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I took a long drag, inhaling deep and allowing the heavenly nicotine to travel through my blood stream and work its magic. I watched the rain pelting down onto the thick green grass of my backyard. I have no fucking idea what people like about this town. It was small, cold and always fucking raining…isn't constant rain extremely depressing? Or maybe it was just me.

I took one last drag and flicked the butt onto the grass, letting the rain put it out. If Carlisle saw me do that he would have thrown a fit. He hated it when I threw my cigarette butts in the backyard. Well, maybe if you fucking had an ash tray outside I wouldn't have to litter.

I walked back inside and found Emmett walking down the stairs. Emmett was my big brother, older by one year. He was a senior. Back home, he was the popular guy in school, the one all the girls wanted to be with and all the guys wanted to be. He was big and burly, dark tight curls on his head with the most piercing blue eyes you would find, he seemed to have inherited Carlisle's hypnotizing blue eyes.

Did I just say hypnotizing about my dad and brother? That is just nasty….

I shook my head from those disgusting thoughts and walked over to the refrigerator to grab some breakfast.

"You riding with me?" Emmett asked from his place on the stool at the breakfast bar.

"No," I replied shortly as I grabbed an apple and shut the fridge. I walked over to the sink to rinse it.

"Why? You have you been so fucking stubborn all this week. I seriously don't see any point in taking two cars to school when we live in the same house and go to the same school. It's pointless."

"Well, if you have such a big problem with it then why don't you just fucking ride with me?" I argued as I took a bite out of the apple.

"No, I hate your fucking car."

"Then shut it." I snapped as I headed for the stairs to my bedroom.

"Fuck you bitch." He called over his shoulder in a sarcastic tone. I flipped him the bird over my shoulder as I walked up, I wasn't sure if he saw it but it was worth the try.

I walked into my room and grabbed my bag…another fucking school day. I began shoving the books I would need for the day into it and then zipped it up. The students in Forks High were very different from the ones in Seattle. They were a little quieter and from what I have learned over the last three days, quite tamed in comparison to those in Seattle. They act like they have never seen new students before when Emmett and I arrived that first day, it was like hype and frenzy, shameless gawking by everyone. Like seriously? What's the big fucking deal?

I mostly kept to myself while Emmett pretty much befriended the whole senior year. I wasn't all that social. Don't get me wrong I'm not a mental hermit or fucking loner but I'm weary of getting too close to any one. Why bother when fifty percent of the time you just get your heart ripped? Yeah you might argue there is the other fifty that it won't. But the pain and suffering of losing someone close to you is not worth the effort in my opinion. Each to their own, I guess.

I grabbed my bag and slung it over my left shoulder as I headed back downstairs. Carlisle was already at work, that's what its like to have a dad as a doctor. He was hardly ever home, his shifts changing day to day. He was a well respected surgeon back in Seattle so when he applied for the position here as a heart surgeon in the Forks Community Hospital, they snagged him up like a bitch with open legs.

"I'm leaving," I stated plainly to Emmett as I headed for the door.

"Hey, wait up I'm coming." He called out to me from the kitchen.

I waited by the front door for him impatiently. I raked my fingers through my hair trying to tame the beast. It was all over the place, I didn't mind it and the chicks loved it, especially when I pounded into them. They would scream my name out as they pulled my hair in pleasure and satisfaction. There were a few hot chicks in Forks, I couldn't deny that, nothing too spectacular but good enough. One chick Lauren has been on my back since the first day, quite pretty, tall, nice body and long honey blonde hair. She seemed funny but I wouldn't call her a friend of any sorts. I just liked playing with girls, hearing them giggle when you made a little compliment about how pretty they looked, they become like putty within your palm. They hand themselves over to you as their self esteem sky rockets and that was all I needed. Use them for my sexual needs and give them a little sweet comment here and there to keep them happy and feeling special. Yes, chicks really were that easy.

Emmett finally appeared and we headed out. Carlisle had just bought Emmett his brand new 2008 Black Jeep Cherokee for his eighteenth birthday. He'd gone on about it for a while. It was a hot car, I'll give him that much but not my type of car at all. I loved my black 2006 BMW Z4 M coupe. It was stylish, sleek and sporty. I got it about two years ago from Carlisle before all the shit happened and I got into drugs and drinking and constant fights. He threatened to take it away from me if I didn't clean up my act and he did after I proved I was too fucked up to do it.

When I didn't calm down and I got expelled from school for getting into fights all the time and my dropping grades, he moved us here to Forks. Hoping a small town like this would help tame me…We'll see. At the moment the weather and its town folk aren't doing much to help, but I have to do this if I plan on keeping my car. Plus he also threatened if I didn't pick up my grades in school then he would send me to live with my Granddad Anthony in Chicago. We have visited him a couple of times over the years, a typical grumpy old man who hated the new youth and believed we took everything for granted and we were going to ruin this world. Hmmm…I guess I couldn't totally disagree with him but I couldn't imagine a year with him will do me any good.

