Fufufuufufufufufufu I recall liking James from Pokemon when I was a little child (lol reverse pedophile) anyhow I felt like writing a story cause I was bored and I'm in the mood to write something weird3 (no flames plz I know she's a mary sue(probably borderline super sue) so keep all of those nasty comments to yourself,) also constructive criticism is VERY appreciated.

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A blue haired girl with red eyes ran down the Alleyway. "Darn where is that Magikarp!" I cursed at myself, "Honestly I surface it and now it's flopping around Jublife city!"

"SMALL METAL!" Ahead of me a purple monster sent out a metal ball, which hit something.

"Sira I found it!" He told me.

I smiled at him, "Thanks Dorumon!" I sighed while scratching him on the back of the ears. I took out a pokeball and threw it at the fainted Magikarp and waited until I caught it. "Ahh loverly." I sang as I picked up the newly captured Magikarp.

Dorumon sighed, "Remind me why you went through so much trouble to catch a Magikarp?" He pondered.

I chuckled a bit, "you know me; I can't go through a region without one! Also it will be my surfing Pokemon." I smiled. We walked on.

"at least you didn't pay 500 poke dollars for one this time…" He muttered. I ignored his remark and continued onto the road I was taking. After about 3 hours of traveling I sat my bag down close to a river and took out my map.

"okay next is badge six…. And…."

"EEEK!" I heard a scream from somewhere close by, shooting up I ran towards the noise. There was a girl all soaking wet, "ASH THAT WASN'T FUNNY!" I head her scream at the boy with a cap who sweat dropped.

"Geez Dawn I just tripped, don't get all moody over it…" He sighed.

I ran over, "what was all that screaming about?"

The girl called Dawn turned around, "This dufus (she pointed to the boy with the cap) pushed me into the river," she said as she wringed the water out of her hair.

"And I told her I tripped on that rock." He retorted pointing to a large rock… with arms?

"Umm I don't think that's a rock…" The rock turned around.

"Geodude. (who kicked me....)" It growled,

"oh giddy aunt" I twitched, "let me get this," I turned to Dorumon, "wanna fight em?"

He grinned and got into battle mode, Dorumon ran towards the Pokemon "Dash Metal" He sent out multiple metal balls that hit Geodude.

"What a cool Pokemon, I've never seen one like that before!" The boy with the cap said, The girl took out her pokedex.

"I am sorry this Pokemon has yet to be checked into the pokedex."

She shook her pokedex, "What?" she looked at it.

Geodude sent out a rock throw headed for her, "look out!" I grabbed her shoulder and thrusted her and myself to the ground.

"Sorry Sira, stupid rock face didn't give me a chance to stop-" Dorumon was interrupted by a rock in the face.

"Wait that Pokemon just talked in our language" Some blind looking dude said,

"That Pokemon just talked!" the other boy said in amazement.

Didn't blindy just say that...? Ah well, "While were just standing here watching Dorumon fight shouldn't we introduce ourselves?"

They all nodded, "I'm Dawn and this is Piplup," a small penguin like creature came in front and bowed slightly.

"I'm Brock, and I used to be a gym leader," said the blind guy,

the boy with the cap went into what I think was supposed to be an epic pose, "I'm Ash Ketchum and I'm going to become a Pokemon master."

I liked his determination but I had to hold back the laughter of thinking his name was ketchup.I introduced myself, "My name is Sira, and…. I don't really have much more to say." I lied, I did have a lot to say but it would ruin the story if I were to tell them right now.

"um.. Sira, who's that?" dawn pointed to Dorumon.

"Oh he's my d-pokemon, his name is Dorumon"i studdered almost making the mistake of calling him a digimon.

Dorumon jumped on top of the Geodude as it collapsed, "I win!" he said triumphantly standing on top of the fainted Geodude. His stomach started growling, "Unh I'm hungry…"

I laughed, so did the others, "Wait right here, and I'll whip up some rice balls." Brock said as he started working on a rock,

"So is anyone going to take that Geodude?" Dorumon asked as he walked over to where we were. All of them shook their heads, "Brock used to own one," Ash said, "But no I think I'll save my six spaces for later, which reminds me do you have any other Pokemon?" he asked me.

I looked in my bag, "I own 3 right now plus 2 in the storage system for this region, but they aren't used that often."

Dawn glanced at me, "Well that's a little insensitive, don't you think? Those Pokemon work along side you." She retorted at me, but I just shrugged.

"Only their pokeballs are in the storage place, one of them is just flying about cause I couldn't keep her within the pokeball, and the other is swimming in the ocean aimlessly enjoying the freedom it has. Luckily both are on call, but their way to powerful to fight with people who live around this area and battling would be boring with the same Pokemon all the time." I smiled to her, "So they aren't cooped up, I just don't want to run the risk of losing their pokeballs."

"Sorry i misunderstood a bit..." she tentatively giggled.

"How about we have a pokemon battle, I've been to a couple of regions, and you said that your old pokemon are powerful which means you must be a tough opponent, so I challenge you!" he pointed at me, I was kinda speechless.

He was really unpredictable and pretty bold, sure I've been to another region, but… whatever, I snapped out of my thoughts and smiled, "okay your on, Dorumon again would you like to fight?"

Dorumon shook his head, "My metal would turn to mush, and I am so hungry…." He muttered.

I sighed, "Fine then hold onto this one," I threw one of the pokeballs at him and of course he dropped it, which sent my Magikarp out.

