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"Smile…" Alice's voice sang as she clicked away, taking pictures of us next to the spread of sweets on the table. We had been baking most of the morning. We had made everything from peanut brittle to cookies and fudge. Even small loaves of banana nut bread were currently in the oven.

It was three days before Christmas and the girls and I had finally found some time to bake together. They had been nagging me for over a week now to bake with them but Edward and I were being selfish and basking in our new relationship. Since the day we declared our love for each other up in his room, we had become inseparable.

Trust me, I wasn't complaining.

Our families were not surprised to see us finally together. They acted like it was the most natural thing in the world, as if we had always been a couple. The only person who had any issues at all was Charlie, who made it clear that now that I was in a relationship with Edward, I had a freaking curfew. After much begging and pleading, and yes I pulled the 'I'm eighteen years old' card, we compromised. On school nights it was eleven and weekends was 2am.

Thank god it was winter break and I had three glorious weeks off from school for the holiday break. So that meant one thing… no school nights. And no school nights meant more sleepovers at the Cullen's. Not that Edward and I were sleeping together, yet. Nope, suddenly "Mr. Casanova" became "Mr. Lets take things slow". Of course I knew he wanted me. I had no doubt about that. There was zero rejection. He just wanted my first time to be 'special'. He wanted desperately to make up for the night of the beach party. I knew he carried this guilt with him and it was my fault for throwing it in his face every time we had fought since.

To Edward, it was not just about the act of sex itself anymore. It was about the meaning of it. With us, it would solidify our relationship. Take us to another level by sharing something so intimate, giving myself to him body and soul. He wanted it to be perfect for me. Little did he know that he already owned me body and soul. It was his for the taking regardless of the circumstance.

He promised me he had something extraordinary planed for us. When I asked when, he would flash my favorite lopsided grin at me and kiss me softly with the promise of 'soon' falling from his lips. Oh yes, having Edward Cullen as my boyfriend was just as swoony as I imagined it would be.

Edward Cullen is my boyfriend. I am Edward Cullen's Girlfriend. Possession, ownership, companionship. He was mine and I was his. The word 'friend' didn't bother me as much when the word girl or boy was placed in front of it.

But still, somewhere deep down inside me the word 'friend' felt like a four letter word. It had taken us so long to get here. I never wanted to hear that word again...ever. Rose and Alice still teased me about it relentlessly, saying how without mine and Edwards's friendship we might have ever ended up together. How we had to start somewhere to get anywhere. Ugh! Damn them and their voices of reason. But now that we are more, I know I could never go back to less, and that honestly scares the shit out of me.

My phone beeped bringing me back to the present. I already had a smile on my face before I read the message.

Always - You Never - The guys. I miss you. E.

I giggled and replied.

Always You NeverBaking. I miss U 2 B.

Yeah we were "that" couple.

"Are you texting Edward?" Rose teased. "I specifically remember all of us promising no guys until after we were done, Bella." Her eyes narrowed.

"It was one text. It's just our way of saying good morning," I defended myself.

I was quick on my feet but Rose was quicker. "It's noon Bella, don't give me that shit," she laughed, pulling my phone from my grasp tossing it on to the counter.

"Feed me. I'm starving," she demanded.

Alice and I laughed "You know Rose, the more you are around Em, the more you are sounding like him."

She rolled her eyes. "He sounds like me and fuck you very much for saying that." She gave us the finger and pulled out some cold cuts and bread. "Now feed me," she giggled shoving the bread at me.

I made us some sandwiches and we settled down in the living room for a much needed break. The girls and I were in need of some girl talk. We chatted about presents we bought, and what we thought the guys bought us. We laughed about how ironic it was that they were at Edwards's house right now getting high, playing video games and probably had the munchies yet we had all the sweets over here at my house.

Rose joked about Emmett's blow job privileges would be revoked if he was too stoned to drive her home. Alice scrunched up her nose as the look of disgust came over her face.

"Thanks for the over share, Rose." She shook her head trying to clear out that mental picture.

"Oh fuckin' please, Alice. Like me hearing about your sexersize with my brother is any better?" she spat.

"I never ove rshare. I just, ya know….insinuate."

"Bullshit! I call bullshit!" Rose laughed. "Then tell me how I would know the exact measurements of my brothers…" Rose made a face like she was about to vomit, "peen size, length and fucking girth!" she yelled, tossing a small pillow from the couch at her. "Answer me that, Alice!" Rose continued to making disgusting noises pretending she was puking.

"That is really disturbing Alice. I mean what the fuck? Why would you tell Rose that?" I was laughing so hard I had to push my words out.

Alice stood up. "Oh, don't you even start with me," she pointed at me.

"What?" I questioned wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Both of you." Her finger moved quickly between Rose and I. "Both of you are with BOTH of my brothers! I should make you both find me new friends so I can talk sex with them. I have heard way too many stories from you both." She crossed her arms narrowing her eyes at us.

"Not me," I shook my head. "I have no stories to tell," I shrugged.

Both of them whipped their heads in my direction.

