Welcome to Hogwarts 7

Enough Pranks

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The girls continued to play jokes and pranks on everyone.  After the ball they made a Professor Snape out of snow with his face like a snake's. They wrote in the snow "Professor Snake."  Those not of Slytherin laughed every time they saw it and wondered who made the snow sculpture.  The girls hid the moment students were coming.

"Haha! Isn't that right?" said Ron to Harry.

Harry nodded, "Whoever did this surely has a lot of guts…and talent!"

"You think they like it?" Gwen asked Fiona.

"Oh, they love it!  This just kills!" Fiona said.  She groaned, "Uh oh, quickly, let's get back to the dorms!  Professor Snake--I mean, Snape is coming!"

"He's going to ruin our masterpiece!" Gwen fumed as they went back inside the castle.

The students backed up as Professor Snape came forward and looked at the snow sculpture.  He turned around to the students. "Which one of you is responsible for this?"

No one said a word. Everyone didn't like Professor Snape, except for the Slytherins of course.  Professor never took points from Slytherin House, no matter what they did.

"Oh, no one with the courage to speak up, eh?" he demanded, "Then I will take 50 points from each of your houses!"

They all groaned.  "But, Professor--" a meek Ravenclaw mumbled.

"Silence!" he roared.  "And, I will give detention 3 from each house. Any volunteers?"

Some students started to walk away.  Detention was bad enough without the head of Slytherin House in charge.  "Mr. Potter, thank you for volunteering."

Harry gasped. 

"Miss Chang and…" he looked over at the Hufflepuffs, "Miss Abbot."

Hannah, Cho and Harry exchanged glances nervously.  Cho frowned, "Professor it was Fiona and Gwen Martingale."

"Don't blame others, Miss Chang!"

"But I didn't do it."

 "Follow me," he ordered and the three fifth years followed Professor Snape to the dungeon where they would receive their detention.  He made them clean all his bottles and the whole dungeon.

"How can you clean a dungeon?" Hannah asked.  "Aren't dungeons always filthy?"

"Oh, I'm going to get them for this!" Cho growled as she scrubbed the floor.

"Who?" Harry questioned.

"Who do you think, Harry?  Gwen and Fiona Martingale." She retorted.  "They made the snow sculpture.  They're the ones who deserve detention."

"You always blame them for everything," Harry said.  "But they haven't done anything wrong.  They're so nice, and friendly and they know how to tell a joke."

"I'm telling you they were kicked out of their old school," Cho insisted, "Why doesn't anyone believe me?"
Harry sighed.  "Well, soon they'll graduate and you don't have to worry about them."

"Yeah, unless they blow up the school!  They're not done yet.  Before graduation they'll have a huge prank on everyone.  You'll see!"

"Maybe you should see Madam Pomfrey, Cho," Harry suggested. 

"What, you think I'm crazy?"

"Well, no."
"Silence!" Professor Snape exclaimed.


Eventually the snow melted and it was springtime.  Graduation was drawing near for the seventh years.  As the Fiona and Gwen pondered hard for a prank of the century, George and Fred wondered why they didn't make one prank for the entire year.

As he lay on his bed, looking up at the ceiling, Fred asked his twin a burning question.  "Can you believe we didn't do one thing crazy and stupid this year?"

"Hey, we hexed the Slytherins food to fly when they touched it." George reminded, doing homework.

"Yeah, but it never worked.  After that, we didn't do anything."

"Ironic, huh? We couldn't go one week without doing something ridiculous."

"We must be losing our touch," Fred said.  "I wonder who made that snow sculpture of Professor Snape, or should I say, 'Professor Snake'!"  Fred chuckled and sat up.

"Yeah, and who brought in the dragon and Niffler hearts on Valentines Day.  I only read what a Niffler was in Newt Scamander's book FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WEARE TO FIND THEM"

"How could you get a dragon's heart anyway?" Fred asked.  "Charlie works with them all the time and it's darn near impossible to kill a dragon."