"Magikarp come here then!" it flopped over to me,

"Your gonna fight me with a Magikarp?" he looked at me blankly.

"No I'm going to put it into the water, because it won't examine otherwise." The Magikarp flopped into the water and stared.

I took out my pokeball and Ash did the same.

Dawn walked up to the middle, "get ready, battle!"

She ran out of the way, I threw out my Prinplup, and ash threw out his Chimchar. I told Prinplup to use bubble beam, bubbles started forming towards Chimchar. Ash told him to dodge and use ember, Prinplup was harmed but the damage wasn't noticeable, "Prinplup use bubble beam again," I ordered. "You know that using fire against a fully evolved Pokemon is pretty silly," I noted, but he was smirking, why in the world was he smirking?

"Yes but water has a certain weakness, Chimchar use flame wheel."I really had no idea what he was doing but just to be sure, "Prinplup guard" Prinplup lifted up it's arm, then he did something I didn't ever think he would pull, "Now use focus punch."

Crap, was all I thought, even though that Chimchar's weak it probably did a number on Prinplup, especially since he was down on one knee, Prinplup looked at me, in reassurance, and I nodded while clicking my fingers. He got up and before Chimchar could even flinch and he shot out what looked like a mix of a hydro pump and a bubble beam at Chimchar.

Chimchar was slammed with the bubble beam/hydro pump. Unable to withhold his ground, Chimhar feinted on the spot. I brought Prinplup back, and Ash did the same. We threw out our pokeballs, Luxio came out of mine, and Staravia came out of his.

"Luxio bite" Luxio ran over to Staravia, but I forgot one important element, earth doesn't affect sky creatures, plus Luxio missed Staravia by a long shot.

"Why did you use a normal move with a lightning pokemon" He asked me.

"Because I forgot that flying Pokemon could escape I usually paralyze them," I muttered, and then I sent Luxio to attack with lightning, luckily this time I didn't miss, and it sent Staravia to the ground,

Since the move was luxio's strongest. "How about we have a three on three battle? Cause my only Pokemon are Prinplup, and Luxio… and Magikarp over there," I pointed to the useless Pokemon, yes I knew it was useless but I still wanted to keep it.

"Okay then we'll have a three on three battle, but as far as this is going your going to beat me." He grinned.

I was confused but brought back my Luxio, "What happened to that I'm going to become a Pokemon master, or did you decide that since I'm a girl you were going to go easy on me?" I asked, slightly p*ssed off at the thought of him going easy on me.

"No way, I wouldn't. You're a strong opponent, and kicking my butt too." He smiled sincerely, 'what an honest person' i thought… we got back to the battle, he sent out turtwig.

"what about your pikachu?"I asked,

He looked at Pikachu, "pika pika (I'm hungry ash, I don't think I could fight.)" Pikachu explained.

"So he's hungry like my Dorumon eh?" I pondered, "okay ash let's finish this fight since both of our Pokemon are hungry!" He nodded to me, I brought Prinplup out again, this time he started,

"Use razor leaf" Turtwig started blasting leafs at my Prinplup, and unfortunately from that last blast, my Prinplup was even more exhausted,

"Prinplup do you think you can do one last attack?" I asked him,

"Prinplup, prin! (I think I should be able to, at least I don't see why not)" He reassured me.

"Use Arial ace, and as you use Arial ace, use peck" I told Prinplup. It jumped into the air and slammed Turtwig on the back, and then it pecked it on the back again, sending a double combo.

"I guess you win….. but I have to say that was an AWESOME battle, my Pokemon don't even compare." He heated up again.

"I've gotten my fifth badge." I scratched the back of my head.

Brock called us over for lunch, and from the looks of it, the plate that he made for Dorumon was almost gone, I grabbed one, "hey that was mine!" I turned slight chibi, "ohhh? But I don't see you evolving any time soon, also it's bad for your health to eat too much."

It seemed like my words were right because he soon grew down to Dorimon, "OH CRAP! DORIMON!" everyone was shocked, How in the hell did he degenerate?! I thought, he had eaten… Wait.

"umm Brock what did you put in the rice?" Brock looked at me quizically, "Just ingredients, rice, seaweed, and a little bit of spice."

I slapped my face, "Dorimon is allergic to seaweed…"

"wh-what happened to Dorumon, did he evolve?!" Ash was farther away then I remember him to be.

"No just the opposite, he degenerated..." I sighed, I had to quickly come up with a lie because how many people would believe I owned a Digimon…. "He's a special Pokemon because he is able to evolve to and from mostly whenever he wants, sort of like a legendary, because he is probably the only one in the world." I said trying my best to sound convincing.

"That's amazing! He would be so efficient then, because then you can have him really strong, and then after a battle he could go back to a little thing." She explained. Dorimon looked up at me,

"Sira I'm not feeling too good…." He cringed,

I put him down,"go do your business in the forest please, you know about my problem…"

He looked at me with puppy eyes.

"Sorry I just can't be around it…." Dorimon sighed, nodded and hopped over to the forest. I grabbed another rice ball.

"Sorry about em', he gets diarrhea when he's had seaweed, and it's really nasty to look at…" I shivered. I knew I went into TMI land.

They sweat dropped. After I finished my rice balls it was my turn to feel a churned stomach, after all I could hear was Dorimon scream my name.


Yeah I've gotten a lot wrong but the fanfic will not be fully based off of the anime. Mostly only the characters will be the only correct thing and maybe a few events.


muahaha chapter two also for those who don't know sira is pronounced (si like sai and ra like the god Ra)