Oh shit.

"You mean you guys haven't had sex yet?" Rose asked.

I bit down on my bottom lip and shook my head.

"Are you serious, Bella?" Alice's eyes grew large. "I mean you have stayed the night over at my house for like three nights straight."

"I know," I nodded. Not really wanting to give out any details, I left it at that.

Rose practically leaped over to my side of the room. "Please tell me you have at least… gotten close?" She took a seat next on the floor next to me.

"No. Well I mean….I guess we have done some stuff… kissing and stuff."

"No details." Alice covered her ears. "Use the bases or something."


"Yes Bella, you know, first, second, third?" Rose giggled. "You do know the bases, right?" she teased.

I swatted at her and missed. "Yes, smartass I know the bases," I glared at her.

I mean I think I knew the bases? If you knew the bases Bella, would you be having this conversation with yourself? Shit! Note to self find out what exactly the 'bases' are.

"Well?" Alice prompted.

I suddenly felt very shy and I could feel the heat rise on my cheeks. "Its not some big secret guys. Just some regular… stuff." My eyes averted theirs.

"Stuff?" Rose questioned.

I tried again. "Foreplay?" I muttered.

"Foreplay? You guys have had nothing but foreplay since you met him, Bella," Rose snorted.

I didn't want to sound like some sex starved loon to my friends but if I couldn't talk to them, who else was I going to talk to?

I threw myself backwards on the floor. "Ugh! I know Rose, its like torture! Do you know what its like to be kissing and touching and ya' know... rubbing," I sighed. "And just when its getting hot, just when I think I could just- finally… release. If he would just give me a little tiny bit more, he slows down." I cover my face. I can't believe I just told my friends Edward has yet to make me come.

"He's cockblocking you!" Rose giggled. "Edward is a cockblocker!" she laughed harder this time.

"It's not funny!" I giggled, "He is so sweet and loving and never makes me feel like he doesn't want to. Trust me, I know he does. It's not like he really hide that fact." I laugh when I catch Alice making the vomit face out of the corner of my eye.

"But won't I seem like some kind of sex fiend attacking my boyfriend, of what, eight whole days?" I asked.

Rose laughed. "Bella you have wanted that boy since the day you laid eyes on him. It's obvious he feels the same. Maybe he is waiting for you to make a move." I went to protest but she held up her hand "Wait, listen to me, you don't have to have sex necessarily, that can wait. There are many other things that you can do to get you that, eh…um release your looking for," she smiled wickedly.

The bases. She had to be talking about the damn bases…

Maybe I didn't need to push. Maybe just a nudge would be sufficient.

"See!" Alice squeaked "You're talking about my brother getting you off! My point has been made." She shook her head making her way back into the kitchen. Rose and I followed behind her giggling.

~ x ~ x ~ x ~

The girls left a few hours later. We had finished up the rest of the candies and few batches of cookies. We made up tins for each of our families and a few extra tins to give to Charlie and Carlisle to take to the station and the hospital.

I was just about to head up stairs to shower and get myself cleaned up when my phone rang.


"Help me!" Edward voice sounded desperate. "Please tell me you're done, Angel. Please tell me I don't have to endure another fucking second of Jaz and Em."

Oh yeah that's what he likes to call me now. And just for the record… I love it.

"Aww, my poor baby. Have the guys been mistreating you?" I teased.

"They are high, so fucking high. It's ridiculous. They are fighting over everything and I think they could still possibly be wrestling over the game controllers as we speak. I don't really know. I left them to call you."

"I think you must be a little high yourself since you are calling me from your house phone instead of your cell phone." I laughed.

"OhmehIfunkinstarging" he said, obviously shoveling food into his mouth. I had to laugh out loud.

"I have sweets over here, jus' sayin'," I taunted him. I could hear him drinking something, long swallows and small pants in between.

"Sorry, I had to eat a fucking sandwich or something… wait, did you say sweets?"

Yup, my sweet boyfriend was stoned.

"How much did you smoke?" I was cut off by someone picking up the other end of the phone. His end, not mine.

"Hello? Is this nine one one? Hello? Help!" Emmett yelled into the receiver. Then I heard Jasper.

"You dick, did you really call the police? Fuck Emmett, you're such a sore loser!"

Then Edward. "Hey fuck heads, I'm on the phone."

"Edward? Hey bro! What the fuck are you doing down at the police station? Did Chief Swan drag you in for using his handcuffs on his daughter?" He snickered and so did Jasper.

"Hey fucktards, I'm not at the station. I'm in the kitchen on the phone with Bella. Now hang the fuck up!" Edward yelled.

I laughed.

More yelling from Emmett. "Hey, get off me man!" Then Jasper, "Give it to me! Give it to me now!"

I could hear them cussing and struggling on the other end and had to bite down on my cheek to keep the laughter to a minimum. I knew Edward was getting pissed.

"Bella! Bella! Help!" Em yelled. "Bella, are you there?"

I played along. "Yes, Emmett. I'm here."

