Next day Lily walked into Myotismon's throne room, and bowed down. "So have you found out what she wants?"

Lily bit her lip. "She wants me….sir…"

He smashed another glass. "That DAMNED GIRL…. I KNEW SHE COULDN'T BE TRUSTED!"

she winced, "Actually… I want to find out who sent her… do you think in two days I could go see her?"

He sighed "…. Alright, but you must win the battles early and you will have a half an hour, if she doesn't speak then torture her till she is half dead."

Nodding she left.

Two days later, Lily fought against a Flamewizarmon who burned her back slightly. She turned around and soaked him to the core, or at least until he died. Coming back in, Myotismon pushed her towards the dungeons, "Find out who sent her, and then come back and report."

Sira placed her Digivice away, when she heard footsteps come down. "I came like you asked?"

Sighing she took out her Digivice again. "Ah good. Glad to hear, I wasn't expecting you to come."

"What is that?" Lily pointed to the Digivice.

Smiling, Riona answered, "A device. Now I'm going to help you escape alright."

Lily snorted, "It won't work, trust me, I've tried several times."

"Like three days ago?"

She winced, "You heard?"

nodding, she muttered, "Well this time, not even if we run past that stupid cat, will she see us."

"How?" She smiled, "Simple, time control, you see in T minus 10 seconds, everyone in the castle will stop moving."

Lily's eyes widened, "what do you mean everyone will stop moving?"

She chuckled, "Hacking my dear friend, after all, this whole world is just several strands of binary and data mixed together. Now if you please lift the lock on this gate so that we can escape."

Doing as she asked, Sira got into running pose, "Be prepared in 5-4-3-2-1 GO" She shouted as a wave blasted through the whole entire castle, and they dashed up the stairs.

Lily ran past a stopped Demidevimon, Wizardmon, even Myotismon, who Riona stuck her tongue out to.

"How *huff* far is the doors to the entrance?"

Lily pointed, "Just down these two halls." A bleeping noise came from her coat pocket, as she frantically tried to open it.

"Oh no…"

Lily turned her head slightly, "Oh no? what do you mean by oh no? I don't like oh no!"

Sira laughed nervously, "well you see… I miscalculated a number in the code, and well, we're about to lose time stop."

"Well then there's only one thing I can say, RUN LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!" She screamed.

Both of them felt the wave of time flow back as they ran past Gatomon. "Oh hey Lily, your running down the hall again?" She then came to her senses, "Wait… MASTER THE STAR IS ESCAPING AGAIN!"


Myotismon teleported just behind lily, and grabbed her arm, burning it, before he managed to form crimson lightning.

Screaming, she fell to the floor, as her feet came out from under her, and the pain from the burn became almost overbearing. Riona bit onto his hand, to let her go. "Why, you also tried to escape slave!"

She growled, "It's not slave, it's Riona!"

He rolled his eyes, "Same difference!" He noted sarcastically, before taking her hand, and squeezing it as he tried to get her off of his hand.

"nngh…." She struggled, as his grip unconsciously tightened. "Get off."

He smirked, "Hm finally come to your senses twerp?"

"GET YOUR STINKY HAND OFF OF MINE!" She screamed kicking his hand as hers was freed. Gripping onto her now bleeding hand, he started to smirk, "Injured are we, well then let's fix that!"

"Go away." She snarled, as she formed a small concentrated ball of water into her hand, and blasted it at his face. He was more taken aback that she just blasted a Hydro Pump at his face, then it actually hurting. He laughed, "Oh it is another lucky year, I've found yet another child with power."

Recuperating slightly from her burn, she saw Riona blast him with a hydro pump. "Woah teach me how to do that!"

Riona winced, "That's right fangface."

He smirked even wider, "Well then, this shall be interesting."

Her eyes started to go black, as small markings began to cover her face. She then threw a series of attacks at him, each one he deflected. "If you keep on dodging my attacks I'm gonna sink this whole island, taking you and your servants down with it!"

Lily sweat dropped, "You shouldn't have told him that!"

