A/N: Hey guys this is my new Twilight fan-fiction. It's a little different from my last story, Starlight but I really, really hope you like it.

Totally Irresistible

Summary: On pure accident Bella has just become secretary to one of the world's most desirable millionaires, Edward Cullen. And the problem isn't whether she can handle the job, but it's can she do it without losing her heart to the man who is everything she wants but can't have. Too bad no one told her that Edward was Totally Irresistible. All human!

Chapter One

Today was suppose to have been a good day. After all it was what I had been praying for and so far nothing was going as planned. First, I woke up late, then the water in the shower decided that today was the day that I deserved a cold shower. And to make things worst, I ended up spilling my coffee on my new beige suit, my only suit. Then when things finally began to turn around, we hit traffic heading to the Upper side of town. Pressed for time I decided to take on the jungle of New York City and walk the four blocks to my destination. Harbour Publishing's was a small company that printed local magazines and books. And it was a start. You see, this is a story about me, Bella Swan. A small town girl trying to make in the big, bad city. My goal in life was to be a writer. It was what I did, what I loved. And hey, it was what I had given up fours years of my life to be. I studied at Washington State and graduated almost a year ago before I moved back home with my dad whom I called Charlie to the small town named Forks, located in the state of Washington. I hadn't always lived there, or called it home. When I seventeen, my mother got remarried to Phil and they wanted to travel. So I decided it was time to spend some time with my dad. It took some time, but Forks eventually began to grow on me and it became my home. I was comfortable there. I had a few friends and I had a father again. But there was nothing in the small town for me when I returned from college, and even though I would be leaving everything I loved, I made another decision. I moved to New York. If you could make it out here has a writer, then you could make it anywhere. That was four months ago and things didn't turn out how I had expected them too. I had no job and was currently living off my entire life saving in my crappy down town loft apartment. I made the best of it though, but I was at the end. I had been living off of hotdogs for the last two weeks, to proud to call my parents for help. And I wouldn't have even if I had to sell myself on the street. Well, not that proud. But nothing in life was easy, and everything in New York City was twice as hard. Still even though I was jobless and practically starving, I did manage to meet some interesting people. Alice was the first person I met when I got here and it was completely by accident. Any one who knew me, knows that I was born clumsy, a curse from the big guy upstairs. But to make a long story short, I ended up tripping into her and spilling her own coffee on her one morning of one of my dead end interviews. And even though I totally ruined her dress she only smiled up at me and said,

"I'll forgive you if you buy me another one." I wasn't sure if she was talking about the coffee or the designer dress she wore. And that was it. We've been friends ever since. My first impression of the little pixie face girl was that she was different. Always on cloud Alice, in her own world but it was one of the things that drew me to her, that and the fact that she was unbelievably sweet, sometimes and talented. Alice was an amazing clothing designer and even though fashion never really interested me, Alice had a way of making things like no other. Then she introduced me to her boyfriend of four years, Jasper Hale. Another strange character but what did you expect from a modern artist. But this tale isn't about them though they show up from time to time, this story is about me.

After my mini hick through Up-town New York, I finally arrived at the building. It was a tall corporate looking building, much different than I expected but who was I to know what a publishing company looked like. I took a deep breathe before I pushed myself through the rotating glass door and into the noisy lobby. There was men in designer suits and women in heels, making me feel out of place in a blouse, jeans and flats. I looked around prepared to feel awkward but no one seemed to even notice me. That was good at least. I boarded the elevator and headed to the top floor but the higher I rose the more people began to disappear until I was only one when I exited into a dimly lit hallway. I had been on the elevator so long I began to hum the cheery elevator music as I followed the empty hall to another lobby, this one empty. I moved to the desk that sat behind a counter and looked around. It was a mess, stacks of files and sticky notes lay everywhere. I turned to my left and there was another hallway then to my right, which lead to pair of double doors.

"Hello," I called out although it seemed to be completely deserted. They were expecting me, I was sure of it. I glanced back at the paper that the man at the employment office had given me. Top floor, it read. This should be the place. Then I heard a door swing open and I turned back around to find a women there. She was a pretty women, much taller than I was with thick brown hair. She wore a dark blue suit that hugged her figure. I wondered if-

"Hello," Her waving hand snapped me back to attention.


"I asked if I could help you." Her voice was calm and friendly.

"Oh," I stepped forward to shake her hand. " I'm Bella Swan. I have an interview this morning."