I pulled out of the drive way and followed behind Emmett to school. I winded down my window and pulled a cigarette out of the packet and placed it between my lips. I pushed in the cigar lighter and waited for it to 'pop' out for me. I didn't usually like smoking in my car but starting up at this new school and moving town has me unsettled. Once it popped, I pulled it out and lit my cigarette taking in a long nice drag and blowing out toward my open window.

I wasn't impressed the day Carlisle made the decision to move out here. But he had warned if I kept up this act then we would move. I didn't think he would follow through, I thought it was an empty threat…obviously not.

Just before we pulled in to the school grounds I flicked the cigarette out, I wasn't about to get caught on my fourth day at a new school. We pulled into the school parking lot and I parked beside Emmett where we have been parking for the last three days. People didn't stare as much anymore but still enough to make me uncomfortable.

"Edward!" I heard my name called as I opened my car door and climbed out. I saw Lauren walking toward me.

"Hey, Lauren." I said, as I bent into my car to grab my bag from the front passenger seat.

As I got back out she was right up against me, placing her hands onto my chest and lightly caressing me over my Abercrombie grey sweater.

"I've been thinking about you." She purred licking her lips. She had been making advances at me since my first day. She was a keen chick and I wasn't complaining.

"Yeah? What kind of thoughts?" I asked seductively.

"Dirty thoughts." She purred again. I could feel myself hardening within my jeans. She had me pressed up against the side of my car. She was rubbing her self up on me and I was positive she could feel every inch of me.

"I was wondering if you wanted to do something this afternoon." She asked biting her bottom lip as she looked up at me from under her lashes.

"Ahh…I'm actually kind of busy after school. Maybe some other time." I didn't date, that just wasn't me. I had flings but I never went into a relationship…what for? I just wanted to have fun. She pouted disappointedly at me.

"Yo, Edward!" I turned my head and found Emmett signaling me over to him.

"Coming." I called out to him. I turned my attention back to Lauren as I leaned in to her ear and whispered seductively, "I guess I'll see you later." I felt her shiver against me and I internally praised myself.

May have changed town, but Edward motherfucking Cullen has still got it…

I slid myself from underneath her and locked my car with my remote as I headed over to Emmett. He was grinning at me.

"She is fucking hot!" He exclaimed patting me on the back. I laughed shaking my head at him.

"Sure is." I agreed as we made our way over to class.


I switched the water off and opened the shower door to reach for my towel. I dried my body quickly before wrapping the towel around me and stepping out. I walked over to the mirror and attempted to brush the knots out of my wet hair. Once I was finished I turned to put on my clothes…Shit, I forgot my clothes.

I opened the bathroom door a crack and peeked through down the hall. Great, seems like they're still sleeping. I hurried into my room and quietly shut the door behind me and locked it. I went to my dresser and grabbed my blue panties and blue bra and slipped them on. I went over to my closet and debated what to wear. I scanned through my closet and decided to just wear my black skinny jeans paired with a navy singlet. I matched them with my favorite fitted white cardigan sweater. I proceeded to rummage through my closet until I found my black flat ankle boots and put them on. I left my hair out to dry into its natural waves.

Renee likes to sleep in especially since she doesn't start work at the Bank of America till ten. She gets up half an hour before she has to leave to quickly get ready and head out. Phil starts at the same time working at West End Motors. They're both worse than each other, squeezing in as much sleep as possible.

So usually I'm the only one awake at seven. I don't mind it. I like being alone and waking up to the peace and quiet. It gives me time to think about things and catch up on any homework I may have failed to do the night before. I take care of myself when it comes to breakfast, actually include every meal into that. Renee isn't much of a cook so it's usually up to me around here to take care of the meals, I didn't really mind, I enjoy cooking, it gives me time to think and I find it quite soothing.

I got the coffee pot brewing and then got started on breakfast. I made a quick ham and cheese sandwich and by the time I finished it the coffee was done. I was actually running quite late today, I haven't been to school in three days since we just came back from a short vacation to Phoenix to visit Phil's parents. I had to go, despite the fact that I don't really like Phil.

Renee dated him for 2 years before they got married just four months ago. He made Renee happy and I guess that's all that should matter but he was younger than her and I found he could be quite immature at times. He thinks he has some kind of authority over me now that he is my step-father. I just try to brush it off for Renee's sake. He is not rude but I don't appreciate someone trying to act like my father when the only father I believe in, is Charlie, who lives in Seattle. I visit him from time to time. He even suggested for me to move in with him once he knew that Phil and Renee were getting married but I figured he has been living alone long enough that I would feel like a burden. Stupid to think like that but once you live 5 years on your own you would find it hard to adjust your lifestyle to include your teenage daughter.

I ate my sandwich slowly trying not to gulp it down and then ran back up stairs to grab my bag. I stuffed my books in there and ran back down taking a quick sip of my coffee. I pulled out my tattered copy of Wuthering Heights and opened it to where I had my book mark. I read and drank my coffee taking glances at the clock every three minutes or so.

Once I'd finished my coffee I stuffed my beloved Wuthering Heights into my bag and headed for my truck. I loved my truck, I like simplicity and this was just that. I threw my bag onto the passenger seat and headed to school.