"It had to be the same people who brought the dragon eggs for Easter." George shrugged.

"Those weren't the only eggs around the school.   Fwooper eggs were all over the place.  And eggs from other creatures too."

"They must've gotten the eggs with cotton in their ears," George said, "A Fwooper's singing can drive you insane.  It happened to Uric the oddball."

"Yeah, or they needed to use a silencer charm on it."

They sighed in unison. "These people are good, whoever they are." George said. "They're even better than us!"

"Hold on a minute, George!" Fred ordered, rising to his feet, "We're not washed up yet.  We can show that we can pull pranks just as good as we used to."

"Well, what do you suggest we do?" George asked.  "Poison the food or something?"

"Nah, I'm talking big. Really big."

"Got any bright ideas?" George asked.

"Hmm," Fred hummed as he paced the room.  "Let's see, we could probably go through the restricted section of the library and leave the books next to Slytherin House."

"Oh, that's brilliant, and how would we do that without getting caught?" George demanded.

"We can borrow Harry's cloak."
George shook his head.

"Well, what do you think George? What should we do?"

George grinned, "Remember how we used to tickle the squid in the lake?"

"Yeah, so?"

George nodded and Fred knew what he was thinking.  "George, that's a great idea! Let's do it!"

Fiona followed Gwen outside after sunset. "You sure this would work, Gwen?" Fiona asked.

"Sure I'm sure."  Gwen replied as they left the school toward the lake.  "This will make everyone freak!  The best prank in history! No one could think of a better--idea?" she stopped short.

"What's the matter Gwen?" Fiona asked.

"Awesome idea George!" Fred said, knee deep in the lake.  "I can't wait to see the look on everyone's faces!"

"Yeah, those mysterious pranksters couldn't even do better!" George chuckled.  "The giant squid should be close."

"Hey, what's going on here?" Fiona demanded.

"What? Fiona?" George looked over at the girls, with furious expressions on their faces.

"Gwen, what are you doing out here?" Fred asked.

"Oh, so you thought you could do better than us, huh?" Gwen demanded.

"What are you talking about?"

The girls came into the water.  "Bringing the squid into the school was our idea!" Gwen exclaimed. 

Fred blinked, "You mean…you were going to do this…for the graduation prank?"

"That's right!" Fiona shouted. "You've stolen our dream! We wanted to open a joke shop before we even started attending Wolfington!  We're going to take it back."

"Don't' say you're the ones who did all those pranks," George said.

"That's right, Georgie."  Fiona said, pouting her lips.  "The dragon hearts at Valentines Day, the werewolf on Halloween, and even your pink clothes after the Quidditch game!  We did it all!"

"No one out pranks the Martingale twins!" Gwen snarled.  "We were going to do the prank of the year and you can't stop it."

"I don't believe it," Fred said, "You id all that?  Why?  You think of us as your rivals or something?"

"And after all I did for you!" George exclaimed.  "You really were kicked out of Wolfington, weren't you?"

"That's right, and we're going to kick you boys out!" Fiona exclaimed, splashing George as Gwen jumped and pushed Fred into the water.

"If you think you're going to get all the glory," Gwen said, "you've got another thing coming!"

"Fat chance!" Fred shouted, shaking water out of his hair, "You've already made enough pranks this year and none of ours took notice!  It's our turn!  Everyone knows that the Weasley Twins are going to be the ones to make the best joke of the year and you can't stop us!"

"Oh yeah?"


The four continued to wrestle and fight in the water.  They were all drenched by the time it started to draw a crowd. Everyone ran out of the school and to the bank, cheering either Fred and George or Fiona and Gwen on, as though some were wondering why they were fighting.

"What's going on?" Justin Flinch-Fletchy asked.  "Did Fred and George cheat on them or something?"

"Looks more than just a lover's spat to me," Ginny said.  "Someone stop them! Fred, George, cut it out!"
"I knew it, I knew I was right!" Cho exclaimed.  "I told you all that Martingale twins were up to no good!"

