Harry lay in the hospital wing.

He had passed out in Professor McGonagall's office after the chamber of secrets and someone had taken him to the hospital wing; where he'd slept for two days. Well, that's what comes from sneaking off, alleviating your teacher's memory, slaying a basilisk, then getting a basilisk fang in the arm, and destroying a bit of lord Voldemort's soul.

The memories made him smile.

His thoughts turned to Ginny, Ron's sister. She had been through so much, with and without him. She had saved his life numerous times, and he realized, he had never really thanked her for it.

He sighed, then looked at the stack of cards on his bedside table. He leafed through them. There were cards from Hermione, Neville, dean, and someone named Roonil Wazlib? None from Ginny. Not that he expected anything, he just wanted to know that she was alive.

He set the cards back on the bedside table. Ginny had looked pretty shaky in McGonagall's office. Harry hoped she was okay, but on the plus side, she wasn't in the hospital wing, so he was either in st. mungo's, dead, or completely fine. He hoped it was the latter.

Harry sighed and looked out the window. He was already bored. Madame pomfrey had told him that he had to stay for a while, and it already seemed like a lifetime. Then, the doors opened and madame pomfrey bustled in, with Ron, Hermione, and Ginny on her heels.

Ron and Hermione bounded over and sat on both sides of the bed, Ginny hung back. They talked and laughed, right until Madame Pomfrey told them to leave. Ginny hung back again, then somehow bartered with Madame Pomfrey to let her stay.

Harry grinned as she convinced Madame pomfrey she would be good and as quiet as a mouse. Madame pomfrey told her five minutes on the dot, and left. Ginny came over and gently sat on the bed. Harry smiled. "H-how are you?" she asked, genuine concern in her eyes.

"Brilliant" he replied, sitting up a little more.

Harry noticed that when she smiled, her eyes sparkled.

"Harry" she said.

Harry brought himself back to the present, hoping he didn't miss anything; but she didn't seem to notice.

Ginny scooted closer.

"Harry, I wanted to give you something" he nodded. Wondering what on earth she could give him.

She was about to open her mouth when Madame Pomfrey hurried in.

"Out, Out!" she said.

"I allowed you five minutes, that's all!"

Harry's heart sank, he wondered what she was going to give him.

She took two steps away, then ran back, kissing him full on the lips, at first he was surprised, then he fell in the glistening softness of her lips.

Ginny pulled away and batted her long eyelashes at him, then she was gone, leaving harry dumb-founded.

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