I pulled into the school parking lot and parked in my usual spot right at the end. I was quite excited to be back at school. It had nothing to do with the learning, it was all because I got to see my best friends Alice and Rosalie again. We were as close as sisters. We've been best friends since primary school.

As I was grabbing my bag from the passenger seat a tap on my window made me scream and jump. I turned to find Jacob laughing his head off. I glared at him as I opened my door and got out.

"Jerk." I hit him in the arm. He didn't even seem to feel it under all his damn muscle.

"I'm sorry…but you….should've seen your face…" He tried to say in between his laughter.

"Great way to welcome me back." I scoffed as I slammed my door shut and began walking with Jacob toward class. Jacob was my other best friend. We grew up together and have known each other since we were like four. We know pretty much everything there is to know about each other, which freaks me out a bit at times.

"Sorry Bella, I did miss you though. Aren't you going to give me a hug and a kiss?" He pouted as he stopped walking. I stopped and turned to face him, sighing while trying to fight back a smile. I walked back to him and hugged him, his big arms hugging me incredibly tight.

"Jake….air…" I gasped. He chuckled as he let me go.

"Alright, now where's my kiss?" He asked letting me go. I leaned up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He grinned back at me as I pulled away. "That's my Bella." He said draping his big arm around my shoulder.

"Don't get used to it…" I said poking him in the side.

As we walked I noticed a brand new jeep parked along side also a brand new BMW Z4. "Who do they belong to?" I asked pointing to the cars as we passed. Jacob took a quick glance and then sighed.

"Some new fuck wits in the school."

"We have new students? Since when?" I asked surprised.

"Since Monday." He stated. "Two brothers…fucking rich bastards."

"Why are you talking about them like you hate them?" I asked as we entered the main building and started heading toward History.

"Because they think they are some rich shit. All the girls are already drooling over the both of them like they haven't seen fucking guys before. The younger one, Edward, is supposed to have been expelled from his previous school for getting caught taking a number in the back of the school…if you know what I mean." He said as we rounded a corner.

"Interesting. Have you spoken to them though, or are you just basing your judgment on them from these supposed rumors?"

"Rumors? You're just too nice for your own good sometimes Bella. What makes you think he's innocent?" He asked a little annoyed.

"I'm not saying anything. I just don't like to base my judgments on what everyone else is saying."

"Well, he is in my English class, he keeps pretty quiet but seems to be an arrogant fucker if you ask me."

"Whatever Jacob. Let's just get to class." I said pulling him by the arm. We walked into History and took our regular seat to the left of the room. Class went by quickly and I just couldn't wait to get to math so I could see Alice and Rosalie.

I walked into math and found I had beaten them so I took a seat and pulled out my math book while I waited. Just as I was pulling out a pen, I heard a squeal that could only belong to one person. I popped my head up and found none other than Alice rushing toward me with Rosalie following close behind.

"Bella!" Alice squealed as she gave me one of her freakishly tight hugs for someone so tiny.

"Hey guys! I've missed you so much." I pulled away from Alice and hugged Rosalie.

Rosalie was stunning to say the least. Every girl envied her and her flawless beauty. She had it all…the long blonde thick hair, the piercing blue eyes, ivory white skin. She also had the height and body of a model. It really didn't help my self esteem much but I've learnt to deal with those thoughts and to shake those feelings away, it's unhealthy.

They both took their seats in front of me. I usually sat next to Angela who was also a good friend of mine, very friendly and kind. She was like me in a lot of ways, quiet and shy.

"How was your weekend?" Alice asked turning in her chair to face me. Rosalie did the same.

"It was…boring to say the least. We just spent the whole time at Phil's parents place. We went out during the days for lunch and his parents showed us around the city. I was counting the hours till I got back." I sighed as I remembered how damn bored I was.

"Well, we're glad you're back." Rosalie smiled as she patted my hand on top of the table.

"Ooooh…Paul is holding a party this Friday at his place and we are so going!" Alice said excitedly. I raised my eyebrows at her.

"Since when do you want to go to Paul's parties?"

"Since now. Come on we never go to these things. We're young, let's have fun." Rosalie argued. Rosalie loved parties. She loved the attention she got from guys at them. She dressed to kill and she knew it. She always had a few guys chasing her around like lost puppies.

"Whatever, it's not like I'll enjoy myself anyway." I mumbled as I began scribbling patterns in the margin of my text book.

"Hey girls!" I popped my head up to find Angela dropping her books onto the table and sitting down beside me.

"Angela! How have you been?" I asked giving her a hug.

"Great! Ben officially asked me to be his girlfriend on Saturday!" She said with a sparkle in her eye.

She was in love, I could see it. Her and Ben had been flirting shamelessly for weeks now but neither of them had the guts to make the first move. Last weekend he had finally asked her out on a date and it looks like things had progressed well.

"That's fantastic. It was about time." I laughed as I nudged her in the arm. "I was about to ask him out on your behalf if neither one of you had made the move."

Angela blushed as Alice and Rosalie laughed along with me. Just then our teacher Mr. Henderson walked in.