"Oh, yes. Please have a seat. Mr. Cullen hasn't arrived yet so it will only be a few minutes." I nodded and took a seat against the wall. She rounded the counter and I could her typing furiously on the key board. I wondered how I would hold my own against her. My typing was pretty good being a writer and all, but she had skill, anyone could tell. I looked around the lobby now and noticed how expensive everything looked. It must be a larger company than I thought. It would be a miracle to get a job as a writer right now but I was so desperate that I would take anything. Rent was due and Mrs. Burtelli didn't play with her money. I felt my phone vibrate in my bag and I searched in my red purse until I found it. It was ancient but it was all I could afford. I flipped it open.


"Bella!" Came the bell-like tone on the other line.

"Hey Alice."

"I was just calling to see how the interview went!"

"I haven't had it yet."

"Oh well call me and let me know how it goes."

"Where are you?" I asked. I could hear music in the background, not loud but prominent.

"At the store." Alice was about to open a small clothing store named Alice in Wonderland in upper Manhattan. I was surprised that a girl who was only twenty-four could afford something like that but then I found out she came from a wealthy family. I should have known, but I couldn't, not the way Alice acted, so humble and dating an artist and all.

"How's everything going?" I asked.

"Good, I guess. I can't seem to pick out the right color for the back drop."

I had gone to the store a few times to help out and knew what she meant.

"Have you tried the periwinkle?"

"Yeah but it just doesn't fit." Alice loved color and boldness. It was just like her personality, Bold.

"Try the green, 167?"

"Already did. That was a no-no," She sighed.

"Then how about 202," There was silence for a minute before a loud screech that made me yank the phone from my ear.

"Bella you are such a genius sometimes."

"Does that mean that it works."

"Works? It's better than works. It's amazing. Do you think you can stop by the store after your interview. Oh wait I have to go to the airport. My brother's coming into town today and I have to get him. Guess you'll have to see it later."

"Which brother is this?" I asked. Alice had two older brothers. She told me there names once before but I was never good with things like that. Actually I was but sometimes Alice spoke too fast for even me to understand.

"Emmett, he's flying in to talk to my mother about the wedding." Emmett was Alice's oldest brother who played for the Texas Cowboys. He was engaged to a supermodel, whose name I couldn't remember at the moment. Like I said, I wasn't that into fashion.

"Oh, well call me when you get back." I prompted.

"Ok, let me know how it goes,"

"Sure, Bye," I hung up the phone and returned it my bag. I looked around and nothing had changed. The rhythmic tapping of the girls fingers on the keyboard could still be heard. I glanced at my watch. Who ever my interviewer was with was running twenty minutes late. Actually the fact that the place was empty was strange to me. I had expected there to be more than just me applying for this job. Too be honest none of this was what I had expected. Just then the bell to the elevator rung and the doors opened.

Okay there are something's in this world that some people are ready for and then there other they are not. This time I was in no way prepared when he stepped off the elevator, briefcase in hand and the light from the hall seemed so dim compared to the light that radiated from him. He was beautiful. And I didn't often use that word to describe a man and even calling him that had to be a sin because it did him no justice. I knew I staring and staring was always impolite, but it wasn't my fault. There was just something about him that wouldn't allow me to break contact, not even when our eyes met. And for that split moment everything else in the room vanished. Then it was like someone pressed play and everything returned to normal. All of that had taken only seconds but it felt like years. He turned to the women behind the desk and greeted her. Even his voice was amazing, smooth and rich almost seductive. There was no way I could work around someone like that. I probably wouldn't anyways. He was probably the editor or something.

"Good morning Angela." She stood and nodded.

"Good morning, sir. All the documents are on your desk." He nodded and turned back to me. It surprised me and my face grew hot as I looked away, embarrassed to be caught staring. I heard a few whispers but I wasn't really interested in what was being said. I just wanted to crawl under a rock and die. I was pale, paler than most, even though I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for most my life, and with such pale skin he was sure to have noticed my face turn red. Though it happened a lot and I should have been used to it by now, I wasn't and was even more mortified by it now. Then a shadow cased over me and I glanced up. Thank god it was the girl called Angela. She smiled down at me and said.

"Mr. Cullen will see you now." I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat and nodded. I gathered my things and stood up. I followed her to the double doors I had noticed before where she stuck her head in, mumbled something and turned back to me.

