I have been in love with Edward Cullen since I was seventeen years old. We met during our junior year of high school. I was your average girl. There was nothing extraordinary about me. I was 5'3, 110lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes. I wouldn't say I was beautiful but I was not ugly. I was not exceptionally smart, but not a complete idiot either. I was quiet, shy, and timid. Due to my clumsiness, I never wanted to draw any more attention to myself than absolutely necessary. I was only ever truly myself around my very best friends. That is when I allowed myself to be silly and my smartass remarks would slip out, surprising everyone around me.

Edward Cullen was my biology partner. From the first day I walked into class I couldn't help but stare at him. I knew instantly he was the most beautiful person I had ever seen in my life. He had bronze hair that was disheveled but sexy. He had the most dazzling green eyes. "Bedroom eyes" was the first thing that always came to my mind when I looked at him. I always felt like his eyes could see right through me, right into my very core. I got lost in them every time he looked at me. Most of the time, I had to force myself to look away just to be able to speak to him.

His face was flawless with his high cheek bones, a perfect jaw line, and full lips. He was truly amazing. He was tall and slender but his body was fit and muscular. His smile was utterly breathtaking. He had this crooked smirk that was so provocative, it should be illegal. Every time he flashed it, it took my breath away. From the first moment I laid eyes on him, I instantly knew I was in love with him.

Edward even smelled intoxicating. He smelled like fiery cinnamon, just like the little heart candies you get on Valentines Day. The cinnamon, mixed with the musk of his cologne and a hint of smoke, was truly mouthwatering. I had noticed that Edward must've had some sort of "oral fixation" because when he was not smoking, he always had his signature square cinnamon lollipop occupying his mouth in its place. It was a sight that hypnotized me on more than one occasion. He would start with it tucked perfectly into his cheek. Then he would maneuver it around his mouth using only his tongue. When he would pull it out to talk, it would leave his perfect full lips slightly more reddened and glistening. He would then, ever so slowly, slide his tongue out and press his lips against it, as if to savor that flavor one last time before he would speak.

Ok, so maybe I was the one with the oral fixation?

He was extraordinarily smart and after hearing rumors about his musical talents, I could only guess he was an astonishing musician too. I was told he was a remarkable pianist, a self taught guitarist and even sang on special occasions. So what did this all add up to? Totally out of your league Bella! So I just watched from a far for months.

At first, he was quiet and stand-offish. I nonchalantly asked around about him, trying to not seem to as interested as I really was. I was told many things about Mr. Edward Cullen. Some of the guys at school described him as arrogant, brooding and introverted. Although they wouldn't admit it, I could sense that there was an underlying fear of him. A few of them referred to him as "trouble". They even went to the extent to warn me that when he was mad, you could hear the venom dripping from his words. This only confirmed my suspicions that they wereafraid of him. What I wasn't sure about, was if they were afraid because they felt a physically threatened by him or if they just felt sexually inadequate compared to him.

Every female in school was infatuated with him. It must have made every guy on campus insanely jealous. When I asked about Edward, the girls at school raved over him. Aside from them being dazzled by the mere sight of him, they mostly said he was shy, talented and smart. A few girls said he used too much profanity, smoked too much, and was quite the 'Romeo'. Oddly, the negative things they said didn't feel much like a warning. It felt much more like these were the very things that intrigued them the most about him. I really was not surprised to hear what the girls said about him. It was as if the things they were saying made him more provocative and intoxicating to me.

I heard a lot of rumors about beautiful girls just throwing themselves at him but it wasn't a shock to me. There were some gorgeous girls at our school, much more beautiful than me. Jessica, Lauren and Tanya were at the top of the list. They were the most popular and beautiful girls in existence, as far as the guys at Forks high were concerned. Every one of them went out of their way desperately vying for Edward's attention. But he never seemed to take notice. Edward definitely wasn't the type of guy who ever needed to or would ever want to go out of his to way pursue anyone. And why should he? There was clearly a line of girls waiting in the wings for him to give them the slightest indication he was remotely interested. As for me, well, sadly he only knew me as the girl he sat next to in Biology class.

One day, I was heading into biology with Mike after lunch, much like I did every day. I remember it like it was yesterday. That day we were having a lab, which meant Edward and I would be forced to speak to each other. I was so excited. I know it's pathetic, but sadly, it was the only time he ever seemed to acknowledge me.

