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Author's note: This was inspired by last night's episode Mash-Ups when I saw the scene of Sue and Will dancing and happened to see what looked like Puck's guitar by the drum set.


Did We Really Just See That?

"Noah, come on. We really shouldn't be here," Kurt whined as he tugged on the jock's arm.

"Why are you being such a wuss? I just need to grab my guitar from the music room and then we can go back to your place," Puck said exasperated as he pulled Kurt down the empty corridors of McKinley High.

Kurt huffed in annoyance and gave up tugging on Puck's arm. "I don't see why you need your guitar tonight. Nothing that we were doing back in my room involved the use of your guitar."

Even though the jock wasn't looking at his gleek he could hear his pout. Granted, Kurt was right. There really was no need for his guitar during a heavy make-out session but as soon as he had realised that he had forgotten his guitar at school, Puck had been unable to get it off his mind, even when Kurt had done that wonderful thing with his tongue.

"I know, I know. Let's just get it and then we can get back to this."

Puck turned around abruptly, and pulled Kurt flush against his chest and before the shorter teen knew it, Noah had forced his tongue into his mouth and was sweeping every single inch of his mouth. Puck twirled his tongue around Kurt's before thrusting it in and out of Kurt's mouth simulating what he'd really like to do with Kurt when they got back to the shorter teen's house.

When they broke apart, Kurt was desperately clutching Puck's well-defined muscles since his legs had turned gooey from the intensity and if he didn't hold onto the teen before him then he would have been flat on his ass on the floor.

"Whoa, there," Puck smirked as he wrapped one of his arms around Kurt's waist to steady him. "Now, shall we get that guitar?"

"Ab-Abso...Yes," Kurt gasped out.

Puck just smirked and pulled Kurt against his side as they continued on their way to the music room. As they got closer, the sound of swing music penetrated the hallway.

"The hell?"

They reached the doorway and silently peaked into the room to see what was going on. Both teens were shocked stiff as they took in the sight of William Schuester and Sue Sylvester dancing... together. They couldn't help but stare, like one did when they drove passed a car crash, as Mr. Schue slide on to the music room floor before shimming on his back through Sue's legs as she did some sort of standing still version of the running man. Puck was mortified and Kurt wasn't fairing much better. The shorter teen had stepped behind Noah and was watching the scene before them as if it was going to attack him.

Puck stepped away from the door, making sure to protect Kurt from the sight before them by blocking the shorter teen's view as they backed away. When they had made it to the end of the hallway, a good distance away from their swinging teachers, they both looked relieved to be away from that scene.

"Screw the guitar, I'll grab it in the morning," Puck declared before wrapping an arm securely around Kurt's waist and ushering him from the building.

The jock didn't know what the chances of Kurt and him getting down to having some fun when they got back to Kurt's place but after what he had just seen, he'd be perfectly fine with just curling up with his gleek and just laying there until the image they had just seen was banished from their minds.