Before I knew it we were heading to lunch. I went over to our regular table and found Jasper and Alice already there. Jasper was Rosalie's twin brother. He has curly blonde hair and the same piercing blue eyes as Rosalie. Jasper and Alice have been dating for almost six months now and they seem smitten with each other.

"Hey guys." I said, slumping myself in a seat opposite them.

"Hey Bella!" Jasper smiled as his arm was draped around Alice's shoulders whose seat was pushed up aside his.

"Where's the gang?" I asked nodding my head to the empty seats. There was Rosalie and Jacob missing.

"Dunno, they should be here soon." Alice replied.

"Oh, shit! I gotta hand in my history essay before one. What time is it?" Jasper asked looking over at Alice.

"It's five to." She answered.

"Fuck! I have to go give it in." Jasper said getting up.

"And I need to go to the bathroom." Alice said as she grabbed her bag and got up.

"Ok, well, I'm just going to go grab something to eat in the mean time then." I said as I stood up. I got up from my seat and headed over to grab a tray of food.

As I was walking back to my table, tray in hand, Tyler, a junior who thought too much of himself, walked past me going in the opposite direction to me and aggressively bumped his shoulder against mine as we passed. I wasn't sure if it was an accident or not but either way being me, my tray got knocked out of my hands and went crashing to the floor, my apple and water bottle rolling away as my sandwich lay by my feet. He kept walking, as I looked up, my cheeks flushed the deepest shade of red, I heard someone call out to him.

"Hey!" I looked up to find a tall guy about six foot two with disheveled bronze hair facing me but looking at Tyler as he walked off behind me. I had never seen him before. He must be one of the new guys Jacob was telling me about earlier.

I spun around to see Tyler had stopped walking and he turned around to face this bronze haired guy.

"What?" Tyler snapped back at bronze.

"Don't you think you owe her an apology?" Bronze asked aggressively.

"What's it to you pretty boy?" Tyler teased.

At this point Tyler started walking back toward bronze, an arrogant smirk planted across his face. Bronze started stepping toward him slowly also until they were about a foot apart.

"Why don't you just fucking apologize? That's all I'm asking." Bronze spoke through clenched teeth.

At this point I was standing to the side shifting from foot to foot uncomfortably watching this play out in front of me. Half the cafeteria had noticed the little exchange and were all glued to Tyler and Bronze, waiting for something to happen.

I decided to speak up, "It's ok really, I'll just-" But Tyler spoke over me like I didn't even exist, neither one of them looked in my direction.

"Because I don't fucking feel like it." Tyler snapped, lightly shoving Bronze back against the chest with his hand. Bronze didn't even stumble back.

"Ok, I think we have had enough here…" This tall burly guy with dark hair approached them and came to stand between them but bronze pushed him back on his chest leaving his eyes locked on Tyler.

"Back off, Emmett." Bronze warned as he kept his eyes locked on Tyler. Tyler just stood there staring back at bronze with his arrogant smirk across his face.

"I see you've got your big brother to come and help you pretty boy." Tyler mocked.

"Just fucking apologize you prick." Bronze threatened.

"Fuck you!" Tyler snapped.

Bronze stood there for a second before his hand went flying in a fist and went aiming at Tyler's face to throw a punch before Emmett grabbed his hand and pulled him away.

"He's not worth it Edward! Back off!" Emmett struggled with Edward as Edward tried pushing him away.

"Come get me, bitch." Tyler challenged calling Edward over with his hands. He didn't seem scared one little bit.

Edward tried pushing himself off of Emmett but Emmett held him there tightly.

"Get the fuck off me Emmett!" Edward snapped trying to twist himself out of Emmett's tight grip around his arms.

Just them James came and pulled Tyler away, "Fucking leave him alone Tyler." James laughed. Tyler reluctantly turned and walked away looking over his shoulder at Edward with a smirk as he flipped him.

By now Emmett had walked off with Edward, whispering something into his ear I couldn't make out from where I was standing. I looked around the cafeteria and saw every single person was watching Tyler and Edward walk away while others were staring at me. My cheeks flushed a deeper shade of red as I was left standing all alone. I looked around and saw my table was way across the other side of the cafeteria and I wasn't about to walk over there between the crowd of people after that happened. So embarrassingly, I picked up my tray, water bottle, sandwich and apple and hurriedly walked off, keeping my head down to avoid the stares of the whole cafeteria.


"What the fuck were you thinking?" Emmett snapped at me but trying to keep his voice down so no one would hear us. He had pulled me away and forced me into the toilets to calm me down.

"He is a fucking prick, who needs a lesson or two in fucking manners." I argued raking my fingers through my hair.

"He did nothing to you…he bumped into a girl, big fucking deal, keep walking. Don't you fucking start up with this shit again. You know Carlisle is serious about sending you away." He tried reasoning in annoyance. I was leaned up against a sink as he paced back and forth in frustration.

"I hate people like that, her food fell everywhere and he kept walking the fucking pri-."

"EDWARD!" Emmett snapped this time loudly as he stopped to face me with a glare.