He cackled, "Oh yes, I have really found a good use for you." He grabbed her other glove and removed it as well. She then froze a hydro pump, which he then destroyed, and threw crimson lightning that struck her in the front.

Then when she turned over, he struck her with another crimson lightning, which slashed across her back,

"NO!" Myotismon smirked as he watched her markings disappear.

Riona then watched as he turned around to Lily, and whipped her as she struggled to get over to Riona. No longer having the strength to fight against him, Riona passed out on the floor, as she heard Lily howl in pain.

Waking up Riona felt that her back had been healed and her gloves were put back on. Sitting up, she took out her Digivice after making sure no beating heart was around and then whispered, "Time for plan B."

Lily lied in her bed as she heard a knock on the door. "Lily, Myotismon wants you!"

Walking out, she again headed back up to Myotismon's throne room. Walking inside, she hesitated, "You called me?"

He smiled, "Do you know what the amazing thing about water?"

She remained silent, he continued on anyway, "You see, it can be used to water a Lilyflower, and then once that Lilyflower is finally full grown I will pluck it." He licked his lips, as she flinched. "Now go get that water controlling twerp, I must run some tests with her." Lily shuddered even more.

One thing she's learned is that when Myotismon says he wants to test something, it's never good. Nodding hesitantly, she headed out of the room and went back down to the dungeons. "Riona, I need to warn you, we must escape."

Riona looked away from the small window she had in her room, "Ah Lily, can you please take me to where Myotismon usually dwells?"

Lily stared, "Are you serious? I have to get you outta here! He's planning on experimenting on you!"

Riona chuckled, "Ah good, that makes my job easier." She smiled as Lily lifted the door, "No Riona, he's going to run tests, that usually means several different things, and none of them are good."

Riona nodded, "I know, now let us go." She tapped her shoulder, "By the way call me…. Sira once we get outta here alright?"

"Sira, Why?"

"Well you see I was once in love with a boy, but when I fell into this world, I'm probably seen as dead… you see I'm as rich as they come, and so when we get outta here, I hope to take you either back to the star that contracted me, or where I live, so that you can maybe live in a real family."

Lily muttered, "Boys are annoying and stupid."

Riona laughed, "Ah yes, I can see with what you usually see."

Lily then stared at her seriously, "Riona we MUST get you outta here."

Riona shook her head, "No I must get you outta here, for the sake of your freedom!"

Lily grabbed onto her arm, "No Riona, we must go this way we still have a chance."

"Lily" she gave a stern voice. "I am older, wiser, smarter, taller, and more educated then you, listen to me, I know all of his moves, and how powerful he is alright, believe me, I will save you, now let us go inside."

She said as she blasted the doors of his throne room open, "I heard you wanted me?"

He stood up, "Ah yes, I was about to go out and see if you had escaped again."

"Why would I, it's not like I can anyway, too many eyes lie around this castle."

He smirked, "Glad you've understood." Picking her up by her armpits, he placed her on a small platform, "Stay there." He commanded as he took out several orbs. "First, fire."

Pulling off her left glove, she winced slightly, but the fire barely touched it. "Fire… useless." He muttered.

Lily started to glow, "Myotismon, Don't even think about it!" he then took out a blue ball, "Water," touching her skin, the blood flowed less and healed slightly, "Water, even more useless, and heals." He noted, as he then took out a yellow ball.

"Lightning." Riona flinched.

Lily started to flare things, "Myotismon I swear, don't!"

Placing it on her hand, she bit her lip as the blood started to flow like a stream.


"Lily calm down, I'll be fine!"

Myotismon smirked, "Ah I see, so lightning is very effective." Taking out another ball of lightning he placed it on her hand again, this time she couldn't hold back much longer, and screamed.

Lily started to explode things, "LILY! NO!"

Myotismon smirked as he tightened his grip, and the markings on her hand started to change color. "So this feeling…" he asked, "How does this work?"

She growled, "Like I would tell yo-AAAAAAHHH!" She screamed, he gouged his hands into her blood. "Ah the sweet smell of blood, how the cries of pain increase its sweetness!" Finally reaching for the other one, he threw the glove off, and squeezed it to. "MYOTISMON STOP!" Lily yelled. Riona bit her lip until it bled, "UGH….AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!"