"Bella, you have to save me! When can you get here?" Emmett was out of breath.

Then Jasper again. "I said give it to me now!"

"See Bella, he won't get off of me! Its getting really gay really fucking fast. Please hurry! Bring back up!" I heard a loud crash, some more swears, then a click, and finally silence.

"Fuckin' idiots," Edward grumbled. "I'm sorry about that, Bella." His voice was soft and apologetic.

"Really, its fine. No need to apologize," I smiled.

I glanced over at the clock and saw I only had about two hours before Charlie was home so I would have to clean up and make dinner soon.

"Do you have any plans tonight?" Edward asked.

"Just dinner with my dad. I'm pretty tired from all the baking today. But we are still on for tomorrow, right?"

"Absolutely, I have a few last minute things to pick up. Alice and Jaz will meet us at the mall around nine."

"I should get going if I am ever going to make dinner on time." I paused feeling a twinge of sadness that I was not going to see Edward at all today.

"Ok Angel, I miss you and I will be there to pick you up bright and early, ok?"

"Ok, I miss you too." We said our goodbyes and I quickly headed upstairs.

~ x ~ x ~ x ~

I actually heard Edward pull up before I saw him get out of the car. I had rushed to get ready so I wouldn't miss out on this. Oh yes, watching Edward walk up my drive way was my new favorite past time.

I heard the crunching of his tires on the gravel and his music was blasting although I couldn't make out the song. I gave myself a once over in the hallway mirror adjusting my baby blue sweater and running my hand though my hair to loosen up some of the curls. Then I darted back to the door, looking out the small window.

I still can't believe he is mine. Edward swung his door open and moved out of the car. I could feel my heart picking up speed as I took in what he was wearing. My favorite button-fly jeans, the ones with the faux tear at the knee. They rested flawlessly on his hips, loose in some places and tighter in all the right ones. They looked comfortable and relaxed, much like the face he was wearing. His crisp white t-shirt clung to his body and the black and blue flannel shirt was left unbuttoned enough to make me drool. Today was cold but the sun was shining so his trusty Ray Bans rested upon his perfect nose. I swear to god this man was going to be the death of me. I licked my lips in anticipation for his. Seriously, my boyfriend is so hot that he should have his own personal theme song playing every time he walks into a room.

Maybe something by King of Leon…Sex on Fire perhaps?

I back away from the door as he approached and grabbed my purse. I heard his knock and hurried to answer it.

"Good morning beautiful," he smiled, leaning in, kissing me softly on the lips.

"Mmm, you taste like strawberries," he licked his bottom lip and kissed me again.

"Lipgloss," I winked. "And you taste like cinnamon."

"You ready, Angel?"

"Ready." I smiled, as he took my hand in his and lead me to his car.

Riding with Edward was an entire different experience now. I was amazing to see him so relaxed, so comfortable, completely at ease. The only time I was able to peel my eyes off him was to glace down at our adjoined hands. Watching him hold onto me, studying the way his thumb would gently trace small circles on the top of my hand. I was reveling in this moment. Here with Edward, in his car, I truly am…Happy.

We pulled into the mall parking lot and I made a quick call to Alice to meet us by the front entrance. The parking lot alone was a mad house. I couldn't imagine what it was going to be like once we actually got into the mall. We watched people rushing around the lot, some were argue over parking spaces, honking and yelling at each other.

"The most wonderful time of year, huh?" Edward smirked at me as we pulled into a space.

I was right, once in the mall, it was insanely busy. We finally found Alice and Jasper and Edward gave me a quick kiss as we all agreed to meet back up in two hours.

Shopping with Alice was like shopping with the Tasmanian devil. She would enter the store, power shop until she got her fill and leave just as quickly as she came in, leaving only dust in her wake. She was on a mission. I managed to pick up a few last minute things I needed to get from Bath and Body works and Yankee Candle. Our final stop was Victoria's Secrets and I thanked god we would be meeting the guys in about thirty minutes.

Rose and Alice really had been a bad influence on me. Victoria's Secrets was now my new favorite place to shop. I was not going to let Alice rush me this time so I ducked away from her and headed over the PINK collection, which was my absolute favorite. It may or may not have had something to do with the way Edward would react when I wore it.

I found a really cute pink shirt that had 'Lets make out' written in bold black lettering across the front. I smirked at my lack of subtleness. I simply could not resist buying the gray boy short that had 'forever' with a pink heart printed across the backside. I was in search of some thigh high sleep socks to go with my new ensemble when I saw him. He looked nervous and kept checking over his shoulder like he was going to be caught doing something awful. I decided to have some fun.

I slowly made my way over to him and whispered "What are you doing in here, Perv?"

He jumped about five feet in the air. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Fuck, Bells you scared the shit out of me!"

"Jake, look at you, you're blushing!" I laughed.

He was modified and I felt bad. "So, who are you shopping for?" I asked, trying to ease some of the tension

He looked exasperated. "Leah, but I never knew it would be this hard. Can you help me?"

"Absolutely," I reassured him.