"We knew all along that they were kicked out of Wolfington, not transferred!" Hermione added.

Professor McGonagall pushed through the crowd.  "Mr. Weasley!  Miss Martingale! The four of you, stop this right now!   Fighting will not be permitted in Hogwarts!"  She tried to pry the girls off the boys until other professors came to help. 

"I saw that this would happen," Professor Trelawny said, her hands clutched on Fiona's arms.

"Then why didn't you tell us first?" Fiona snarled.  "Getting the squid was our idea!"

"Was not, it was mine!" George shouted.

"Yeah, we came up with it!" Fred said, "And what mad you think you could handle the squid anyway?  We know it better than you girls do!"

"We could handle it fine," Gwen snapped. "After everything else we did!"

"Yeah, it was Gwen's idea all along to bring the squid inside the school!" Fiona cried.

"Was not!" Fred shouted.

"Was too!" Fiona hissed.

"Was not!" George growled.

"Was too!" Gwen snipped.

"WAS NOT!"  Both boys roared.

"WAS TOO!" Both girls screeched.

"Enough of this!"  Professor McGonagall shouted. "Now the four of you stop fighting and inside! The rest of you, go to your houses or I'll give you all detention!"

The students gasped and went as quickly to their houses as they could.  Professor McGonagall and the other professors pulled the soaking wet, rivaling twins out of the water and to Head Master Dumbledore's office, who, at the moment, was not there.  They sat in chairs, unspeaking to each other as Professor McGonagall spoke and shook her heads at the twins.

"Of all the childish pranks you two have done, this tops them all," she said to Fred and George.

"But Professor, we didn't do any pranks this year," Fred said, "they did."

"I meant fighting," she said, "I never thought that you would fight with other students, even if you two are beaters on the quidditch team."

"We're sorry, professor," Fiona mumbled.  "But Fred and George stole our ideas…and dreams."

"We could do it better than you," Fred muttered.

"Oh yeah?" Gwen demanded.


Headmaster Dumbledore walked inside the office, "Why, what is this?  Professor McGonagall?"

"These four were fighting in the lake," Professor McGonagall said.

"We'll accept any points you take from our house or even detention," Gwen said, "but please don't kick us out of Hogwarts where we're so close to graduating!"

"You've been warned from your previous headmaster that any more pranks would get you in trouble," Professor McGonagall reminded.  "We should expel you from Hogwarts."

"No, please!" the girls started crying.  "We…just wanted people to like us!"

"What do you think, Albus?" Minerva asked.

"It must be hard being in a new school," Headmaster Dumbledore said.  "Being expelled from your old school was difficult and other magic schools would not let you attend.  I let you come to Hogwarts because I believe you two deserved a second chance."

"Are you going to expel us?" Fiona asked with a sniff.

"I probably should," Headmaster Dumbledore said.

Fred and George looked at each other.  "We've got to do something."  George whispered.  "They're crying!"

"But what?"

George stood up.  "Please don't expel them, Professor Dumbledore!"

"What's that?" Headmaster Dumbledore asked.

"Maybe we can work something out.  After all, the pranks they did wre pretty good, huh?  And no one was really hurt, were they?"
"Yeah," Fred added.  "Graduation is so close.  It would be…just wrong to expel them now. What can they do?"

"It's our fault they did what they did anyway," Geore said. "They were…you know…threatened that we planned to do the same thing they wanted to do after graduation."

The girls gasped. They couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"Give us a punishment instead," George insisted.  "Don't punish the girls.  They just wanted to learn magic."

"I will not expel them," Headmaster Dumbledore said. 

The four breathed sighs of relief.

"But I will have to extract points from both your houses." He rephrased.

George smiled, "we didn't do anything to cause points taken away since last year!"

"Thirty points, each."

"Oh, thank you, Headmaster!" Fiona exclaimed.

"You may be off now.  Change out of those wet clothes."