I had become friends with his twin sister, Alice. She was in my first period history class. We both had study hour at the same time also, so we usually ended up in the library together most on most days. I never dared to ask her about her bother. Sometimes, she would mention him, in casual conversation, but I would quickly change the subject. I was terrified that I would slip up around her, revealing my feelings for her brother.

I was lost in thought, carefully going over my conversations that day with Alice, making sure I had given her no reason to think I was interested in Edward. That's when I heard him clear his throat, as if to get my attention. Abruptly, I snapped back into reality and looked over at him. He was setting up a microscope and slides. I quickly got to work reading over the worksheet.

I had done this lab before, at my school in Arizona, just before moving to Forks. I knew it would go rather quickly and I was right. It only took us about twenty minutes. Then there we were, back to only speaking to each other as necessary. We never even looked at each other during the entire assignment.

I walked to the front of the room and handed in our papers. Everyone else was still working on theirs. I figured it would take them close to the end of class to finish. I noticed that most of other lab partners were friendly and chatted as they worked; this was not the case with Edward and me. So, as usual, I just played with my iPhone and tried not to look at the beautiful man that sat next to me. Sometimes, I would feel him staring at me, but I could never bring myself to look up to meet his eyes.

To keep from blushing the entire time, I would get lost in thought and search through my music list. I had downloaded a few new songs last night by Van Morrison. I was trying to find my favorites and put them in a playlist so I could listen to it during my study hour. I smiled thinking of the words "you're my brown eyed girl…Do you remember when we used to sing Sha la la la la la la la la la la Te da. " I was remembering the time Angela and me were driving around and singing it at the top of our lungs. Then it happened, out of nowhere I heard him speak.

"Van Morrison?" I didn't look up. I just froze and turned about five shades of red. How could he know? Was he some kind of mind reader on top of all of his other talents?

"What?" That was all I could get to come out of my mouth and it was almost a whisper.

"Van Morrison? That is what you were humming, correct?" he asked questioning me.

His lips tightened with a smirk and he had one eyebrow raised. He was looking right at me, waiting for a response.

"I was humming?" I felt the heat radiating off my face as I looked at him and smiled, embarrassed.

"You do that a lot you know, I only recognized the song today" his smile met his eyes.

"Oh, well, um, eh, I'm sorry I didn't notice. I was just..." He cut me off

"Van Morrison is one of my favorite artists; I have all of his CD's"

He's trying to make conversation with me!

That was all it took. Before I knew it we were talking about all of our favorite artists and songs. He even pulled out his iPhone and showed me a few artists I had never heard of. Class was almost over and Mr. Banner was telling us to clean up and hand in our papers. Edward and I had been lost in our own conversation. I felt my heart sink as I started to gather my things.

"You know, you could give me your phone number and I could send you some music" he stated nonchalantly.

"Yeah, that would be cool" I tried to sound aloof but feared I failed miserably.

I gave him my number and he programmed it into his phone. The bell rang and I knew our time was up. He walked out of class before I did, without a saying another word.

I made my way to the library, sat down at a long table in the back and popped my ear phones in. I was smiling from ear to ear. I couldn't make myself stop smiling even if I had wanted to. I opened up my History homework and tried to concentrate. I had been deep into my work when my music stopped and I heard that familiar beep. Text message. I stopped writing and pulled my phone out, instinctively pushing read.

"Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da. Thanks, now I'm humming" E.

.GOD. I was shaking so much, I had to read it twice! Edward Cullen just sent me text message? Ok Bella, breathe. Be calm. Be witty. Be smart. I had to talk myself down before I responded.

"Just make sure u don't do it aloud. I hear that it's quite embarrassing if caught". B.

"LOL thx good advice! Is this ok? I'm sorry if I am interrupting you." E.

"This is perfectly ok; U saved me from history homework" B.

"Get back to work! lol Music later?" E.

"Then stop texting me! LOL, yes, music later. TTYL" B.

And so it began. Edward and I were best friends almost instantly after that. If I was not with Edward, I was with Alice and vise versa. We would hang out all the time at school, after school and weekends. We quickly became text messaging addicts too.