I showed him around the store and he seemed to relax. I picked out some great lotions and body sprays. I decided that I would ease him back into the clothes by showing him some bathrobes.

"Shorter," he laughed.

"Shorter? Really Jake, you are a pervy, perv," I teased.

"She is nineteen Bella, not ninety nine," he joked.

I scanned the selection and finally found what I was looking for. "How about this one?" I held up their version of 'The Softest Robe in the World'. It was incredibly soft and looked pretty short so it would meet his standards.

"Eh, I don't know, Bells. I think you should try it on," he said, wagging his eye brows at me.

"Are you serious? Or are you being a pervert again?"

He snorted, "I'm always a pervert, Bells," he winked. "But seriously try it on, just over your clothes so I can get the right size."

I sat my things down and pulled the robe on. "How does it look? Is this short enough for you?" I laughed and turned around and wiggled my ass at him.

"I can't really tell. Can you bend over?" he teased.

"Shut up, Jake. I am not going to bend-"

I heard someone clear their throat loudly above mine and Jakes laughter. A male someone…

I froze.


I didn't have to turn around to know it was Edward. My racing heart already picked up on his presence. I slowly turned around to face both him and Jake. Edward stood frozen, watching me. His green eyes were a blaze with anger and jealously. He didn't even acknowledge Jake. He kept his eyes on me, piercing me to my very soul. I watched his Adams apple bob as he swallowed thickly. I could see the tension run down his neck across his shoulders, down his arms, ending at his tightly clenched fists. Jesus he was hot.

Edward was not here, not right now. I only saw Mr. Hyde. I had not seen Mr. Hyde in so long. My body betrayed my mind. My mind was screaming to defuse this situation as quickly as possible. But my body had a completely different reaction. My body begged me to pull Mr. Hyde into dressing room and show him just how sorry I was. My mind ended up winning the battle. I quickly shrugged out of the robe and handed it to Jake.

I made my way over to Edward where he still stood motionless. I didn't want him to be upset at something so trivial. I stood in front of him, placing my hand on his chest. He looked down at me, his angry eyes still locked with mine.

"I was helping him shop for Leah," I spoke softly. He swallowed again his eyes flashed in Jakes direction and back to mine.

I felt terrible. I knew what he was thinking. I knew why he was jealous, but I was not Victoria and I would never betray him.

"Hey, look at me." I took his face in my hands. He closed his eyes for a second and then looked back down at me. His brows where frowned and his expression was pained and I wanted to cry.

"I was only trying on the robe so he could find the right size for Leah. His girlfriend, Leah," I clarified.

"Jake felt uncomfortable being in here so we were just having some fun." I nodded at him hoping he would understand.

He finally moved, placing his hand on the small of my back his eyes softened.

Jake finally broke the silence. "I should get going. Thanks for helping me, Bella."

I turned to face him. Edwards grasp on me tightened, pulling me securely against his body.

"Are you finished with my girlfriend?" Edward's voice was icy.

Jake looked amused as he shook his head. "I see what your doing here, but really you don't have to. I have my own girlfriend. Bella was just being a friend." He gave Edward a pointed look. "She was helping me shop for Leah, that's all."

I felt Edwards body relax against mine.

"I'm sorry for interrupting then," Edward said dryly.

"No, it's cool we are done. No need for that," Jake smiled. "Thanks again Bells, and Merry Christmas you guys." And Jake turned and left.

I felt Edwards's lips on the top of my head. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

I turned in his arms to face him.

"We were just having fun. We were only shopping."

"I know and I'm sorry." His eyes were softer now and apologetic.

I stood up on my tip toes and placed a kiss on his lips. His hands fell from my waist and rested gently on my ass, so I wiggled it a little bit causing him to smirk.

"Anything you want me to try on for you?" I teased.

His eyes grew dark again but not with anger this time. "I could think of a few things," he said, licking his lips.

Once again I saw Mr. Hyde flash in his eyes. I felt every ounce of his desire for me at that moment. God, the things I would be willing do for him when he looked at me this way. It made my heart slam against my chest and the butterflies flutter in my stomach. I had to stop now or we were going to end up in a very compromising position in a dressing room.

"Help me finish up here," I smiled and he obliged.

I found my socks and Alice, and we headed for the check out line.

~ x ~ x ~ x ~

Hours later, I found myself helping Alice and Esme cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. Alice and I had already made arrangements for me to stay the night. We were going to wrap presents and have some girl time.

Edward and the guys went to the gym and then played pool downstairs while Alice and I spent some time together. We had wrapped countless gifts and made up stockings with everyone's favorite candies in them. I had just showered and changed into the new 'outfit' I bought today, along with the 'Softest Robe in the world' that Edward insisted on buying me. It was getting late and I wondered why Edward had not come to get me yet. He told me after dinner he had a surprise for me but I had not seen him since.

"Just come with me," Alice begged.

She and Jasper were going to watch some Christmas movies downstairs.

"No, I'll be fine. I have to finish tagging some of the gifts anyway," I assured her.