"Good luck," Her words made me sick, and I thought I was going to puke right there and then. God, was he my interviewer? Why? Why wasn't warned? Thank God I was able to hold it back and mutter.

"Thanks," I couldn't hide the tremble in my voice. I wasn't ready. All the practice I had put in for this moment flew out the window. I wasn't prepared for this at all. Still I took a deep breathe which did nothing to calm me and stepped in. The door closed behind me and I jumped, my face growing warm instantly.

"Have a seat." the voice was deep and masculine, yet was pleasant. Surprisingly so. I didn't see where he was until I stepped further into the largest office I had ever seen. There was a large desk near the back, with tall windows behind it. Ok so he wasn't scared of heights. Too bad I was. He was off to one corner near a table that held a small coffee station and a small refrigerator. I tried to look at him as least as I could and that was possible before he sat down behind the desk and motioned for me to take a seat across from him. I did. He took a sip from his mug and leaned back in the chair.

"Isabella Swan," He flipped open a folder on his desk. Out of all the things that had surprised me, this took the cake. I never used my full name, not even on my applications.

"How did you-"

"I have Angela look up all my interviewee's information." I had wanted to speak, but decided against it. This was the man that was going to hire me, hopefully. He could do what ever he wanted too. Besides I wasn't sure if words would even form.

"I see here you graduated from Washington State." I nodded, not looking directly at him. Damn, I was already off to a bad start. I was suppose to make eye contact.

"Can I see your resume?" I nodded and began flipping through the folder I brought with me. My brain was in such shambles that I couldn't seem to find the paper that held my past work experiences. I flipped through the folder so fast that I was totally mortified when it flipped out of my hands and papers fluttered to the floor.

"I'm so sorry," I stated before leaning down to grab the sheets. I should have known things wouldn't have been that simple because I hit my head on the edge of the desk then bucked back sending my feet over my head. But not before my foot caught the stapler on the side of the table and sent it flying passed Mr. Cullens head. Luckily he had great reflexes and dodged it. He was beside me before I could right might my self, thankful that I had chosen not to wear the skirt. Well actually it really wasn't a choice at all.

"Are you okay Miss Swan." It sounded like he wanted to laugh, and if I was him, I would have wanted too.

I couldn't move. I was too embarrassed. My face was bright red and I kept my eyes closed.

"Miss Swan?" I heard again. His voice smooth and concerned. Impossible. Why would someone like Edward Cullen be concerned for someone like me. Yes, I knew who he was. I had just seen the label on his desk right before I took a blow to the skull. Edward Cullen was a very rich, and very powerful man, not only in the United States but in the world. He had come from a wealthy family but he was far richer from his own makings. And it was in front of this man whom I had completely made a fool of myself and not to mention almost killed. And not just that, Edward Cullen was handsome, beyond handsome and I had seen handsome before, my ex-boyfriend was one of them but the man that leaned over me now was no ordinary man. He was dazzling and for a second when I opened my eyes, I thought I saw god. When he smiled his skin seemed to sparkle as the sun streamed through the glass window. I smiled. I didn't mean too, but I couldn't help myself. And again I ask the question. Why would he be concerned about me?

"There you are," He helped me to my feet.

"Are you okay?" he asked again. I nodded as I took my seat again. I was still too humiliated to speak.

"Are you sure?" He chuckled from behind his desk.

"Yes, you might not believe me but that actually happens a lot." I began to gather my things. There was no way that he would hire me now. Not someone so clumsy, so plain.

"I'm really sorry to have wasted your time," I stood, clutching the jumbled stack of papers to my chest.

"Thank you," I turned to the door.

"Wait! Where are you going?" I stopped and twisted toward him.

"Aren't we done?" He stared at me confused. I sighed.

"Too be honest, I'm not even suppose to be here. I thought I was applying for the assistant writer position. I'm- I'm clearly in the wrong place." He smirked from where he was and I thought of what a fool he must think I was. Yes, I was in the wrong building. I should have realized it the moment I arrived and yet I hadn't. Today was not a good day.

"So you don't even want to interview for the job?" he asked. For a moment I felt like I had missed something.

"You- want- me to stay?" I arched an eyebrow. He nodded.

I stared at him like he was crazy. And he had to be if he wanted to still meet me with after what had just happened. He motioned to the seat again.

