she sighed.

"I did it to protect you," he told her.

"I know," she whispered.

"You were not handling the situation properly. Someone had to take charge. You had said that couples do things together. Even go to war. I simply solved that problem," she nodded and rested her hand on his.

"I know Eric," she laughed. "I'm really grateful," he nodded and continued driving. Sookie watched as they drove through town before she realised the direction they were going.

"Bon temps?" she asked.

"Not exactly," he admitted. She continued to hold his hand as he drove them to a car park. As he stopped the engine and left the car Sookie looked around completely confused.

"Eric," she started. "Where the hell are we?" she asked. He smiled and took her hand before they began walking.

"I am taking you somewhere special," was all he said.

"Special how?" she questioned.

"It is the place that I met my wife," he answered.

"Oh," she whispered. "Wonderful," she spat.

"You do not seem happy lover," he commented.

"About what exactly," she snapped. "About you bringing me to some spot you fell in love with another woman?"

"Ah," he laughed. "Just walk," she glared at him as they continued. They walked down a stone path before Sookie spotted it. A children's play area. Eric led them to a bench and he pulled her down beside him.

"Niall used to bring me somewhere similar," she smiled. "I could never get the handle bars," she rose giggling as she went over to it. "These are high for children," she commented. Eric watched as she jumped up and attached herself to the bar and tried to make it across. As she reached the other side she let go and fell backwards onto her bottom. "Did you see?" she asked laughing.

"I saw," he told her. She rose and walked back wiping bark leaves off her shorts. "I met her here for the very first time," he said. "She was beautiful even back then," Sookie's face froze as she glared off into the distance.

"Am sure she was," she muttered. Ignoring her Eric continued.

"She was so full of life. Completely unafraid of anything I used to call her completely fearless," at that Sookie gave him a questioning look. "It was only when she grew up that I realised I would want no other. For an added treat as well, she was half fairy," Sookie blushed and looked away. "Do you realise where we are now?" he asked.

"Yes," she told him. "You realise Niall removed this memory from me?" Eric nodded and clasped her hand.

"Let us make our own," he said lifting her up. She stood looking at him confused before he looked around and kissed her.

"Eric," she whispered against his mouth.

"Marry me," he told her.

"Yes," she giggled.

"You know what that means," he said kissing her again.

"The blond bond?" she asked.


"Ok," she whispered. Eric smiled and kissed her again. They stood holding each other before Sookie began crying.

"What is wrong?" he asked.

"I'm happy," she laughed splashing his top with tears.

"Pam told me this sort of question is done in more style," he admitted. "I however felt this was appropriate. It was after all the first place I saw you. If this doesn't suit you I can do it again," Sookie shook her head.

"I love it," she laughed. "I love you," she cried. He growled into her mouth as they kissed before they fell onto the bench.

"Here?" she whispered.

"Why not," he told her. Sookie nodded and switched their positions so she was straddling his waist. His eyes burnt into her own as she unfastened her shorts.

"Sookie Brigant Northman," she said afterwards. She was curled beside him, her body moulded to his side.

"Sookie Northman," Eric corrected.

"Hum," she mumbled. Sookie held his hand and threaded her fingers with his.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

"Do you ever wonder," she started. "Ok hear me out," Eric nodded. "Imagine if Niall had never taken me. If my parents had raised me in back water Bon Temps. Do you think you and I would have ever met?" she asked him.

"Oh yes," he said smiling. "Although knowing my luck lover you would have already been with someone else," Sookie laughed.

"After one look at you I would have run into your open arms," Eric nodded.

"It is the only logical option. I would have questioned your sanity if you had chosen another over me," Sookie kissed his cheek and smiled.

"I would have probably worked in that shifter bar as well," Eric nodded again. "In those ridiculous shorts," she scoffed.

"Do you not concern yourself with that lover," Eric said kissing her head. "That is a completely different story. A totally different world to the one you were raised in," Sookie nodded and cuddled into him again.

"How did I ever get so lucky?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" he laughed.

"I ended up with a good man who loves me," she smiled. Eric shrugged as she laughed and smacked his arm. He leaned over and captured her lips once more to silence her.

"I do love you," he whispered against her mouth.

The End.

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