"As long are you are sure…" she hesitated at the door. "I'm sure Alice," I nodded and she was gone.

I was writing out the last of the tags and Christmas cards when I heard the knock on the door.

My heart rate increased and I knew exactly who it was. I hurried to make my way to the door and opened it.

There stood Edward breathtakingly beautiful wearing a soft gray t shirt and black lounge pants. His green eyes sparkled and my favorite lopsided grin bestowed his lips.

"You ready to see your surprise?" he asked.

"Yes," I blushed.

"C'mon," he grasped my hand and pulled me to his room.

We paused at the door he turned smiling at me.

"A fresh start," he said and pushed open the door.

I saw it the moment the door opened… a new couch

Oh my god, Edward bought a new couch!

It was bigger than the black couch. It was chocolate brown and suede with big fluffy pillows and a much softer look then that black leather one from before.

Before I could even think about it, I was in his arms. My own wrapped securely around his neck.

"Thank you," I repeated more than once.

"Merry Christmas," he whispered into my hair as he pressed his lips to my temple.

I pulled back slightly. "It's perfect. Thank you," I said before brushing my lips against his. He pulled me close and kissed me back until I was dizzy.

"Shall we?" He smiled as he pulled me to the couch and plopped down on it pulling me next to him.

I was right. It was much bigger than the other couch. We both fit easily side by side on it. He had his arm around my shoulders and I snuggled into the crook of his neck. He held my hip tight with his other hand. I was in heaven.

"I can't believe you did this," I smiled against his chest.

"I wanted to. I had to do it for you." I pressed his lips to my forehead.

"Thank you," I breathed again.

"You're welcome," he said pulling me tighter to him.

I don't know how long we lay like that holding each other, relishing in this moment.

"This is your first Christmas present," Edward said breaking the silence.

I turned slightly so I could face him.

"Do you think I'm going to give you an early present now?" I teased.

He chuckled. "No, I already have everything I need, right here." He gave me a squeeze then tickled my side.

I squeaked and giggled trying to wiggle away from him.

"Where do you think you're going?" he laughed.

"Edward, please!" I giggled

"Please, more?" he smirked and tickled me again.

"Please stop!" I laughed harder, pressing my arm to my side trying to restrain him from tickling me.

Suddenly, he stopped and he grew very quiet. I looked up at him and followed his eyes. He was looking at my necklace. Jakes necklace.

He pulled it up so he could read it. "Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times" he repeated the words from the ring.

His sad eyes met mine. "What's this about?"

I was nervous to bring it up but I knew I had to tell him. "It's a birthday present from Jake. When I was back in Arizona, I was having a really hard time. Jake came to me the night of my birthday and assured me that you and I were going to be fine and he would be a friend to me through it all. I was so weak, Edward. I didn't know if I was going to make it. But I found strength in his words. He saved me when I was drowning." I said softly.

"I wish it was me who could have saved you," Edward's voice was pained.

"You do save me."

"You should have never needed to be saved." Again his words were indignant.

"Don't, please don't be upset. We are here now. And if we didn't have to travel the roads we did, we might not have ever ended up here. And this is the only place I want to be." My hand found its way into his hair rubbing small circles into his scalp. I could feel him relax under my touch as I searched for a way to get passed this.

"What do you want for Christmas?" I asked praying that the change of subject would work.

Edward raised his head and gave me a knowing smile, a silent thank you for making him live in this moment with me instead of going back to a much darker time for us both.

"I already have it. I don't need anything else," he winked at me.

"And you, what do you want, Angel?"

I moved my hand from his hair and slid it down his chest resting it on his heart.

"Just this," I blushed slightly at my boldness.

His hand moved over mine pressing it tighter to his chest. "It's always been yours, Angel." He pulled my hand from his chest and kissed my knuckles lightly.

I tucked myself back into the crook of his neck and I don't really know when or how it happened but at some point I fell asleep.

~ x ~ x ~ x ~

I woke up in a state of confusion. I had no idea what time it was or where I was at. Once I found my bearings I glanced around the room and found the clock. It was just after midnight. Holy crap! Edward's parents would kill us if they found us asleep in his room. They had made it very clear no sleeping in the same bed once they found out the new dynamics of our relationship.

I had to get back to Alice's room before they found out. I stopped and watched Edward sleep for a few minutes. I took in his beautiful features. His long lashes, his perfect nose, the faultless angles of his jaw line. I saved the best for last as my eyes moved to his full pink lips. I wanted to kiss him. I scooted down in his embrace and as gently as I could, I placed a small kiss on them. Maybe it was because it was so late, maybe it was because he was sleeping pressed up against me. But suddenly, I didn't want to go back to Alice's room. I wanted more. I wanted to kiss him until I was breathless. My entire body wanted more. I could feel the tightening in my lower belly as my heart began to pick up speed. I practically whimpered as I moved out of his arms. Just as my foot touched the floor, I felt Edward's arm grip me tighter.

"Don't," he said, taking me by surprise. Had he not been sleeping?

"But your parents…" I countered.

