Finally finished the story! I was going to leave it at 6 chapters, but I noticed some reviews wanted a certain conversation between our favorite ninja chick and birthday boy! So here you go, hope you like it!


Everyone had made it to their cars already except Tony and Ziva. They were strolling along slowly together neither one wanting to bring up the subject.

Feeling new strength from all his birthday stories, Tony decided to break the silence, "So Zee-vah, you seemed a little emotional earlier."

"I was not emotional, it was just...I had something in my eye...oh what the heck, yes I was slightly emotional," Ziva refused to look at him while they walked.

A cocky grin covered Tony's face, he had flustered the ninja chick, "Why would that be?"

She glared at him from the corner of her eye, "Your story was quite touching. I have never had a real family."

"That was not the part of the story that you had tears in your eyes. If I may recall, it was the part about me not really loving Jeanne," Tony steered them beneath a blossom tree.

"I do not recall," she colored ever so slightly.

Seeing his chance, Tony decided to take it before he lost his nerve, "Well, Ziva I left some of my reasons out for not loving her."

Ziva glanced up at him, "Okay, go on."

"I told everyone about how I liked the idea of loving her and that it could have worked, but we had not faced any real trials. I said she was there and so I told myself I loved her cause it was convenient. But I left out my main reason," Tony took a deep breath. " I tried to really love her because I was trying to not fall in love with someone else. I told myself I loved her, but in the end I couldn't keep lying to myself because I love someone else."

Excited and nervous all in one, Ziva managed, "Oh. So why do you not tell this other woman that you love her instead of dancing around the subject and pretending to love someone else?"

"Partly because I am chicken afraid of commitment and partly because I was worried she would not share the feelings. Now I have realized love is more than feelings," Tony paused looking at Ziva for any reaction.

Her eyes brightening, she asked, "So what is love Tony DiNozzo?"

"Although love has a whole lot to do with feelings, love is also a choice that two people make. And even though sometimes feelings fade, they can always remain if those two people really do love one another especially if they have experienced a lot together," he found Ziva's hand with his own. "Ziva I fell in love with you and the more I tried to fight the feelings, the stronger they were. I tried to choose not to love you, but somethings really are inevitable because the more I tried to move on the more we went through together and the stronger our bond became. So Ziva I choose to love you."

Squeezing his hand lightly, Ziva felt a soft smile on her lips, "Tony, I have tried and tried to stop my feelings because I also fell in love with you, but then you were in a relationship with a certain doctor and I thought you could never love me. So I forced myself to move on and tried forgetting the feelings, but as you said the more I tried, the more we went through together and the more I loved you. So Tony DiNozzo, I choose to love you back."

Tony grinned widely and leaned down to capture her sweet smiling lips with his own. As they broke apart a few seconds later, Tony hugged Ziva to him. They were both smiling widely. Tony sighed, "Happy Birthday to me."