Warnings: This fic is rated Mature for sex, self mutilation, language, and drug use.

Disclaimer: I don't own Gakuen Alice. I don't advocate using drugs or hurting yourself.

Chapter 10

I awoke to a loud pounding on the door. The covers were quickly thrown over me, and Natsume hissed in my ear. "Be silent." After another round of pounding, a gruff, angry voice came from the hall. "Natsume! Get your fucking ass out of bed and to school!" Natsume grunted as he shifted in the bed. "Fuck off, old man!" I cowered under the covers, afraid to breathe. I didn't want to know what would happen if he found out I was here.

Finally, I heard him storm off down the hall to yell at Youichi. I exhaled loudly, and threw the covers off me. "That's not something I want to wake up to every morning." Natsume chuckled at me before throwing me my clothes. I watched him slowly dress, wincing when he lifted his injured leg. "Natsume… is it okay for you to go to school? … Those cuts…" He scoffed at me and buttoned his jeans. "I'll be fine. I made it through last night, didn't I?" I blushed, not sure if he was talking about the sex or not. "Uh… yeah." He looked at me hotly, still undressed on the bed, and smiled. "Want another round? I'm up for it…" I laughed quietly and threw a pillow at him. "Pervert! Get dressed already." He chuckled. "Looks who's talking…"

I snuck out the window and met Natsume outside. Our hands laced together, we walked to school.

We walked in together. I'm sure people were staring, especially since I was wearing one of his shirts since mine had been stained with blood.

We parted ways, and I greeted Hotaru just like it was another morning. Ruka was another thing. He was sitting nervously beside me, and I could tell he wanted to talk. "Ruka… I'm sorry, but I forgot to introduce you to my boyfriend, Natsume. We… weren't on great terms last week." He nodded, and I noticed how his expression seemed to sadden. "Of course! I understand… I bet he's a great guy. …" I looked back at Natsume, knowing he was watching me. "I'm sorry Ruka, I may have misunderstood you before… I can't go to the concert with you if it's a… date." I was sincere since I didn't want to lead him on, and I didn't want to hurt Natsume anymore.

Ruka shook his head furiously, laughing nervously. "No, no! Not at all! Uh… I invited a few other friends too… in fact, you can even bring Natsume if you like! I have several tickets…" I didn't know if it was a coincidence, or if he had somehow gotten more tickets yesterday after seeing me with Natsume. "Are you sure, Ruka? That would be fantastic if we could all go together!"

I brought Natsume to my house for the first time. I even introduced him to my parents as my boyfriend. After the embarrassing part was over, we went to my room.

"What do you mean you don't know Marianas Trench? Are you crazy?" The man was musically ill if he didn't know… so I had to school him. "This is in preparation for the concert on Saturday." I had already told him that he was invited to the concert, and my other friends would be there too. I started with "Cross My Heart", blasting it loud, dancing along pulling Natsume with me when I could.

When we finally settled down, I decided to be serious. "Natsume… I'd like it… if you don't smoke when you need it anymore. I… want you to come to me. We… can help each other. …" He was quiet for a while, and I waited in anticipation. "Hmm… so if we don't smoke… what else can we do?" His eyes glinted with lust, and I laughed, pushing him away as he came closer. "Mmm… Maybe… but not right now." We laughed together, and he put his arm around my shoulder. "Okay." I sighed in content, and rested my head on his shoulder.

I thought about the last time I was in this room, my eyes brimming with tears at the scary thought that I could have lost him. "Natsume…" It was a quiet, desperate whisper, but I don't think I could have spoken any louder at that moment. "Please… don't scare me like that again…" He kissed my cheek, surely tasting the salt of my tears. "I'll promise if you kiss me." He didn't need to ask. My lips found his, refusing to be torn apart.

It seems corny, I know… but I found myself in a similar situation as last night. It was like we were insatiable. His hot skin melded together with mine, making me complete. His every touch, kiss, caress, thrust… it was as if it were written long ago… like we were meant to be. I held him close to me, afraid to let him go. We were equals… moving together in a rhythm known throughout time. We were the same.

"Natsume…" I sighed his name out, cradling his face in my palms. I looked deep into his crimson eyes, the eyes that saw through my soul. "I…" His kissed my nose, grinding himself slowly inside me. "Mikan… I love you." I was shocked at his confession… maybe even more so that I was going to tell him the same. "I heard you… last night." He kissed me deeply, before allowing me to speak again. "Natsume… I… I love you too." He smiled and bent to nibble my ear. "I know." I think I may have cried.

I'm not going to bore you with all the mind numbing details… but I can promise you that Natsume went to the concert with us on Saturday. It was a blast!

It took a while, but he's even starting to become comfortable with my friends. If I didn't know better, I would swear him and Ruka were best friends. Ha! What a thought…

We're happy together. I can say that for a fact now. Whatever it was inside us… It's whole now. But, I can't say that I wished it was never there. If it hadn't been there, I may not have as close of a bond with Natsume.

As for his trigger… we don't have to worry about that anymore. Now that we've graduated from high school, we moved into an apartment together. Unfortunately, it's a little noisy… we decided to room with Hotaru and Youichi. -.-