"WHAT?" I snapped back as he came up to me and leaned in up to my face as if emphasizing his fucking control over me

"Don't. Fucking. Start. Up. This. Shit." He spoke each word individually like I was some retard who couldn't understand.

"OK! Now back the fuck off me." I pushed him back.

"I mean it Edward. I'm not the one that is going to be living with Granddad Anthony if all this shit starts up again. Think about it. And I didn't fucking move town for you in order for you to screw it up."

"That's right, I stuffed up your perfect life back home as well as Carlisle's. Here we go again, Edward the fucking screw up!" I yelled back. I threw my hands in the air in frustration and then brushed them both through my hair.

"Well, if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be here. But I don't fucking mind if it's going to help you. Life doesn't revolve around you Edward."

"Do you know what? I've fucking had enough." I pushed myself off the sink and passed him as I headed out.

I avoided the cafeteria for the rest of lunch and sat outside in the cold and rain but didn't fucking give a shit. I knew if I saw Tyler again I would want to fucking smash his head against the wall. Not to mention the staring that I would be tormented to once I'd show my face in the cafeteria again.

Great way to make a fucking first impression.

The bell ran and I headed off to class. I was thankful I had Biology because I sat alone and I wouldn't have to be suppressed to make mindless conversation with the person next to me. I wanted to get there early so I wouldn't have to walk into a class full of gawking students staring at me like I was Mike Tyson who had just fucking bit Tyler's ear off.

I took my place at the bench I have been sitting at all week. I pulled out my books and a pen and began scribbling mindless sketches across the page. I was so caught up in my scribbling that I didn't notice a girl approach until I heard her bag drop to the floor beside my seat.


I looked up and found the girl from the cafeteria who had dropped her tray, taking the seat beside me. I looked around and saw all the other seats were taken. Where the hell has she been all week? She looked over at me nervously and gave me a slight smile which I returned before focusing back on my scribbling. We sat in silence for a few minutes before she spoke to me.

"Umm…thank you for….you know…what happened before…" Her voice was soft like an angel but she sounded a little nervous.

"Don't mention it." I replied dryly without looking up from my book.

I really wasn't in the mood for talking. I didn't do it for her but that would be rude to say. I did it because I hate people like Tyler who think they can disrespect any fucking person they like and get away with it.

"You're new in town?" She asked still sounding a little nervous. If only I got a dollar for every time someone has asked me that this week.

"Yeah," I replied shortly. Couldn't she tell I wasn't in the mood for talking?

"Edward is it?" She asked.

I looked up at her and nodded.

"Isabella but everyone calls me Bella." She said with a slight smile.

"Hmmm." I nodded again in acknowledgement and then returned to my scribbling.

From my peripheral vision I could see her staring at me. I looked up at her to see what she was looking at and she quickly looked away blushing a bright shade of red. I smirked to myself as I went back to scribbling.

She brushed her hands through her hair before she leaned down toward me to pick up her bag and a strong waft of strawberries and vanilla danced its way to my nose. It went straight to my dick. I'm not sure why, scents don't usually have that affect on my body. I adjusted myself in my seat so that my growing erection wasn't noticeable. I looked down toward her and all I got to look at was the top her head as she leaned down grabbing her books out of her bag.

She leaned back up and I quickly looked away before she caught me. She had the most beautiful thick lustrous mahogany hair that draped in big waves down her back.

Mr. Molena walked in and started class. Throughout class I saw her stealing glances in my direction but I pretended I didn't notice. She didn't seem my type. She seemed too quiet and nervous like for my liking. I liked girls who could strut their stuff and make a move on me without thinking too much about it.

As I was copying my notes off the board, my pen decided to dry out and stop working.

Fucking shit.

I rummaged through my bag but good old Edward never took more than one pen to school. Fuck me. My only other option was to ask for one, I really didn't want to but I had no other choice. If I was back home I would've fucked it and not worried about the notes but I had to improve my grades if I planned on keeping my car.

I swallowed my pride and leaned in toward her to ask for a pen and her scent of strawberries and vanilla breezed into my nose once again and into my pants. I closed my eyes to focus and when I opened them I found her staring at me. I was leaned in toward her with our faces about a foot apart and my eyes were closed…great way to embarrass yourself Cullen.

I jumped back as if she was going to bite me and then raked my fingers through my hair nervously. Edward mother fucking Cullen never gets nervous around chicks.

"Do you need something?" She whispered leaning toward me slightly. I noticed for the first time her eyes, her incredibly warm and gentle milk chocolate eyes. They were big and almond shaped. Her face was an ivory silky white and matched perfectly with her warm brown eyes and hair. She leaned back and I noticed I had just been staring at her like an idiot. I cleared my throat and spoke.

"Just a pen," I said dryly, trying to act like I was fine. She leaned down next to me to her bag and I had to push myself back so I wouldn't smell her strawberries and vanilla again, the smell of pure innocence, yep definitely not my type of girl.

"Here," She smiled awkwardly as she handed me a pen.