After spending a lot of time with Edward, I found all of the answers to the questions I always had about him. For the most part, he was exactly what people had told me about him. He was shy, talented, and smoked like chimney. He was very sarcastic, just like me. It was the only thing I could almost always beat him at, a great smartass come back. He did swear a lot, but hey who doesn't? He was also brooding at times and I had heard venomous words escape his mouth first hand. Like the day Mike Newton decided it would be 'funny' to pass me a note, describing in detail, with illustrations, what he wished we, or um, rather I... would be doing during the movie we were watching in history.

I showed Edward the note after class by our lockers, mistakably thinking he would just laugh and roll his eyes in agreement with me at Mike's immaturity. I don't even think he finished reading it, before I was practically chasing him down the hall. He stalked up to Mike and in one swift motion he whipped him around, slamming Mike's back into the lockers. Before Mike could even react, Edward had his forearm pressed roughly into Mike's throat, holding the note in his other hand. Edward was virtually growling at him.

"What the fuck is this!?" Edward roared

Mike didn't say a word as he struggled to breathe. Edward didn't wait for a response, he just continued with his verbal assault.

"You have fuckin' crossed the line Newton! How dare you talk to Bella like this. Is this all you fucking think of her!? Do you think she moved here solely to be fucking sexually harassed by you? You disgusting fuck?" Edward was trembling with rage.

"N-no", he coughed. "No Edward, p-please" he coughed again. "I-I don't, it was a joke." Mike barley got the words out.

Edward's eyes narrowed as he moved closer to Mike's face placing all of his body weight on the arm that was still pushed against Mike's throat.

"A Joke? A fucking Joke? You are the fucking joke here Newton, and if I ever see another note like this, no fuck that, if you ever even THINK of writing a note like this, I will fucking break both your hands. Is that clear?" The warning he gave him came out so calm it was terrifying.

Venom in his words? Oh yes, I would say so.

Edward could be terrifying when need be. But he was also exactly everything I thought he would be. He was funny, kind, thoughtful and brave. He was passionate and protective of the things he cared about. He was so very sweet to his twin sister Alice, even though she annoyed him to no end at times. He would do little things that others might over look. He would wake up extra early every time it snowed to clean off Alice's car and his mother's as well. If he went to the store for cigarettes, he would always bring back Alice's favorite candy, without being asked. Alice even told me once that whenever his mother seemed to have a rough day, Edward would play her favorite song on the piano for her. But she made it clear to me that was a family secret and I shouldn't tell him that she told me.

Every new thing I discovered about him, only made me want to know more. Every "flaw" I could find, only made him more endearing to me. I loved him for his flaws not in spite of them. You just had to know him to understand what I mean. He was perfect.

Alice and I had hit it off from the moment we met, so after just a few short weeks of hanging out together, she and I were like sisters. Alice was just as beautiful as Edward. Jasper was her boyfriend and he was also Edwards's best friend. That's actually how Alice and Jasper met. Edward told me one time that he was angry at first when Jasper started dating Alice, but soon got over it. He only wanted happiness for his sister.

Edward's older brother, Emmett, was a huge football player that was as gentle as a teddy bear. His girlfriend Rosalie was Jaspers sister. She took a while to warm up to me. But soon we were all just one big happy family.

I spent more time at the Cullen's home then my own. Edward and I would usually study at my house after school. But when we were finished studying and having dinner with Charlie, we would somehow end up at his house most nights. We would watch movies or play pool and video games with Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rose. It was always an even 6, but we would usually just play guys against girls.

Alice would invite me over to spend the night almost every weekend. Her, Rose and I would do all the girl stuff like hair, nails, pedicures and shopping. I had missed out on a lot of this kind of "girl stuff" growing up. Moving around so much with Renee prevented me from truly ever making close girlfriends like this. At first I was reluctant and embarrassed because their fashion sense was much greater than mine. But they taught me quickly. I was given a crash course on the fashion do's and don'ts. They were my best friends and we had so much fun together. I found myself looking forward to it more and more each time. We were able to talk for hours and would always end up hysterically laughing until the wee hours of the morning. Just us girls, being girls.

Emmett quickly took on the role of being my big brother. He was protective of me and treated me like a sister, even though some nights he would pick on me until I would beg Rose to make him stop. We were all so close and they all took me in as a part of their family. And I loved them for that.

Sometimes, it would get a little uncomfortable when the couples would cuddle up on the couches to watch a movie. That was always mine and Edwards cue to leave. We would go up to his room to hang out. I would listen to Edward play his guitar or piano while I read. We would talk about anything and everything. Edward knew all my secrets and I knew his. Well, he knew almostall my secrets. I somehow convinced myself that his friendship was enough and not worth risking. But my heart knew differently. I was much more in love with Edward now then ever before.