"If you'd please be seated, I'd like to continue." I hesitated a minute before I seated myself again, still confused. I had to be insane to still be here. But it couldn't really hurt now, could it. It would be good practice too. And maybe I'd even be able to use it to my advantage later, having had a face to face interview with Edward Cullen himself.

"Now, Mrs. Swan, once more. May I see your resume?" his smile was dangerous and I had to force myself to pay attention. Luckily for me, my resume appeared conveniently on the top of my stack of papers. I handed it to him. It wasn't to crumbled.

"Okay, lets begin."

I left his office ten minutes later and the girl behind the desk wished me a good day. I thanked her even though I knew there would be no such thing. Every thing that could have gone wrong, had. And I was right back to where I had started. With no job and no confidence that I was going to get the job. And to make matters worst I had missed my real interview. That one was really off the list. I felt completely defeated when I turned my key in the door to my apartment. I dropped my stuff on the small table by the door and drug my feet into the my bedroom. I fell face first into my bed. I wanted to scream but what good did a tantrum do. I took a deep breath before I shuffled back toward the living room/ kitchen/ dining room. I noticed my phone was blinking and I crossed the room to play my messages. I let them play as I heated up last nights lo mien. The first was from my mother in Florida.

"Hey baby. Just calling cause I haven't heard from you in a while. Are you eating? Hope everything is going great. Call me!" I rolled my eyes. I had spoken to my mother four days ago, but she always got antsy if she called and I didn't answer. The next message was from my employment manager.

"Hey Bella, It's Kurt. You missed your interview today. That's not like you. Call me and let me know what's going on." That was the end the messages. I'd call them later. I didn't feel like speaking to anyone right now. I glanced at the microwave clock as I pulled the plate from it. Just 3:21 and I had nothing to do. Then I remembered. Wasn't I suppose to run by Alice's store. Or was that after she picked up her brother. I had forgot. Even now I didn't want to think about him, but Edward's face kept popping into my head. Now I truly understood why he had been voted the number one hottest man alive three years in a row. Who could beat him? Not that Brad and George were too far behind. Even Alice's brother, what was his name again, had made the list.

I hadn't even relieved I had fallen asleep until my cell phone woke me. I struggled to get to it before they hung up. I stumped my toe on the coffee table in the process. I had to bit down on my lip to keep from screaming.

"Hello," I answered breathless.

"So did how'd it go." I glanced at the clock again. It was pass seven. I had slept for four hours, and it felt like I could have slept for more.

"Not too well," Alice could hear the hopelessness in my voice. I couldn't fake it today and she always saw through me anyways.

"That bad. What did you do this time?" I moved over to the couch again and sat down.

"What didn't I do? It was a disaster. " I sighed replying my morning in my head. I closed my eyes trying to make it vanish.

"Oh Bella, I'm so sorry." and she sounded sorry.

"It's okay." I said. It wasn't her fault, I was the idiot with two left feet.

"Hey it sounds like you could use a drink? It's on me tonight." she announced cheerful. She was right as usual. I could use a beer, or two.

"Thanks Alice."

"Okay I'm going to call the others and meet you in a few." I hung up the phone and trucked into my bathroom, where I fixed my hair and straightened my clothes. I grabbed my purse and took the subway to downtown. We meet at our usually spot, a small no name bar where they happened to serve the best burgers in New York. I was the last to arrive, damn subway was pack as usual.

"There she is," Alice called. They were in our usually booth, they meaning Alice, her artist boyfriend, Jasper and our other friend, Kate. She worked at the coffee shop that we went to every morning and thanks to her we were able to get through our day.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late." I took a seat next to Kate. I hugged her. "Whatever, tell us what happened." she voiced, anxious. I stared into three pairs of yearning eyes and moaned.

"Today was a disaster from beginning to end. Nothing went right. I was late, poorly dressed and worst I ended up in the wrong building."

"The wrong building?" they all said in unison, Jasper and Kate surprised, Alice not so much.

"Yeah, I was in some corporate building. I should have known it wasn't the place when I walked it. It was too nicely decorated to be a publishing house."

"Where did you end up?" Alice asked.

"Who cares," I responded too embarrassed to mention the company name, Cullen International. " Just not the place I was suppose to be." I took a long swallow of the beer that had just arrived.

"Whatever, I'm just going to have to keep trying." I shrugged, faking a smile.

"Yeah, well only till then lets drink and be merry!" Kate rose her glass. We laughed and clunked our glasses together.

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