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Sitting down on our couch, I listen for sign of Edward coming back. But I hear nothing,

absolutely nothing. I frown standing up I walk out into the pouring rain, I start to run our meadow

hoping that he'll be there. Coming to a slight clearing I slow my pace, so I am walking as I am walking as I

enter the meadow. Through the millions of rain drops I see Edward, head bent drinking greedily from a

deer. Slowly I approach him or whom I thought to be him. Instead when the man raised his hand, it was

not bronze hair I saw but blonde. "Bella?" Carlisle places a gentle hand on my shoulder "I'm sorry

Carlisle, I thought you were Edward." He chuckles lightly "Didn't you catch my scent?" I look away shyly

"I was too excited to find him." "I'm sorry to have disappointed you." Carlisle says with a smile tugging

at his lips. "It is me who should be apologizing for interrupting your hunt." smiling at her he caresses her

cheek "Its alright dear, I was just finishing." I nod my head silently "He went up north with the rest of

them." I nod my head again, taking in our appearances, to see us both soaked. Laughing I ask Carlisle

"Do you want to head home?" his eyes flashed with excitement "Race you?" I smile at him "hope you

can keep up" I taunt him, and with that I take off running. "Cheater!" I hear him call from close behind

me. "To bad, old man." Laughing I pick up my pace, The wind shifts directions and I get a strong whiff of

human blood. I let out a low Growl before my instincts come over me. "Bella no!" Carlisle shouts at me

as I run, a wounded teenage boy about the age of 18, comes into my view.

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