During that school year, a few guys started to take notice of me. Mike Newton and Eric Yourke were the most persistent. Edward had very strong opinions of Mike. He constantly warned me about him. He was very rude to Mike on several occasions when Mike would come around to talk to me. Edward would get into his brotherly mode and would always say, "Bella, you are my best friend and I have to watch out for you, just the same as I would watch out for Alice."

It felt good to know Edward cared; however, it cut like a knife to know he thought of me like a sister. Nevertheless, I had no time for other boys. I was too busy being hopelessly in love with Edward. No matter what he thought of me, I knew what I felt for him.

The summer before senior year, I had to go visit my mother for the entire month before school started back up. I begged Charlie not to make me go to Arizona for those four weeks, but that was part of the arrangement with my mother. I would have to go. It was going to be the hardest thing I would ever have to do.

It was Friday morning; I woke up to the sound of my phone beeping. Text message. I knew instantly who it was. I reached over and picked it up.

"Always- stay Never- leave" E.

I smiled sadly. I knew exactly what he meant. Edward and I had come up with a few daily text rituals. "Always & Never" was our morning ritual. The "Always" was something we always want, and the "Never" was something we would never want.

Our night time ritual was sending each other a song. I had once told Edward I could only fall asleep to music so I had to pick a song to fall asleep to every night. Of course, he made that into "our" thing as well. We would each pick a song for the other to fall asleep to. Whenever I would get tired, I would simply text him "Tell me a story". Within minutes, he would send me the perfect song. In return, I would send him one back. Then I would drift off to sleep. It was our way of saying goodnight. I loved that we had our own text world that no one else knew about. No one else existed in our text world except Edward and me.

"Always- Forks Never- Arizona" B.

I sent the message and got started on my busy day. I had laundry and packing to do. I still had cleaning and some food shopping to do also. I wanted to make sure Charlie was fully stocked while I was gone. It was Friday and I was leaving Monday. I was staying with Alice this weekend and spending Sunday with Charlie. Then I wouldn't see any of them again until I got back from Arizona.

I was so busy. My day flew by. When I finally got to the Cullen's house I was exhausted. The guys went out that night so I could spend some girl time with Alice and Rose. We had a great night. It was full of gossip about the guys and we drank the vodka Rose brought from her house. We ate way too much junk food and laughed until our stomachs hurt. It was very late by the time we were finally getting ready for bed. The guys were still not back. It made me sad. I couldn't believe I had not seen Edward at all that night. Just as I was thinking that, my phone beeped. I swear he could read my mind.

"Hope you're having fun, we will have our time tomorrow" E.

"We had a great time. I will be looking forward to tomorrow tell me a story?" B.

"MP3: Amazing, Aerosmith" E.

He knew Aerosmith was one of my all time favorites. I let it download while I thought of a song to send in return. Remembering he was still out, I sent him a quick text.

"Did you want me to send you one tonight?" B.

"I won't be able to sleep without it" E

"MP3: I don't want to miss a thing, Aerosmith" B.

The girls and I woke up early the next morning. Well, as early as you could expect since we went to bed after 2:00am. It was about 8:00am and of course the guys were all still sleeping. We came down stairs to find Esme frantically getting her things together to leave for work.

"Good morning girls" she flashed a quick smile, "I am very busy today I have three open houses and then Carlisle are I are going to dinner after he gets out of work. Will you girls be ok?"

"Yes, mom of course we will. Now go before you're late!" Alice hugged her mother and with that she was gone.

We ate our breakfast and then headed back upstairs to get ready for the day. I took a shower and threw on some jeans and a t shirt. I pulled my hair up in a clip even though it was still damp. A touch of lip gloss and mascara, I was done. I hurried to my phone to send Edward his text before he woke up.

"Always-Pancakes Never-Oatmeal"

I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast, leaving plenty for the guys when they woke up. Then I headed over to Edwards room. It was after 10:00am and I decided it was time for him to wake up already. I knocked lightly on the door and it opened. I took a minute to admire the view before entering. He was lying on his back in the middle of his bed. Sheets were bunched up to one side. Even with him wearing a dark blue t-shirt and blue basketball shorts, he was a vision. I could clearly see his sculpted body and his hair looked even more bronze in contrast to crisp white pillow case. The little bit of light that his curtains allowed, shined directly on his perfect face. I figured that was why he had his arm over his eyes. I took a deep breath to take in his smell and walked over to the side of his bed.

