A letter from daddy

A/N: This story is going off the possibility that Olivia's mother wasn't actually raped. This takes place in the current season.

"Munch is crazy!" Elliot joked.

"What's he ranting about now? "she giggled.

"According to him the government created the H1N1 virus to kill the off the sick people" Elliot said trying to keep a straight face. They were laughing together when her phone started to go off.

"I'll be back" she said as she picked up her phone and walked out of the room.

She walked up the stair case out onto the roof and answered her phone which was still buzzing.

"Slow down I cant hear what your saying" she said trying to block out the sound of the cars.

"Alright I will be there in ten minutes" she hung up her phone and walked back in to the squad room.


"Everything alright?" Elliot asked kindly.

"Yeah , Simon just called me and asked me to meet him for coffee, apparently he has something for me" she said as she grabbed her purse and put on her coat.

"Alright see you later." He smiled at her and watched her walk out of the squad room.

When he called her he had sounded shaken up and like he was out of breath, she could tell it was urgent news that he had. When she got to the coffee shop she ordered a tea and waited for him. When Simon got there he sat down next to her and handed her a letter.

"What's this?" she asked holding up the letter.

"My mother died two weeks ago and when I was cleaning out her house I found this letter from our dad to you, I haven't read it I just taught you would want it" he said watching her tears start to fall.

"Thank you," she said wiping a tear, "I have to go" she said slipping the letter into her purse and walking out of the shop.

When she got home she sat down on her couch and prepared for what she was about to read. She knew what ever was in this letter changed her life forever. She was about to find out if she was actually the product of a rape or if she was an abandoned child. She wiped away the tears and unfolded the letter.

My dearest Olivia,

I'm sorry for the pain I have caused you. I know it was wrong to leave your mother after she got pregnant but I wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. I know the lies she has told you and I promised to go along with it but you deserve the truth.

It was a different time when this happened. It wasn't ok for a girl her age to get pregnant and it was equally as wrong to get an abortion. She had to deal with it and calling it rape was the only way she knew how to. I just need you to hear my part of the story because I know you haven't heard what actually happened.

It was a crazy night. I was making a delivery to the cafeteria where your mother worked and she gave me a soda as I was dropping off the last box. We started talking and we got carried away. I know its unfair and its not right but it happened. Right after it happened your mother told me how she was reporting the rape and that she never wanted to see me again. I managed to get her full name before I left. That's how I kept track of you.

When you were younger I tried to call but Serena answered the phone and I had no choice but to hang up. I sent you a few cards but they all got returned. I wanted to be there for your growing up but it was too much for Serena to handle. I hope one day we can meet and you can get to know me as your father not the man who 'raped' your mother. You have grown up to be a beautiful women and I'm proud of you.



By the time Olivia had finished reading the story it was tear stained and she was gasping for air. Her whole life had been a lie. She couldn't think of anything except calling her best friend.

"Elllliot" she managed to say still trying to catch her breathe.

"Olivia what's wrong?" he said concerned

"Come to my," she sniffled and continued " apartment."

"I will be there in five minutes" he said hanging up and running to his car.

She grabbed a box of tissues and sat on her couch waiting for Elliot. When he got there he didn't bother knocking he just opened the door and sat next to her.

"Hey , hey Liv its alright. What's wrong?" he asked rubbing her neck.

She handed him the letter and watched him read it ……..

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