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The silence of the building was shattered as Abby bounded in with Ducky and Palmer in tow. Although the rest of the office was clearing out since it was past five, Gibb's team remained faithfully finishing their reports.

Once in the middle of the bull pen, Abby began, "Alright team. How much longer?"

Looking puzzled everyone stared blankly at her until Tony responded, "I'm almost done." The others nodded in agreement.

"Do we have plans?" Gibbs asked.

Abby assumed her persuasive innocence, she responded, "That is what I am doing now. Finish and go home. Dress for dinner and meet at Applebee's."

All three agents stood with their reports in hand and dropped them on Gibb's desk. Then they all gathered their gear to go home, Abby shouted, "We meet at 6:30 sharp."

In the elevator Palmer asked, "Abby, Is something special happening today?"

Looking exasperated, Abby responded, "Yes, something very special."

Half of Gibb's mouth turned up in a grin, "When do we find out about it?"

"When we get there."

Applebee's 6:30 P.M.

Nearly an hour later the group gathered inside the restaurant. Leading the way to their reserved table, Abby in her black pants and red lace blouse held onto McGee's arm. Gibbs and Palmer followed with Ducky as he told of a past experience.

Ziva wearing a black V-neck over a sequined green tank top walked next to Tony who happened to be sporting a green button-up. Slowly, they followed the grip brushing arms occasionally.

Once at the table the group sat similarly to the way they were walking, the group turned to look at Abby expectantly.

With a serious looking scowl, Abby looked around the table before jumping into a lecture, "I cannot believe you. It's understandable to forget while you are working a case, but all of you are still oblivious. No one has even uttered one word all day. Sometimes you all disappointment."

In response to their continuing blank looks, Abby folded her arms tightly across her chest and frowned, "Well, then I'll tell you." She paused for affect and for a moment they held their breath waiting.

As she spoke Abby glared at each individual her look relaxed when she met Tony's eyes, "Today," she drug the word out in emphasis, "is Tony's birthday."

Realization dawned on everyone's face and they all looked at Tony. Shock played on his features and his mouth hung open in astonishment.

Ducky recovered first, "Anthony, I am sorry, my dear boy. I cannot believe I forgot."

Sheepishly, Tony replied smirking, "It's alright, Duck."

Tony broke off when Gibbs, who was sitting on Tony's left slapped the back of his head and answered his silent question, "for not reminding us."

Opening and closing his mouth, Tony said, "You were all busy and I didn't really mind if no one remembered. Hey, you don't remind us, Boss."

As a chorus of "Happy Birthdays" echoed around the table, Gibbs sent Tony a steely glare with a hint of a smile attached. Actually seeming embarrassed, Tony answered, "Uh, thanks."

Abby again broke in, "Wait everyone, that's not all. I have something specific planned for tonight. Each of us will take turns telling stories about our favorite memories with or about Tony and Tony has to share too!" She clapped excitedly in front of her.

She was met with confused looks so she added, "Come on you guys, it will be fun!"

Looking slightly uncomfortable, Tony responded, "Uh, I'm not sure that's a good idea. We can just have normal conversation."

Abby inserted, "No. We need to show you that we love you! We will share any story that either some people don't know or anything really."

Ducky added, "Anthony, we have plenty of stories and it is your birthday so we will continue with Abby's plan."

Grinning slyly, Gibbs said, "Yeah, DiNozzo. It'll be fun."

Immediately Abby nearly shouted, "I'll go first!"

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