"Edward," I whispered as I approached the bed, "Good morning sunshine."

I giggled, while trying to reach out to touch his arm that was covering his eyes. Before I knew what had happened, Edward's arm shot out and grabbed my wrist pulling me to him.

"Edward?!" I yelped, shocked and confused.

I was laying the wrong way on the bed, flat on my back and he still looked like he was sleeping. I watched and waited. Then I saw it, that little shit was smirking at me!

"Stop playing around and get up, Edward. It's my last day here. I won't see you for weeks and you're just sleeping our day away!"

I gave him my best puppy dog eyes and pouted my bottom lip. He opened his eyes and looked at me. I saw the smirk fade and his face fall slightly. He sat up, reaching for me; he pulled me up and laid me next to him, my head nestled into his neck and his chin rested on top of my head. My heart was racing. I prayed he couldn't hear it. Edward and I had sat on his bed many times and I had fallen asleep next to him on countless occasions but this, the way he was holding me, felt much different. I waited for him to speak first. After a few minutes he broke the silence.

"You're right. You're damn guilt trip is just about the only thing that could get me out of bed today," he smiled. I looked up at him and smiled too.

"Well hurry up! The rest of us are all ready and will be waiting downstairs for you."

I got up to leave but he pulled me back to him. He leaned forward and I was frozen. I don't think I was even breathing. His hand lightly brushed my cheek and then, leaning into me, I could feel his hot breath on my face and then he whispered…

"Bella, I wanted oatmeal for breakfast." I could see him holding back his laughter.

"What the fuck Edward? You are so not funny!"

I watched as Edward laughed hysterically and I couldn't help but join in. After regaining some composure, I leaned over and smelled him.

He smelled perfect.

However, I could never tell him what I really thought so I went the route I was used to. I cupped my hand around my mouth and nose as if I were disgusted and said, "Edward you are not funny. However, you do smell funny. So, I suggest you get in the shower and come eat your pancakes before I feed them all to Emmett."

He smirked and shook his head as he got up and walked towards to the bathroom. We were both laughing as I left his room.

All six of us spent that day in Port Angeles at the mall shopping for outfits for the going away party they were throwing me that night. We had lunch and made many stops for food, party hats, that Alice insisted on and of course an absurd amount of alcohol. Rose was the one designated to get the alcohol. All she ever had to do was flirt with the guy at the register and he was putty in her hands.

Edward and I took his car because he said he would never sit in Emmett's back seat. He said he knew what went on back there. The thought of that alone made me more than happy to drive with Edward. On the drive back Edward was unusually quite.

"Hey, Earth to Edward" I poked his arm smiling. Trying to lighten the mood

He looked over at me and smiled but the smile never reached his eyes. "I'm here B just thinking… sorry," he shook his head.

"What are you thinking about" I questioned.

"Tonight, the party, I just wanted you to know, that well, um, Tanya may show up." He adjusted himself in the seat and tightened his grip on the wheel.

"Oh, well that's fine. I figured she would be there anyway" I lied, wondering who in the hell would have invited her.

"Everyone in school knows about it, Bella. I mean, Alice nearly invited the whole school as it is." His eyes stayed focused on the road.

Edward knew Tanya and I never got along, but Edward being "Edward", got drunk one night at a party and hooked up with her. I was furious for weeks afterwards. He tried to explain to me what had happened and I remember shouting at him, "Spare me the fuckin' details!" Which lead to us not speaking for weeks. That was our first and only fight. I knew Edward had a 'reputation'. However, that was the first time it was thrown in my face, so to speak, and I didn't handle it well at all, to say the least.

Tanya was a bitch to me on a daily basis. Her snide remarks as I walked by her in the halls, her relentless flirting with Edward and constantly finding a way to pull him away from me, gave me even more reasons to hate her. I knew she was jealous of our friendship but she seemed to only take it out on me and only when Edward was not around to witness just what a rotten bitch she was. She was not going to ruin my last night with Edward and my friends. Over my dead body.