The four left the room.

"Why did you guys do that for us?" Fiona asked.

"We just…felt sorry for you," Fred replied.

"We bear to hear you two cry," George added.

"That's so sweet of you, Georgie!" Fiona exclaimed.

"Thank you, Freddy!" Gwen said.

"I've got an idea," Fred said, "Why don't we open the joke shop together? All four of us?"

"Really?" Gwen asked. 

"That's an awesome idea!" George asked, "You two girls did awesome pranks! How did you get your hands on some Fwooper eggs?"

"Simple, we own a Fwooper," Fiona replied. "But we have to use a silencer charm on it every now and then."

"What do you think, Fiona?" Gwen asked.  "We all wanted to do the same thing."

"The joke shop will have more things," Fred said, "like that color changing chewing gum!  George and I never would've thought of it!"

The girls looked at each other then at the boys. They smiled. "Deal."

"All right!" The four put all their hands in the center. "To our future!"


Graduation had finally come.  The graduates' friends and family had come to see the ceremony. 

"I wonder what Mum will think of us opening the jokes shop with the girls," Fred said, sitting in his chair as Headmaster Dumbledore spoke.

"Oh, she'll love it," George insisted.  "Mum will love the girls.  It can't be any harder than raising us, right?"

Fred chuckled.  A few screams came from the Slytherins. 

"Oh, right on cue," Fred said.

"My robe, it's pink!"

"How did this happen?"
Fred and George turned and winked at their girlfriends.  It was much better to come up with ideas together and they both got they wanted.  The four of them came up with a perfect prank to play just before graduation.

"Oh, can't Fred and George go one day without pulling a prank on someone?" Mrs. Weasley wondered out loud.

After the graduates got their certificates, the Weasley family to congratulate them. "Oh, my boys…" Mrs. Weasley sniffed.  "All grown up!"

"You had to pull another prank, didn't you?" Percy demanded.

"It wasn't just us, Percy Bighead," Fred muttered.  "We had help."


"Hey girls, come here," George called over his shoulder.  They came up and Fred and George put their arms around them.

"Meet Fiona and Gwen," Fred said.

"Oh, so I get to meet you finally!" Mrs. Weasley said. 

"Thank you for sending us the sweaters, Mrs. Weasley," Fiona thanked.

"You're welcome."

"They helped us with the prank," Fred said.  "And a few others before school ended."

"What?" Mr. Weasley asked.

"You thought we were the troublemakers," George boasted, "These girls were expelled from their old magic school!"

"OH, Georgie, stop," Fiona said, blushing.

"And we're going to open our joke shop together," Fred said.  "Isn't that great?"

"This is…all too fast!" Mrs. Weasley wheezed.

"Here, Mrs. Weasley, take this." Gwen said, handing her a piece of taffy, "this will make you feel better.  I hope you like grape."

"What's this?"

"Anxiety-free taffy," Fiona said. 

"Wait until you try the energy taffy," Fred winked.

"Okay, let's have a picture," Mr. Weasley said.  "I want to try this muggle camera out."

"They're easy, Mr. Weasley," Fiona said. "All you do is aim and click!"
The four graduates put their arms around each other and tossed a piece of gum in their mouths, winking. 

"Ready? Say cheese."

"Cheese?" Ginny asked.

"That's what muggles say," Fiona explained.

"Oh. Okay."

"CHEESE!" the four said, grinning like monkeys, with their teeth different colors.  Mr. Weasley took their picture of them giving grins of purple, orange, blue and yellow.

"Fred, George!" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed, "Your teeth!"

"They're all different colors."  Percy said.

Ron chuckled, "the color changing gum! Now there's a graduation picture to be proud of!"

A month after graduation, Fred, George, Fiona and Gwen opened their dream joke shop together. Business was good and they had students come in all the time asking for the best thing to use for a prank or to try out their latest taffy.  On the wall was their graduation with their different colored grins. What they got was more than they could ever dream of.