"We are not technically breaking their rules," he smirked, his eyes still closed.


"They said we couldn't sleep in the same bed. We are on the couch," he clarified.

His sleepy eyes met mine, silently begging for me to stay.

"Stay with me, Bella." His fingers pressed into my hips pulling me back to him.

Who was I to say no?

I slid back onto the couch and turned to face him. "You talked me into it," I smiled

"I can be very persuasive," he grinned.

Gah! I wanted him.

That was it, I couldn't take this anymore. It still amazed me that just a few short hours ago my thoughts were pure and innocent. And now that I had this Adonis of a man pressed up beside me, and the way he made every inch of my body sing, I was insatiable.

"Edward, I hope I can be just as persuasive," I whispered, flicking his earlobe with my tongue and then sucking it gently.

I felt his body tense at my actions. He gave a smirk but didn't move an inch. This man had the will power of steel sometimes.

"Yeah, I kinda' think you can," he teased, casting me a sideways glance.

Okay, Bella, you can do this.

"You Can Do This" had become my mantra. I giggled slightly at my internal monologue. I drew in a deep breath and traced my fingertips across his chest and around his shoulder, twisting my fingers into his hair at the nape of his neck.

I kissed along his neck in soft, peppering brushes of my lips. I let out a soft moan against his skin as my hand gripped his hair, shifting my body slightly to press into him. His hand moved to my hips pressing his long fingers into my skin.

A breathy 'fuck' fell from his lips. He leaned his head into the crook of my neck, but said nothing more. His warm breath fanned the side of my face as he planted soft kisses across my neck. It was all I could do to not tilt my head and take him in, and taste him. He smelled of soap and cigarettes, and his usual cinnamon. I took every ounce of my self control not to lick him.

My whole plan of seducing him was back firing on me. I felt the heat of my arousal course its way down to the center of my thighs, making me shifted uncomfortably, which only made things worse. Because now, Edward's hard on was right between my legs.

"What the fuck are you trying to do to me, Bella?" he groaned into my hair. I watched his hands turn into fists.

I am trying to seduce you. Is it working?

I might have thought it, but I was not brave enough to say it. Edward pulled back slightly and I watched his eyes roam over my body. The tie on my robe was loose and didn't cover anything bellow the waist. Edward's eyes were hungry, and scared. His breathing picked up and I could see the debate raging in his mind. Mr. Hyde wanted me but Edward was fighting to keep control. I felt a twinge on self consciousness and I went to close my robe.

Edwards hand shot out to stop me. He didn't touch me, nor did he have to. He blinked quickly and tried to speak, but no words came out. His eyes trailed over my body and he swallowed hard as he appraised me. My heart was thumping hard and I could feel the dampness between my legs as I watched him licking his lower lip as his eyes came slowly back up to mine.

Edward paused for a moment, keeping his eyes on mine as he leaned in and rested his forehead against mine.

"What are you doing, Angel?" he whispered against my lips.

"I don't know." My hands traveled back up his arms, up over the muscles of his shoulders and then into the back of his hair.

His hands slid down from my hips and he pushed his fingers under the hem of my shirt. I closed my eyes to the sensation of his finger tips moving along my ribs. I felt the goose bumps rise in the wake of his fingers, causing an ache within me I never knew possible.

My hands slid down his neck and over the muscles of his shoulders again, but this time in reverse as they glided their way down his chest and across his muscular stomach.

"We'll have to be quiet," Edward whispered in my ear and I nodded against his neck.

His lips brushed along my neck as he pulled me against him. Before I could attempt to form any words, Edward took my face in his hands and crashed his lips onto mine passionately. I moaned in response, wrapping my arms around him and dragging my nails down his back. He shivered slightly and broke away from my lips. "I want you, Edward," I whispered.

"Bella, wait," he panted. And I froze.

Oh god…not again…

"Bella, stop." His face turned serious. "I see that look on your face B, and I know what you're thinking." He pressed his lips to mine kissing me softly.

"Don't you dare think that," he shook his head. "Don't you think that for one goddamn second," his grip on my hip tightened.

"I want you. Trust me, I WANT you! Are you hearing my words? Are you feeling them," he pulled me flush to his body, purposefully, and I could feel his erection pressed firmly against my thigh.

My heart was pounding against my chest knowing he was not going reject me but still the anticipation of not knowing how far he would go was killing me.

"I do want you Bella, but I have a lot of making up to do, and it's not going to go down like this, on a couch, in the middle of the night, without giving you... more... first. Not without making it special for you." His eyes pleaded with mine, praying for my understanding.

I couldn't help the blush that burned my cheeks. I know the guilt he held. And how time and time again he said he wanted it to be special for me. Still laying here next to him, with his hard on pressed against my leg, I really didn't know what else to do. Perhaps I should go back to Alice's room instead of torturing both of us. I shifted away from him, ready to leave his room to make it easier for him and me.

"Where are you going?" he smirked pulling me back to him. "I just meant I don't want to do everything tonight... trust me... there's still plenty I want to do right now..." he whispers into my ear.