I reached over and took Edward's hand, "Hey, La Push is a big beach. I'm sure it will be fine, don't worry. I really just want to have a good time tonight"

He looked down at our hands and then met my eyes, smiling. "You're right. Fuck it, we are going to party our asses off tonight and give you a proper send off."

By the time we got back to Forks, it was later than we expected. Edward dropped me off at his house with the girls while he and guys went down to the beach to get things ready.

"ALICE HELP!" I yelled down the stairs.

I was trying to get ready for this party tonight but was failing miserably. I needed Alice to help me with a few things, like my hair, my makeup, my jewelry, my shoes and my outfit. I laughed to myself; I was still such an amateur. I heard Alice running up the stairs.

"Bella, we are going to be late! You should have been dressed by now! What are you wearing? You can't wear that!" she was talking so fast I couldn't keep up.

"But I thought you said to keep it casual tonight." I was confused.

"Bella I meant cute and casual not shorts and t shirts again!"

The look she gave me made me blush. I was so naive.

"Ok Bella, do you trust me?" I nodded "Your going to have to trust me if you want to get Edwards attention tonight."

I had confessed my feelings for Edward to her one night, after drinking way too much tequila. At first she pretended to be shocked but then just laughed telling me how obvious it was to her all along. When I asked how it was 'obvious' she simply shrugged and said, "I can see it in your eyes every time you look at him."

She asked me when I was going to tell him. The answer was NEVER! I was never going to tell him. She disagreed with my choice, and begged me to reconsider. She finally surrendered for the time being promising to keep my secret.

Fucking tequila A.K.A. truth serum

"Ok, I trust you; just work your magic... Please!?" I begged.

She was more than happy to agree, of course. An hour later, I couldn't even believe it was me in the mirror!

"Alice! Your like a my very own fairy godmother."

She curled my hair into huge bouncy curls that hung perfectly. She applied just the right amount of make up, in neutral tones that accented my best features, a light blush and soft pink lipstick.

She laid my clothes out on the bed. I would be wearing an empire-waist sundress. It was a beautiful royal blue with a floral pattern on it. The slight V neckline and empire-waist made my boobs look great. It had a simple bow that tied just between my breasts, drawing much attention to them. The sheer material hung loosely over the attached silk slip underneath. I actually liked the way it fit me. It showed just enough skin without being too revealing. I trusted Alice, but I was still unsure of just how over dressed I would look at the beach. I slipped on the matching navy sandals, thinking about how I was grateful for her. I was ready to go and I looked great.

Driving to the beach, I sent a text to Edward

"On our way, please save me some vodka" B.

"Of course! Where the fuck R U HURRY UP!!" E.

Laughing, knowing he must have had a few shots already, I threw my phone back in my purse. I turned up the radio but instantly, Alice turned it back down.

"Bella, I need to talk to you," she said.

Uh oh here it comes.

"I know it's not my place Bella, but don't you think that you should at least say something to Edward tonight, before you go?" she looked almost sad.

"What exactly would you like me to say to him, Alice? Oh, Edward, I know you're my best friend and all, and you only think of me as another sister, but I just thought you should know I am totally in love with you and want to sex you up all night before I leave tomorrow?" I snorted rolling my eyes.

"Hey, at least you would be honest," she smirked, making light of the subject.

"No, Alice. Edward doesn't think of me like that. He has made that quite clear"

"How exactly has he done that?" She glanced at me from the corner of her eye.

"Oh, I don't know, Alice. Maybe the fact that he has fucked half of the girls in school, tells me I am like a sister to him, and well, never has shown the slightest bit of interest in me what so ever. Must I always be the one to remind you of this?" Clearly, I was annoyed and now on the edge of angry.

"I'm sorry Bella, but Edward has never been as close to anyone the way he is with you. I see the way he looks at you when you're not looking. I just have a feeling there is something more, that's all." She put the car in park and turned to me. "Bella, I would never want to hurt you. I want you to be happy. I just think someone needs to say something before it's too late."

I leaned over to hug my best friend and simply said, "If Edward felt anything for me at all, I'm sure it would have been known by now. I'm sorry Alice. I just couldn't handle being rejected by him and risk losing his friendship and all of you." I smiled praying this was sufficient and we could just go to the party now.

"Ok, Bella, but I just have this feeling that something big is going to happen tonight."

She hugged me once more before and we got out of car. Her cryptic words made my stomach do flips.

Something big… huh?