Previously : Well here goes nothing." I take off running after her, to bring my broken daughter back

and put her back together

Bella's pov:

I just need to run, to get away from here. I let down the only people in my life that truly care for

me, I broke their most important rule. I deserve to die! I can sense Carlisle following me, why? Probably

to tell you how much of a failure you are! I stop running falling to the ground I bring my knees to my

chest. "NO!" I yell to the tree tops as I hear Carlisle footsteps slowly approach me. "NO NO NO

NOOOOO!" I scream as I punch the ground, with one hit the rock to the right of me shatters. "Im so

stupid, im such a failure." I snarl, spinning around I punch a tree causing it to snap falling to the ground.

"Bella." Carlisle's calm but concerned voice fills my ears. "Come home sweetie, come home." The

monster in my head snarls at him as he pleads with me. He hates you! Edward will hate you! They'll all

hate you. "No!" I grasp my head as I fall to the ground "C-Carlisle P-Please H-help M-m-me." I shutter as

I try to rid my mind of the images from earlier. Carlisle releases a sigh of relief as he gathers me up in his

arms. Finally in his arms I finally feel calm, letting the sobs consume my body as I just let him comfort

me. "C-carlisle please don't hate me. P-p-please don't hate me." I plead while choking on my sobs

"Darling I could never hate you. Could a father even hate is little girl." (insert awe's) I look up at him with

tears in my eyes " I love you father." A smile graces his lips as he smoothes out my hair "As I love you my

little girl."

The end XD

Cute ending right ?

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