Hello everyone hope you enjoy this!

"Dad, are you here?" my darling daughter Bella ask from our first floor. Placing the bookmark in

my book I make my way down the hall. "Yes dear, what's the matter?" using my vamp speed I make my

way down the stairs. "I want to talk to you." Gently I kiss her forehead sensing her… discomfort is it? I sit

down on my lap. "Alright sweetheart, I'm listening." She takes a deep breath while looking at her hands.

"I-I." I raise my eyebrow at her, gently I tilt her so she is looking into my eyes. "you?" I see fear cross her

face, but it s gone quickly "dadineedbirthcontrol." (dad I need birth control) She blurted it out so quickly

that if I wasn't a vampire, I wouldn't have understood her. I go as still as a statue and my grip on her

tightens. I should kill that boy , oh my god! My little angel wants to have sex.

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