Oh god! The bases, what were they again? Fuck, I should have just asked Rose when I had the chance.

"Bella," he broke the silence. "I meant it when I said no more miscommunications. I know about the three strikes you're out rule and I'm not going to fuck things up again."

I felt myself blush again, first off for him taking my silence as him needing to explain himself further and second for the baseball analogy.

What is it with Baseball and relationships?

"It's funny that you said that."

"Said what?"

"The 'three strikes' thing... it's just... no, never mind. I'm not telling you."

"What? You have to tell me now." He sat up on his elbow.

"Rosalie and Alice are convinced I don't know what all the bases are."

"The bases?"

"Yes, the bases. You know first, second, third…." I waived my hand in the air.

"Do you?" he smirked at me. "I'd be happy to give a demo."

I smacked him playfully. "Yes, I DO. But some people... maybe have different definitions. And maybe some... I know, but haven't... um... actually stepped up to the plate for myself per say." I flushed again.

My god this was getting embarrassing!

"Come here." Edward pulled me to him, placing his hands on either said of my face. His eyes grew darker as the tip of tongue slid across his bottom lip. "Do you trust me?" he asked, his hot breath fanned my face.

I nodded. "Yes."

He licked his lips. A devilish smile slowly spread across his face.

"I just want to try one thing," he said as he kissed me once. "Or two things." He kissed me again. "Or three things." His lips pressed firmly against mine.


I felt the soft pressure of his lips against mine, smooth yet firm. My eyes fluttered closed as he continued to kiss me. My head felt light and I was fairly certain I was going to float away. I never imagined kissing him like this could be so amazing. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I felt the tip of his tongue brush against my bottom lip. I parted my lips and tasted him, moaning into his mouth.

The soft scruff of his jaw rubbed against my cheek, adding to the sensations that engulfed me. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pulled myself as close to him as possible, wanting nothing more than to crawl inside of him. He responded to my eagerness with his own, holding me firmly in his grasp, while twisting his tongue with mine.

My heart hammered loudly against my chest and I knew I was gasping for air, but I didn't care. I was kissing him and my entire body felt like it was going to explode. His lips finally broke the kiss only to allow us some air. But his lips never left me, my face, my jaw line. Along my neck, he planted open mouth kisses until he reached my ear.

"First," he whispered. His hot breath elicited a small moan to escape me. He made his descent back down my neck, moving to my collar bone, kissing and nipping at my neck with his teeth.

His hands moved up my arms, lowering my robe off my shoulders. I shimmied out of it and wrapped my arms back around his neck, pulling him to me. I needed his mouth on mine. Edward's hands slid down my body and I felt him grip the hem of my shirt. Slowly, he pushed it up, his thumbs sliding up my stomach, leaving goose bumps in their wake.

He only pushed it so far before he stopped. I felt his hands move to my sides but he tensed suddenly, resting his forehead against the crook of my neck. He's breathing ragged as he moved his hands achingly slow up my body, stopping just under my breasts. The anticipation caused me to shiver, making my nipples stiffen through my shirt.

Edward let out a sexy low growl, from deep in his chest as he pressed his lips to my neck. His hands finally made the journey upwards, his thumbs brushing across the underside of breast.

The whimper that escaped from my mouth surprised me.

He runs both thumbs over the swells, ghosting them across my aching nipples. My fists are in his hair but I don't really remember how they got there. I am mesmerized by what he was doing and how it makes me feel. Edward grips my shirt again and this time he pulls it swiftly over my head.

We're both watching as his palms return to cup both breasts completely. He applies soft pressure to them, squeezing and kneading them lightly. His face dips and he kisses one softly, causing another moan to escape me.

"They're perfect. You're perfect," he whispers to the valley between them.

Dear God help me!

I feel like my body is about to explode as his tongue circles my nipple, sucking it into his mouth. What he's doing with his tongue feels beyond amazing on my skin. His lips, his tongue, his mouth, trail over every inch of my breasts. Desire pulsates between my legs. I press my thighs together at the delicious ache.

A strangled moan erupts from my throat, as his lips wrap around my other nipple and he pulls it between his teeth one last time. He moves back to my mouth but stops just shy of my lips. I can almost taste the cinnamon as my lips fall open breathing in his hot breath.

"Second," he mummers before covering my mouth with his.

I can't take it slow anymore. My body is screaming for him to touch me… more.

"Edward," I hiss in a whisper, grinding my hips against his thigh.

"Yes, Angel?"

He is practically taunting me. I open my eyes to look at him again and his expression is one of lust and desire. His face giving away everything I am feeling.

"I- I need you, Edward," I whisper huskily, kissing him again, shifting against him.

"Lay back," he whispers.

I shimmy down the couch until I'm laying flat and he shifts his body, settling himself between my legs.

He licks his lips as he moves towards me, kissing my cheek and the side of my mouth. I turn my face and kiss his lips softly.

"I need you too, Angel," he says pressing his erection against me.

