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"We think his name is Simeon, he is mentally unstable at best, he really wants to talk to you apparently, but you can't go in there" he said.

She started walking towards the door and pulled out her gun when she was stopped.

"Whoa you can't go in there its on lock down!" one of the swat members yelled.

"My partner and my brother are in there, I'm going in!" and she pushed him out of her way and got in the elevator up to the squad room. She saw Elliot ducking behind his chair and Cragen standing in his office with his gun pointed at Simeon.

"Simeon what the hell!" she screamed

"Olivia I'm sorry for the letter, Elliot called me and asked why I gave it to you, and I taught you would want to know. I had no idea it would hurt you so much. Elliot mentioned how sad you were and I came here to end your misery" he turned the gun away from Elliot and pointed it at her. She could not believe what was going on, she looked at Elliot giving him the 'Elliot, I'm so going to kill you' look, she made so often.

"Simeon, I'm not sad, please put the gun down and everything will be okay" she wondered why he was acting so strange and came to the conclusion he was on drugs.

"No Olivia I shouldn't of hurt you. I'm a bad brother and I don't deserve to have a sister" he said with the gun shaking in his hand.

"Simeon, you have a chance to make it all right again, okay look this isn't how this has to end, I promise you're not a bad brother" she said softly trying to slowly step closer.

"How can I make it right? I have already messed up to much. Things will never go back to how they were before." He yelled

"Please, you are the only family I have left, don't do this. Just put the gun down!" she said trying to convince him.

Simeon stepped closer as the gun continued rattle in his hand. With every step Olivia's heat beat got faster. She closed her eyes and gave up. Elliot silently stood up, and started following him.

"I'm sorry Olivia, I'm so so sorry for everything" Simeon cried as he lifted up the gun to be level with her chest. He started to mumble frantically and started to sweat.

"Olivia just keep your eyes closed, I will end your pain," he said "One….Two…"

Elliot leaped on Simeon's back and pushed him to the ground. The gun went off and missed Olivia by an inch and hit the elevator. Munch ran to get the gun as Fin put the hand cuffs on. Cragen gave the all clear signal to the swat team and they began to leave the premises. They locked Simeon in the jail cell and cleaned up the mess. Olivia and Elliot went to the interrogation room to talk privately. Fin and Munch watched them walk away together.

"I dare you to go listen" Munch joked.

"Shut up man" Fin joked back.

"I'm so sorry about all..." Elliot tried to say before he was cut off.

"It was none of your business to call him! You had no right, just back off" she snapped.

"Olivia what the hell do you mean it's none of my business? You called me last night crying, I was there for you, so yes I got involved, I had no other choice!" he said, regretting the words as they flowed out of his mouth. Olivia's eyes filled with tears.

"I taught you were better that that. I'm sorry I'm such a burden to you, maybe I should just go work for computer crimes again, not like you would care" she said with her lips trembling.

" No, no I didn't mean it like that. You are not a burden; I swear to you that I never meant to hurt you. You know what I said last night was true." He said softly stepping closer to her.

"I can't do this any longer. Were either so close and lovey dovey that were about to kiss or hug and never let go, or were fighting nonstop and on the verge of risking a case over person reasons. I need a reason to stay, I need to know we can be more than partners, other wise I'm out, I will walk out of this squad room and never look back. The ball is in your court I'm not pushing anymore, this whole thing, 'us', is up to you." She said strongly.

He stepped back for a second waiting for the right words to say. Nothing came to mind so he did what his heart was telling him to do. He walked up to her wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hard on the lips. She closed her eyes and forgot about everything that was going on. She didn't need anything in the world. She was happy.

"Is my decision clear enough?" he smiled and admired her beauty. She grinned back and laughed a little because of his cockiness.

"I love you too."

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