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Author's Note: I do not feel like writing out over 15 duels, so I will show changes in life-points, taunts, comments, and the winning upset/move.

This story will be a bit of a crack-fic. Also wrote the first 2 and half chapters years ago. I also have some notes from back then, but they made no sense. So I'm just going to run with that.

Also this takes place instead of Kaiba's Grand Prix tournament, and before Egypt.

Chapter 1: Intertwined Plans

Duke's Mansion

Duke was sitting at home debating how to win Serenity. Eventually, he settled on a Duel Monsters tournament. He hoped he could get to Tristan before either of them was knocked out. Duke's idea was to have people, including other duelists vote in on matches. He would pick the eight most popular (that did not clash) and randomly select the order to fight. This way only known duelist could enter, and evil sect members would be deterred. All he now needed was a name for his tournament, and a way to give the info out. The polls however, were already open.

Unknown Location

"Master", a mysterious man said.

"Yes", replied an ever more sinister looking man.

"The one we've been watching, he's finally launched a Duel Monsters Tournament" the servant said.

"Good, then we must enter" his master replied.

"Not quite my lord" said the servant, "only known duelists can be voted for"

"Are they in the polls?" the master demanded.

"YYes, mm'lord, both of them" quivered the servant.

"Good", replied the master "ensure they both enter the tournament."

"Yes m'lord, but what is your plan, if I may be so bold?" asked the servant.

The mastermind snickered, the stated "Why simple, I plan to face the winner for all the marbles."