I snake my hand between us, running my palm across him, even through the fabric of his pants I can feel him hot, heavy and hard.

"Bella," he moans, it's a warning. I can't help the flush of warmth that shoots through my abdomen.

He reaches between us and grabs my wrist, pulling my hand up and placing it over my head. He does the same with the other. Both of my hands are being held by one of his. Gently, he rocks his hips into mine. I feel my arousal soak though the cotton that separates us.

"Fuck that feels good," he says and lifts his eyes to gaze into mine.

"So good," I manage to choke out. My hips are lifting against each movement of his pelvis rocking into me. Edward shifts away from me slightly and I feel his hand move between my legs.

My eyes fall closed and I groan as his fingers press into my skin through the fabric of my panties, his hot breath against my neck heating me all the more. My knees instinctively fall open for him. His index finger gradually slides underneath the fabric of my panties, gently caressing me in a teasing motion, leaving me writhing my hips against him, begging for more.

"Jesus Bella, you're so wet," he moans.

I groan loudly as his finger slides deep inside me with his last statement, and my back arches off the couch. He pushes the fabric aside, massaging my clit with his thumb, My entire body vibrates at his touch. He's panting into my neck, his hot breath moistening my skin and I bit my lip. His fingers have spoiled me and I now crave them. I lower my back and lift my hips, pressing myself into his hand.

"Please, Edward," I whimper, needy and pleading.

"E-Edward please… don't tease me. Make me come… please," I beg.

"Oh fuck, Bella," I hear him whisper in the most beautiful growl I've ever heard. His lips quickly return to me and my hands pull from his grip and fist his hair. Another one of his finger sides in me his hands twist deep inside of me.

"Oh god," I whimper and raise my hips again.

I reach down between us and cover his already hardened length with my hand. My fingers molding around his girth, I stroke him slowly. Edward's body shifts, hovering over me slightly, fingers still in me, moving purposefully. As he pumps himself into my hand the head of his cock hits my clit in such a way it's almost too much. We're working against each other now, in a steady rhythm with our hips. His mouth finds mine and I start to moan and gasp as the hot waves in my abdomen begin to tighten. The increasing speed of our bodies causes me to shudder and I know I'm close.

I bow off of the couch suddenly, all air escaping my body. "Oh-oh god Edward," I whimper as white lightning explodes behind my eyelids, causing me to clutch my free hand to his back. My quick breaths finally end in a loud groan as the heat rushed through my body in a sudden wave and my legs tremble with my release. It's the most intense feeling I've experienced in my life.

"Bella…Angel, I'm gonna… come," he confesses as his teeth clamp down on my neck.

"Oh God…" he moans.

I feel his hot release seep though his pants as he twitches in my hand. His hips still, shifting against me, but slower and gentler than before. His body goes limp against mine and we are both panting. I can feel his heart pounding next to mine.

After a minute or so, Edward lifts his head. A lazy smile spreads across his face.

"Third," he smirks, before gently kissing me.

I can't help but giggle.

"I'll be right back, don't move," he says, kissing my forehead.

I watch him make his way to his bathroom. Little does he know that I wouldn't be able to move even if I wanted to. A few seconds later, he emerges from the bathroom and I watch him pull open a drawer on his dresser and he pulls out two pairs of lounge pants.

"Here, Angel." He hands me pair and I think I fall more in love with him at that very moment.

We change and snuggle back together on the couch. Edward is kissing my knuckles as I lay on his chest.

"I think I really love baseball now," I say breaking the silence.

Edward chuckles. "I really love you, Angel."

I turn to face him. "I love you too," I say, pressing my lips to his.

The knock at the door startles us both.

"Yes?" Edward yells.

"Can I come in?"

It's Alice.

"Yes," we both call to her.

She opens the door with one hand covering her eyes. Edward and I look at each other and laugh.

"What are you doing, Alice?" I ask. "You don't have to cover your eyes we are not doing anything," I giggle.

"Anymore," Edward adds. I giggle and slap his chest playfully

"Shuddup," I warn.

"See! That's why." She shakes her head.

"Anyway, moms up and headed this way. I thought I should warn you," she says.

"I better go," I turn to Edward.

His eyes are sad. He grips me tighter. "Stay with me," he pleads.

"Ok, I'm going to my room now," Alice says, shutting the door behind her.

"Edward, I need to get to Alice's room before your mother finds us and I'm never allowed back." I give him a pointed look.

"Fine," he huffs pulling me in for one last kiss. We get up and he walks me to the door, kissing me a few more times before allowing me to leave.

Alice is in her bathroom and I grab my tooth brush from my bag and my phone beeps.

Tell me a story? E.

I smile.

MP3 Lila Mccann - To Get Me to You. Tell me a story, B.

I brush my teeth giving him time to reply.

MP3 Lifehouse-Hanging by a Moment… I'm falling even more in love with you if that's even possible. I love you Angel. Good night. E.

I love you too baby, goodnight. B.

Tonight, I cried myself to sleep again over Edward Cullen… Happy tears this time.

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