"Thanks," I muttered as I returned to my notes and finished copying off the board. We didn't interact at all for the remainder of class. When the bell finally rang, she began packing up her things.

"Thanks for the pen," I said handing it back to her. She turned to look at me, then the pen and then back at me. She shook her head.

"You can keep it, I'm sure you're going to need it for your next class." She spoke softly again.

"K," I said as I shoved my things in my bag but then she spoke again.

"Could I….I haven't been here this week so I was just wondering if you have the notes I missed out on." She spoke as she leaned down to grab her bag.

"Ah…yeah….just a sec." I fiddled through my notes to find the last three days of work. "Do you know what, you can just take my whole book, it might be easier." I said handing her my notebook. We didn't have any homework so I didn't really need it.

"O…Ok, thanks." She took the notebook from me and carefully placed into her bag. "I'll bring it tomorrow for sure."

"Whatever." I replied before walking out. Lauren was waiting for me outside the door.

"Hey," she greeted staring at me seductively. Fuck she wanted it bad.

"Lauren." I said.

The strawberries and vanilla girl walked out of the classroom and almost ran into Lauren. I quickly pulled Lauren against my chest before she collided with her. Bella looked over at Lauren and frowned at her as she walked off.

"Bitch." Lauren muttered under her breath.

"Why a bitch?" I asked looking down at Lauren.

"She should watch where she's going."

"Maybe you shouldn't have been standing in the doorway." I chuckled. She punched me in the chest before grabbing my hand and pulling me to our next class.

The day was finally over and I couldn't wait to get the fuck home.

"Edward, you heading home?" Emmett asked walking up to me at my car.

"Yeah, why?" I asked.

"Was thinking I might go and grab some something to eat with a couple of the guys. Wanna come?"

I shook my head, "Nuh, I'm going home."

"Suit yourself." He replied as he walked over to a group of guys who were standing at the end of the car park. I climbed into my car and headed home.

I got into my bedroom and chucked my bag onto the floor. I thought about what happened today at lunch and became pissed at myself for losing it so quickly. I really needed to work on my anger. The last thing I ever wanted was to move to Chicago to live with Granddad Anthony. Because of that I figured I should get my homework out of the way.

I decided to start on my math. I didn't mind math all that much, if I put the effort into it I wasn't too bad, but I got bored quickly.

I took my math book out of my bag and the pen fell to the floor as I did. I bent down and picked up and immediately strawberries and vanilla girl came to mind. I found myself smiling but I quickly stopped myself. I never felt nervous around chicks. That just wasn't who I was. But with this girl there was something about her, she was definitely not someone I go for. I shook my head to focus as I started on my math.


I began preparing dinner while I waited for Renee and Phil to get home. I marinated some steaks and prepared a few vegetables on the side all ready to be cooked five minutes before they were due to arrive. Once I had that done I went into my room to start on my homework and catch up on all the work I had missed on my three days out of school.

After about an hour on my history copying from Jacob's notes and doing our homework, I decided to work on my biology. I looked through my bag and pulled out my notebook as well as Edward's notebook. I was a little disappointed at how dry he was to me. He seemed annoyed and uncomfortable. I don't know why I really cared but maybe because he was really good looking. At the cafeteria I had only gotten a glimpse of him but in biology when he was sitting right beside me I got to see him up closely. His eyes were the most crystal green I had ever seen, so hypnotizing, I found myself unable to look away. I could see why all the girls were after him.

He was tall and quite built for a seventeen year old. I could see through his shirt that his body was really toned. He looked more like a twenty something year old than a teenager, and I found that extremely hot. His hair was a bronze disarray, stray strands falling onto his pale forehead. His chiseled jaw, straight nose and pouty lips, he was simply beautiful.

I shook my head from these thoughts. He may be beautiful and sexy but he was dry and rude. I hated that in guys. I tried to think of my biology as I opened up his notebook and was taken aback by his handwriting. It was an elegant script, something I wouldn't have expected from someone like him. I tried to look past the handwriting and start copying.

Once I was finished, it was time to put the steaks on the grill, I hurried downstairs and found Phil walking through the door.

"Hey, Bella." He said walking in and taking off his jacket.

"Hey. Dinner will be in a bit."

"That's alright, I'm just going to jump in the shower and I'll be back down."


That was pretty much all Phil and I talked about, just what was necessary. We both tried a little harder in front of Renee but when she wasn't here we would pretty much just stay away from each other. He knew I didn't really see him as my dad and I think that was what aggravated him more.

I fried up the steaks and steamed the vegetables while listening to my ipod. I hadn't heard Renee come in so I was startled when I felt her behind me.

"Ah!" I jumped and spun around. She was laughing at me. I pulled the ear phones out of my ears and tried not to laugh at myself.

"Hey baby, sorry I frightened you." She said giving me a hug.

"That's ok, I shouldn't have had my music on so loud." I said pulling back and turning to take the steaks off the grill.

"Bella, that smells amazing!"

"It's ready, so take a seat."

Phil came down from his shower and the three of us sat and ate dinner, discussing our days.

"Did you miss out on much school work?" Phil asked taking a sip of his water.

