Treason to the Heart

By LovelyLadyLovett

Valene walked to the entrance, her eyes dull and resigned. This wasn't the first time. No, it had been like this many times, where she would be forced to wear a mask and pretend all was alright, when it was clearly not.

It hurt at first. There was times she wished others knew so they would rescue her, but the sad truth was they knew. It was normal and acceptable. Who would rescue her when this was going on in almost every household? Life had become corrupt and disgusting, morals did not exist, at least not in the higher nobility. Everything was not like it once was, everything had become so distorted to the point you could not longer tell that beauty once resided there. Everything was turned black, even the purest of things.

As she reached her destination she was utterly shocked. There, before her eyes, lay the person she had least expected. She never thought he would have ever shown up ever again, not after the hurtful words she had told him the day before her wedding. It had been years, it had been years since she had seen his beautiful caramel eyes, his golden hair, and his soft smile. And now, now he was there, how soothing and wonderful it felt.

"Hello," she greeted in a soft voice, so confused and lost in her thoughts. She could not believe what she saw, but after bowing she looked up to see his smile, it was him. He had not changed, his unending sweetness still resided there and would, never letting these dark times taint his beautiful and pure soul. But just as she noticed his sweetness, she noticed Nnoiotra's frown, he hated her and everything that she ever did displeased him.

It was that way and would remain that way. There was nothing that could ever change that. "Hello," he replied, his voice the same as she remembered it. She felt joy, sadness, love? She was not sure, how she longed to embrace the man who cared for her truly, but she feared that he did not feel the same. She had moved on, wouldn't it have been normal for him to have done the same, it was only fair.

And if it were true, she had to accept it no matter how much it hurt, it was the consequences of the decision she made long ago. It was the consequence for ending things with him so harshly when it was clearly unnecessary. She had hurt herself in the process, but it hurt no more than what he had felt when she uttered those words. The pain that surged through every word she uttered, to see him leave and never turn back, it hurt far worse than it did to her at the moment for she was to repay it in her new life.

Just as Valene stayed there, trapped within her memories, a man came running up to Nnoitora. "Hey are you coming too, Nnoitora?" the big man asked as he waited for Nnoitora's response. Nnoitora seemed to shift a bit uncomfortable, but he wouldn't let anything interfere with him and a chance at a battle.

"Yeah, I just have to get my sword... Stupid woman! Why are you just standing there?! Go get my sword!" he shouted in disgust, awakening Valene and quickly sending her for his sword. As she ran upstairs to retrieve it she couldn't help, but feel ashamed to be treated so badly in front of the man that had loved her so, in front of the man that had promised her a good life, and perhaps would have fulfilled his promise.

"Here!" the maid from before said as she handed Valene the sword. Valene's teary eyes looked up at her, she had been so merciful to her, that she didn't know how to ever repay her.

"Thank you," she whispered softly, hardly audible. In response, she received a small tired smile from the older lady.

"Go," she whispered as she encouraged her to go back down to Nnoitora, before he began screaming again.

Without another word Valene rushed downstairs and handed it over to Nnoitora who briskly took the sword from her and rushed outside with the large man. "Don't you dare leave the house now, Valene!" he warned as he made a turn and ran off into the vast night.

The emptiness of the night filled the cool air as the the two looked at each other nostalgically. "Tesla," she whispered in a rough voice as tears spilled out of her control. Unable to control himself he held her tightly, her thin cold figure in between his arms. He never wanted to let go, he had never wanted to let go, not then, not now, not after he saw how damaged she was.

"Is that really you?" she cried into him as he held her tightly. How he wanted to say "yes", how he wanted to show her he had come back all this way for her, for them, so they could start their own lives together the way he had planned it so long ago, but all he managed to do was embrace her tenderly.

Moments passed in the quiet night before either of them said a word, before they let go. "Tesla, it isn't safe for you to be here," Valene whispered as she quickly shut the entrance door, afraid others might see them together. Tesla's honey eyes seemed so saddened by her sudden words, but deep inside he knew that he couldn't stay, he wasn't suppose to come, he was already breaking the rules.

"I know, but-" he whispered back, wanting, wishing there was another option, an option that would let them be together, even if it was for a little longer. Valene's eyes stared back at him sadly, she too wanted them to be together, to have him answer many of her questions that she had been dying to ask, but circumstances prevented neither.

"You have to go," she whispered back as she dotingly traced a faint scar on his right cheek. Tesla then shined a small smile back at her before holding her hand softly.

"Alright, but I promise to come back," he replied sincerely. Valene smiled back at him sweetly, she knew that he was just trying to make things better, but destiny wouldn't make it that easy for them.

"But not here, its far too dangerous!" Valene warned, remembering all of Nnoitora's words, his words were no empty threat.

"Then where?" Tesla asked anxiously, he wouldn't let her husband stand in their way, he had come all this way, he wouldn't stop now.

"I don't know where," she whispered disappointingly. Tesla knelt down to where she had sat down on the floor before smiling at her sweetly.

"I'll find a place and when I do I will let you know," he replied before kissing her softly on her forehead and quickly standing up. "I should go now, but don't worry I will come back," he reassured her as he walked towards the door.

"Be careful," she whispered a bit tiredly now, as he closed silently closed the door behind him and left. She remained sitting on the floor, a bit surprised at what had exactly happened. Is it really you? Did you really come back for me? Or is it an illusion? An illusion that my dreams have conjured up without my permission? Oh, please let it be true, oh please, let it be you.