She screamed, "!" Dorugamon Destroyed the wall.

"WHAT?" Myotismon shouted as he was slapped in the face by Dorugamon's tail.

"Riona!" He shouted, as he noticed her hands bleeding in streams. He blew a metal at Myotismon, exploding it in his face.

Getting onto his back, her eyes widened, "Wait Dorugamon, Lily, get Lily!"

He snarled at Lily, "No, she's Probably one of Myotismon's servants!"

Sira tightened her grip on Dorugamon's fur, "NO GET HER NOW SHE'S THE STAR!" Lily backed away as he snarled venomously, "We have spent too much time here!" he started to take off, "Dorugamon listen to me! TAKE HER WITH US!"

He growled, "NO!" he shouted taking off.

Lily screamed, "TAKE ME WITH YOU!"

Sira looked away guilty, "Lily… I'm sorry…."


He soared into the air, as the last thing they heard was Lily scream so loud; it pierced through the air like a freshly sharpened knife slice through butter.

After they soared back to Versandi, Sira yelled at him, "Dorugamon why did you not take her! She was the star!"

"I know!" He cried, "But I couldn't think when I saw him gouging his fingers into your hands…."

Sorcerymon ran over to her, "Riona!"

She felt herself being lifted up into the air, with a glowing Alayna holding a giant thunder ball behind her, "WHY DID YOU NOT BRING HER!"

Riona sniffed, as tears streamed down her face, "I COULDN'T ALRIGHT! DORUGAMON LEFT HER BEHIND! I…couldn't." She sniffed as she looked at her hands.

Sorcerymon growled, "Put her down Alayna... it's not her fault."

Alayna snarled, "IT IS HER FAULT, SHE COULD'VE SAVED HER! My child…. MY BABY!"

Riona struggled as she tried her best to back away from the ball of lightning behind her. Alayna finally noticed the warm liquid falling onto her hands. "And… he even found out about your power." She sighed, calming herself down. "There is nothing that will come out of hurting you…. You tried…" She muttered, placing Riona onto the ground. "But when I see him dead, he will be screaming in hell."

Sorcerymon came up to Riona who hid her hands. "Riona give me your hands."

She was crying. She backed away and covered her hands with her sleeves, humiliated with herself for letting Lily get attacked like that. "Riona, what did he do to you?"

Riona shook her head as he grabbed her shoulders, "No Sorcerymon let me go!" she cried as he kept his grip on her.

"Riona… when have I given you reason not to trust me?" She looked away.

Alayna's eyes hardened, "That bastard…. He did not."

Sorcerymon turned to her, "He did not… what?"

"Electrocute you did he?" She nodded hesitantly.

Sorcerymon growled venomously, "He DID? When I see him I'll…."

Alayna interrupted him, "This was a grand loss…. There is nothing more I can do… now, where are your gloves?" Riona shook her head, she was too lost for words, "And your clothing is ripped why?" Sorcerymon asked, Alayna placed a hand on her back.

"She was also whipped with crimson lightning."

Sorcerymons eyes widened, as he finally managed to convince her to show him her hands, and examined her back as well. "I dunno…" she muttered, "He tore them off… and my back doesn't hurt any more…. I was cured by Wizardmon."

Sorcerymon still had his eye on her left hand, it was bleeding twice as quickly as it did before, and even when he touched the bottom of her hand, she winced, and forced herself to keep her hand there.

Rubbing her temples, Alayna handed Sorcerymon some gloves, and used magic to fix the torn clothing, and clean up all the blood that stained on it. Using Aquarius Fill, he managed to get the bleeding back to normal before placing the gloves onto her hands. "Well then… I must be going… and make sure, no one else touches those hands of yours, we do not need an island destroyed." She nodded before Alayna disappeared.

Sorcerymon then turned his attention to Dorumon, "And you! Why did you not go in when she was screaming!"

Dorumon winced, "I didn't think it would happen."

"Well then don't make the same mistake again."