"Not all that much, no."

We sat in silence for a few more moments before I spoke again.

"There is a party on Friday that I want to go to." I stated.

Renee was usually pretty lenient with me when it came to going out. That was probably because I never really did go out so she was always more than happy for me get out there and enjoy being young. Renee was such a young spirit. I seemed to find most of the time that I acted older than she did. She always says that I was born thirty.

"Where?" Phil asked. I rolled my eyes looking down at my plate, hoping he hadn't noticed.

"At Paul's house." I stated popping a carrot slice into my mouth.

"Sure, you can go baby." Renee smiled at me.

"Thanks." I smiled back at her before looking over at Phil. He didn't look too happy that his judgment wasn't asked for.

We finished up dinner and Renee usually cleaned up. So I went upstairs and showered and got ready for bed. I slipped myself under the covers and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


"I heard what happened in lunch yesterday. I was held back in Math. Did he hurt you?" Jacob whispered, looking really pissed. We were sitting in History and were supposed to be working among ourselves from our text books.



"No…not really. I just dropped my tray. Anyway that new guy Edward told him off." I whispered as I wrote down my answer to a question in my text book.

"Yeah I heard. I don't like him. See what I mean about causing trouble." He whispered back.

"He didn't do anything to me."

"Yeah, but he seems to have his own problems he's dealing with."

"How do you know all this?"

"Paul. Unfortunately, Edward and Paul have become friends." He said with annoyance.

"Are you jealous Black?" I teased.

"What? No, I just don't like him and I don't see why Paul does."

I couldn't help but laugh, resting my forehead on the table so I wouldn't get caught. "Ok, you are starting to sound a little gay there Jakey." I whispered trying to hold in my laughter so Mr. Henderson wouldn't catch us.

He punched me lightly in the arm, "Don't call me that, you know I hate it." He laughed with me now.

"Is there a problem Jake and Bella?" Mr. Henderson asked standing up from his desk and coming over to us.

"No Sir." We answered in unison.

"Well then I don't want to hear any chatter coming from you two please…Focus." He stated before heading back to his desk.

After History I had math and then it was time for recess.

"So, you coming Friday?" Rosalie asked as we all sat down at our table at lunch.

"Sure am."

"Yay! We can get ready at my house. It will be so much fun." Alice squealed in delight.

"No, no, no," I began to argue. "You're not using me as a doll that you can dress up like you did the last time we went out."

"Don't be silly Bella, I will make you look like a goddess by the time I'm done with you and I'll even be nice and give you one veto." She fired back.

"Whatever." I knew there was no use arguing with this pixie.

"Oh my God! There he is." Rose squealed. I followed her gaze and found her staring at Emmett who was walking over to his table.

"You like him?" I asked.

"Like him?! I think I'm in love. He is so hot…"

"Rosalie please…I don't want to hear it." Jasper said wrinkling his nose in disgust.

"He is a senior Rose." Alice laughed.

"So? That's only a year older." Rose argued keeping her eyes fixed on Emmett as he sat down at a table three tables down from us.

I couldn't help but notice a mop of bronze locks sitting at the table also. I kept staring at him, he looked so sexy today. He was wearing a tight fitting cream cotton sweater.

"Who are you looking at?" Jacob's voice snapped me out of my ogling and I blushed.

"No one." I quickly answered, looking down at my tray.

"You weren't staring at Emmett were you?" Rosalie asked half joking, half serious.

"No!" I said a little too loudly.

"She was eyeing out his sexy younger brother." Alice giggled. I shot up to look at her.

"No I wasn't."

"Then why are you blushing the deepest shade of red?" Jasper teased.

"I need some water." I lied and got up from my seat as quick as I could. I noticed Jacob didn't look too impressed as he watched me. I hurried over to the drink machine and fumbled in my pockets for some money to get some water. I really just needed to get away from them.

"Stupid pockets." I grumbled to myself as my jeans were too tight that trying to take the coins out was proving to be hard.

"Are you ok?" I jumped and spun around and was met by those piercing green eyes.

"Ah…yeah…perfect…fine." I stammered like an idiot as I moved aside to allow him to put his money in. I finally managed to get my money out and waited patiently as I tried not to stare at his ass. He was so sexy.

"Edward!" I saw Lauren practically skipping up to him while glaring at me.

Lauren never liked me. She was competition with Rosalie when it came to the guys. She was attractive I couldn't deny that but the fact that she had done almost every guy in our year was a big turn off. Even Jacob once admitted to fooling around with her. That made me sick. She saw me as some little stupid, quiet shy virgin who had never been kissed, I was sure of it.

"Hey, would you like a drink?" Edward asked Lauren as he bent down to grab his water out of the slot.

"Sure, get me a diet coke." Typical.

He threw some more money in and pressed the code in for the diet coke. I waited impatiently on the side hating to see Lauren's hands all over him. She was brushing through his hair as she kissed his neck lightly.

Please…get a freakin room.

I looked away not being able to handle their PDA. I don't know why but I was pissed at her. Maybe because I wished I was the one doing that to him. I had never felt this way about any guy before.

Her drink fell into the slot and I looked away trying to avoid looking at them. He handed it over to her and walked off without looking in my direction.

Maybe Jacob was right….maybe he was an arrogant prick.

I finally got my water and walked back to my table. I took my seat and didn't bother listening into the conversation that was going on around me. Jacob got up from his seat and came and sat down beside me.

"You ok?" He asked looking concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said as I took a gulp out of my water.

"I'm glad you're going on Friday. I'll bet you'll look real sexy." Jacob purred playfully as he put his arm around my shoulder.

Jacob always flirted with me playfully. Sometimes I wondered whether he wanted to be more than just friends but he never seemed to take it further than the flirting. I didn't see him in that way so sometimes I found that I got a little uncomfortable when I felt like he was pushing it a little. He knew I had never been kissed or anything. He always told me I was attractive and pretty but sometimes I thought he was just being nice.

"So, are you taking anyone?" I asked changing the subject.

"Nah, I'm just going to go and have a fucking great time!" He said with a grin. That to Jacob meant drinking…a lot.

The day went by like the usual and before I knew it, it was time for biology. I decided to get in early but when I got there Edward was already there. I tried to avoid looking into his eyes because I found I became speechless when I did. I got to my seat and flopped down onto the stool and threw my bag on the floor between us. He didn't even bother looking up or saying hi.

What was his problem?

I pulled my books out of my bag including his notebook.

"Thanks." I spoke so softly I wasn't even sure he heard as I placed his notebook on the table between us.

"No problem." He replied dryly never taking his eyes off the page in front of him as he slid his book toward him.

Arrogant Prick

I turned away from him and took out my notes from yesterday that I had copied from him and went over them, hoping to catch up so that today I wouldn't be lost. I was pretty good at biology, I never found it hard so I was pretty much ok with what I missed.

"Hey Bella!" Mike approached me and stood in front of our desk.

"Hey Mike!" I replied.

Mike was really nice, sometimes too nice. He had asked me out once before but I rejected him as nicely as I could. He just wasn't my type, his cheerfulness got to me sometimes.

"How was Phoenix?" He asked looking briefly over at Edward who was still scribbling in his book.

"Boring. I'm just glad to be back."

"Yeah…um…you going tomorrow night?" He asked looking hopeful. Oh, please don't ask me to go with you.

"Not sure yet." I lied

"Well, I'm going. I would love it if you went. Paul's parties are awesome."

"I've heard." Just then Mr. Molena walked in and started class. Mike hurriedly went back to his seat.

He had us copy some more notes and then gave us a work sheet that we had to answer some questions from. We were allowed to discuss our answers with our partners. As if.

Everyone around us chatted quietly, some on the work and some on completely different things. Edward and I stayed silent, working individually.

The answers were quite easy and I had almost finished when I noticed Edward was still half way through them. I didn't dare look over, I just quickly glanced over at him from the corner of my eye as I didn't want him catching me staring or anything.

Mr. Molena went around the class checking on our progress and everyone seemed to be doing pretty well.

"You finished Bella?" He asked as he stood beside our table.

"Yes, Sir."

"Well, how bout you help Edward there, he seems to be struggling a little. You didn't do this back at your old school?" He asked turning to Edward. Edward's head snapped up from his work to look at Mr. Molena seeming a little annoyed.

"Ah…well…we did but I never really studied it." He shrugged.

"Ok, well I'm sure Isabella wouldn't mind helping." He smiled at the both of us before he walked off.

"You don't have to do anything." Edward said coldly turning to me once Mr. Molena was out of hearing distance.

I turned to look at him, I'm sure looking a little annoyed. Why did he seem to despise me so much today?

"Whatever." I muttered under my breath as I turned back to my book and started scribbling silly sketches. It was his loss anyways. He was going to be the one losing his grades. I noticed he was still staring at me for a moment and I pretended not to notice. He was starting to freak me out a little. He shook his head as if trying to clear his mind as he went back to his questions.

Mike walked back over to my desk again.

"You finished?"

"Yeah, you?" I asked not sounding really interested.

"Yep. So, I was wondering-"

"Newton, do you mind, Bella here is helping me." Edward snapped causing me to jump slightly and Mike to look over at him in shock. Neither one of us were expecting him to talk. Mike looked back at me.

"You helping him?" He asked looking a little jealous. I turned to look at Edward and he was looking straight at me as if pleading for me to answer yes.

"Ah…yeah I am." I answered.

"Ok, well…I'll see you after class then." Mike took one last look at Edward before he walked off and I turned to look at Edward and he was back to working silently.

"What did you do that for?" I asked in annoyance. He kept his focus on his work as he answered.

"Sorry, but he was annoying me, is that a problem?" He answered dryly looking up at me now. I think my jaw dropped to the floor at how beautiful he looked. I actually hadn't had a good look at him today and I forgot just how beautiful and good looking he was. His eyes looked even greener than yesterday.

"Well yes because I was talking to him…Unless you really want me to help you?" I asked irritably.

"No, now if you don't mind I have work to do." He said angrily as he returned to his questions.

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